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The Bare (Bum) Essentials: Why Every Mom Needs a Diaper Caddy

If I were amazingly organized and my four little ones were always angelic, I might not have the need for a traveling diaper caddy. Alas, these days I am simply asking for a disaster if I leave 2 or 3 children unsupervised while I try to “quickly” change a squirmy six month old’s diaper.

Enter the diaper caddy.

This cute little basket has probably saved my sanity as well as prevented any serious sibling altercations while mommy was busy. My first diaper caddy was so successful that I quickly found another basket and stocked a second one so that I would always be ready and never have to leave my cherubs to their own devices.

In my traveling changing station I keep the essentials: a few stuffed pocket diapers, 1 or 2 flats, a diaper cover, a burp cloth that doubles as a changing pad, some cloth wipes and a small spray bottle with distilled water or Diaper Lotion Potion from Thirsties. Easy peasy.

I have found that having a traveling caddy easily accessible has allowed me to stay with all my children and never delay a diaper change – who wants to spend any extra time in a wet or stinky dipe?! The big kids love to help and they eagerly pitch in and choose a role – someone picks out the diaper, someone lays down the burp cloth, and someone gets the cloth wipes and spray bottle ready for mommy. Unfortunately, the same exuberance is not visible when I ask for a volunteer to take the wet diaper to the diaper pail! Surprisingly, mommy usually gets that job!

This diaper caddy is so convenient, I have been known to grab it and head for the car if I realize my diaper bag isn’t packed and ready to go. The diaper caddy would be inconvenient for a trip to the mall, but it elicits a lot of “oohhs” and “ahhs” when I grab it from the car at a kindergarten soccer practice – the perfect opportunity to show off a cute CD stash to those curious to know more!

Pack yourself a diaper caddy and unchain yourself from the changing table! You’ll love the freedom… I guarantee it.

Erin Brighton, Charlotte, NC

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  1. Susan said...

    We got an actual diaper caddy as a gift. It rocks. We keep it in the living room. I think my hubby likes it even more than I do!!! We are in the process of renovating our house…when we are back to living on both floors (as opposed to living all on one floor), it might become our most prized possession!

  2. Jenney said...

    YES! Ours isn't exactly a "caddy" but we have a basket in a couple of rooms with all the CD essentials. So much easier than going to the changing table. (although we still use it in the nursery…didn't ditch it completely)

  3. Sarah said...

    The trick for me would be to actually have any of my AIO pockets pre-stuffed! Usually the covers and inserts all hang on the drying rack right up until the moment I stuff them to put on my son. I even have a shelf by the changing station that was supposed to be dedicated to the piles of already-stuffed dipes, but that space has now been taken over by other things as it was never being used. :) Koodos to you for being so organized!

  4. Andrea G. said...

    I would have never thought of that. Thanks for sharing! I learn some of the most useful things from this blog :o)

  5. Janine said...

    I need to make one of these just to tote up and downstairs! When I'm tired I really, really hate having to carry a 20 pound baby up the stairs to change him!

  6. One Sassy Mama said...

    I have often wondered how parents of more than one kid juggle things like changing the youngest without the older one hurting themselves inadvertently while not being supervised. (Actually, I've wondered how parents of more than one kid do a lot of things…) but this post answers those questions! You've given me a great idea for when we decide to grow our family again. Thank you!

  7. erin_b said...

    Sarah – Pocket stuffing is a family activity. :-) My big kids love to sort out the inserts and doublers and wipes, etc. If I waited to stuff the diapers until I needed them I would just have a naked baby!

    When we sort out the diaper laundry we restock the two diaper caddies – the system seems to be working so far!

  8. Cait said...

    I recently purchased a canvas "garden" caddy with the idea of doing this. You've inspired me to set it up and finally ditch the pack n play we are currently using for changes that kills my back and takes up half the living room.

  9. adamswifey said...

    you have BEAUTIFUL children. what a little chunk of cuteness that baby is!

  10. Angie said...

    I need to start a caddy… I never used the changing station- I actually donated it when we moved- but since I started CD'ing, I'm having issues because her "rash cream" is coconut oil and I'm sure it's going to spill on the carpet/bed/couch or wherever I happen to set it next time I change her!

  11. erin_b said...

    @adamswifey – ahhh… thanks. :-)

  12. Lara + Chris said...

    This is such a great idea!! I love the ability to do quick changes wherever you are…we're re-doing our basement so we'll be spending a lot of time there, I'm sure, and this will be a great help and time saver!

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