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Fluff Friday:
2- Rumparooz One-Size Diapers

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What is your favorite night time diaper and why?
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Fluff Friday 107

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Cloth diapering is one of the most lively topics for moms on Facebook today. With our 11,000+ fans, some of the discussions get a bit spirited - but are always fun.

Here are many reasons you should get in on the DiaperShops diaper discussions on Facebook:

Get Your Questions Answered. Feel free to write your pressing diapering and parenting questions on our Wall. We will not only answer your questions for everyone to see, but you'll likely solicit advice from hundreds of moms too!

Comradery and Commiseration. Nothing gets you feeling better about being a cloth diapering mama than joining the DiaperShops Facebook community. Our moms offer words of encouragement, support and advice when you need it most!

Information. Information. Information. Got a thirst for information related to raising your baby? We are never short on topics to talk about - so come and learn with us! We'll let you know of new blog posts, cloth diapering articles, and general parenting news you can use!

Make Friends. Most of all, we have seen many moms "meet" on our Facebook pages. Some live near one another and have set up playgroups and coffee dates. Join us and make friends who not only understand but also like cloth diapering, just like you!

We hope to see you around. Join the fun at!
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Join Our Spirited Diaper Discussions on Facebook

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I have recently developed an obsession for GroVia shells. So much so that I have lost interest in my pocket diapers- my FuzziBunz, bumGenius, Knickernappies, and Rumparooz are sitting gathering dust.  The obsession with GroVia stemmed from my realization that I could use them in so many ways!

It started when I realized I could put Flip stay-dry inserts in my GroVia shells, and that they actually wouldn't slide around in there.  I kind of have to stretch the shell to fit over the insert, but then nothing is budging that insert- it doesn't slide around like it does in the Flip covers- it stays put.

Well, that was great.  So I thought, "What about for my girl... she's smaller and the Flip insert looks bulky."  So I tried the bumGenius Stay-Dry Doublers in hers- they are fleece-topped.  They're kind of wide, but they fit, and they're shorter.  Two of those, and she's good even through her naps!

Okay, then what about tri-folded prefolds?  Oh yes!  I have preemie-sized prefolds, and I wrap one of them inside of a second one, and lay them in the shell.  They work and fit GREAT!  Flat diapers also work when folded to fit the shell- and they're a very trim option!

At this point, I thought there was nothing these shells couldn't do, so I was trying to figure out a situation where someone would rather use disposables- say at night for a heavy-wetter who can't use cloth, or when they were using heavy-duty rash cream and wanted to protect their diapers, or on a trip where they wouldn't be able to wash diapers.  So I bought GroVia BioSoakers- disposable, but without the guilt because they are biodegradable.  My daughter at this time had a yeast infection and was being treated with over-the-counter cream.  I used the BioSoakers inside the GroVia shells, and NOTHING got through to the cover!  I was able to re-use the covers between inserts, because even wetness didn't get through- not poo, either, and most importantly- none of the cream.  So I gave them the ultimate test- I tried a BioSoaker at night with my heavy-wetting, pee-through-anything boy.  It leaked a bit onto his pajamas.  No worries!  The next night, I put a Hemp Babies Diaper Doubler under the BioSoaker- no leaks!  After that, I decided to use 2 Hemp Babies doublers, just to be on the safe side, and even on his heaviest-wetting nights, the GroVia shell with a BioSoaker and 2 hemp doublers hasn't leaked even a little.  And it's AMAZINGLY trim- like a disposable!  A guilt-free, environmentally-healthier, non-chemical alternative to disposable diapers!

With the awesome new prints coming out in December in both hook & loop AND snaps, I'm geeking out a bit.  Very much looking forward to feeding my new obsession!

By Stacy F.
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GroVia: One Awesome Multi-Use Shell

Read the full story here... exclusively has the new FuzziBunz Perfect-Sized Hook & Look Cloth Diapers in stock!  These diapers give those moms with a preference for Velcro-esque diapers the chance to try the ultra-popular FuzziBunz brand diapers.

We have very limited quantity in stock currently, but more is on the way in December. They range in price from $13.95 for x-small through $15.95 for small, mediums and larges. They are currently only available in white, mint and buttercream.

A little history: FuzziBunz was the diaper that sparked the entire modern diapering revolution. It has only been available with highly durable snap closures for the past 11 years. Time and time again the company has had requests for hook & loop closures - today they are testing the waters with their new hook & loop prototype. FuzziBunz are always made with high quality materials and continue to be one of our best-selling brands. We hope you enjoy experimenting with the new FuzziBunz Perfect-Sized Hook & Loop cloth diapers!
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FuzziBunz Hook & Loop Cloth Diapers are Here and We Have Them!

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Fluff up Your Cyber Monday

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Kelly's Closet is thrilled to announce that it is the first cloth diaper retailer to go mobile. Smart phone users can either type or and instantly view and download items from our plethora of cloth diaper choices. Imagine shopping for all your cloth diapering needs right from your phone and without a computer!

This whole concept of shopping by smart phone got us thinking - how many of us have bought anything (besides music) using our smart phones? How many of us wish more stores offered stuff via smart phones?  Please share your stories with us!
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Kelly's Closet Has Gone Mobile!

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