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Name: Shay

Location: Beaufort, SC

Mom to: Riley (3 yrs), Adison (2 yrs), Ava Chandler (8wks)

Occupation: Stay at home wife and mom

Favorite Cloth Diaper Brand(s): FuzziBunz and Thirsties. I'm starting to really like Smartipants too!

What is the one cloth diapering tip you would tell a new mom?
Invest in a good detergent! It can save your diapers, and you, from a whole lot of stress and stink! Our favorite is Rockin’ Green.

Describe your baby’s last meltdown.
Since she is still a newborn, she doesn't have many breakdowns. Pretty much the only time she cries is if I miss her feeding cues and she gets too hungry.

If you had a night off to do anything you wanted without your baby, what would you do?
Shop! Then finish the night in a hotel downtown with a hot tub and 24 hour room service....and get some sleep! :)

What is the cutest thing your baby does?
Smiles! Even if it is still gas, it’s adorable.

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?
The blessing of being able to be a part of my little one's lives. Seeing their smiles and hearing them giggle, and the chance to raise them to love God.

What baby product could you not live without?
Fluff, cute hair bows, and a sling/baby carrier.

What is your parenting style?
I don't think I have any parenting style. I like and do some of the "Attachment Parenting" things, but not all of them and not faithfully. We kind of take a little bit of everything and do what works best for our family.
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Meet September’s Spotlight MOM: Shay

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Fluff Friday
1-Little-to-Big Organic Cotton Velour Diaper aplix (Special Edition Jitterbug Red)
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Fluff Friday 98

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Mrs. Haid!
She will receive:
1-Econobum Trial Pak (1 one size cover and 3 prefolds)
1-bumGenius Traveler Wet Bag
This week's Twitter winner is Chany Jackson!
She will receive:

Susan Komen for the Cure Raffle Winners:
Raffle # 1- (3-Tot Bots PRINTS)- Kim Thomas
Raffle # 2- (3-bumGenius 4.0)- Jodi DeVore
Raffle # 3- (3-BabyKicks 3g)- Jennifer Rubin
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 97 PLUS Twitter & Susan Komen Raffle Winners

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Twice desperation drove me to line dry my diapers. After giving it a few tries, the benefits have kept me coming back.

The first time I tried line drying my diapers was for economic reasons. No, not the savings that I might accrue on my electricity bill- I was simply out of quarters. We live in an apartment and I wash my diapers in a coin-operated machine. One week I forgot to plan well, and I found myself at the end of the day with a load of diapers to do and only enough quarters for the wash. I washed as usual and hung the diapers inside on a drying rack. There was snow on the ground outside, so waiting for a nice day was out of the question. This method worked well enough. The next morning my prefolds and all of my covers were dry, if a bit stiff and oddly shaped, but my pocket diaper inserts remained damp. While I liked saving the money on the dryer, the stiffness bothered me, so I returned to my coin and energy wasting ways and continued to use the dryer.

Fast-forward to spring: my diapers had developed a serious funk. Remember that whole shared-washer thing? I can’t control the types of detergent my neighbors use in the washer, or the fabric softener sheets they put in the dryer. Something nasty was building up in the diapers I worked so hard to keep clean. I tried numerous stripping methods: detergent, baking soda and vinegar, baking soda and lime juice, multiple washes with hot water, and switching to a pricier highly recommended detergent. While these things helped, the diapers still had a lingering scent. Not terrible, but not fresh either. I wanted fresh.

While browsing some cloth diaper websites I came across a suggestion to line dry diapers to get rid of odor. Since the weather had improved, I decided to make a second attempt. I picked a sunny morning, washed up my diapers, and hung them out in the sun. By the end of the day they were both dry and fresh smelling. I was sold.

Now I plan my washing so that I can finish by mid-morning and get my diapers out in the sunshine. I use a standard collapsible drying rack, because I can’t string an actual line in our back area. The rack is a bit wobbly, so when I put it out I use a few patio chairs around it as a wind break. I have found that I can avoid shape problems by shaking my diapers out right before I hang them up. A quick snap to get rid of bunches or wrinkles and up they go.

Covers I hang on the lower racks out of the sun to prevent their vibrant colors from fading, and pockets and All In Ones I hang white (inner) part out to prevent fading. I have found that the sun and fresh air not only leave my diapers smelling great, they also fade stains, thus making my diapers look even better. Line drying does make the pre-folds a bit stiff, but I have if I roll them around a little when they are dry they loosen up, and they don’t seem to bother my son’s bum at all. If you have a dryer, a quick five or ten minute fluff would give your line-dried diapers that soft dryer feeling.

Give line drying a try- this is the perfect time of year for it. Pick a clear day and grab your drying rack. You will save your laundry quarters or save money on your electricity bill, have fresh smelling diapers, and reduce energy consumption in one easy step. What cloth diapering mom wouldn’t love that?

By Amy C.
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Twice Desperation Drove Me To Line Dry My Diapers

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Kelly's Closet is proud to offer diapers that are made in USA. Diapers made in the United States help support our local economies as well as help to promote job growth throughout the country. After being made in USA, diapers are shipped all over the country and, sometimes, the world to accommodate the cloth diapering needs of parents and babies.

One brand that produces made in USA diapers is Thirsties. Thirsties was developed by Erin Kimmett. Established in Canon City, Colorado, Thirsties has become one of the largest suppliers of made in USA diapers.

All of the cloth diapers produced by Thirsties brand diapers are designed and manufactured in Colorado. The women who produce Thirsties brand diapers are so dedicated to boosting the United States economy that they only use American made products in the manufacturing process of each and every Thirsties diaper. Every button, strip of Velcro, scrap of fabric or strand of thread used to put together a Thirsties cloth diaper is made in USA. Diapers are produced with careful consideration that all components be not only made in the United States, but that they are made from the very best fabrics and other materials.

The women at Thirsties feel that by purchasing only American made products to produce their diapers that they are doing their part to support the economy within the United States. They have also opened up positions in their area and have created a small job market for people in the Colorado area.

Aiding the Economy and Environment
When parents purchase made in the USA diapers, they are helping to further the progression of the United States economy as well as support the “green” movement. Disposable diapers can last more than 600,000 years in a landfill and create waste that flows into our oceans and other water systems. Parents help support the concept of reduce, reuse, recycle when they use cloth diapers. Each cloth diaper can be reused over and over in order to help reduce the total amount of disposable diapers that make it into landfills each year. Washing and recycling cloth diapers helps to protect our environment and to keep our planet “green.”

The creators of Thirsties cloth diapers are firm supporters of the green movement. There goal is to become one of the first Carbon Neutral manufactures of diapers made in USA. Diapers are now stored in a 4,000 square foot historic warehouse in Canon City, Colorado. Solar panels have been installed with full capacity configuration in order to help reduce CO2 emissions during the production process of their Thirsties made in USA diapers.

By Kelly- aka “The Cloth Diaper Whisperer”
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Thirsties- Proudly Made in USA

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And that I will! “Impact, Make One” is the slogan for Susan G. Komen’s Race for the cure and this year, in dedication to my grandmother, I ran to raise money for this great cause in Bangor, Maine.

So many of us know of someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and we all know that this disease affects the patients, their families, friends and communities. There are many organizations that raise money for breast cancer causes, however I have chosen Susan G. Komen for the Cure® as they are the world's leading breast cancer organization and they are committed to ending breast cancer forever.

To continue with my fundraising efforts I have set up 3 Raffles on the Kelly's Closet website. ALL money raised will be donated to the Susan G.Komen for the Cure. Raffle tickets are $5 each and you can purchase as many as you would like. (Please note that coupons or gift certificates cannot be used on raffle ticket purchases. We also ask to place a separate order for your raffle tickets and to NOT add them to products you may be ordering.)

Raffle #1:

3-TotBots One-Size Easy Fit Diapers in new PRINTS (winner chooses prints)

Raffle #2:
3-bumGenius 4.0 One-Size Stay-Dry Diapers (winner chooses closure/colors)

Raffle #3:
3-BabyKicks 3g
One-Size Bumboo Diapers (winner chooses colors)

The raffle tickets will be available to purchase until midnight, Sept 23rd est. The raffle ticket winners will be posted on our blog sometime on Friday, Sept.24th. ALL money raised will be donated to the Susan G.Komen for the cure.

Thank you in advance for your support! For more information on breast cancer and the Race for the cure, click here.

Kelly aka "The Cloth Diaper Whisperer"
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Susan G. Komen Fundraiser Raffle

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We all know the ultimate leak issue: your diapers are repelling or have build up and are not absorbing as fast as you would like. There are a ton of tutorials out there about methods of stripping, but I'm here to talk about your everyday leaks. The little 'oops' that you didn't see coming and leaves a patch of wet on your little one's onesie. I've been cloth diapering for almost a year and a half. I STILL MAKE MISTAKES. You heard right, and I bet all the other mamas out there with experience are nodding their heads, too. Let's face it, we all get busy and sometimes those hectic moments can make you fall into a leaky diaper trap. I'm here to 'magic' away those leaks! A little smoke and mirrors, and problems solved. Here's my top tricks:

1. Insert issues. Whether you are using a prefold or fitted/cover, an AI2 or pocket, those inserts can wreak havoc on your baby's nice clothes. For diapers where you use a cover, be sure to check that the insert is tucked in all the way all around the diaper. A wiggly baby can pop a prefold out the back of your cover and in a onesie, you might not even notice until that telltale wet mark appears! Be sure to lift up your baby's legs as well, and poke the insert in if it's hanging out, and readjust the waist if necessary, to get a nice, tight fit around those legs! No gaps=no leaks. For pocket diaper users, you know the drill: you start stuffing and folding and you get pretty good at it, doing it faster and faster... until you get a leak and start to panic! Finish changing your baby and assess the diaper. More than once I've put the insert in and not gotten it completely smooth. No absorbent material means that the urine runs along the pul until it finds a place to 'land', usually the leg elastic. A bump in the bottom is worth a leak out the legs! My biggest trick? I get my husband to stuff the diapers. His hands are twice the size of mine and he can smooth out an insert in about 15 seconds, whereas it might take me a full minute to get a perfectly flat stuff!

2. Clothing issues. Yup, you heard right, your baby's clothing might be to blame. Recently I was noticing more leaks at my baby's legs and I just could not figure it out. It was only happening with her onesies, though, not any other clothing. Then I discovered one day during a diaper change that I was pulling her onesie OUT of the leg holes on her diaper. All her crawling and toddling had shoved the material right into the wet zone. Size up your onesies and your leaks disappear!

3. Time warp. You may have thought you put that diaper on at 7 in the morning, but really, it was 6. Every too-full diaper will eventually leak, if there is no where for the urine to go. If your inserts are super-duper full and heavy when you pull them out, you may have gotten into a time warp. This often happens to me when we're out somewhere. I don't wear a watch and I lose all track of time. What do I pull out of my hat this time? I put a clock in every room and I make it a point to mentally and sometimes verbally say the time out loud to help me remember. If I'm out somewhere, I mentally calculate about what time I'd like to change the baby and then ask what time it is like a parrot. Another option if you are a techie? Go ahead and set an alarm on your phone to remind you. See #5 for more traveling ideas.

4. Brand loyalty. You just buy a diaper and think that the inserts that came with it should work fine, after all, they came with the diaper. A friend of mine had some diapers that she tried out on all of her babies, and had leaks with them all and put them away each time. After seeing me post on facebook about cloth diapers, she approached me with her problem. We went through several things, and finally she came to the conclusion that the inserts to her new AI2 diapers she purchased might fit in her old pockets. They were a lot more absorbent than her 5 year old inserts. If something doesn't work for you, try a different brand!

5. Heavy wetter. Super soaked inserts might also mean that your baby is going through a heavy wetting stage. You can double up your inserts or try buying new inserts/doublers of a thirstier material than you currently use, like hemp or bamboo. A cloth wipe will also do in a pinch! Double up at nap time, during car rides, and at night. I triple stuff my toddler at night. If your stash is low, you might try buying some diapers that have inserts with doublers that attach with snaps. I have a few diapers that I purposefully leave double stuffed at all times. I can take them with me on trips and know that I have a 'super dipe' for the ride home, for impromptu trips while visiting family, or times like playing outside, when I know a diaper change will cause a full-on toddler tantrum!

6. The sneaky rolling over belly sleeper. All the sudden your baby starts sleeping on a side or his/her belly. You get wet sheets. Luckily, this stage doesn't last long, or it didn't for us anyway! Your baby will adjust to sleeping on his/her belly and it will ease up, but some sleight of hand can be done with an aplix diaper pulled REALLY tight, and some fleece pjs. Some diaper covers are made of fleece, and I know there are mamas out there who go cover-less and let fleece pants take the hit. Putting a doubler up front should also help.

Don't let the leaks get you down! You chose cloth because of a number of factors, most of which are not changed by a tiny leak every once in a while. Follow these tips and soon those 'oops' leaks will be gone. Just like magic!

By Jill S.
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Abracadabra: The disappearing leak

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I have just returned from a 12 day trip with my 5 children. My oldest being 6 years old and my youngest being 8 month old twins. I took them without my husband, who had to work, to visit my family in Wisconsin, which is a 6.5 hour drive if you only have to stop once for gas. Add 5 children, including nursing twins, and it took 9 hours to get to the Eau Claire area. I was not in a good mood upon arrival but we all survived and made it home again 12 days later.

I knew I had to bring my cloth diapers on this trip because I was going to be gone for nearly two weeks and had access to do laundry when ever I needed too. Really, how could I not bring them? I would have had to bring about 160 diapers to make that amount of time in disposable diapers! On a side note I figured it out that I would need 315 diapers a month with twins! Double that when they were newborns! My mom also is happy that I use cloth and tells me all the time that my diapers are welcomed to be washed at her house.

Packing up the diapers and figuring out just what I would need to make it about 2 days so I could wash every other day was a bit of a process. It was only a process because I have many different diapers and I like each one for different reasons. I opted to take mostly pocket diapers. I choose pockets because I like the ease of use on the go. I prestuff them so it is easy to just grab and go.

Here is a list of what I took with us. Keep in mind that this is for twins. If there was only one child I could have gotten by with only half of this amount. 24 pocket diapers, which included some bumGenius!, FuzziBunz, Nubunz, and Cutiepoops. I also had one BumEssentials along for the trip. I brought two Small Weeds Hemp inserts and 2 Thirsties Hemp boosters for night time diapering. I did grab some Duo Wraps and a couple Bummis Diaper covers to go with the diapers I am testing for a company, for my back up diapers if I ran out of pockets during laundry day. I had about 20 cloth wipes with too. I washed when I was down to one or two wipes left. I brought along a large Planet Wise wet bag to hold dirty diapers until wash day. That wet bag is AWESOME! I was able to stuff all the diapers I needed for the trip when they were clean in this bag while traveling! I also had one WAHMIES regular sized wet bag for the diaper bag. Of course I brought my own cloth diaper detergent, Lulu’s in the Fluff Glamour Wash in Zippity Doo Dah. That scent reminds me of Fruit Striped Gum. That list seems so long! But it all fit nicely in my Planet Wise wet bag except the detergent of course.

While at my mom’s I had to improvise with no clothes line so I use clothes pins and hangers to hang them on the side of my mom’s deck. After a few days like that with such high humidity I ended up just using the dryer on low because it was taking too long to dry outside. The one really great thing that happened was my ammonia issue went away! No more stinky diapers! I couldn’t figure it out right away then I realized that my mom’s hot water was a lot hotter than mine. So much so that I was only filling it half way with hot water before switching it to warm because I was nervous my PUL might delaminate. I guess just like boiling inserts is sometimes the only way to get rid of the stinky and ammonia issues maybe just turning your hot water before diaper laundry could do the trick for diapers too!

Using my Cloth Diapers while taking our many day trips to visit and go shopping was a breeze. The only difference than using disposable diapers was that I took mine home with me at the end of the day. Otherwise, I had no leaking issues even when the babies had to wait for a diaper change longer than usual. When we took a long car ride I just put in one of the hemp inserts along with the normal micro fiber insert and away we went. I never had a leak! The twins were only changed once during the drive to and from our home in Northern Minnesota. I did have to be sure a hemp insert was in the diaper at night as they both were waking to nurse in the night because of teething and not being sure of where they were sleeping. Even babies know the comforts of home.

I was fortunate to visit many family members and friends while in Wisconsin. During those visit I was also able to show off my cloth diapers! So many people were awed in how nice and easy cloth diapering has become and I could see the wheels tuning in their heads. I would love to say that my cloth diapers were the thing people commented on the most but, they took a back seat to people realizing I took the trip by myself with 5 children and how adorable our twins are and how much they have grown. Ellie’s little bum certainly looked pretty underneath her dress at a family wedding.

By Alyssa N.
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12 Days, 8 Month Old Twins, and Cloth Diapers

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Earn Free Cloth Diapers