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To Spray or Not To Spray

“I would cloth diaper if I didn’t have to deal with poop.” If I had a dollar for every person who told me that, I’d be able to get a nice all-in-one! One of cloth diapering’s biggest mysteries is what to do with the poop. I’ve found there are so many misconceptions, the craziest being that I let my toddler’s dirty diapers – poop included – sit in a diaper pail until one day I wave my wand to magically clean them. People also can’t believe that I use the same washing machine that cleans our clothes.

Before I had my daughter I knew I wouldn’t need to do anything special with the exclusively breastfed poops and I decided once the time came we would use flushable biodegradable liners or just plop and swish like I read about. Well apparently my daughter doesn’t fit the mold for plopable poops so holding a diaper upside down over the toilet didn’t do a thing, even with gravity on our side. The flushable liners were a good choice, with a few exceptions when they didn’t cover enough of the area or got bunched up. But they’re great for caregivers or if you don’t have a diaper sprayer. I tried the Bummis, Imse Vimse, and Grovia flushable liners and they all worked great. Some even held up in our washing machine if they hadn’t been pooped on. It was great being able to reuse some of them, but ultimately I cloth diapered to save money and each liner I threw out just looked like dollar signs (or pennies) to me.

After getting over the weirdness factor of spraying poop off a diaper I decided it was time to give in. I bought the bumGenius diaper sprayer and my only regret is not having it from the start! I love how easy it is to use, the adjustable water pressure, and the fact that I don’t have to keep buying liners especially since I could use it for more children and even sell it when we’re diaper-free. I surprised my husband one day by installing it myself and it was so easy! I don’t have any plumbing experience and found the instructions very easy to follow. Plus, I use it to wash out the bathtub and when I clean the toilet. If only there was a way to adjust the temperature too so I could wash my daughter’s hair more easily!

Sure, I’ve had a few mishaps like the water pressure being too high (those of you who’ve been there know the results of that mistake) but overall it makes cloth diaper clean-up easier and helps prevent stains too. If you’re on the fence, spray!

Ann J. is a cloth diaper fanatic and mom to an 18-month-old with the cutest cloth diaper butt on the block!

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  1. Alysia said...

    I love my diaper sprayer!!! Without it I probably never would have continued CDing, and I know my husband would have never supported me!!!!

  2. The Chapman's said...

    what did you do for the high pressure and poop water spraying everywhere? I have that trouble…Thanks!

  3. Boise Wiebers said...

    That too high pressure thing is one thing that scares me about diaper sprayers. So far the dunk and swoosh method has worked well. My husband has confessed that HE is now interested in a sprayer. If we get one, I'm just hoping my curious little monkey boys (3 & 5) don't make a mess of the bathroom. If they were cats, by now I'm sure their curiosity would have killed my 5 y.o. at this point. LOL.

  4. Megan said...

    I use the biodegradable liners and have a diaper sprayer. I was hoping to quit spraying, but nothing works as well as spraying. I just hate it when I have the water pressure up too high… OOPS!

  5. Karmihn'sMom said...

    I hear the same phrase from other moms about. their fear of poop. As if I like poop any better! LOL but I love love love my diaper sprayer and now that baby is starting solids, my hubs is appreciating it more, too :)

  6. Jelli Bean said...

    I can't wait to get my sprayer. It is at my mother-in-law's until she comes to visit baby in Oct/Nov. Hope she doesn't forget to bring it!

  7. Josh said...

    is it pretty easy to install, how about possible uninstall? We rent but it seems like a necessity. Trying to get everything planned out way in advance

  8. Kitsune said...

    I love our sprayer! The high pressure was something we easily solved by turning the valve so it wasn't fully open to the sprayer. You can adjust the pressure that way :)

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