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Cloth Diapers Are Fun!

When we started preparing for the birth of our first child, my husband and I decided to go the cloth diapering route for many reasons, including concern for the environment and a desire for the cost savings that cloth promised. One reason for cloth diapering that has hit home recently, though, is this: cloth diapers are way more fun than disposables!

We’ve been cloth diapering our daughter since she started fitting into them at three weeks old, but a bout of diaper rash starting over the Christmas holiday had us digging out disposable diapers while we deployed the heavy-duty rash cream (and waited for CJ’s Butter to arrive in the mail!). Besides experiencing the pain of tossing out diaper after diaper, I realized how much I missed the little joys of cloth diapering. I missed the choices I got to make with each diaper change – which color should she wear? What closure do I want this time? Which diaper works best for this time of day or this outfit? I didn’t get to talk to my daughter about the different colors and patterns that she got to wear. I didn’t really get to show off our stash to my relatives in town for the holiday. I even missed the laundry – the joy of all these previously stinky, dirty diapers coming out of the laundry, hanging to dry, clean and ready to be used again.

Of all the reasons to diaper my child in cloth (and to look forward to the end of that diaper rash!), perhaps the one I least expected was that cloth diapers would be so much fun!

By Rachel N.

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  1. Janine said...

    I totally agree – Even my husband gets in on the diaper fun and we love choosing the next dipe. I feel weird when I have my kid in 'sposies and you can see them through the onesie – almost like he's an adult and you can see his undies. It's unsightly! Visible cloth diapers on the other hand are the cute!

  2. said...

    we've experienced the same situation. My 22 month old got a bad rash and our family gave us tons of disposables over the holidays while I had my 4th baby. It's been nice disposing but I really want to get back to cloth becuase I'd just gotten back in the swing of things. I even made tiny cloth prefolds but haven't got to use them yet. I'm right there with you, I miss it and will be back soon I hope.

  3. caedmen said...

    I totally understand. My boy had terrible diarrhea about 2 months ago that lasted for 3 weeks! Those darn teeth! Anyways, we had to use disposable on him during that time because the diarrhea was causing a rash so we had to slather on the cream every diaper change and he got a yeast rash from it. Anyways, I couldn't wait to get him back in cloth. The diapers just sat in his change table the whole time looking sad that they weren't being used. Also love how cloth doesn't smell and dispodables stink. And I really missed being able to customize the absorbancy of his diaper at night:) Anyways, happy to be a cloth mommy!

  4. SLmitten said...

    I wholeheartedly agree with you. I have so much fun looking at the prints and patterns and colors. And I know that my husband is the same way. He's always parading DS around in his CDs and showing him off.

    Oh, and by the way, that picture is SOOOOO priceless!!!

  5. Angie said...

    What a great story. I underestimated the fun factor, too.

  6. Christie said...

    We started cloth diapering our two sons two months ago and we absolutely love it. I love picking out which diaper to wear. I tell my husband I think I am crazy because I love to wash diapers. I love taking them out of the dryer and putting them all away. its so much fun!

  7. Leslie said...

    I totally agree! I didn't realize how much fun they would be, either. We started our first-born in disposables, and after experiencing several late-night runs for diapers, and noticing how much it was costing us, we decided to switch to cloth. I just couldn't stand the thought of our hard-earned money being pooped on and then thrown away. It didn't make sense. But, the added benefit of being fun was unforeseen. Great post!

  8. M said...

    I love all the colors and prints you get with cloth that you don't with disposables. Didn't realize could be so much fun.

  9. Sarah said...

    I love cloth diapering! Everytime I use a disposable (that I received at my baby showers) I can't wait to get home and use a cloth diaper:)

    I absolutely love picking out covers and matching them to my daughter's outfits or just seeing how cute she is in them. Especially her cow print one:)

  10. Amanda said...

    yes, there is a thrill to sniff to clean cloth diapers….especially when they come right off the line! well…during the spring, summer and fall. :)

    also, we must by sposies for our church nursery. our son only wears sposies once a week, but i despise it! we put it on him before church, and the nursery's policy is to change the diaper every hour. oh how it hate to see two diapers gone within 1.5 hours! i wish i could send him in with an aio and have them put the sposie on him :(

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