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Putting Together The Perfect (Fluffy) Baby Shower Gift

I love putting together new baby gifts for friends and family members! Whether your friends plan to cloth diaper, they already cloth diaper, or you are trying to convert them to cloth diapering, putting together a fluffy baby shower gift is always appreciated. For baby #4, my favorite welcome gifts came from my cloth diaper expert moms: new diapers in fun prints, accessories I never knew existed, or a gift card to put to use however I needed once the baby arrived! No matter what your budget, no matter the mom, there is always an appropriate fluffy gift ready to be given (and well received)!

Gift Idea #1: Cloth Diaper Newborn Package … Help a new baby get a great start in cloth! I loved prefolds, snappis, and covers as my newborn cloth diaper of choice (Bummis has a newborn pack but you can put your own together as well), but I recently gave a mom friend a small stash of Kissaluvs fitted size 0s and a couple of cute covers from ThirstiesRumparooz also has the cutest newborn diaper 2-pack – pocket diapers, super cute and intended for preemie to twelve pounds – great colors, great designs! You could also choose one or two diapers that the new baby can “grow into.” Do you have a favorite diaper for your little one? Share the love and introduce her to something that will come in handy down the road!

Gift Idea #2: Cloth Diaper Accessory Must-Haves … Buy one or buy an assortment. As a mom new to cloth diapering, I appreciated getting cloth diaper accessories that I didn’t know I needed until I saw them. One of my favorite cloth diaper accessories were diaper liners – I received stay-dry diaper liners made by Bumgenius as well as flushable diaper liners and fleece liners from Bummis.  Diaper doublers were also a welcome gift – they came attached with a little note that they would probably come in handy at night. (And oh, how handy they have been!)  Cloth wipes (some were even handmade!) and Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion are another great combination. Large pail liners (you must have two) and small wet bags (3 will do) are practical gifts but they can also be fun if you choose fun colors and prints.

Gift Idea #3: Fluffy Gifts For Non-CD Moms … Just because your friend doesn’t plan to cloth diaper, that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge her in some fun, eco-friendly baby gifts. Mustela Physiobebe No-Rinse Wash is an amazing product to give your baby a little waterless bath. The laundry that you love for cloth diapers is also great for all of baby’s clothes and blankets – why not get the new mom some Charlie’s Laundry Soap or GroVia Tiny Bubbles phosphate free laundry detergent. Diaper rash creams such as CJ’s Butter or GroVia Magic Stick, are cloth diaper friendly but can be used by anyone.  Organic cotton burp cloths, sleep sacks, or gorgeous bamboo muslin swaddle wraps from Aden & Anais are great gifts for all moms and their babies! Who knows, maybe your thoughtful gifts might inspire your friend to test out some cute cloth!

Gift Idea #4: The Fabulous Gift Card. Who doesn’t love getting a gift card?! The ability to pick and choose her own favorite diapers and accessories for a new bundle of joy is always a welcome gift!

I am hoping that buying baby gifts for others will help curb my appetite for new fluff for my own little one! Happy Baby Gift Shopping!  

By Erin Brighton, MPH, M.Ed.

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  1. Erin said...

    Amen! The girlfriends who threw my shower told people about my Kelly's Closet registry before mentioning the box store ones, in hopes that more people would use that registry, but only only friend did (and she's a CD mom herself). We actually had a lot of people give us disposables "just in case you change your mind", and it's nice to have them on hand for when babysitters are afraid of cloth, but it would have been nicer to have gift cards for the amount spent on the disposables that we probably won't use up before she outgrows them!

  2. Natalie said...

    What a great article! And good ideas about how to gently convert a newbie. Thanks!

    Cloth diapering with a sense of responsibility and a sense of humor.

  3. Betty said...

    I needed this a couple weeks ago before my own baby shower. No one on either side of our family is really thinking we will make a go of it with cloth and they were all pretty clueless as to what to buy us. These are all GREAT ideas! I would have loved to receive any of them!

  4. scott said...

    Thank you thank you thank you!!! I am pregnant with my first boy and am trying to get any gift givers on board with cloth giving, even if they aren't cloth wanting:) I shared this post with my sister in law who is planning a baby shower for me :)

  5. erin_b said...

    I am so glad that this post was helpful! I was so thankful to have CD "expert" moms bestow lovely fluffy gifts on me and my new baby. It has been such a pleasure to return the favor and do the same for others. I have two good friends expecting babies this spring (and they both plan to CD their newborns!) so I have been very busy putting this gift-giving advice to use…

  6. Anonymous said...

    I was given lots of disposables for DD. We discovered about 2-3 weeks later that DD was allergic to disposable, and needed to do cloth exclusively. I took all the sposies and returned them. Because I didn't have a receipt, they gave me a gift card; that was fine with me! I used the gift card for groceries, and that amount of grocery money to buy cloth diapers, so it all worked out!

  7. Camille said...

    This article was great timing! I'm putting together a Fluffy Gift Package for my friend who is pregant with her first. She's planning to CD as it is, but I want to encourage her to keep with it. I put together an assortment of my favorite diapers (Fuzzibunz OS, Bumgenius pockets, and Econobum), as well as a container of Charlie Soap, and odor remover. Then I sent a message to all my CDing friends, and asked them for their best tips. I made a list of all the tips, as well as print outs of warranty info, washing info, how to strip, etc, and a list of websites with helpful CD info!

  8. Lara + Chris said...

    Hmmm…I'm going to have to share this with the ladies planning my shower. I'm really eager to get some more fluff for my stash and NO 'sposies so this is great!

  9. Tiffany said...

    Thank you for this post! I am hoping to get some cloth diapers for our baby shower. Whenever I tell people we are doing cloth, I get these terrified looks. How do you convince people to look at our cloth diaper registry or at least not buy us packs and packs of disposables?

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