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Weekend Super Saver Coupon

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Fluff Friday

1-bumGenius 4.0 Stay-Dry One-Size
1-bumGenius Elemental Organic One-Size

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Fluff Friday 101

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Amy!

She will receive:
2-Tot Bots One-Size Easy Fit Diapers in NEW PRINTS!

This week's Twitter winner is glassfishie!

She will receive:
1-bumGenius 4.0 Chelsea Perry print

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 100 Winner!

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There was a time, I'll admit, when I did not know what I was doing. Yep, me. The cloth diapering mom who can get stains out, get funk out, freshen up my diaper Velcro, who knows just the right diaper & doubler combination for leak proof nights, can perfectly strip my diapers, uses only the best detergent and cloth wipe solution...did not always know "everything". As a matter of fact, when I first began cloth diapering, I didn't know anything.

Once upon a time, I had three brand new, beautiful and bright, soft & fluffy FuzziBunz for my 15 month old daughter. That's it, just three diapers to start out with. When it was time for wash day, I did what any "normal" person would do, and threw them in the wash with some lovely Purex detergent. Washed, dried, stuffed and used again. I loved it so much, I bought more! Until I had 16 Fuzzibunz in my stash. A few weeks into this, I began to notice an awful smell the minute the diaper was soiled. So awful my husband refused to change the diapers anymore. A few days later, they began to leak. Leak so bad I could put my daughter in a fresh diaper and load her in the car. Drive 2.6 miles down the road to church, and by the time I took her out of the car her pants were completely wet. By this point, I hated cloth diapering, but would not stop after all the money I had spent on diapers. I had no idea what I was doing wrong (HA, like I said...I didn't know anything...) so I finally asked a fellow cloth diapering friend what she thought about my issues. She advised I do some stripping and that if it didn't help, to do some research. Stripping? I had to figure out what that meant first!

I pulled out the washing instructions from KellysCloset that they send in every fluffymail package and read about stripping- and tried it. Tried it again, and again, and again. Nothing was working, I knew that the instructions said not to use regular or free & clear detergent, but my friend used it and never had a problem, so I ignored it and continued using it. I eventually became worn out and tired of cloth, tired of the leaks and the stink and all the stripping I was doing trying to get rid of it. So, I got rid of my beloved stash, and went back to disposables.

Six or so months later, I became pregnant. I don't know why, but I began think about cloth diapers again. My husband said "No way, not again", but after discovering TCDW Blog and all of the support and advice on the TCDW and Diapershops Facebook pages, I knew there was hope. After all, if cloth diapering was working for thousands of other moms, I had to be doing something wrong. After endless hours, and hours, and hours of reading my brains out about diaper care, I figured it out (like it was that hard...), my detergent ruined my diapers! You see, cloth diaper laundry is a little tricky. It's easy, but it's also a pain sometimes. You can't "just wash" your diapers like I thought. You have to: " Run a light wash, cold. Run a heavy wash with detergent, hot. Extra rinse, hot." Line or hang drying is best, but you can use a dryer, just don't use dryer sheets. Then the most important "rule", use a good detergent! I like to say, INVEST in a good detergent.

As a new cloth diapering mom, I never would have thought that washing my diapers in regular detergent would literally ruin them. But since I did know now, I decided I was going to use cloth with this next baby, and I was not going to ruin them or have a hard time with them! I was going to do everything right, starting with the purchase of our favorite, life-saving diaper detergent, Rockin Green. Yep, Rockin Green has spared me from having any funk or leaks with my new stash, it smells yummy, and I feel so secure knowing that I am not going to murder( R.I.P old stash) my new soft, fluffy, and beautiful Fuzzibunz. P.S- Don't take the laundry directions lightly! Every rinse counts- literally! If you have to, (I had to...) stick the directions somewhere in your laundry room!

Lesson Learned (the hard way...),
Shay P.
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The Importance of a Good Detergent (and following directions!)

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We’ve all been there. Unsightly bathrooms. A friend’s house. A parking lot. Diaper changes happen everywhere!

Are you aware that there are unwritten diaper changing etiquette rules to be aware of when outside the confines of your own home? Let’s discuss some of them:

Public bathroom with a changing table. A good rule of thumb is to wipe down the changing table before you change your baby, and then it’s good etiquette to wipe it down afterwards too. This will help prevent spreading germs, urine and feces. Every time someone flushes the toilet in the bathroom, little pieces of their business may be sprinkled around. I used to carry disinfectant wipes with me – but a standard wipe or wet paper towel will do. Always use a changing pad too.

Bathroom with no changing table. We’ve all been there. You need to change your baby’s diaper but the insensitive restaurant has no changing tables in the bathroom. Avoid putting your baby on the bathroom floor at all costs. The floor is a hotbed for germs – ick! If your baby can stand up, place some paper towels on the floor and change your baby while he stands. Otherwise your car – or anywhere for that matter – is a better option.

Airplanes. Most airplanes have compact changing tables in the bathroom, but not all do and that can create quite the dilemma thousands of miles above the ground. I’ve seen moms change their babies on the pull-down tray tables or seats. It grosses me out a bit – people eat and sit there!  Talk to the flight attendant about an appropriate place to change your baby’s diaper. If she points to the floor, grab that extra burp cloth or light blanket and put your baby atop it.

Friend or family house with no baby. If your friend doesn’t have a baby, it is polite to ask where you should change your baby’s diaper, after all, they may not want you doing it on their $10,000 bedspread. The host will likely provide you with a towel you can place on the floor, or you can ask for one. If your baby poops, be sure to knock off the solids over the toilet – even if you have a disposable diaper! I always cringe when I see disposable diapers full of poop being left at a host’s house. The kind and generous host then has to deal with the stink bomb until trash day – no fair. Put poop in the toilet where it belongs or take home the dirty diaper to dispose of later (better yet, use cloth diapers!).

Friend’s house with a baby. It is polite to ask if you can use another baby’s changing table before assuming it’s okay. Again, you should ask the guest for a towel to put over it so you prevent the spread of germs from one baby to another.

About those changing pads… wash them, all the time. They spread germs not just from your baby, but from the locales they touched to protect your baby. Clean ‘em regularly!!

Remember a little diaper changing etiquette goes a long way to a cleaner, more polite and germ-free diapering world!

Known as the “Mother of the Modern Cloth Diaper,” Tereson Dupuy invented the cloth diaper that started the entire modern cloth diapering movement more than a decade ago. She later turned her invention into what is known today as FuzziBunz cloth diapers, a popular brand of cloth diapers since 1999. As an inventor, business owner and mom to three, Tereson has many years of personal and professional experience in the cloth diaper industry, and she's excited to work with The Cloth Diaper Whisperer to offer her perspective on cloth diapering trends and insights.

By Tereson Dupuy
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Diaper Changing Etiquette When Outside of the Home

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15% off sale 2 days only

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You know your water is special when Kim, from Rockin' Green, says, “Wow.”

Let me start by saying that I already suspected we had very hard water . Water hardness is a measure of the amount of calcium and magnesium in your water – that's the (usually) white crusties that collect on the side of the pot if you start the pot of water boiling for dinner but get distracted by Thing 1 pinching Thing 2 because Thing 2 looked at Thing 1, “Like this, mom, and it made me feel so mad!”. If this sounds familiar (the white ring around the dishes, not the whiny Things - I can't help you there), you probably have hard water. If you've seen The Great White Crusty in your pans, coffee pot, and on your faucets, you can rest oh-so-much better tonight knowing it's also on/in your diapers. If you're not sure if I'm being sarcastic, here's a hint. The Great White Crusty (mineralization) does not increase the absorbency of your diapers.

I called the city water department and found that while the water hardness in our city “depends on several different factors”, it's roughly 600-800ppm (parts per million). For reference, anything over 200ppm is considered very hard. I was told that if I didn't want to ruin the diapers (I had to admit this was my reason for calling before the man would give me even a ballpark number, because, you know, it “depends on several different factors.” Sigh.) and all of our appliances to boot, the city strongly recommends installing a water softener.

Water softeners are a great idea in areas like ours, as long as the softened water only goes to the major appliances (water heater, AC, dishwasher, washing machine). You don't want it hooked into your drinking water supply, though; it has been shown in multiple studies that people who live in areas with (and drink) hard water have fewer cases of cardiovascular disease. See, there's always a silver lining!

That doesn't help my diapers, though, and not just because they conspicuously lack that little “je ne sais quoi” in the way of a cardiovascular system . Many of us are 1) renting or 2) unable to afford a new water softening system. So what can we do?

I called Kim at Rockin' Green. “600 ppm? Wow.” Here are the tips she passed on to me (along with my liberal interpretation):
  1. Cold rinse or wash without detergent: The more yuck you get out of diapers with that initial rinse/wash, the less work the detergent needs to do, once you add it. Less detergent = more money for more fluff.
  2. Fill and soak: It takes 15 minutes for the detergent to complex (bind) with the calcium and magnesium in the water so it can work properly. If your wash cycle is right at 15 minutes or less, you aren't getting the full effect of your detergent.
  3. Use more than the recommended amount of detergent: Yes, I said more. If you use the lowest recommended amount of detergent, the detergent is going to be spent on complexing/binding the calcium and magnesium, with no oomph left to actually clean your laundry. You MUST use more than the recommended amount of detergent, or use an additional water softener.
  4. Use Calgon Water Softener: If you don't want to use extra detergent, you can add a full dose of Calgon. Borax and washing soda are cheaper, but they bind with calcium and magnesium to form a solid. In your wash water. When your washer goes through the spin cycle, your diapers are going to filter out these tiny, ashy, solid particles. That's eventually going to “clog up” your diapers and cause them to repel. In contrast, the complexes formed between Calgon and calcium/magnesium will stay in solution (stay dissolved). When you spin your diapers, all of that calcium and magnesium exits, stage left, along with the water, soap, and... well, all that other fun stuff you get in baby diapers.
  5. Get a custom batch of detergent: How's that for customer service? If I can get enough moms together in my area, Kim is willing to make us a custom batch of Rockin Green. I'm not sure what she'd call it – Industrial Rock, maybe.
What finally worked for us? I wash diapers in the evening, every 2nd-3rd day.
  1. Cold wash (or sometimes just a rinse) diapers using the large load size setting, NO detergent.
  2. Change the load size to small, add 4 tablespoons of Rockin' Green detergent, and fill with hot water.
  3. Agitate for about 5-10 minutes.
  4. Soak overnight.
  5. In the morning, change the load size back to large, and the temperature to warm. Finish filling the washer (don't add any more detergent) and wash as normal, adding in the automatic extra rinse.
No more stink (unless I don't allow for an overnight soak – a few hours just doesn't cut it), and we're completely done with repelling issues.

Is it fair that we, already under attack by The Great White Crusty, have to spend a bit more (on extra detergent) to get our diapers clean? Maybe not, but hey, all of those extra minerals in our drinking water means that we (and our babies) will have healthier cardiovascular systems at the end of it all.

Areas of the U.S. with ultra hard water include the borderlands of the Southwest US, from Texas to Los Angeles, as well as parts of Kansas and Florida (particularly areas that draw some or all of their water from local streams – something that is generally done seasonally by municipal water suppliers. Hence, your ultra hard water could be seasonal, adding yet another layer of complexity).

Since the issue of hard water can be a bit more complicated, depending on your area and the type of hardness, I highly recommend taking the guesswork out of your laundry routine. Call your city water department or local extension office for a ballpark water hardness measurement. Then call your local extension office or favorite detergent company for a custom laundry recommendation.

Call today, and tell us how hard YOUR water is! Are you surprised?

Author: Angie S. is the mother of two, Andrew (7), and Kate (8 months). She's passionate about chemistry and cloth diapers.
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Attack of The Great White Crusty

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Econobum One-Size & Insert
I started cloth diapering about 4 months ago. Before we considered kids, I “knew” I would use disposables. There wasn’t a question in my mind. Then, when I had to start thinking about two in diapers, I considered cloth but not seriously. Then, after having two in diapers for almost 6 months and not seeing an end in sight, I made the leap of faith one day. I bought three covers and then a dozen prefolds, and started using cloth on both kids during the day. Then, about a month later, I doubled our stash with an Econobum package. I have also added five one-sized pockets, four fitteds, and four hemp inserts to our stash over the past four months. After about two months, I had a large enough stash to cloth diaper full time, and we have only used a handful of disposables sense. And now I only have one child in diapers full time...

But, it hasn’t stopped me from researching cloth diapers more. I know I don’t need any more diapers, but I can’t help myself. I want to see what is out there. Luckily I am a penny-pincher most of the time, so I haven’t had a strong urge to buy just yet. I keep researching little diapers for if/when we have a third child. I can’t stop reading the posts on discussion boards, picking up little tidbits that might be useful later. I think I am addicted…

Just a week or so ago, I made the switch to cloth wipes thanks to the discussion board on’s Facebook page (and Stacy, the question answerer extraordinaire). Initially I thought it would be a pain and more work, but now I love not having to deal with any diaper trash! And since I only need to use 2-4 wipes a day, it is easy too.

But it doesn’t stop there. Now that I cloth diaper, I am looking into more natural/less expensive options for things around the house. I have started to hang/line dry some of our clothes. I am using vinegar or Rockin’ Green to mop the floors. I even learned that OxyClean is great for cleaning bathrooms from a post on The Cloth Diaper Whisperer Facebook page and put it into action that night. Our shower hadn’t looked that clean since we replaced it over two years ago.

I wonder why cloth diapering will take me next. It has already changed our lives in just four months!

By Stephanie U.
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Revolution or Addiction?

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Earn Free Cloth Diapers