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Our adventure potty training our daughter was not a short one. At nine months old, we started trying to get her to sit on a toilet with an insert – with no luck. Around eighteen months we tried to get her to sit on a potty chair – with little luck. At 29 months, we tried to potty train in one day – with no success. The result each time was a stiff child afraid to sit on the potty.

We tried bribery of all kinds, but she wanted nothing to do with it. We might have success for a few weeks getting her to sit on a potty for a few minutes a day, but if we pushed for more we were met with a rigid child. It took physical force to get her to sit, and that was more force than I was willing to use. Luckily I have two friends who reassured me she would eventually get it. Their four girls all potty trained between two and a half and three years old, so I knew I was not alone.

Then came the day she chose to wear underwear. She had started to become more interested in our use of the toilet, and given the choice one day she chose the underwear. The deal was that she had to sit on the potty when asked or wear a diaper, and it was enough to get her to at least sit. But, there was no success. She would sit on the potty for at least five minutes only to get off the potty, put on underwear, and make a puddle minutes later. She even got good at holding it after noticing she was starting to make a mess, but still she would not use the potty. Instead, we would end up with a puddle after two or three attempts on the toilet and a few pairs of underwear.

At that point, I was frustrated. So, I sent an SOS out via Facebook and got a few ideas. First we tried sitting on the potty, drinking water-downed juice, and watching a show. It took over an hour and more than eight ounces of juice, but she finally had an accidental success. Unfortunately that tactic didn’t work the next morning – she just held it until her show was over and her underwear was on, and then she made a puddle. We got another accidental success playing with a spray bottle in the bathroom (spraying into a bucket), but other distractions like books and play-doh didn’t work. So, when I went to the grocery store I bought candy. Maybe a small bribe would help. She already knew she would get a tricycle when she was fully trained, but that wasn’t complete tangible to her. And the candy worked. She got one piece for every success, and she milked it for all of its worth. Luckily I only put about ten pieces in the candy container, so when they were gone, they were gone.

After the bribery, she was completely trained when she was not distracted. As long as we stayed in the house, there were no accidents. I could plan errands after she went, and we were fine. But things that had to be done at certain times or were longer than an hour were a problem. She wouldn’t / couldn’t have success on demand, so she had to go while we were gone. But, she was too distracted to get to the toilet in time. So, I needed some sort of training pant. I had already learned she could take off a diaper (since she is skinny enough just to force them down), so I had a few options. I looked to see what was available at Kelly’s Closet because I wanted to use another free one-sized coupon. Unfortunately, none of the trainers in stock seemed like a good option for us. I thought about the Little Beetles, but the size she needed was out of stock. Then I got the idea that maybe a fitted diaper would work. She isn’t one to have an accident sitting down or sit down while wet, so a water proof cover while out wasn’t really necessary. So, I went with the Mother-ease one-sized option because it was the cheapest. And they work! They can hold a full accident without causing a puddle, which is what I wanted. I can also feel that she is wet on the outside, which is nice. And, since these are new to our stash, I am getting away with calling them underwear. She is skinny enough to pull them on and off, so they work just like underwear for her.

So finally, at almost 33 months, she is mostly potty trained. We have something to use when we are out to prevent puddles, and she is happy. Hopefully before too long we can go without the fitted diapers, but until then I am fine using them.

By Stephanie U.
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An Adventure into Potty Training

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Fluff Friday 95

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Kristi!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 94 WINNER!

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It all began with a soft, fluffy green BumGenius diaper. After hours of research on the computer, I finally decided to purchase a reusable alternative to the disposables I was using on my then 18 month old son. The allure of saving the environment from the incredible amount of waste that comes with disposables was overshadowed by the potential savings of my wallet. Little did I know that with this purchase, I would begin not only a diapering transformation, but a laundry room revolution.

After all my experience with two little ones with extremely sensitive skin, and many different laundering routines, I could ramble on about everything I've learned about detergents, dryer sheets, and more...but instead I'll present the top five things I've learned as a result of cloth diapers entering my life.

5. The real difference between regular and "baby" detergents.
The truth is in the residue. Regular detergents are made with far less care to residue than baby detergents. Adults are naturally less sensitive to anything left behind on our clothing, and these detergents simply leave behind more chemicals...whether they be fragrances, whiteners, softeners, etc. "Baby" detergents are designed to leave behind fewer of these potential skin irritants. Almost all formulas with no whiteners, bleach, fragrance, or enzymes function exactly like a "baby" detergent. Using cloth diapers made me realize how big a part residues actually play in the laundry equation. Anything left behind on clothes will attract more dirt and stink, and possibly irritate baby's sensitive skin. Over time, I realized there's no reason I wasn't being just as conscious of what was going next to my own skin!

4. Clean is not a color.
When you use detergents that include whiteners, your clothes really do look whiter/brighter, but it's actually an optical illusion! The whitening agent left behind on your clothes (yes, it's a residue!) simply reflects the light differently. It's just another chemical next to your skin, and your clothes are not really cleaner. It's also these whiteners that will make laundry stiff without a run through the dryer. The cost of whiter clothes through bleach is also high...considering how much faster it causes the fabrics to break down (and how harmful chlorine is to the environment). Although I'd rather my diapers look like new forever, a couple of stains don't affect their function or cleanliness one bit! Minimizing my family's chemical exposure is important to me, so I looked for safer alternatives. And, I turned back to the most effective method of stain prevention: treating and washing clothes as soon as possible.

3. Clean is not a fragrance.
It seems like an easy enough concept, but how many times have I cleaned with scented products and enjoyed the clean feeling that a "fresh scent" provided? The truth is, you don't need a perfumed waft of lavender (or anything else for that matter) floating into your nostrils to say something is clean. Clean is an absence of dirt and other unwanted substances, and sometimes that doesn't have a pretty smell! Besides, fragrances in most name-brand detergents are petroleum based, and not even an odor actually found in nature. As I mentioned before, fragrances can also be a skin irritant, and not very useful on a diaper. Sticking with natural alternatives and real scents was the direction I would turn for all of my clothes.

2. The pure joy of line-dry laundry.
The sun's natural disinfecting and whitening power is available at the best price of all: free! I find it therapeutic to clip my cloth diapers and laundry outside, and watch it blowing in the breeze. Nothing compares to the smell of line dried clothes (remember sometimes clean is a smell). The weather may not always cooperate, but any day without rain I try to capture this free energy source. Even overcast days will filter through the beneficial rays of the sun. There's nothing more effective in getting stains out of my own diapers than several hours in the sunshine...and soon the rest of my laundry followed!

1. Laundry doesn't have to be complicated.
When I considered cloth diapers, my first thought was to how overwhelming my laundry room would become. Another special detergent, and more dirty clothes. My shelves used to be cluttered full of many different formulas designed to improve my cleaning prowess. Baby-safe detergent, delicates-safe detergent, bleach for whitening, softener for softening, dryer sheets for softening (making me wonder why on earth do things that are naturally soft need so much softening!?), odor remover, stain remover and random bottles of who knows what. Now, I have a very simple laundry room shelf. Thanks to Kelly's Closet, I discovered my Rockin' Green detergents which are unscented for the diapers, and random natural scents for everything else. Sitting next to them are baking soda for the occasional boost, chlorine-free bleach for times of need, and wool dryer balls. Essentially, everything is washed and dried with the same approach...using safe, natural formulas that leave clean clothes (and nothing harmful!) behind.

The same things that I considered when laundering my cloth diapers became a revolution to the entire approach of laundry. Starting with cloth diapers, I realized the significance of everything that went into my washing machine. All this time I was focused on everything I was washing away, and the new focus was on what was being left behind (ha, pun intended!).

Now I know my choices are not only resulting in a healthier and safer home, but a more environmentally friendly world impact. Who knew one cloth diaper could do so much?

By Julie G.
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One Cloth Diaper and My Laundry Room Revolution

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Did my love of cloth diapering influence my decision to have a third baby? Hmmmm, is this something I want to admit? Was my first thought upon imagining a son after two girls that I would be able to buy so many boy-themed diapers? Maybe. Do I love cloth diapering so much that my option was to either delay potty training my daughter for 5 or so years or have another baby? Okay that’s going a bit far. My daughter is only 18 months old, so for better or worse she still has quite a bit of diapering time left in her, but the idea of retiring or giving away her stash is right up there with packing away her cutest clothes or most beloved toys. My love of mothering, cloth diapering included, made me realize that I might have had another go ‘round in me. I adore being a mother. I love nurturing my children, whether that means making sure they have the best on their bottoms or they’re exposed to the arts or they have a neck to burrow into when they’re sad or scared.

Actually it was when I first started cloth diapering her, around four or five months old that I started thinking about another baby. Of course the timing is probably coincidental, but it does make you wonder. We had emphatically declared that we were done at two children. Two was practical, manageable and even, dare I say, easy. I had two girls, which thrilled me to no end. Two sisters, awash in pink, that brought us so much love and happiness, who could dare to ask for more? But at about this five month mark I realized, I dared to ask for more. More of this love, this joy, this laughter, this chaos, this fluff. Oops, did I say that? Thinking that my husband would declare me nuts and start reminding me in gory detail about how much I loathe pregnancy (as I had instructed him to do if this ever happened) I sheepishly mentioned the idea. He shocked me by saying he had been thinking it too and hence began the destruction of our logical, perfect, well-thought-out plan of two children. Maybe the diapers had no direct influence, but I think they could have been a bit of red flag for me, a little heads-up that this mom thing hadn’t quite run its course with just these two runners on the track.

Of course I say this all with a bit of tongue in cheek, but with every joke there is a little truth, right? In the end I would say the diapers did play a role in my decision to have a third baby. Not in the sense that I couldn’t part with cloth diapering so I decided to have another child, but more in the sense that I realized just how much I love taking care of my children and how much I love being a mother. Every decision I make, every item I purchase, every activity I plan is all done in the best interests of my children. I take this role very seriously and I enjoy every living moment of it. The decision to have another child is a complex and personal one, made for so many different reasons. Quite simply for me, I love being a mother, I love watching my children grow and evolve and I love the life that my family has created around me. And yes, I love the fluff.

In essence, this is my coming-out to The Cloth Diaper Whisperer community that the newbie, who is no longer a newbie, is expecting. After much contemplation and decision-making we are thrilled that we will be a family of five. And as an update, at 14 weeks and still feeling awful with morning sickness, I still loathe pregnancy!

By Jennifer G.
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The Decision to Have a Third

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I have a confession to make: my name is Erin and I'm a fluffymailaholic.

At first, cloth diapering was an exercise in saving money, and containing blowouts. But now... I'm also totally in it for the cute diapers. It's true. Better for the budget, better for the environment... sure, ok, whatevs. But they're stinkin' cute, people.

I started cloth diapering six months ago with a stash of BumGenius one-size and all-in-one diapers for my daughter Anneliese (now 9 months old), and liked it so much that soon after, I started using cloth on my son Nathan (now almost 3 and potty-trained). Little did I know that in six short months it would become so... fun.

I might even admit (... I'm scared to put this on the internet but here goes...) that I secretly might maybe actually kind of enjoy changing diapers now. I get some kind of weird rush from choosing a diaper from the stash, feeling how soft it is, and putting the wet one in a bag (where I get to use it again and again and again... yes, being frugal is definitely part of the rush). Dorky but true.

So in recent months, I have spent a lot of time and energy in the cloth diapering online community (yes, there is one, and it's surprisingly huge) hunting down new colors and patterns and kinds of diapers I want to try. I have been buying and trading online like it's going out of style. I have been stalking websites and facebook fan pages and chatting with other moms online who want to buy/sell/trade like I do. It's like some kind of weird non-hobby. And by non-hobby I mean addiction. But a fun one!

Every time I have new diapers on the way, I get a little antsy watching for the mailman. I'm pretty sure he knows we're stalking him. When he pulls into our street, we all pile out of the house (mommy, puppies, babies) and gather 'round the end of the driveway to see if he has anything fun (fluffy mail!) for us. I'm letting him believe that the stalking is completely about Nathan's obsession with his mail truck, even though that's only about 50% true. Really I am just crazy excited (way more excited than is normal or appropriate, I'll admit it) that he might have a package for me with some super soft fabric in pretty colors or patterns for my kids to poop on. I feel very sure I should not admit to our mailman what's really going on every day at our mailbox -- that I'm a fluffymailaholic, and he's an enabler.

So what kinds of diaper bliss has my fluffy mail addiction brought into our lives beyond our original BumGenius stash? Well I'm glad you asked. (Because I am an addict and I have diaper mentionitis and I really really want to tell you.)
A friend recommended trying Rumparooz, so I did. My original motivation was just to get a lavendar diaper, since at that point, BumGenius didn't come in purple. Anyway I love love love love the Rumparooz -- and now I have not only the lavendar one, but also a brown one, and a bright yellow one. And two minky ones I bought secondhand. (I might or might not have put Anneliese in one of them, laid her on a picnic blanket at Daddy's softball game last week, and then gotten slightly drunk of all the compliments. Like any good addict would.

Also I got a got a couple of secondhand Goodmamas. I can see these diapers being dangerous for me. Since their designer and creator, Suzanne, only makes a certain amount in any one fabric, I find myself saying "oooh, I want that one! And that one! And that one too!" And I just need to stop it very very soon like right now. I love how squishy the Goodmamas are, and all the fun colors and designs, and how luxurious they feel (my bum is jealous of Anneliese's). I have to limit these, though, because Daddy isn't a fan of snaps. (I admit it's not my favorite either, but come on. It's not that complicated. If you can snap baby PJs, you can snap a diaper. I promise.)

I was in a good groove with cloth diapering and I had added things to our cloth diapering supply, like cloth wipes, swim diapers, and Rockin' Green detergent (we battled some stinkies when Anneliese first started solids, but they're gone now!)... but I still wanted to add just a couple more diapers to our stash so that I could comfortably go one more day between washings. So I kept shopping.

I got very very excited about the idea of a turquoise diaper when a friend came for a pool playdate and her baby was wearing the prettiest cloth swim diaper I have seen in a long time, in a sweet and bright turquoise. (Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's cutie diapers? What's that now? Huh?) I just couldn't get that color out of my head. I explored lots of options, did lots of hunting, and eventually decided on ordering a Tots Bots EasyFit from Kelly's Closet -- it's relatively new to the market and I had been wanting to try it anyway. It's similar to the other pocket diapers in our stash, but on this one, the insert stays attached to the diaper (it agitates out on its own in the wash). And it has bamboo in the absorbent layers, which makes it really soft, and a little trimmer than our other pockets. And, more importantly, it comes in a gorgeous shade of turquoise. It arrived last Saturday (after several days of mailman-stalking) and so far I can say yes, it's everything I hoped and dreamed it would be. {happysigh}

And of course I got very excited last week when CottonBabies announced they were upgrading our beloved BumGenius 3.0 to a 4.0. I just saw that pretty light green sage and that pretty lavender and then I got this funny bubbly feeling in my tummy that kept welling up and welling up until I hit the preorder! button. Yes, I ordered them before they're even technically available... addicted what? (Hey, one man's iphone is another's awesome cloth diaper. Don't judge.)

I do take some comfort knowing that I am not the only mom going through this addiction. I do still recognize that the whole point really is to save money, despite what the dangerous half of my brain tells the logical part of my brain about how Anneliese needs to have the cutest fluffiest bum in town.

And I am officially one of Those Moms who I mocked just a few short months ago. You can now mock me now; I know I deserve it. But I can totally take it, and it's totally worth it. Long live the bum fluff rainbow!

Contributed by Erin G.
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***CLOSED***30 Minutes of Fluff - Win a Kawaii Diaper & GroVia Wet Bag

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We started using cloth diapers when our son was 10 days old, but we continued using disposable wipes even though we had a few cloth wipes on hand. I wasn't sure how to get started with them or what to do for the solution. When we finally made the switch to cloth wipes a few weeks later it was for a variety of reasons:

1) I found myself standing there after changing a poopy diaper, holding poop covered disposable wipes in my hand, and feeling totally clueless what to do with it. What do you do with a disposable wipe after a diaper change?!! We didn't have a garbage can in the our baby's room. After changing a pee diaper I would just leave the wipe in the cloth diaper, and drop it in the trash before putting his diaper in the pail. After a poop, things are bit more difficult. I didn't want to drop a poop covered wipe in the open bathroom trash. I found myself rinsing the disposable wipes before throwing them away. I realized quickly that I just needed to get the cloth wipes out.

2) It is like a mini bath every time we change his diaper. I LOVE knowing that my son is clean, especially after he's been in a diaper for a long time at night. Such a refreshing way to start the day! My husband loves the cloth wipes because he feels they clean the skin better and easier than disposables.

3) We're saving even more money that we expected to with cloth diapers. I had no clue how many disposable wipes we would go through, and was surprised at how often we had to buy a new mega-huge box. Since we switched to using cloth most of the time (we still have disposables around) I haven't bought a new box of wipes. We're still using the last box of wipes I purchased during those first few weeks.

4) We can control what goes on the wipe. Even though we were buying "natural" wipes, I still wasn't sure what he was being cleaned with. Now I control it and can have fun making various solutions to try. Right now we're using a squirt of California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo & Body Wash along with a few drops of "Almond Glow" that includes sweet almond oil, peanut oil, olive oil, lanolin oil, Vitamin E, and lavender.

5) Once again, we producing less waste! I can't imagine how much trash we would be throwing out each week if we used disposable diapers and wipes. Right now we're only using flannel wipes, some I bought and some I made with scraps of flannel. They're super soft and 100% reusable!

My husband and I are both glad we transitioned to using the cloth wipes along with the diapers. It has been just one more thing we feel we are doing that is the best thing for our son's skin, our budget, and the environment. Amazing that a little scrap of cloth can make you feel so proud!

By Natalie G.
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A Wipe Is Just a Wipe, Right?

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Each month, The DiaperShop Newsletter features a DiaperShop’s SpotLight Mom. We send out a simple questionnaire asking moms things like:
  • What is one cloth diapering tip you wish you had gotten at the very start?
  • What is the cutest thing your baby (babies) does?
  • What are your top 5 favorite websites?
  • and more…..
You may skip any questions that don’t apply or you don’t want to answer. The goal is to have fun and a moment of focus on you and your baby. The DiaperShops Mom community wants to hear from you!

Once you have emailed back the simple questionnaire and a photo of you and/or your baby you will be placed in the running to be in “The DiaperShop’s Spotlight Mom” Segment of our newsletter. As a special thank you, if you are featured in our newsletter, we will send you a $25 e-gift certificate good at any of our online stores.

Please click here to send an email if you are interested in participating.

Looking forward to possibly seeing you featured in an upcoming DiaperShop’s Spotlight Mom!
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Calling all Cloth Diapering Moms, It’s your turn to be in the “Spotlight”

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Earn Free Cloth Diapers