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Cloth Diapering at Six Weeks

My newborn cloth diapering experiments continue…can you tell how much I’m loving this?  At 6 weeks and roughly 11 ½ lbs he is still comfortably in the Happy Heinys.  The Bum Genius AIO Size XS and FuzziBunz XS Pockets are just starting to get a little snug, but still work very well.  I have added a couple of new diapers to my routine: Applecheeks Size 1, Thirsties Cover Size XS, Blueberry Mini Deluxe and Tots Bots Tiny Fit.  He has completely grown out of the Rumparooz Lil Joeys and the premie prefolds so they have been retired.

Of this new group of diapers the Tots Bots Tiny Fit is my favorite.  It is a great fit with room to grow, the inside is super soft against him and the fact that you don’t have to unstuff them prior to washing is a great bonus.  We haven’t had any leaking though it is a very trim diaper.  I give a definite thumbs-up on this diaper.  It has prompted me to take a look at the Tots Bots Easy Fit for down the road when he’s wearing one size diapers.

The Blueberry Mini Deluxe is an incredible diaper.  It is very similar to the Happy Heiny in that it is a mini one-size.  It has snaps to adjust the rise like a one-size, but it is just smaller (hence the name mini).  You can start with this diaper in the hospital and it seems like it will fit for quite a while (it claims up to 15lbs, I’m thinking I will be able to push it longer than that).  It is very absorbent, fits great around the belly and thighs and never leaked.  It’s definitely a favorite, though I would love the option of aplix both for fit and ease when fumbling around mid-slumber during the night.  

I’ve previously asserted that I am not a prefold and cover kind of gal, but I have to say I’m really liking the Thirsties cover.  I have paired this with a newborn prefold and can appreciate that it was leak-free and inexpensive.  My favorite, however, is to use it with the Thirsties Duo Insert Size 1.  This insert has tons of layers to absorb, a stay-dry top layer and it unsnaps for quick drying time.  Keeping in mind that we are working with EBF poops, he has dirtied the cover when using the insert instead of the prefold, but he has never leaked out of this cover.  For those who want to keep newborn cloth diapering costs down I would highly recommend this cover with either insert option.

The Applecheeks is a different kind of diaper.  You can use it as a cover or a pocket and as a pocket you do not have to unstuff it prior to washing.  It is generous in size so it will definitely fit him for a while and the pocket is big enough to stuff with whatever you would like.  I found the Applecheeks Bamboo 3-pli insert to be a bit bulky for such a little guy so I just stuff it with a small size microfiber insert and a bamboo booster and it works great.  The bonus, for boys in particular, is the elastic on the front waistband of the diaper as well as the back to really help prevent leaks.  This diaper seems like it will fit for quite a while, but it is kind of pricey compared to other covers or pockets.  Though it’s a good diaper, I would definitely have a list of several others I would purchase more of before this one.

At six weeks in I feel that my preferences have been a mix of very predictable (my love for pockets remains strong even for newborns) and a bit unpredictable (really enjoying the Thirsties Cover, Duo Insert and even dabbling in prefolds).  What has been quite surprising to me, however, is the lack of blow-outs with all of these diapers.  I have not-so-fond memories of many, many blow-outs with disposables when my daughter was a young infant.  The cloth has held up beautifully against breastfed poops and impressed me yet again. 

By Jennifer G.


  1. knitsewreadlove said...

    Oh my goodness; I have so much nostalgia reading this! I'm currently potty training my daughter (2 yrs, 1 month), and though we're only 3 days in, I already miss our diapers. (Weird, I know) Fortunately, I'm due in early November, so I still feel justified reading the blog. Thanks for your entries; they've really helped as I start to think about a newborn stash. We really didn't get my daughter fully into cloth until she was about 3 months old.

  2. Heidi said...

    Since you love the thirsties cover and not unstuffing the tots bots tini fit, I wonder if you would like the thirsties duo diaper. Have you considered those?

  3. Alicia said...

    You need to try a Sbish small fitted or the snapless multis! I'm loving them on my daughter who is 10 pounds. Great for overnight.

  4. erinb80 said...

    Thanks for the update! Love that Thirsties cover, just ordered it for my 4th boy due in October. 🙂

  5. Katie said...

    LOVE AppleCheeks. You should have a 2ply though, not 3 ply!

  6. Brittany said...

    OmG that blue dipe with the circles is ADORABLE! Who makes it?! P.s soooo happy your enjoying it. My hubby and I both are having a field day clothing our 11 week old. We've been at it since mothers day (cloth dipes were my present. How awesome is he??!!) A lot of ppl look at us like we're crazy until we tell them the benefits (like cost, lack if leaks/blowouts, and adorable prints). Now half the ppl we know are converting! Yay!!

  7. Carly said...

    I started from day one with my second child, and it wasn't that bad! I found that I preferred flats with my newborn, tho! They work just as well as fitted, without the really high cost!

  8. Mrs EyeCanSee said...

    Great post! So many people recc prefolds/covers for the NB phase but we found we preferred fitteds and pockets/AIOs. Love hearing all the different reviews, I've bookmarked a few to try for our next LO!

  9. I"m going to have to try tots bots tiny fit. You sold me!

  10. HIS Brave Storm said...

    I love the tots bots tiny fit as well!! So cute and easy to use. Nice and trim, which I love. I haven't quite found a fondness for the "fluffy" butt and not looking forward to having to buy bigger clothes than she would normally need. I'm waiting for the tots bots easy fits to restock because I will definitely be using tots bots for awhile. Absolutely love them!

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