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Passing Down the Diapers to Little Bro

I am a 28 year old stay at home mom of two beautiful boys, ages 2 and 4 months!  We have been cloth diapering since my oldest was about 9 months old and we love it!

Since my oldest, Bennett, was already 9 months old when we began cloth diapering, we only had a stash of bumGenius OS, Smartipants OS, a few petite FuzziBunz, some OS fitteds, and some WAHM OS AI2s.  When we found out we were pregnant with number 2 and my oldest son was still in cloth diapers, I had to make a decision.  We obviously needed more cloth diapers, but I wasn’t sure what to buy!  I researched and just couldn’t decide what to use.  Should I buy some newborn diapers for our baby to wear for a short time?  I mean, I knew he would be a big baby (and he was!  8 lbs, 10 oz!) and he wouldn’t wear newborn diapers for long.  I didn’t know if I would like prefolds and covers, but that seemed to make the most sense.  Amazingly, we were very lucky to receive some newborn prefolds, fitteds, and Bummis and Thirsties covers from a couple of friends.  I also bought a couple of Lil’ Joeys AIOs….you know, for pictures!  :o)

When our second son, Donovan, was first born, I tried the Lil’ Joeys and also prefolds and covers and I just couldn’t get into them.  There was just so much going on and the diapers were frustrating me, honestly.  I decided to use disposables with him and stick with cloth for my 2 year old.  A few weeks later, when things slowed down and we got into more of a routine, I pulled the prefolds back out and I fell in love!!  How easy were these things?  You just lay them in the cover, fasten it up, and you’re good!  He didn’t move much, so they didn’t budge and it was awesome!! 

I love how it has worked out with my boys.  My oldest is now almost 2 ½ and potty trained pretty easily (thank goodness!), so he is wearing underwear during the day, just in time to pass on his OS diapers to his little brother, who is about 16 lbs.  They’ve worked so well for both kids and I’m so happy that I bought them.  I never really liked the bulkiness of OS diapers on my son when he was a newborn, so this has worked out perfectly.  I know many people do it and love it, but I can’t imagine buying a whole set of diapers for each size. 

My 2 year old is still using a OS bumGenius stuffed with two Smartipants inserts at night.  Some nights he stays dry, sometimes the thing is drenched.  But it’s no big deal, because I am washing my infant’s diapers every 2-3 days anyway!  Our wash routine is this:  cold rinse, hot overnight soak with Rockin’ Green Hard Rock Barenaked Babies formula, finish the wash in the morning, cold rinse, and dry!  SO incredibly easy.  I really think it’s easier than taking the bag of nasty smelling disposables out of the Diaper Genie and taking it to the dumpster!!!


  1. Jill said...

    very cool! I'm getting ready to make the same transition this summer! I have an almost 2.5 year old who is potty learned (just one at night, like you guys!)– and I'm preparing to purchase some newborn dipes. My first one I started at around a month old, so I do have SOME small ones, but feel like I could easily buy some more, since I plan to start at the hospital and go from there! They do get a lot of use after all. Congrats on your 2 cuties!

  2. Great post! I have enjoyed passing diapers down from my oldest to youngest, too 🙂

  3. That one girl said...

    That last picture is a tear jerker! Love!

  4. jessw said...

    Cute names for your boys!

  5. awww yay! Thanks for posting this!

  6. Jenney said...

    Passing down diapers is such a blessing! I love the last picture of your oldest holding your youngest. Precious!

  7. love this! I am in the process of adopting from Taiwan and will be cloth diapering whenever she comes home (hoping she is still in diapers so I can use my stash!! Otherwise, we will just have to adopt again 😉

    Check out the giveaway over at my blog:

  8. JulieM said...

    I just had to write and say that your last picture of the baby laying on your little boy is just awesome! So so cute!

  9. aligator13 said...

    Oh my gosh… that last picture is absolutely the most precious thing i've ever seen!! so awesome you were able to capture that =)

  10. We passed down some of our daughters diapers when my son was born. We had similar issues, I didn't start cd'ing with my daughter until she was 13mths and we had mostly OS pockets. I didn't know what to buy for the little man. We ended up going with birdseye flats with thirstie duo covers in size one. They worked great until he fit in the pockets. The flats were less bulky than regular size prefolds. We now use a combo of pockets, FLIP's, Econobums, and homemade covers and prefolds. I couldn't be a happier with my decision to switch to cloth!
    Thanks for sharing your story!

  11. Megan said...

    Awesome! This is why I want to make the switch to cloth soon!

  12. Megan said...

    I am expecting and my toddler will be 2.5 when the 2nd one is born, so I'm very curious about what it will be like when we "pass on the diapers" too! I need some littler diapers as well, b/c all her diapers now are BG OS. Good to know about prefolds. I've been so curious about them for a long time but haven't been sure. I'm hoping she'll be potty trained as well!
    Did you have to replace the elastic in your OS diapers? I'm feeling like we'll need to when this 2nd LO will actually fit in them. My 2 year old has stretched them out quite a bit!
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Suki said...

    I'll be facing a similar situation when I have my 2nd LO (not pregnant yet). I had purchased CDs when pregnant but due to moving, I didn't start cloth diapering her until 4 months. I didn't know about the whole newborn diaper stage thing back then so I know I'll have to acquire some eventually! Thankfully, I was also blessed with some hand me downs from my sister.

  14. Lara + Chris said...

    OMG, that bottom pic is just the sweetest thing EVER.

    Love the wash routine…I hadn't heard of the overnight soak before so I'm definitely jotting it down as something to try!

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