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Natural Childbirth was as ‘Green’ as I Planned on Getting

Well I would say I am pretty young, 23 to be exact. I have never been a typical person, I guess I didn’t fit the profile of doing things the way I did. LOL. People say I have an old soul. I’ve always wanted to be a mommy. So me and my high-school sweetheart grew up, got married young, he joined the army, and we finally started a family when I was 22. From the beginning of my pregnancy I knew I wanted a natural birth, completely, no doubts, no questions, no hesitation. The looks I got from my family were priceless. And their looks made me want to do it even more. 18 hours of labor and a natural childbirth brought my beautiful son into this world. But that was as “green” as I ever planned on going.

So on to parenting and working in L&D as a RN. I had tons of free disposable diapers from the hospital I work at that I collected throughout my pregnancy thinking “Diapers are the most expensive thing, I’ll collect all the samples I can!” That should have been a sign right there. Never the less, I prevailed collecting enough sposies to last 3 months of his life (awesome savings, horrible waste!). Then it was back to clipping coupons for Huggies, and adding that to my grocery list. Diapers, wipes, Desitinโ€ฆthe typical last 3 things on my list. That got old. I also was doing the typical store bought baby food, talk about high grocery bill. I changed that real quick when I found out that I could buy fruits and veggies at the commissary at a discount, blend them and feed more organic things to my precious baby for CHEAP!!!! Loved that. Now $1 of veggies makes 12 servings of something. Awesome! So I considered myself a good mom ya know?? My family was like “You make his own baby food, like handmake it??” LOL. “Yes!” And I was proud of it. But, that was as “green” as I was going to get.

Well while sitting at work one day with a girlfriend, delivery baby after baby, one of my patients mother’s told her daughter in labor “At least you don’t have to use cloth diapers like I did way back in the day..”. My friend said “I use them, and love them!” After seeing the looks on their faces, and asking “someone in 2011 uses cloth diapers?” I was sold! I wanted more info. NOW!!!!

So we sat down, got online to Kelly’s Closet and she went over it with me. I wasn’t convinced yet, but I had an open mind. I never thought of it!!! The #1 question that I asked was : “How do you handle the poop because I’m a germaphobe!?” So she made everything sound so easy. She made me get out my debit card and order a Econobum trial pack that day. I was excited for something new, for something different, for something no one would expect from meโ€ฆ.it would be perfect! Haha. I got my prefolds in, used one of them and got right back on Kelly’s Closet to do some research. I thought to myself “If I just spend a lot of money on them now, I’ll have to use them because I won’t to waste my money.” So I debated, and debated for hours. Then hit that payment button! . I bought 6 Rumparooz, 6 Happy Heinys, 5 bumGenius Artist Series, 2 Kawaii Babies, 3 Fuzzibunz, some detergent, liners ect. So I waited and waited. Got my order, washed them and started CD’ing. OMG, this is what was missing from my “all natural” life. I posted it on facebook. I got so many negative comments: “You won’t last a day”; “Have fun with washing poop”; “Let me know when you give up”: “Are you serious??”. Yup negative all the way, no supporters what so ever, and it made me want to love it even more!! MY DH was on board so that’s all that mattered. I really think I thrive on the weird stares and questions because as a nurse, I thrive on educating people about things they know NOTHING about, which is usually the case with cloth diapering.

So I love CD’ing, I’m addicted. Been doing it for a solid month now, got my babysitter hooked. I left the daycare facilities because they wouldn’t cooperate with my CD’ing. I work full time night shifts, make my babies food in bulk once a month, wash my diapers and love it, and I love diaper changes. No rashes, shorter grocery list, weird stares, more money in my pockets, and one less sposie in the landfill. It’s funny, the more I educate people on it and post random facts on facebook about it, I am starting to get compliments like “wow your such a good mommy”. Makes me feel great, but hate the stereotypes you get when you do things atypical. So education is key, time to go convince another momma to CD! And I think this is as “green” as I can get. LOL!!!

BIO: Traci is an army wife, full time working mom, photographer, and a RN in Labor & Delivery, who just started cloth diapering her first born son of 9 months old. Her goal is to educate every momma she works with on cloth diapering, breastfeeding, and being green!


  1. Desiree said...

    Love this post. I started out with natural childbirth, progressed to homemade baby food and now am using CD on my second son. lol, It was like reading my story. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. ~Amy said...

    Kudos for being a "green voice" in L&D. I credit being a BF success with first child (emergency c-section) to the kind words and encouragment of the NICU nurses when the dr wanted to give him a bottle when he was out of the oxygen tent. I had an unmedicated, doula-assisted VBAC with my daughter and am planning a second VBAC. All those who touch a mom pre and post partum have such a huge opportunity to influence- positively or negatively- during her own time of transitioning. Wish you all the best- one military momma to another!

  3. Gretchen said...

    Wow we share a similar story! 23, first baby at 22 and military wife. Congrats on having a natural birth! I was determined to go as natural as possible but didn't make it. I love all the weird stares and questions about CDing but the one thing I love most is how the Hubs tries to educate all his newly parent Marines on how much CD saves you money. Its so cute ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thanks for sharing your story.

  4. AmberRay said...

    Great job. I too love cloth diapering. I just started doing it with my 4th child. Glad I gave it a shot.

  5. Amanda said...

    With my 1st child labor didn't go as I expected (does it ever?!) and I ended up beggin for the epidural. With baby #2 I'm pondering the possibilty of a natural birth…again. Having been through once has helped prepare me better…I think! Yay for making your own food (I did it) as well as cloth diapers. Now, if only this baby is a girl then I get to replenish my stash with all sorts of girly prints and colors! She can't wear blue and green hand me down dipes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Traci said...

    So glad yall enjoyed the post!! I was nervous to post my story, but I think im kinda proud of myself for giving this CD thing a try!! Definately has changed some things in a positive way. Cant wait for # 2 so I can do it from the beginning and not stress about buying diapers:) Ever!!!! isnt it sad I look forward to washing and stuffing my dipes:) as soon as I get off work, its laundry time!! Im going to try out my new rockin green detergent:) still dont have a good wash routine yet. Thanks for reading! I think all us CDing moms are a tad bit "different" and I love it!!

  7. Lauren said...

    I think this is an amazing post. I too plan on CD'ing my baby,delivering naturally, and making my own baby food ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Jenney said...

    I love this post. I love how it was "as green as you were gonna get". I needed the humor today :o)

  9. Sara said...

    I can so relate to this, and our little peanut isn't even born. Natural childbirth? "Why?!" Cook your own food? "Gasp!" Cloth diaper? "Good luck!"
    And yet, everyone I show my CDs to and explain how they work has the same "Aha!" moment I had (it doesn't hurt to explain where the poop goes either — in the toilet!)
    Good for you

  10. I love this post. I'm also hoping for a natural child birth and wasn't sold on the CDing, but lately, my mind has opened up to a whole new world of options. We haven't dismissed CDing, and now am actually considering it.

    Thank you for this great post!

  11. Tanya77 said...

    Loved your post… I'm a CRNA, and a "closet" green girl. I had my first LO with a CNM in the hospital, and it was a beautiful experience. I wouldn't trade it for anything… I think there's something to be said for experiencing the entire range of the emotional and spiritual spectrum of motherhood. From that experience, I learned about CDing and extended BFing, and I'm convinced that it's wholeheartedly the best way to go for my family. At times, I struggle with mainstream teaching and the voice of my friends, coworkers, and family. But, I just live and let live… and they treat me the same way. Keep up the good work,and take care ๐Ÿ™‚ P.S. I'm an AF Reservist, and God bless you for your sacrifice.. the military is a serious family commitment, and I thank you for what you do for your husband and your children ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Unknown said...

    Just stumbled upon your post while looking at other CD'ing options for our son, who is also baby #3. We started using cloth with him at 4 days old and haven't looked back! I am also an L&D nurse as I sit here during down time at work (rare) to research my favorite past time- CD'ing! It's pretty addicting. I take pride in being an exclusive bf'ing, natural childbirth CD'ing momma in my profession! Just wanted to give you kudos for taking the plunge in to CD'ing, I know the looks you get…. pretty much everyone thinks I'm crazy except one fellow co-worker that uses them as well =)

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