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Do You Have a Diaper Houdini?

Do you have a diaper Houdini? One minute your baby is happily playing, nicely wrapped up in a super-cute cloth diaper. Seconds later, aforementioned cute baby is giggling madly, diaper nowhere to be seen! Does this happen to you? My adorable baby recently discovered that it is SO MUCH FUN to hear the zzzzip of the aplix as he rips off his diaper. Since I generally feel that part of the beauty of cloth diapering is that the diaper itself is cute enough to do double duty as clothing, I don’t even own clothes for my little guy to wear on the bottom! What is a mommy to do?

I had limited success weeding through my diaper stash to find and use only snap closure diapers. I like to do diaper laundry every two to three days – the cutting of my diaper stash in half turned my laundry universe upside down so that approach was short-lived! Leave it to my big kids to solve this adorable yet borderline-annoying dilemma: big boy underpants!

As I chased my half-naked baby, yet again, around the house, my son appeared with a big grin on his face, “Mom, I think Rory needs some underwear.” Brilliant! I successfully reattached his diaper, secured the aplix, and popped on a cute pair of big-boy briefs – sized 4T. They worked like a charm and his fluffy bum looks no less adorable. Necessity is the mother of invention … this might not be the trick to take your little guy to church or out on the town, but this little trick certainly helps us out around the house! Whatever works, right?

By Erin Brighton, Charlotte, NC

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  1. christine said...

    This was great to read. I have yet to have this happen to me. My daughter is almost 9 months and helps me put her shirt on and take off her pants a little. So thank you for the parent tip. It's a good heads up for the future.

  2. Little Miss "E" said...

    Yes, I have a diaper Houdini! My 21-month-old is currently potty training so she only wears diapers at night and naps. She is perfectly capable of taking off a pair of pants to get to her diaper and has even managed to take the diaper off through the leg of a onesie!
    My solution – She now sleeps with her bathing suit on over her diaper but under her pajamas!
    Like you said…whatever works!

  3. Little Love said...

    My LO does the same! Oh the things we mommies endure…

  4. Wazka815 said...

    What a fun read! My little one is way too young for me to have to worry about this yet, but it is definitely I will be keeping in mind! I just wonder how long it will take the writer's son to realize how to pull of the undies!

  5. Texas Momma said...

    Yes, I too have a diaper Houdini!! She loves to pull the aplix off and just drags the diaper around behind her! Thankfully, this has only occured with wet diapers! My solution is a pair of pj bottoms on over all her aplix diapers…and i go for the snaps first when they're clean. I've also researched converting a few of my aplix diapers. Found a lady online that will do it for $3-4. I figure it's worth it to not have to buy new diapers or have my daughter running around naked!!

  6. Erin said...

    Thanks for the comments! Happy to hear about other tricks as well… we're hoping the boxer-brief cover up lasts for awhile!

  7. Amy Joel said...

    My 13-mo old son has discovered that trick – I have to make sure he has clothes on over any aplix diaper. I like the briefs trick, but my older two are both girls – don't think DH – or my DDs – would appreciate my putting their panties on our little boy ;).

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