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Milestones: Putting away the newborn clothes, buying the first pair of shoes, and unsnapping the diapers.

Unsnapping diapers? Yup, I’m a OS* (One-Size Diaper) user . I’d noticed the fronts of the diapers bunching and bulging oddly during the last week or two, and it suddenly occurred to me that my daughter was outgrowing her first rise. It’s been a long time coming – we started out cloth diapering with OS diapers at 2 months on the first set of snaps. She’s a tiny thing, so it’s just now, at 11 months, time for her to graduate to the second set.

It’s one more reminder that she is, more quickly than I’d necessarily like, growing up.

And it’s just one more reason why I love my OS diapers. Although it would be fun to buy another whole stash of diapers (sized medium) right now, it’s nice for the family budget that we don’t have to.

*One-Size diapering systems, like Happy Heinys, BumGenius, Flip, Knickernappies and FuzziBunz, are meant to grow with your baby. These styles reduce or eliminate the need for multiple stashes in small, medium, and large sizes, and can be especially useful when diapering more than one child.

By Angie S.

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  1. Janine said...

    So true. I would be BROKE if we had to buy new diapers for each size. Love the snaps!

  2. Beth said...

    I have just recently started CD with my two little ones. One is almost 2 and the other is 5 months. I like the versatility of having one set of diapers, for both children! OS are the best!

  3. Kari said...

    We just unsnapped our first snap last night on our Flips. :( I agree it's sad. Our son is 6 months(today!!) and as I was getting him ready for bed last night I thought to myself his diaper looked a little snug and realized I should probably let it out a snap. He's our first and we're loving our OS diapers!!

  4. Bandora said...

    I'm also an OS user and must admit that I shed a tear or 2 as I unsnapped the rise for the first time. I didn't cry when packing away the newborn clothes, lol.

  5. Bri said...

    Yikes! I went through this just this weekend, but my little girl isn't even 3 months yet! I was wrestling to convince a OS diaper to lay smoothly across her belly and realized I was fighting the rise… let it out one snap row and found it fit perfectly! Granted, her waist is still almost overlapping, but I can't believe she's on the second snap row at 11 weeks!

  6. Angie said...


    I love all the personal unsnapping stories – glad to hear I'm not alone, and glad the story resonated with others!

    Bri- it's amazing how different each child is, isn't it? My son was the opposite of my daughter – always in the 95%ile in the growth charts. It feels odd having a teeny tiny one this time around!

  7. wendyroo said...

    For my first son I used all prefolds and prowrap covers and the big milestones were moving up through the sizes of both. For my next son who will be born in a few more months I have added a few one-size pockets into the mix and I will experience the snapping milestone as well.

  8. Amanda Mock said...

    Such a bittersweet moment! I hate that in between size though when you are between snaps.

  9. Anna said...

    Wow, we had to switch to medium rise at 2 months, she is tiny! I realized it was time at DH's company Christmas party, she seems so much more comfortable now.

  10. Emily Dulin said...

    I have about 12 sized diapers and I like how they fit, but I still prefer the OS.

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