Try Cloth Diapers Risk Free

I wanted to write this to hopefully encourage other parents who may be considering cloth diapers. I have been cloth diapering my youngest three children for a year and a half, and I love, love, love it.

I am a normal Mom. I really am. If, I can do it, so can you.
When I decided to go cloth, I found myself with a 4 year old, a 2 year old and 3 month old twins. My husband single handily supports the six of us. So, I nursed the twins, so formula, was happily an expense we could avoid. But the diapers…oh the diapers! I found myself going through an obscene amount diapers. Between the babies and my two year old, I was going through about 210 diapers a week, and 840 disposable diapers a month. I even joined our local wholesale club simply for the diapers. But the cost still stung. Every time I bought the diapers, it hurt. I could not see throwing away (literally) money like that anymore. Life was as busy as it gets, but yet I made the decision to go cloth. And, I’ve never looked back.  After deciding to go cloth, I faced a few obstacles:

1) The Hubs:

My husband was going to be a tough sell. He’s one of those diaper-changing-gags-me types. So, the idea of washing diapers in our own house wasn’t going to be overly appealing to him. I knew if I was going to convince him, it would be with the numbers. So, I set about doing the math.

I realized that I was spending a little under $300 a month on diapers that I was ultimately throwing away. I factored in that my two year old would be potty training within the year, and would only require a diaper for naps, and a diaper for sleeping at night, as well as the fact that the babies wouldn’t always be using as many diapers in a day. I came to the rough estimate that we could save about $2640 the first year, and $1616 in the second year and $960 in the third year of cloth diapering. This totaled $5,216! WHAT? Oh, and this doesn’t even include the cost of wet wipes.

After an initial refusal, even he couldn’t deny the SAVINGS and came on board. And, I just asked him yesterday if he had any regrets, now that we’ve been at this for a year and a half. His response? “Why, would I regret it? It hasn't bothered me?” So, there you have it. Diapers are still diapers, only now there are no more out of pocket costs.

2) The naysayers:


Admittedly, I was as busy as I had ever been in my life. Days were long and action packed. It did not seem like I needed to add anything else to my plate. But, cloth diapers seemed like the answer to our budget. People’s reactions ranged from supportive, to unsure to borderline rude. But, ultimately, we went with what we knew was right for us. And I’m so glad we did.

3) Figuring out how to cloth diaper:

This step in the process was very daunting. Once I started researching cloth diapers, I was overwhelmed. A process I had assumed simple, seemed to actually be quite complex. There were so many different brands and types and words that made no sense to me. What’s an insert? What’s a doubler? Bamboo what? Pocket vs. prefold vs. all in ones? A sprayer?

I needed to figure out which style/brand of diapers I wanted to buy, how many I would need, a place to store dirty diapers (both at home and on the go), how I would wash them, when I would wash them, and what accessories I would need. (The only accessory I was sure I needed were Baby Legs. Because, have you seen them?? Edible). But, other than that, I was lost.

Then, I found Kelly’s Closet and the Diaper Whisperer. This helped me so much! Seriously. Do your research, and read as much as you can on this site. It really does help to demystify cloth diapering.

4) The doubts:

The upfront cost was going to be considerable. To make it worth it, I needed to buy enough cloth diapers, to be able to exclusively cloth diaper the twins and the toddler. I didn’t have the luxury of trial and error, figuring out my brand of choice and slowly building my cloth diaper collection. (Every box of disposable diapers that I would buy would potentially eat into the savings we could accumulate by switching to cloth). Once we agreed to go cloth, the plan was to order the diapers and have them delivered before I needed to buy another box of disposable diapers.

I now tell people that switching to cloth diapers is one of the best parenting decisions I have ever made. What? Is that overly dramatic? It’s true. And, like all parenting decisions, this one came with its own share of hesitations. This was going to be a hefty bill, and I was really nervous to hit the submit button on my order. What if this was a mistake? What if I hated it? What if I couldn’t keep up with it? What if I didn’t build the right supply?

But I did my research, read tons of reviews and in the end, placed my order. The day my diapers arrived I was over the moon. I loved them immediately, and am happy to report, that love has only grown. Our diapers paid for themselves in eleven weeks. Everything after that was pure savings (or profit, depending upon how you look at it). I feel so good about putting them on my kiddos. I look forward to continuing to cloth diaper and truly wish I had made the switch sooner.

By Mary D.
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Why I Went Cloth, and You Can Too

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I loved cloth diapering my kids, but I have to admit the day we were finally free of diapers, it was bittersweet. I miss diapering my precious babies (oh, and I miss having babies in the house!), but there is less laundry and I remember being so proud when all my kids were finally potty trained.

When diapering is done, it doesn’t mean your FuzziBunz should end up in the trash! I designed FuzziBunz to be pretty indestructible, so they will last and last, which is good news for all my green mamas out there, like me!

Instead of throwing away old diapers and inserts, I found alternative uses for them and thought I’d share some of my ideas and the many ideas that have been shared with me over the years on how someone can re-use their FuzziBunz diapers and inserts when diapering is done:
  • Use the inserts to wash windows or dry off a washed car. Inserts are soft and absorbent; they dry fast and provide great shine on your windows or ride. I never did this, but I always thought that sewing a couple together for a car-drying towel would be a good idea to cover a larger surface area.
  • Use inserts as dusters. Yes, you can attach old inserts to your Swiffer duster or even on a wet mop and then clean your floors! The microfiber inserts make great dust cloths -- the dust just clings to them.
  • Free-cycle your diapers. Diapers in great condition can make another mom’s day. Give them to a friend, neighbor or mom in need and feel good that your FuzziBunz are helping another mom be kind to Mother Earth. If you need a little extra cash, sell them online. There is a healthy market for used cloth diaper on sites like and
  • Cushion your elbows! Many rocking chairs have hard wood arm rests, which can be uncomfortable for your elbows when holding a child. I’ve heard of people making a functional padded arm rest, with a couple stitches or some Velcro.
  • Send them back to FuzziBunz! We will make sure your gently used diapers are given to organizations that need them. We have donated thousands of cloth diapers to orphanages in Haiti, Uganda and abroad! FuzziBunz will take back any brand of cloth diaper – not just FuzziBunz – just so long as they are clean and in good shape. Find more information at
  • Stick some in your first aid kit. They can be used to pad ouchies or serve as a cold compress.
  • Clean up after pet “accidents.” Dab them on the carpet to soak up pet accidents; they absorb like crazy!!!
So there you have it…enjoy the new uses for your FuzziBunz and other cloth diapers!

Known as the “Mother of the Modern Cloth Diaper,” Tereson Dupuy invented the cloth diaper that started the entire modern cloth diapering movement more than a decade ago. She later turned her invention into what is known today as FuzziBunz cloth diapers, a popular brand of cloth diapers since 1999. As an inventor, business owner and mom to three, Tereson has many years of personal and professional experience in the cloth diaper industry, and she's excited to work with The Cloth Diaper Whisperer to offer her perspective on cloth diapering trends and insights.
By Tereson Dupuy
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What Do You Do With Your Diapers When You are Done Diapering

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And that I will! “Impact, Make One” is the slogan for Susan G. Komen’s Race for the cure and this year, in dedication to my grandmother, I am running to raise money for this great cause. I am hopeful for the day that not one more tear is shed by a breast cancer diagnosis. My goal is to raise $1000 for breast cancer and on September 19, 2010, I will join thousands of others playing a part in the annual Komen Maine Race for the Cure®. I am excited to do my part in fundraising for this cause, and of course I get a freebie benefit of getting back into shape as I train for the race.

So many of us know of someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and we all know that this disease affects the patients, their families, friends and communities. There are many organizations that raise money for breast cancer causes, however I have chosen Susan G. Komen for the Cure® as they are the world's leading breast cancer organization and they are committed to ending breast cancer forever. If you would like to make a donation on my behalf, you will be supporting local breast cancer screening, treatment, education and outreach along with international research that will lead us to a world without breast cancer.

Would you consider making a donation today? Online donations are simple, and the site is secure. Please go to my fundraising page
and make a tax-deductible donation online.. The deadline to have my donations collected is Oct 1st.

I am always excited to see how my cloth diapering partners step up to the plate. I am thrilled to announce that Kanga Care will be donating pink (Tulip) Rump•a•rooz® One Size Cloth Diapers to also help raise money for this great cause. How cool is that? They can be purchased for $14.95 each. Click here to purchase.

Thank you in advance for your support in whichever way you deem best! For more information on breast cancer and the Race for the cure, click here.

By Kelly
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Impact, Make One

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Since July, BabyKicks has offered a free online cloth diaper class for anyone who is willing to tune in. The class was started in response to the need to spread the word about cloth diapering. Many people are so used to the idea of disposable diapers that using cloth doesn't even cross their mind. So, we started thinking that if an online class was available to everyone so they can watch at home, at work (during lunch of course), or wherever they have internet access than people would be more likely to choose cloth over disposables. And, this makes it easier for dads and caregivers to learn about the many benefits and just how easy cloth diapering really is. Plus, there are so many cloth diapering options available today and so few local retailers that specialize in them that it can be hard to decide what type of diaper will work best for every family.

In our Cloth Diaper 101 webinars we explain the different types of cloth diapers, closures, how to wash, how to store, environmental impact, and of course the money savings. We have had an excellent turn out so far, and during our first class we had about 30 unique viewers from all over the United States! We even had a couple of viewers from over seas, and that was great to see. It's so nice knowing we have the support of our customers, retailers, and fellow cloth diaper advocates.

We plan to continue holding the webinars as long as there is a demand to learn about cloth diapers. We also want to thank everyone for the support we have received and we hope to convert more and more families as the classes continue. If you are interested in cloth diapers or you know someone who is hesitant, feel free to tune in to our next Cloth Diaper 101 webinar at Chances are you will be pleasantly surprised!

By Gina
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Cloth Diaper 101 Webinars are a SUCCESS!

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Hey Mommies - We're still looking for a few more submissions to our monthly photo contest. This month's theme is "Mama's Helper." Please send us cute photos of your babies wearing their cloth diapers and helping you with chores around the house, whether they're helping you with gardening, laundry, cleaning or sweeping the garage! Cutest picture wins a $15 coupon to Kelly's Closet! Deadline is end of day August 25th - so submit now to Please put "Mama's Helper" in subject line. Thank you!
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Cute Baby of the Cloth Photo Contest Ends Soon!

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Cloth diapers can be a tough adjustment for anyone, whether you started with your first child immediately or changed to cloth after using disposables. Our world is set up for quick, easy and disposable. Everything has been manufactured with convenience and ease of use nowadays, making the reduce, recycle, reuse concept difficult for the majority of society. However, like so many of the other changes I’ve made in my life to become a greener, more earth-friendly person, I’ve adapted quite easily to cloth. I’ll admit that in the beginning I was overwhelmed by information, methods and options, but very quickly cloth diapers became just a part of my daily routine, something I don’t have to think about, plan around or figure out. I have made cloth diapers work for me.

In the beginning I took an “all or nothing” approach. This quickly became very frustrating. I realized if I wanted to make this work I was going to have to embrace the parts that I loved and do away with certain aspects that made my daily routine more difficult. Cloth wipes made things difficult. For a lot of people they’re an easy no-brainer; for me they were a struggle. I loved the idea of them, but ran into several problems with my daughter and the diapers. My daughter has very sensitive skin so she reacted to every wipe solution I tried. I also found that the solutions left a bit of residue on her skin which, once it got on her diapers, caused some repelling issues. I didn’t like the idea of only using water. And I was still using disposable wipes for her messy poop diaper changes. In the end, I ditched the cloth wipes and my life (and cloth diapering) became a lot easier and worrisome. At first I considered it a defeat, but soon realized that whatever makes cloth diapers work for me is a victory.

Then, I was struggling to find “the perfect” diaper and frustrated when I would like the fit of one, but the look or absorbency or ease of use of another. Sounds silly, but if you’ve read my previous posts you know I’m all about simplicity and streamlining, and sorting those different inserts was just too much for me. For all of these reasons I determined that the plain ole microterry were the inserts for me. They are trim, absorbent and so easy to care for. I have now shelved my triple-fold Blueberry inserts and even my trusty, thin hemp for all microterry inserts. I can bleach them occasionally, I don’t have an extra step of sorting when stuffing and they make all of my diapers pretty trim under my daughter’s clothes. This simple insert change has made my routine work so well for me.

My diaper change and laundry routine now is such a snap, I’d argue that it’s easier than disposables. After a diaper change the diaper either gets thrown immediately into an open-top basket in my daughter’s room (just wet diapers) or I dump the contents into the toilet and throw the diaper into an identical basket in the bathroom. The open baskets mean no fumbling with a cover, no awful smell when I have to reach in on laundry day and no wet bags. Laundry day (every other, or even every third day) is incredibly simple with a streamlined, tried and tested routine.

When I began cloth diapering I thought I would like it and feel better about doing it both for my daughter and the environment, but I assumed and accepted that it was going to be harder and more work than disposables. However the day-to-day usage quickly became old hat. The diaper changes are easier because there’s no garbage bag to haul out and no stinky diapers to bring immediately outside to the garbage. Sure the laundry routine adds work, but I’ll take that over the constant back and forth of running out of diapers and schlepping big jumbo packs from the store on a weekly basis. I can honestly say that, much to my delight, I find cloth easier than disposables now that I’ve made them work for me.

By Jennifer
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How I Made Cloth Work for Me

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There are 2 kinds of packers. Light packers, who bring only what they absolutely need and heavy me, who bring everything the could POSSIBLY need, just in case of an emergency or some sort of natural disaster.

So as a heavy packer, I tend to buy big bags. This is an ORE day tripper by Sugarbooger. As the name suggests this is my day trip bag. In the center part that zips I have 3 loaded FLIP covers (loaded with disposable inserts for this particular trip) and 3 extra inserts. If you have a frequent pooper, I suggest bringing more covers. My "rule" is 1 diaper per hour we'll be gone plus one extra.

I use disposable wipes when out and about. I bring a small wetbag in case one of the covers gets soiled. These and my "personal" bag go in the center.

In my personal bag, I have my wallet, ipod, chapstick, lotion...anything I'd need if I was going somewhere sans kids. The ladybug is a small flashlight that doubles as a toy if someone gets cranky. I also keep a small camera w/ me all the time in case the kids do something funny I want to capture.

In this particular bag, there are 2 side pockets. In 1 pocket, my HUGE Nalgene water bottle lives. As a nursing mother, I drink a LOT of water. My nursing cover rolls up and fits next to it. Bonus is if the water is cold it makes the cover cool, which is wonderful on a hot day.

And the other side has all my random stuff...a reusable shopping bag, a package of bandaids, neosporin, tweezers and safety pins, handwipes, sunscreen and something sugary to feed my 4 year old when she gets cranky. I often bring a small baggie of nuts or a granola bar for me since I tend to get really hungry while nursing.

All packed up:

For a short trip to the store, I'd pack a smaller bag with 1 or 2 diapers, a small wetbag, wipes and then throw my wallet and phone in there somewhere.

This is a Land's End Little tripper with 2 bumgenius organics, a small pack of wipes and a wetbag

One other option is to pack a bag and leave it in the car. I bought this little cheap bag off Amazon for less than $10. It could easily fit several prefolds and a package of inexpensive Dappi covers, a change of clothing for baby, wipes etc. The only drawback to this idea is that those diapers aren't in rotation and can be outgrown before they are worn much.

By Shandelle
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Shandelle's Diaper Bag organization

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Earn Free Cloth Diapers