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Super Saver Coupon

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We are seeking delightful pictures that will warm the heart for next month's Cute Baby of the Cloth photo contest. The new theme is: “Things that go brrr!” Share original winter inspired pics that show how your little one is braving the cold winter months! One picture submission per family, please! Be creative and submit photos to by Wednesday, January 26th. Winning submission gets a $25 gift card to Kelly’s Closet and featured in our February newsletter!

Note: By submitting a photo for this contest, you consent that Kelly’s Closet and has the right to use the photo of your child and his or her first name in future newsletters and blog posts.
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Submit Your Pictures For the “Things That Go Brrr!” February Photo Contest!

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Fluff Friday:
1-bumGenius Diaper Sprayer

Question of the week:
What do you currently use/do to help you clean up messy diapers? (sprayer, flushable liners, just toss into washing machine,etc)  Leave your comment before Thursday, January 20th at 7pm EST. (You can only answer the "Question of the Week" ONCE PER GIVEAWAY, NOT PER DAY.)

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Have questions?? Visit our FAQ's.

We will draw one winner randomly with an "Online Number Generator" and will make a post with the winner on Friday, January 21st. It is the responsibility of the winner to contact us to claim their prize.

Who can participate?
US Residents are welcome!

Important note about the winner:
If we haven't heard from the winner by the closing time of next week's giveaway, we will choose another winner that will be published TOGETHER with next week's winner.

Good luck, and don't forget to tell all your family and friends about the giveaway! In case that you don't win, what a better person to win than a friend of yours!!
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Fluff Friday 113

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Jill M.

She will receive:
2- Best Bottom One-Size Diaper Covers
2- Best Bottom Stay Dry Inserts

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 112 WINNER!

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Two leading cloth diaper manufacturers have launched some new and oh-so-adorable cloth diaper prints!  Let's discuss what's going on:

GroVia's New Adorable Prints! First up, the GroVia Cloth All-In-Ones now come in super cute Mod Flower, Nature, Planes and Owls prints - these are totally irresistible to any cloth diapering fanatic (like us!)! These diapers offer a super absorbent, organic cotton inner layer to absorb wetness - and now they look even more cute and fun on the outside! We just love how GroVia has married function and fun in its new collection. You can get these fun prints in GroVia's cloth diaper Shell collection as well (shells go over prefolds or flats). We have them in stock too - check it out! 

You Won't Be Bummed When You See These Fabulous Bummis! Bummis has also come out with four fresh, fun and brand new Super Whisper Wrap prints! These wraps come in Rocket, Ladybug, Bloom and Big City designs - so cute! The wraps fit nicely over any prefold, flat or fitted diaper to give your baby a little extra style as well as keep messes contained! Bummis also came out with some new Super Brite prints too in Pistachio Polka Dot and Blueberry Polka Dot. Please be sure to check out our stock of Bummis products on our site!

Enjoy the new prints. It's exciting to be cloth diapering these days!
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Several Cloth Diaper Companies Launch New & Exciting Prints!

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I hear this from mom’s all the time, at Twitter parties, on Facebook, and even in the comments of The Cloth Diaper Whisperer: “I really wish I could buy more cloth diapers, but we just don’t have the money.” Maybe it’s because they want to get started in cloth. Maybe it’s because they want to wash less frequently. Maybe it’s they are just addicted to the cuteness and NEED more! Whatever the reasons for wanting to buy more cloth, finances can have a serious impact on the size of your stash. As a full-time college student, I know as well as anyone how tight a budget can get. But after a few months navigating the cloth diapering world, and drooling over everything I wanted to buy, I’ve found a few tips and tricks to grow my stash and still pay the bills.

My first trick is to expand your stash with prefolds. Even if you prefer pockets diapers or All-In-Ones, prefolds work great around the house, when you have more room for diaper changes and can slack on the convenience factor somewhat. Then your pockets or AIOs are available for going out and about. If you have an older baby you can just fold the prefold in thirds and lay it in the cover. (I prefer Thirsties Duo Wrap Diaper Covers.) If you have a smaller baby, you will want to use something to fasten the prefold around the baby to prevent leaks onto the cover. Diaper pins are very cost effective, but some parents prefer not to use them. Snappis are T-shaped fasteners with teeth that hold the prefold on the baby. They are not quite as cost-effective as pins, but still a very good option for families on a budget that prefer not to use pins.

Next stash-growing strategy: sacrifice. This one should be somewhat self-explanatory. You have to give up some things to get things that are more important. It’s all about priorities. For me, my sacrifice is my morning bagel before class. A bagel at the bakery I frequent is about $2.30 with cream cheese. When I get a bagel there, I must have a smoothie, which is about $4. Yes, it is outrageous, but it is SOO good! This breakfast ends up being about $7 with tax. I usually got a bagel & smoothie 1 morning a week. When I cut it down to only on test days (about once a month) it saved me about $21 a month! There is one OS pocket diaper (my diaper of choice) a month right there! This same principle could be applied to whatever you like: brew your own morning coffee, eat out less, or don’t buy that pair of shoes you “just have to have.” Your baby’s bottom will thank you!

My last tip is to use the Kelly’s Closet coupon codes! My favorites are the free one-size diaper coupons. Usually the minimum purchase for these is only $25! So buy the diaper you have sacrificed for, and grab a free one too! To get an email with all the new coupon codes, subscribe to the Kelly’s Closet Newsletter.

I hope this post helps you realize a small budget doesn’t have to mean a small stash! There are many ways to expand your fluff inventory without taking out a second  mortgage!

By Keshia W.
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Feeding the Addiction & Paying the Bills

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We started cloth diapering when my son was 9 months old and, like most moms, instantly fell in love.  We started with 4 BumGenius 3.0’s and I washed them everyday just for the joy of using them!  We soon increased our stash to 16 and we were full time cloth diapering!  I took extreme care in washing them- and they never once fell prey to the dryer. 

However, we were faced with a new cloth diapering challenge (among others) when three months later I found out that we were expecting twins- and oh what a shock that was!   As we were preparing for our two new bundles, whom would be only 18 months younger than our son, I just knew that I didn’t want to give up my beloved cloth diapers. The budget was definitely tight so I looked into prefolds with covers but with three kids under two convenience was going to be key.

I knew that sometimes diapers might not get changed as often as they should and I wanted our kids to feel as dry as possible.   One size pocket diapers seemed to be the only solution.  However, I knew that my beloved BumGenius were not going to cut it.  I needed a diaper much more durable- where I did not have to worry about line drying it to save the Velcro and elastic.  I needed a diaper that I could just throw in the dryer when my time was tight- which was most often.  Fuzzi Bunz came out with their new one size diapers and I thought, “Perfect”!  The snaps are very durable and the elastic replaces easily.  Even with the workload these diapers would have to endure it would be hard to ruin them!  I sold my BumGenius 3.0’s and invested solely in Fuzzi Bunz.

We waited until my girls were 6 weeks before we started cloth because they were too small for the diapers and I wanted to make sure we had figured nursing out before adding anything.  I was amazed to find that using cloth actually simplified life!  Our trash can was not overflowing anymore (and we didn’t have to pick up trash that the birds scattered) and I no longer had to change outfits due to explosions!  I dried the diapers in the dryer and didn’t stuff the pockets until I was about to use them.  It only took me 5 -10 minutes every other day to put away my clean diapers and throwing them in the wash is nothing!  I don’t have to worry about running to the store, which with three small kids is a major chore! Our savings is also incredible. We use Rockin Green detergent which really cuts down on me worrying about buildup.  My girls are almost 12 months now and our diapers are in good shape and we are all happy as can be! 

Also, now that BumGenius has come out with their 4.0 diapers I always recommend these for people in similar situations because they have a snap option and easily replaceable elastic.   Adjusting the size in the front may also be more convenient with multiple children in different sizes.  Also, I have come to greatly appreciate a prefold under a Thirsties Duo Wrap.   These seem to be bullet-proof against leaks!

By Sera M.
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My Trio In Cloth

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My husband and I bought our house about 5 years ago.  There was an odd feature in the two bathrooms; a vegetable sprayer mounted on the wall next to the toilet.  We joked that it was probably a bidet installed to save buying toilet paper. The previous owners had 6 children, so money saving was probably on their minds.

We envisioned our college friends coming over and coming out of the bathroom with wet hair saying, "Cool! You can wash your hair while on the toilet!" Luckily, this scenario hasn't happened, but the sprayers have been conversation pieces for sure.
Three years later, we remodeled our master bathroom, removing one of the infamous vegetable sprayers while the second one still collected dust in the hall bathroom. Our daughter was born and I had no idea about cloth diapers or had any intention of finding out about them.

In 2010 my son was born. Like everyone, we are experiencing the pinch of these economic times, and I started to look at cloth diapers as a possibility. I was also encouraged because it was time to start potty training my daughter and I had heard that cloth diapers help speed this process along.  I bought my Flip, some prefolds, covers and a few pockets. I was set. As I researched the blogs and forums, diapers sprayers were mentioned. The light bulb went on. That must be what the sprayers in the bathrooms were for!

My son was exclusively breastfed for 6 months, so the need for the sprayer wasn't that great. The poop washed out fine in my washer. If there were stains, on the garden fence the diapers went. I travelled with my cloth, visiting my in-laws and my mom without problems.

My appreciation for my "vegetable" sprayer grew when my son started eating solids though. Clean up was made much easier and faster, however, my true gratitude for the hall bathroom device did not come until earlier this month when we visited the in-laws again. The first time we visited, my son was still exclusively on the boob. No worries about messy clean up - just throw everything in the washer and then out on the line. This visit however, my son was older and eating more solid food. And he had been reserving his poop deposit for two days already by the time we got onto the airplane...

The first morning there we woke to the excitement that he had finally done the deed. However horror struck the next moment as I realized... I don't have a diaper sprayer here! Why not use a liner or the biodegradable inserts you might wonder? A cheapskate lifestyle is the answer... I would rather spend the money on something else (if I am going to spend it all). Besides, I have a perfectly good stash without adding something I would throw away.

Thinking fast, I decided I would use a cup and pour water over the "yuckiness" to simulate my sprayer. I set my diaper on the edge of the toilet and went to go get a cup. First mistake here... When I got back with the perfect cup, the weight of the loaded diaper had caused it to fall into the bowl - great. So I attempted the "swish" technique I had read other women do - those women are better women than me! I was already committed though at this point.

After a miserably failed attempt at 'swishing,' I went to use the washing machine. Hovering above the basin, I realized that I had forgotten my diaper soap. Second mistake... Oh well, I would have to use what was there and just deal with it. Have you ever heard a broken washing machine? You don't hear water spraying out... what the heck was going on? I went to go ask my MIL about it, and she just laughed "oh yeah, that washing machine has been on the fritz. Just wiggle the knob until the water turns on, then hold it right there, and when it's done you can let it do its thing." Yeah right...
After a few seconds of wiggling the knob, I decided to fill the tub up by hand. Somehow I thought this was a reasonable alternative to the funky chicken knob wiggle dance.

Mistake number three... As I poured the first bucket of sink water into the machine, I watched in horror as the water quickly disappeared. My first thought was that the water had just drained out, but then I realized that my diapers had soaked it all up. While this was really impressive, it was also a real pain in the rear. No wonder these cloth diapers were used  to clean up the gulf oil spill... Next time I have a water leak at home, I have the perfect solution!  It took bucket after bucket after bucket filling up the tub to an acceptable level, and this was just the rinse cycle. I ended up doing this process for each rinse and wash, which was about 5 times. Okay, my diapers were finally clean and I'm ready to buy the MIL a new washer. With my arsenal of diapers, I thankfully won't have to do this routine again during this visit.

Mistake number 4... The next morning, my bouncing baby boy delivered an even stinkier diaper than the day before. I couldn't just let it sit in the bag until we got home the next day - the whole house would smell. Besides, TSA would have confiscated my bag due to toxic contents. So as I repeated the whole scene again, I thought fondly of my vegetable sprayer and how it was not a ridiculous addition to the house. I also  realized that buying liners or disposable inserts for travelling wouldn't break my bank, or at least not my back.

By Tammy Roby
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Ode' to my Diaper Sprayer

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When we started preparing for the birth of our first child, my husband and I decided to go the cloth diapering route for many reasons, including concern for the environment and a desire for the cost savings that cloth promised. One reason for cloth diapering that has hit home recently, though, is this: cloth diapers are way more fun than disposables!

We’ve been cloth diapering our daughter since she started fitting into them at three weeks old, but a bout of diaper rash starting over the Christmas holiday had us digging out disposable diapers while we deployed the heavy-duty rash cream (and waited for CJ’s Butter to arrive in the mail!). Besides experiencing the pain of tossing out diaper after diaper, I realized how much I missed the little joys of cloth diapering. I missed the choices I got to make with each diaper change – which color should she wear? What closure do I want this time? Which diaper works best for this time of day or this outfit? I didn’t get to talk to my daughter about the different colors and patterns that she got to wear. I didn’t really get to show off our stash to my relatives in town for the holiday. I even missed the laundry – the joy of all these previously stinky, dirty diapers coming out of the laundry, hanging to dry, clean and ready to be used again.

Of all the reasons to diaper my child in cloth (and to look forward to the end of that diaper rash!), perhaps the one I least expected was that cloth diapers would be so much fun!

By Rachel N.
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Cloth Diapers Are Fun!

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Earn Free Cloth Diapers