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Fluff Friday:
2-GroVia One-Size All in One Diapers

Question of the week:
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US Residents are welcome!

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If we haven't heard from the winner by the closing time of next week's giveaway, we will choose another winner that will be published TOGETHER with next week's winner.

Good luck, and don't forget to tell all your family and friends about the giveaway! In case that you don't win, what a better person to win than a friend of yours!!
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Fluff Friday 111

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This week's
Fluff Friday winner is K. Camille Stevens!

She will receive:
1-Flip Stay-Dry Diaper Individual
1-Flip Organic Diaper Individual
1-Flip Disposable Inserts 18 pk

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 110 WINNER!

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So Hybrid cars have been all the rage, well now I'm here to tell everyone about Hybrid Diapers! I am pretty sure that I have used each kind of Hybrid diaper I have stumbled upon. I love versatility and the thought of doing smaller loads of laundry hooked me! My first experience with Hybrid Diapers was the GroVia shell/snap in soaker set, I then tried Flip, BestBottom and most recently the Softbums Omni.

Pros: soaker snaps in, so it stays place, the soaker has it's own PUL layer so no pee gets on the shell, it comes in PRINTS, It is an OneSize so you only have to buy one diaper birth to potty learning, true to size, come in either Aplix or Snaps.

Cons: it seems like every time he poops it gets on the shell so it has to be washed, not able to wipe out, the poop is hard to remove from the soaker because of its two separate layers, one size insert, pricey option.

Pros: The cover is PUL so it can be wiped out if poo gets on the cover, OneSize, large soaker pads that hold alot of pee, perfect for naps, easy to clean poo off, they stay in place for my son who crawls and cruises, reasonably priced.

Cons: My husband won't use them because they are a bit tricky to fold and get under the flaps, when I bought them they only came in snaps which are difficult to manage with a wiggly baby (but they are starting to come out with aplix) and they have kinda boring colors, one size insert.

Pros: A nice mix between Flip and Grovia-soaker snaps into place and the cover is made of PUL and easy to wipe, comes in some prints and cool colors, comes in different soaker sizes (including hemp/organic and even an overnight!), OneSize diaper, trim, reasonably priced.

Cons: the front is a little stiff but has never bothered DS, I have had these for a while but I don't know how well the cover is going to hold up.. it seems less sturdy than the others, but we have had no problems with pilling or anything! The insert shrinked in the wash.

SoftBums Omni
Pros: Able to use as a pocket, all in two or just as a cover, VERY soft, OneSize, the adjustable leg gussets are amazing!!!!, I use the super absorbent pods and they are great for naps or road trips, different pods available.

Cons: Only come in a few colors, when used as AI2 the lining still gets wet because the pods are not backed with PUL and you cannot wipe the inside because it is fleece so I would only use this for maybe 2-3 changes.

Overall, most of my stash is made up of Hybrid diapers and I love them. I know I save money from using just pockets because I can re-use the covers. I have never been a prefold gal and my husband refuses to use them so this has been the cheapest way for us to cloth diaper. I would recommend them to anyone who is considering using cloth diapers for financial reasons but may be put off to using prefolds or flats.

By Erica T.
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Doing the Hybrid Thing

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I was of the mind that it couldn’t hurt . My husband, completely on board with cloth diapers at home, thought it would be a waste of time to even ask. So, after a few months of cloth diapering on evenings and weekends when my son wasn’t at day care, I debated what to do.

We didn’t start using cloth diapers until right before my son turned 1. I started in with caution, but quickly fell in love with all of the benefits and realized the extra work was minimal. Once I had a routine down at home — and knew the diapers wouldn’t be putting an extra burden on anyone — I got the itch to cloth diaper full-time, which would mean getting our day care to use them.

I spent several days working up the nerve to ask our church-run day care facility about using cloth. Then I’d talk myself out of it (or my husband would). Finally, on a morning when I had a few extra minutes and a fresh load of laundry done, I simply grabbed one of my pocket diapers and brought it along with me to drop off my son.

“I have something to show you,” I said when we arrived.

My son’s care giver shrank back nervously as I pulled the diaper out of my bag and winced a little as I said the words “cloth diaper.” Just as quickly, however, she touched the diaper and visibly relaxed.

She said what a lot of people say — that her aunt used cloth back in the day and it was nothing like this — as I showed her that the diaper goes on and off just the same as disposables.

I explained that if they agreed to use them the only difference would be that instead of throwing them in the trash, they’d be throwing them in our zip-up wet bag for me to take home to wash. I was intentionally careful not to come across as confrontational, and I explained that I’d been doing it at home without any problems.

“That’s it?” she said.

“That’s all there is to it?” another caregiver asked.

Within two days I was sending the diapers to day care for a trial run, and I guess I shouldn’t have been as surprised as I was that there have been no issues whatsoever.

In fact, the ladies seemed to be enjoying it — choosing their favorite colors and competing over which one to put on next.

I think the key thing for them, as it was for me when I started my journey into cloth, was getting to see the diapers in person. They sound a lot more intimidating than they really are. I also had the system down so that I could explain to them how it would work: I’d bring the diapers stuffed and ready — pockets with Velcro — so that changing his diaper stays essentially the same. I had the bag for them, as well. By Day 2, I was already introducing them to some different kinds of diapers.

My own conversion to cloth took awhile, but within no time my day care and I had a good routine going. I am thrilled to no longer be buying any disposables whatsoever. In the beginning I never thought it’d be possible with a son in day care, but sometimes, all you have to do is ask. You might just find that asking is as easy as using the diapers!

By Jessica W.
In the photo: My son, Tucker, naps on his cot at day care.
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Convincing Day Care To Use Cloth Was Pleasantly Easy

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BumGenius- check. Happy Heinys- check. Inserts- check.  All I needed to start my cloth diapering journey was displayed in front of me ready for the conquering (laundering, then conquering, in this case). A friend gave me some from her stash and I thought, why not give it a try? We're compost-having, garden-growing, green-living people so why not be cloth-diapering parents? I have the summers off as a teacher so it seemed the perfect time to give it a whirl with our six-month old.

I talked it up to my husband to convince the tight-wad to let me buy more. "Oh honey, they'll save us so much money and look how cute they make baby's tush look!"  There was only one problem...they leaked. Not a little, but a lot. Like, how in the world will I ever use these for more than an hour and not wash ten outfits a day, a lot.

The questions swirled in my head. Stripping? Nah. Bleach? Nope, not for leaks. Tight enough? Chubby thighs were beautifully encased. Were cloth diapers just a crunchy sham? My debit card was still warm from my online diaper purchases that were in the mail, so I knew I had to figure out a solution or else purchase a secret cache of disposables to hide from my husband.

What could be wrong? I combed the internet until I stumbled on an article about heavy wetters. DING! The dryer timer went off for my inserts at the same time as the proverbial light bulb above my head. I had a heavy wetter!  It wasn't the diapers- my kid pees a ton!  Double-lining was my last shot; it just had to work.

The next day my husband came home, pleased to finally see our son wearing his adorable spring-green Happy Heiny.  "I owe you an apology. The diapers seem to work well. Sure, buy some more for your stash." He noticed the bubble-butt appearance, but I assured him that double-stuffed diaps are all the better to soak up the pee.  Sure enough, the last six months we have stuck to doubling up the inserts in our pocket diapers and no one has held a single "sprung a leak baby" since.  I love cloth diapers, and with the help of my insert army, I'm changing the world one diaper at a time.

By Sandi C.
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It's Not You, It's Me (Leaky diapers)

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This post is a continuation of "Can You Really Keep Up? BreastFeeding Twins" which originally posted on 12/20.

Month #4-6
Life went on around our house. The twins started to get their personalities and learn to roll, sit up, and even begin to crawl. I had at times attempted tandem feedings. I could occasionally get them both latched on to eat at the same time. I did find in the beginning that Ellie nursed better if she ate at the same time as Eli. It was just difficult for me. I pretty much just stuck to nursing each baby one at a time. It gave me one on one time with them and also gave me the ability to chase after one of my older children, who were 6,5, and 3 years old at the time, while nursing one of the babies. It is amazing how quickly you learn how to do many tasks while nursing a baby. It often comes out of necessity. I had to remind myself to drink water daily. I had to drink insane amounts of water to keep up my supply. I could tell by the amount I could pump before bed if I had drank enough water that day. Get the biggest glass in the house and call it yours! I would walk up to the sink and drink an entire glass because with twins life is busy and it was the only way to drink enough water. I had to do it in bulk several times a day!

Month #7-11
It was during this time that I had the urge to wean the babies. I tried at 7 months giving them an extra month due to them coming 4 weeks early. My heart wasn’t really into it as it was a fight to get them to take the bottle from me. So I said “Oh, well it is just easier this way then fighting with them.” They were eating more and more solid food so their demand on my body had lessened some and they were blessing me with random full nights of sleep, it was becoming a cake walk. At times I really wanted to wean as I felt like I had just had enough and wanted to have my body back but I could never bring myself to actually wean them so onward we went. I had stopped pumping before bed every night and was only doing so randomly or if I knew I would be gone for a while the next day. Weaning from the pump alone gave me relief. It was one less thing I had to do in the day and those 15 min were welcomed down time or extra sleep!

Month #12
Eli and Ellie were closing in on their first birthday. I was ready to be done nursing. I was also beginning to loose more weight then I thought was healthy so, I began to wean them. Slowly I was replacing a feeding here and there with a bottle. Oh, yes I know many of you are thinking, “Why didn’t she just go to a cup?” Well my babies were not doing well with a cup yet and accepted the bottle better so I went with what was easiest for me. I am just fine with having to wean from the bottle to a cup when they are ready. It wont hurt them. The week of their birthday came and my supply was diminishing. Every time I let them nurse I took in the moment not knowing when the last feeding would be. It was bittersweet in the end. I was ready to wean but the twins are also my last babies and I was sad that I wouldn’t nurse another baby so I took let things slide and let myself be completely in the moment that last week. I am glad that I did so. I can still visualize running my fingers through my babies’ hair while they nursed. It is a simple memory, but it is one that I will always cherish.

So there you have it, you can nurse two babies for a year successfully! Yes, I am a stay at home mom, which helped make breastfeeding a success. Remember my friend who is still nursing her twins at 13 months of age? Well, she works a very time demanding job and she has also completed a year successfully! 

Remember when nursing multiples you have to also take in more fluids and be sure to give each breast the same amount of stimulation to help keep your supply strong. I strongly encourage you to find another mom who is nursing multiples to compare notes and be there to support each other. There are times when you may feel like throwing in the towel but once you get past the tough spot things get easier and it is good to have another mom to help support you through those times. 

Good luck and remember YES you can keep up!

By: Alyssa N.
29 year old SAHM to 5 children ages 7, 5,3, and 1 year old twins.
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Can You Really Keep Up? BreastFeeding Twins Part 2

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I was recently asked by a friend just starting to cloth diaper, “What would you buy more of?”

When it comes to cloth diapers the easier question is, what wouldn’t I buy!  I am always on the look-out for the newest innovation or a style I haven’t tried or a brand about which others rave.  However, this made me take a good, hard look at my stash.  If the only diapers available were the ones in my stash, what would I definitely buy more of?  What could I live without?  What would I be devastated to lose?  Thankfully she didn’t limit me to one or even two because I don’t know if I could do that, but I know that several quickly popped into my head as my absolute favorites.  I’ve narrowed it down to my top three:

  • Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size-To be quite honest these took me a while to fall in love with, but now it is a full-on affair.  The fleece on the inside of the FB is unlike any other diaper.  It is plush and soft, resists stains and wears beautifully.  They are my go-to naptime diaper because they are leak-proof and cozy, but I will reach for them anytime, anywhere. I have not tried the FB One-Size and, honestly, don’t feel any need.  My daughter has fit in the Perfect Size medium from the time she was 4 months old.  She is now 20 months old (and certainly not a petite 20 month old, by any means) and still fits them very comfortably with room to spare.
  • Bum Genius 4.0-I have been a huge fan of Bum Genius from the moment my daughter started in cloth.  The BG 3.0’s were definitely a staple, but now that the 4.0 is here with snaps they are nearly perfect.  They are durable, leak-proof and very trim.  I have no worries that the new, larger sizing will definitely last until potty training.  I could go on and on about their amazing attributes, but the bottom line is that these are one of the diapers that I rely on for a trim-fit, trusty leak-proof protection and dry overnights.
  • Blueberry Pockets- My first Blueberry diaper seemed like a big splurge to me.  They have now come down in price making them comparable to most other one-size pockets on the market.  Most of my Blueberries have the microterry/hemp-combo insert which is unbelievable in absorption, rarely retains any odors and is remarkably thin considering how many layers of protection you’re getting.  The colors and prints are beautiful, the sizing has always been perfect and the materials are top of the line.
These are hands-down the three diapers I couldn’t live without.  I have many others in my stash that I use daily and, truly, they all have their strengths.  I always thought my end goal would be to find one diaper that would make up my whole stash and buy a ton of them, but I would really miss my mish-mash variety.  In the end, if pressed to have a stash made up of one diaper only, I could choose any one of these three and have a very dependable supply. The real question, however, is why would I ever want to limit myself!?!

Could you choose one or two favorites or, like me, do you love having more options?

By Jennifer G.
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What Would I Buy More Of?

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