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Fluff Friday
2-Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted Diapers
1-Thirsties Duo Diaper Wrap

Question of the week:
What was the very first cloth diaper that you ever used on your baby? (brand/style)  Leave your comment before Thursday, February 2nd at 7pm EST. (You can only answer the "Question of the Week" ONCE PER GIVEAWAY, NOT PER DAY.)

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Fluff Friday 115

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is YaraC!

She will receive:
1-Flip "Make Your Own" Travel Pak (includes 2-one-size covers and 1-disposables 18pk)

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 114 WINNER!

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How Cloth Diapering Helped Me Think More Sustainably All Around My House

Sure, I love cloth diapers on my babies, but using cloth diapers and eliminating disposables has also helped me think about how I can reduce the use of other disposable products around my home.  After making the switch completely to cloth for three of my little people, I was instantly amazed at how much less money I spent on disposables and how much less trash I was hauling out of the house on a daily basis.  The little wheels started churning in my head... I know that there are many other ways that I could live with less and reduce my carbon footprint so I decided to start brainstorming some ways to reduce waste and help my family live more sustainably by using more cloth.

Babies: Cloth diapers really can't be beat in my opinion.  However, once I started using cloth diapers, it seemed a little silly to be using disposable wipes.  After a quick trip to the grocery store to purchase a small spray bottle and some rummaging through my cloth remnant basket, I had a new system to take the place of disposable wipes.  In addition to homemade wipes, I also purchased a few Kissaluvs organic cloth wipes and found a few thin baby wash cloths at my local discount store.  I filled my small spray bottle with nothing but distilled water and I also purchased some Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion to be used as needed.  In all honesty, I never missed disposable wipes again.  The wipes stay folded in a top drawer in my changing table or get tucked in with my clean dipes in my diaper bag.  When I wash my cloth diapers, the wipes get washed right along with them.  

Big Kids: Once I saw how easy it was to replace disposable wipes with cloth wipes, I decided to replace all of our disposable napkins and paper towels.  With four kids and two dogs, we seem to go through paper napkins and paper towels like water.  And so I found myself back to the cloth remnant box and my local discount store... For starters, I decided to start sending my big kids to school with cloth napkins for lunch instead of having them bring paper napkins or use the paper napkins in the cafeteria.  For cloth napkins, we just used fun cloth remnants cut into 9 x 9 squares with the edges serged.  I also found a variety of cloth napkins for practically pennies in the clearance section of a local store - these napkins don't need to match a theme or a holiday - the funkier the better!  The kids love grabbing a cloth napkin or two from our fun selection and sticking them in their lunch bag with their reusable food containers - waste not, want not - right?

In the Kitchen: Obviously the beauty of disposable paper towels is the germ-free factor.  I, like most people, do not love germs.  However, do not fear cloth towels because you are worried about keeping your kitchen sanitary!  I keep quite a supply of cloth towels at the ready and do not hesitate to toss any soiled towels into the laundry hamper (or at least in the general direction of the laundry hamper).  I always start the day with clean towels at the ready.  We use sponges less frequently, but did you know that your sponges can be tossed into the dishwasher when you clean your dishes?  What a great and easy way to keep your sponges germ free!

In the Dining Room: If cloth napkins work in lunch boxes, they work even better at the dinner table.  Why use cloth napkins just for company?  I like to keep on the lookout for dinner napkins on sale at discount stores, bed and bath stores, and even yard sales.  I never ever iron so I like to look for cloth napkins that are not 100% cotton so that I can toss them into the washing machine and my kids can pull them from the dryer and fold them - ready for the next meal.  (Bonus: cloth napkins do not fall off your lap like a paper napkin does - live sustainably and encourage better manners!)

Around the House: Everything has a second life (or more!) in our house.  Beat up t-shirts and boxer shorts from my husband's drawers get cut up for rags, single socks are the perfect size for kid-friendly dusting and cleaning projects, and we use worn pillowcases to neatly tuck away off season clothing for the next year or the next child who can use it.  It was incredible to realize that we could make so many little changes around the house that help us save a lot of money and create a lot less trash.  Next time you buy a case of paper towels - check out the price - aren't there better things you could do with that money?  I am sure that we have room for improvement around our house, but I think we are off to a great start.  Cloth: it's not just for babies anymore... 

By: Erin Brighton, MPH, M.Ed. - Charlotte, NC
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Cloth: It's Not Just For Babies

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Cloth diapers are now just a smidgen of what my family does to save money and be green.  Along with cloth diapers we have begun to use cloth napkins, towels instead of paper towel, etc.  But I am always looking for new ways to be environmentally conscious and, of course, save money.

I first read about the Diva Cup on a mommy blog.  The Diva what????  I didn’t know exactly what it was, but it sounded.… weird.  But then as I was browsing Kelly’s Closet I saw that they had them for sale.  That was over a year ago.  I was pregnant and looking for newborn diapers, not menstrual care.  I was a little intrigued and read the description to my husband.  Like most men his reaction was “I do NOT want to know”.   But I did and it didn’t seem as “weird”.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago.  Despite nursing exclusively I, once again, got my monthly fun visit back.   I was totally not prepared.  Emergency trip to the store.  And then on the way home, the Diva Cup entered my mind.  I began wondering if it really worked.  Does it hurt?  Is it gross?

I’m here to tell you that it is worth it!  The instructions are very clear and with a couple of times I had the hang of using it.  Not only will it pay for itself within about 3 months, it is comfortable, hygienic (I also use the Diva Wash), and I don’t have to make any emergency trips to the store!  Cloth diapering has opened up a whole new world to me.

By Jenney
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The Diva WHAT???

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A friend I met at playgroup recently swapped two of her one-size fitted diapers (fitteds don't have a water-proof layer) for two of my one-size pocket diapers. Even well-loved, the fitted diapers were still soft and natural feeling. I was immediately charmed.

I had wanted to try them because I'd read (online) about moms who let their babies run around coverless. All the time!  Initially, I was only interested in keeping dry cotton next to my baby's skin for a few hours per day. As the novelty wore off, however, I began to see an additional advantage. Used at home, a coverless fitted has the convenience of an all-in-one (AIO) without the inconvenience of prolonged drying time, and you don't have to sort and stuff inserts as you would have to with pocket diapers.

I had no idea that using those first two fitteds would change the way I diapered.

I told my mom about my experiment. She was horrified, thinking back to, I imagine, sopping-wet Gerber-esque training pants. In reality, my daughter and I spent much of that first coverless morning in the tiled kitchen – no surfaces, then, that can't be readily cleaned. I had assumed that I would need to change her in about 2 hours, sopping wet, based on the pinned prefolds I'd used years previously on my son. He had a habit of 'holding it' for hours before letting go with a flood. Instead, after feeling for outside dampness for the better part of the hour, I experimentally opened the dry-on-the-outside diaper to find it wet inside. She'd already gone, and the diaper had contained it, even without a PUL cover. I was impressed with how much more absorbent the fitted was than my prefolds. At the same time, it was not so absorbent that I was unable to learn a bit about her habits, since I was able to tell much sooner when she'd wet than I could when she wore a cover.

This lead to a significant change in the way I diapered, because I learned by using coverless fitteds that my daughter is not an infrequent, heavy wetter like my son had been, but a much more frequent one. I was able to customize her diaper-changing routine, which in turn leaves her less prone to rashes and irritation. Instead of waiting for what I thought was one big wet every 2-3 hours, I knew that even if I couldn't tell by touch, she'd be damp within an hour.

I'm finding that I love putting my daughter in cute, soft fitteds to let her run around while I do the dishes or fix lunch. I like knowing that she's more comfortable, because I'm more aware of her habits. And I really like for fitteds on laundry day, since they dry quickly and don't need to be sorted and stuffed.

Note: Many know that a lanolized wool cover can be used over a fitted to provide a breathable, water-resistant layer, but did you know that simple, $3 -$7 pair of fleece pants will also contain the damp (but not flood!) without the need for lanolization? Look for 100% polyester on the label, and you'll have an inexpensive, breathable, damp-resistant layer for your carpets and furniture. Or just put a fleece blanket down on your sofa on coverless days.

By Angie S., Blog Contributor of TCDW
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Fitted Diapers (Justification for a Larger Stash)

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It's a modern day question - do you prefer snaps or Velcro? Many newbies to cloth diapering face this dilemma. Which do you choose? What are the benefits of each? Will people judge me by decision? Will this choice have an effect on my child's self esteem? Okay, so the last two questions have nothing to do with snaps or Velcro, but what do you choose?

Many people are staunch snaps users, others Velcro. Myself... I think there is a time and place for both. Late night diaper changes may call for Velcro due to ease of use for zombie moms and dads. Snaps are better for the long haul of diaper laundering. Velcro, better for the timid babysitter, i.e. grandpa, who questions how to use those "hippie-dippie things." Snaps prevent those grabby little fingers from removing the diaper... hopefully.

Snaps or Velcro don't really matter the first couple of months of your baby's life. Your child is a peaceful, placid, non-squirming baby blob who lays still for diaper changes. They coo and smile at you. The worse thing that happens when changing a diaper is that the kiddo springs a leak before you can get a new diaper on them. At this point, you may be washing an extra diaper, your hands, and your whole outfit, but you are not really worried about snaps or Velcro.

As your sleepy baby decides to wake up and become involved in the world around it, snaps and Velcro take on a new meaning. Suddenly the question becomes "do I choose snaps so that the baby can't get the diaper off or do I choose Velcro so I can get the diaper on?"

For example, my 10 month old son loves to twist and shout. When he is on his back his arms and legs thrash about like a turtle turned upside down. He reaches with his left arm up over his right shoulder until he is on his belly ready to do his wounded soldier crawl away from me. At the same instant, my almost 3 year old daughter decides that it will be fun to try to get my son to chase her while I am unsuccessfully changing his diaper.

You can imagine, and probably have experienced, how difficult it can be to get a diaper on a moving target. This is where Velcro has come in handy. I grab the first Velcro diaper I can get my hands on and with two quick flicks of mommy's wrists, the diaper is secure and more importantly ON.

Then as my son finishes chasing my daughter and is looking for something else to do, now keep in mind that he is still only in his diaper because it is also hard to dress a moving target, he finds the Velcro diaper. This is where snaps come in handy because, rip, rip and OFF comes the diaper. I quickly pick him up, re-attach the diaper, dress him and wonder what I am going to do when it is summer time.
So snaps or Velcro? I have stopped pondering the answer. Instead I ask if it is too early to potty train.

Tammy R. (cloth diapering for 8+ months now, and loving every minute!)
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Snaps versus Velcro

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This month's photo contest theme was "Celebration" and boy do you ladies and babies know how to celebrate!

This month's winning photo was submitted by Kate Elkins and features her five month old baby, Jude, celebrating the New Year and helping us ring it in in-style (aka, in his stylish bumGenius, of course!) Kate gets a $25 coupon to Kelly's Closet!

Remember, everyone can enjoy the cute photo submission by watching our video online! If you submitted a picture, it's likely it's featured in the video – don't miss out!

Next month's theme is: "Things that go brrr".  Share original and creative pictures that show your little one trying to stay warm (or maybe she's out in the freezing cold!). One picture submission per family, please! Submit photos to by Wednesday, January 26, 2011. Winning submission gets a $25 gift card to Kelly's Closet.

Note: By submitting a photo for this contest, you consent that Kelly's Closet and has the right to use the photo of your child and his or her first name in future newsletters.
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Cute Baby of the Cloth January

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