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Weekend Super Saver Coupon

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Fluff Friday:
2-Bummis Swimmis
1-Planet Wise Wet Bag in Medium

Question of the week:
What type of swim diaper (brand and style) do you use on your baby (or what are you planning on using) ? Leave your comment before Thursday, June 17th at 7pm EST. (You can only answer the question ONCE PER GIVEAWAY, NOT PER DAY.)

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Important note about the winner:
If we haven't heard from the winner by the closing time of next week's giveaway, we will choose another winner that will be published TOGETHER with next week's winner.

Good luck, and don’t forget to tell all your family and friends about the giveaway! In case that you don't win, what a better person to win than a friend of yours!!
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Fluff Friday 83

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Brena!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 82 PLUS Twitter WINNER!

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I was lucky enough to attend an event over the weekend to celebrate the launch of Anni Daulter's Organically Raised at The Green Cradle in Los Angeles. The organic-only store was an apt setting for the event, given that they exclusively sell eco-friendly products that are 100% natural ( though they only sell one organic fitted diaper, which surprised me) and Daulter's book is a focused look at the importance of being mindful and conscious of what we are feeding our babies and toddlers - organic, tasty, healthful foods.

Attendees got to sample Hint flavored water and yummy canapes, as well as each receiving an awesome June 15 canvas goody bag, which contained some great stuff. Looking through my bag, I found a copy of Organic Manifesto (in hardback!), an EcoBaba stainless steel baby bottle, a cute Under The Nile tomato toy, a Moby blanket, Oh Plah! teething cuff, a Diaper Shops chico bag, a bottle of Little Twig bubble bath, and a full size of Badger baby balm as well as a several samples of various green products and written information on the companies who had donated everything, packed in a canvas Kids Konserve lunch bag. Sweet!The event was very glossy and came across as high end while still being very approachable. When I got to the table to get my copy of Organically Raised signed by Anni, we talked briefly about organic feeding and also how it truly shapes not only a baby's health, but also their future taste in different flavors and foods. That's definitely been my experience, even though I only really committed to making organic foods for my second child who now happens to be 11 months old and loves to eat a wide variety of things.
As the afternoon came to a close, there was a massive prize draw that featured dozens of great diaper bags and shopping bags filled with fantastic Earth-friendly products, 2 Svan high chairs, and even a fabulous 2010 UppaBaby Vista. Hopefully the lucky winners put their swag to good use, making Los Angeles a tiny bit greener. Every little bit helps, and one step at a time we'll get there, thanks to events like this and authors like Anni Daulter spreading the word.
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Organically Raised Event in LA

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Recently, partnered with Harris Interactive to conduct an online survey of more than 1,000 parents. The parents were selected randomly and come from all regions across the country. The attitudes and perceptions we found from the parents surveyed were absolutely fascinating and uncovered some very interesting misperceptions about cloth diapers.

This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Interactive on behalf of from May 5-11, 2010 among 1,144 parents of children age 17 years or younger, 276 of whom have children ages 0-2 years.

Read below for more about the survey:

In tough economic times it’s no surprise that more budget-strapped parents are switching to cloth diapers to save money. In fact, a new online survey out today conducted by Harris Interactive for, a leading online cloth diapering boutique, reveals that one-third (33%) of parents who use disposable diapers say they would be “extremely” or “very likely” to switch to cloth diapers after learning that cloth diapers could save them $2,000 over the course of their baby’s diapering years.

The survey also found that only approximately one in ten parents (9%) with children in diapers (ages 0-2 years) use or have used cloth diapers. This number represents a substantial minority of the parenting population.

What surprised The Cloth Diaper Whisperer most about this study was the significant knowledge gap among American parents. We’re pretty sure our readers know that cloth diapers can save a family $2,000 and more over the course of their baby’s diapering years; but it’s evident from this survey that average parents don’t know just how much is at stake by switching to cloth.

The survey also found that one-third (33%) of disposable diapering parents say they would be “extremely” or “very likely” to switch to cloth diapers after they learned how disposable diapers negatively impact the environment. Experts say disposable diapers take 250-500 years to decompose in a landfill and more than 27 billion diapers end up in landfills each year.

Other key findings from the survey:
  • Moms are more likely than dads to switch to cloth diapers out of concern for the environment. 60% of moms say they would be likely to switch to cloth diapers for environmental reasons, while only 49% of dads were likely to do so.
  • Moms are more concerned about diaper rash. Almost 30% of moms say they would be “extremely or very likely” to switch to cloth diapers if it could ease or eliminate diaper rash. Only 19% of dads say diaper rash is a reason to switch.
  • Dads like the convenience of washing diapers at home. 46% of dads who use disposable diapers for their babies say they would be “extremely likely” to switch to cloth diapers after learning that cloth diapers can easily be washed at home with only 2-3 extra loads of laundry per week. In comparison, only 35% of moms say they are “extremely likely” to switch for the same reason. [We had to smile at this one…J]
  • Convenience is the number one reason for choosing disposable diapers. Of the 91% of parents with children in disposable diapers, 85% cite convenience and ease of use as the main reason for their choice. 16% choose to use disposable diapers because they think that cloth diapers are more expensive (!!!!).
We know cloth diapering is growing among parents across the country. Even in the nine years we’ve been doing this, we’ve seen significant growth, but more parents clearly need to learn about the benefits – financial, environmental and to baby’s skin. There are so many great options today like FuzziBunz®, Happy Heinys, GroVia, Kissaluvs, BabyKicks and bumGenius (and so many more!), that there is something for every parent out there…we just need to continue spreading the word – so tell a friend/colleague/family member about cloth diapering today and share today’s new survey stats!

Did you find one of these stats particularly interesting? Did something surprise you? Leave your comments here, we want to hear from you!!
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I admit that I am addicted to cloth diapers of all kinds. Covers, pockets, and anything in between. My addiction started slowlyduring my 4th pregnancy we discovered we would be having twins. I then randomly searched Ebay for cloth diapers and found some seconds and ordered them. ( Not the best purchase I ever made.)

I didn’t think much about my diapers until the twins were two months old and finally big enough to wear the diapers. It was then that I started researching cloth diapers and my addiction became full blown. I now “stalk” cloth diaper website, blogs, and online stores for good deals and great giveaways. I talk about my diapers to anyone who will listen and have currently been able to switch three friends to cloth diapers just by talking about how much I love my cloth.Here are a few of my favorite moments of my cloth diaper addiction:

1) You know you are a cloth diaper addict when you start stalking your mail box after receiving a shipping notice from your favorite cloth diaper store.

2) You know you are a cloth diaper addict when you wake up from a dream that was taking place in a cloth diaper store.

3) You know you are a cloth diaper addict when you forget to tell your husband the exit while driving because you were day dreaming about Thirsties Duo Wraps while taking a family trip.

4) You know you are a cloth diaper addict when you are asked if there is anything you would like for Mother’s Day and in your head you are dreaming of getting some more fluff for your babies’ bums!

Please comment below and share your thoughts on your cloth diaper “addiction”.

Alyssa N.
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You Know You Are a Cloth Diaper Addict When...

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In recent months I finally jumped on board the wool wagon. For as long as I’ve been cloth diapering, I’ve heard mom after mom rave about using wool as a diaper cover. I was initially hesitant to give it a try due to the up front cost, as well as the additional care wool needs when it comes to wash day. I’ve always enjoyed seeing other cloth diapered kiddos sporting their cute wool longies, but never saw anything that was boyish enough to put on my little guy. I had fun looking at all the cute wool soakers and longies, but it wasn’t until this past January that I started to get a bit more serious about giving wool a try.

Now that my little man is reaching the size limit of many of his current diapers, he is wearing a lot of fitted diapers instead of pockets. He just turned two years old and is approx 32 pounds. Thank goodness he has a small waist, thus extending the lifetime wear of some of his diapers. Making the transition to fitted diapers brought with it the need for a few more diaper covers.

I already had a few large Thisties diaper covers left over from my oldest son’s diaper days, and have added a few Blueberrry Coveralls, both of which work great for us. I wasn’t finding as much success with night time diapering as in the past (a bumGenius One Size 3.0 pocket diaper stuffed with a SuperDo insert was my go to diaper for night time until he began to outgrow it and we began experiencing frequent leaks). I remembered many mom’s swear by wool for nighttime, so I decided to give it a shot.

Dreading the initial lanolizing, my first wool sat on my kitchen counter for a good two weeks before I dived in and lanolized it. It wasn’t nearly as difficult as I originally thought. I simply stirred a pea sized amount of solid lanolin into a cup of hot water. I then added a small amount of wool wash to the mixture and stirred some more to emulsify it. Next, I added this mixture to a sink full of lukewarm water and stirred it in. I then added my wool and let it soak for 30 minutes. After the soak, I folded and pressed out the excess water before rolling it in a bath towel. I then let it air dry on a sweater dryer for about 24 hours. Because my wool was brand new and hadn’t been lanolized before, I repeated the process before using it the first time.

I was both excited and slightly nervous the first night I put Brendan in wool for the first time. However, I became a believer overnight when the following morning, Brendan woke up with dry pajamas and a dry bed. The fitted diaper was soaked, but the wool had contained the wetness wonderfully. I turned the wool soaker inside out and let the dampness air dry during the day and it was ready to go again at bedtime.

I’ve found I can typically go 2 weeks or so between washes unless we have a rare accident where the soaker gets soiled. When this happens, I simply wash the wool in a sink full of warm water and a bit of wool wash, followed by the same dry routine as I mentioned above. Yes, wool does require a bit more care, but for our family and our diapering needs, it’s well worth the effort. If you’ve been considering adding wool to you stash, I highly encourage you to give it a try.

By Katrina
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Wonderful Wool

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With a new brand and a new look, GroVia visits the California Sunshine to Celebrate with Hollywood’s Hottest Celebrity Parents.

To kick start our recent rebrand, GroVia (previously known as Gro Baby) traveled west this May to celebrate with Hollywood’s top celebrity parents and parents-to-be. With the mission of educating parenting influencers on the benefits of cloth diapering, GroVia toted tons of product, prizes and vital knowledge to two great events in Los Angeles – the Pregnancy Awareness Month (PAM) Kick-Off Event on May 2nd, followed by the celebrity-filled Dog & Baby Buffet Mother’s Day Event on May 7th -8th.

GroVia brought the sunshine with them to the PAM Kick-Off Event held at TreePeople in the hills of Los Angeles. Creed opened the event with great music, top parenting influencers like Ricki Lake and Dr. Alan Greene spoke to the benefits of natural parenting, and celebrity parents mingled with GroVia - many learning for the first time why GroVia diapers (and cloth diapers in general), are better for baby, our planet and our checkbooks. Celebrities like Danica McKellar (Winnie, The Wonder Years), Kaitlin Olson and husband Rob McElhenney (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), and supermodel/entrepreneur Josie Maran, all stopped by the GroVia booth to learn about our new brand, products and the ins-and-outs of cloth diapering. Danica McKellar was so surprised to learn about what a difference cloth diapering can make on baby and our planet – she left with a bag full of product and plans to use GroVia on her baby-to-be, due this Fall!

Following the PAM event, GroVia COO, Sarah Greenshields, went on a mini-media tour all the way up the California coast. Starting in Los Angeles for an on-air segment on Southern California Life, then up to San Francisco, and then Sacramento for a quick morning segment on Sacramento’s Fox 40 Morning Show - Sarah finally made it back to Los Angeles to meet with a reporter for the Huffington Post who wrote a fabulous article all about how to convince Dad to use cloth. It was a whirlwind week of great exposure!

GroVia ended the week at the Dog & Baby Buffet, an annual Mother’s Day celebration that brings top celebrity parents out for two days of sun and fun. Held at the beautiful Century Plaza Hotel on Mother’s Day weekend, celebrity parents (of babies and dogs) were out in full force to celebrate with GroVia. With a fully decorated booth, lots of great giveaways, and a baby table for demonstrating how to use GroVia diapers - we made converts out of celebrity parents and parents-to-be, like Minnie Driver, Jodie Sweetin, Shar Jackson, Evan Handler, stars from High School Musical, Glee and even the star of the Old Spice commercials, Isaiah Mustafa!

To leverage the celebrity potential and keep the LA feel-good going, GroVia will be hosting an auction of celebrity signed cloth shells on the GroVia Facebook page with all proceeds going to charity. At the Dog & Baby Buffet, GroVia asked top celebrity attendees to sign GroVia cloth shells to be auctioned off to GroVia’s Facebook fans, with all proceeds going to Shriners Hospitals for Children®, a health care system of 22 hospitals dedicated to improving the lives of children by providing specialty pediatric care, innovative research and outstanding teaching programs. They will begin the first shell auction this week - so stay tuned to their Facebook page for the announcement!

A brief but successful trip to the west coast, GroVia was thrilled launch the new brand by sharing their knowledge and product with California’s best and brightest. Stay up-to-date with all of GroVia’s happenings on their Facebook page. For more information on GroVia, click here.
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GroVia Heads to Hollywood!

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