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How Cloth Diapers Made Me Famous!

We’re a military family, and just relocated back to the home we bought three years ago.  We had been in an apartment and renting until we got back.  I was so excited to get back into our OWN house!  One of the reasons for this excitement had my husband giving me odd looks.  We would finally be able to install a “tree” style diaper (I mean clothes) dryer in the back yard!  Yippee!  (Previously, I had been using a folding rack…carrying it outside on sunny days).  I was so excited to see him come home with a bag of cement!

I have the fondest memories of my Grandma hanging clothes out on her “tree” in the backyard.  She would let me stand on a chair and use the clothespins to hang the colorful parade of clean laundry.  The most fun was having a race with her…to see who could take all the clothes off the line the fastest!  Now every time I’m outside, I think about my Grandma, and it’s a nice time of the breeze blowing and the sun shining on me.  I love it!

Since the dryer has been installed, there have been cloth diapers on it almost daily.  If it’s sunny, odds are good that you will see diapers out there.  We don’t have a fence around the yard, and it’s visible from certain angles just walking past the house.  I didn’t know this would make me famous!

When I point out the house we live in to my neighbors, you’d be amazed at how many times I hear, “Oh!  You’re the one with the cloth diapers in the backyard!” or, “I noticed some beautiful colors on your line out back!” I get to smile and explain how much I love cloth diapering.  People are amazed that diapers can be so cute and fun!  I also hear a lot of comments about how wonderful it is that I am harnessing the sun to save even more energy.  One of my neighbors have even started hanging some of her clothes outside!

Ok, so I’m not really famous, but I do love being recognized as that lady with the cloth diapers hanging in the backyard!  Who knows, maybe this is the start of a cloth revolution in my own neighborhood.  I wouldn’t mind that sort of legacy.  :)

By Julie G.

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  1. Lisa Ferguson said...

    I had a tree-style clothesline in our backyard at our last house, but there isn't a good location in this house to install it, so I've been hanging my diapers to dry on my older daughter's soccer goal. It's perfect! I posted a picture on my Facebook page, and several of my friends got a huge "kick" outta that.

  2. Erica Nicholas said...

    My mom used to hang clothes outside when I was little, I loved helping her do that! I'm moving into an apartment in 20 days though, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to hang clothes outside. Maybe out on the balcony? Haha.

  3. Mrs EyeCanSee said...

    Haha. My neighbors commented on ours as well. Though they didn't seem to have quite the enthusiasm yours did! More shock than anything that anyone still uses cloth!

  4. Erin said...

    Love it! I'm "that cloth diaper person" at my job and at church. Everyone thought I was crazy at first, but I've converted one other person so far- and I'm always getting questions and people really interested!

  5. Anonymous said...

    I am the same way. All my neighbors know me as the house with the clothesline!

  6. ann.e said...

    is your dryer "tree" new? Where did you get it?? I have had the hardest time trying to find things to make a good clothesline – the people at lowe's looked at me like I was crazy. I really didn't think it was that 'out there'!

  7. Juliana said...

    you should see my 'drying line' I use at our place… Its string attached the the grill handle and then to a chair. Its really sad! I have two beautiful trees out there but don't want to tie anything around them. O the things you do to save energy:)

  8. Laundry Lady said...

    We don't have a good place for a tree-style dryer, so I have a retractable clothesline. I love using in on sunny days. I actually wish I had two or three for a large laundry day. I think all the neighbors probably think I'm nuts, but the older people who pass by on their walks always comment on how cute my cloth diapers look hanging on the line. (Probably since they were the last generation to actually use these diapers exclusively.)
    @Erin, I have also become "the cloth diaper person" at my church. Unfortunately most of my friends still think I'm crazy but one or two have jumped on the cloth diaper band wagon.

  9. Julie said...

    I got the dryer from Lowe's. The brand name is Minky. I had also ordered one with a collapsible stand before that off Amazon. Since we couldn't cement it down, it did the trick. (Just had to weight the base, and be careful to load evenly!). I love the tree because I can stand and hang all of them, but there is something so pretty about lonnng lines of diapers hanging! :)

  10. Megan said...

    One of our old gentleman neighbors told DH "Ma does sure love to see those diapers hanging on the line." I thought that was so adorable!!

  11. Sarah said...

    I finally got my clotheslines put up in our new backyard and am so excited to save the drying rack just for rainy days. :) I love how the sun gets out the stains!

  12. Super jealous! I need a diaper dryer! Love that it's sentimental and that you get to tell people about cloth diapering.

    I love talking about CD–brings a big ol' smile to my face. I want to be famous too!

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