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Weekend Super Saver Coupon

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Fluff Friday:
2-Tot Bots One Size Easy Fit Diapers (given by the Bummis!)

Question of the week:
How do you currently dry your cloth diapers? (Line dry, drier, or a combo of both.)
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Fluff Friday 81

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is mekjsk2000!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 80 WINNER!

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Name: Aisha (pronounced eye-sha)

Hometown: Durham, NC

Mom to: Hiba short for Hibatullah (gift from Allah/God)

Occupation: Publications Manager (manage a group of writers and editors and layout specialists)

Fav Cloth Diapers: I have three: BumGenius All-in-One (very daycare friendly), SoftBums (ditto, less laundry), and FuzziBunz (my go-to night diapers)

What is one cloth diapering tip you wish you had gotten at the very start?
Don’t worry about stains!

What is the one cloth diapering tip you would tell a new mom?
Get diaper liners…even with exclusively breastfed babies it helps! Liners are the best thing

How involved is dad in cloth diapering?
Very involved…I call him our cloth diaper ambassador. He tells everyone (coworkers, friends, family) about cloth diapers. He changes diapers and helps me stuff/prep them.

What went into your family history book as the funniest cloth diapering moment?
We’re still working on a funny one…most are of the gross kind.

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?
I’ve learned to calm down and just let things happen. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

What is your parenting style?
My goal is to raise a tomboy – ha! We are really trial-and-error, whatever-works parents. We're trying not to raise a primadonna, but rather someone who is balanced, enjoys being thrown in the air, twirling around till she gets dizzy, and willing to try something at least once (well in the case of food maybe 3 or more times).

If you had a free day to yourself, what would you spend it doing?
Sleep late, give myself a facial, and watch all the TV shows I have recorded.

What are your TOP 5 favorite websites?
Kelly’s Closet,, CraigsList, BBCNews

What is the cutest thing your baby does?
She gives me a hug and pats me on the back. I love that!

What’s your “go-to” dinner on a busy night?

Leftovers! (Curry for the men and veggie stir fry for me)
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Meet May’s Spotlight MOM: Aisha

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It was April 7, 2009 and I discover I am pregnant. It was a surprise pregnancy. For the next two weeks we assume I am having our fourth child. I started to have suspicions that I might be carrying twins. At 6 weeks and 4 days it was confirmed that we were going to be having a fifth child as well. It was TWINS!

At this point our oldest child was 5 and a half years old and our youngest had just turned 2. We were preparing for a very busy road ahead. I knew the cost of diapers and had toyed with the idea of cloth diapering with our first child. I received so many “really you want to cloth diaper” comments that I never really thought about it again. That is until we were about to have twins. How much was it going to cost to diaper these two babies? It turns out it was nearly $100 a month without the cost of wipes. So in May of 2009 I found a great deal on some second quality cloth diapers and bought 24. In the box they stayed until January of 2010. Our twins were born a month premature. Our daughter Ellie was only 4 lbs 3.2 ounces and 16.5 inches and our son Eli was 5 lbs 1.7 ounces and 17.5 inches. They were so itty bitty my one size diapers didn’t even come close to fitting. I was in survival mode after they were born so we used disposables until Eli was close to 9 lbs. I put the cloth on him at that time and have never gone back.

We started out with pocket diapers from a small unadvertised company Sweet Doll Baby, as stated before they were seconds so I knew when I purchased them. After a couple of weeks they started to delaminate and I felt they were really bulky. They still functioned as the laminate wasn’t torn but, I needed some new ones. That same company had redesigned their diapers and came out with the new Nubunz premium one size pocket diaper for $9.50 which included two microfiber inserts! I ordered 6 in a variety of closure styles. They offer round tab hook and loop, square tab hook and loop, and snaps. I loved these diapers from the moment I opened the package! Much better quality and the redesign was great. So great in fact that I started using them on Ellie who is more petite than her brother. She was around 8 lbs when I started with her and they fit her great. They were narrower through the crotch which helped with the bulk problem. We have used them for two months now on both twins and never had a leak issue. Usually we use one insert during the day and then two at night. I reach for these before my BumGenius’ all the time!

After our first go round with cloth I ordered a few different types of diapers to see how I liked them. My order consisted of 3 BumGenius 3.0 one size, two Flip covers, 3 Econobum covers and nine Indian prefolds. I love all of these diapers for different reasons. I like my BG 3.0s for night with the doubler that comes with the diaper. I like my Flips for my go to cover over my prefolds. I don’t have the Flip inserts because I ordered just the covers but I did make my own stay dry inserts from some extra microfiber inserts and some fleece to sew onto the top of the insert and they work great. The Econobums are just an excellent economy choice no frills just a get the job done type cover. I never knew how much I would like covers and prefolds or stay dry inserts! On the days when all my covers are clean I have prefold days and don’t touch my pockets!

I know the burning question in everyone’s mind is how many diapers do I have or need with twins and how often do you have to wash. Well, I have 21 pocket diapers, one AIO, 3 Flip covers, 3 Econobum covers, 9 prefolds, and 6 stay dry inserts that I made (more are on the way). I have ordered a few more covers because I like them so much and it will help my stash last a few more changes.

I wash every other day but sometimes it is every day. For instance I may wash in the morning one day and then at night the next day but, there is always about 2 days worth of diapers in the pail when I wash which, I guess for a single baby that would be about 4 days worth of diapers! No wonder I have to wash nearly every day! Right now I am having a bit a stink issue but I think I just need to change my detergent again. Still figuring out what detergent will work best with our water.

So between nursing the twins and caring for three older children I don’t have much extra time and you will find crumbs on my table and definitely on my floor! Such is the life of a busy mom but, the kids are smiling and that is what really matters to my heart, not my floors.
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Twin Adventures in Cloth Diapering

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I am sitting alone in a dark room with my two month old son happily sleep-nursing at my breast. I can hear the noisy, joyful din of family and friends just a thin wall away, happily chatting away and catching up. Sighing, I rest my head on my hand and prod at my snoring son, hoping to wake him long enough to wrap up this 45 minute nursing session so I can rejoin the world, at least for the hour I have left until the next nursing session must begin. His eyes open the slightest crack, then roll back as he once again surrenders to sleep. My ears perk up as I hear one of my relatives in the next room ask “Where’s Madison?” The response: “Oh she’s nursing in the other room.” Feeling hopeful, I pray that someone will come into the isolated prison to which I have condemned myself. That somehow they will sense my boredom and come rescue me, or at least sit and chat for a while. No such luck. The relative responds “Oh okay. Well I’ll just see her when she’s done.” It is Thanksgiving and while the rest of the family is enjoying slices pumpkin pie and warm mugs of coffee, I am sitting alone in the dark with my snoozing baby, who could care less about pumpkin pie or coffee. This is the moment that I decide it is time to learn how to nurse in public.

Being a very modest woman, nursing in public did not come naturally for me. More power to the women who are willing and happy to just pop a breast out in public and latch their baby on, but after 14 months (11 of which I nursed in public) of successfully and happily nursing my son I can confidently say it is not my style. The idea of nursing in public has always very much intimidated me, and I felt a lot of pressure in the beginning of my nursing journey to either conform to the stereotype of proud cover less nursing or banishing myself to a dark, quiet room every time I wanted to nurse my baby.

However, as with most of my breastfeeding struggles I eventually realized that they were largely a result of my own fears and apprehension rather than being an actual obstacle. Once I was able to put aside my worries about nursing in public (How will I see to latch him on? How will I cover myself? How will I keep him from pulling the nursing cover off and exposing me?) I found that it was much less intimidating an endeavor than I had previously anticipated.

I started off slowly by practicing “nursing in public” at home. When friends and family would come over I would (often clumsily) attempt to nurse in the same room as everyone else. My husband or mother was always by my side to help me fumble with the blanket as I latched my son on. By the time Christmas rolled around I felt comfortable with nursing in front of extended family and in-laws. It was then that O knew I was ready to make the leap into actually nursing in public. The first few times I will admit to needing some assistance from my husband, but I felt surprisingly comfortable. I even found myself wondering why I had waited so long to learn how to do this.

Consequently, as I became more experienced using a nursing blanket to cover myself, my son, too, improved in his ability to latch. After time I no longer needed to see him to latch him on, as he learned to properly latch on his own. Furthermore, the bigger he got, the easier it became to keep myself covered. By the time he was old enough to pull the nursing blanket down or the nursing cover up he was also large enough to cover me completely without the use of either. I found that by wearing a belly band or nursing tank top underneath a regular shirt I was able to keep myself completely covered while nursing. So naturally did I begin to nurse in public that I no longer had to even hesitate about my surroundings. I would nurse in restaurants while eating, in the mall on one of the benches, or on the floor of my in-laws apartment. It didn’t really matter where I was or how many people were around, I was confident in my proficiency to nurse discreetly. On several occasions the waitresses or passersby would comment on my “sleeping baby,” to which I would respond “Oh, he’s having lunch.” I have never been ashamed of nursing. I couldn’t be prouder.

My son is a toddler now, and no longer a nursling. On a bittersweet day in December he weaned himself after 14 wonderful months of nursing. I miss the days when feeding him was so simple. Whenever we were out and about his food supply was always near and ready. I never had to fuss with remembering to bring the bottles, formula and water along with all the other excess baggage that must be remembered. I knew that no matter what situation we found ourselves in I always had a way to soothe his growling tummy. I miss our cuddle-time, but I am proud of myself and of him for how far we have come. And I am so grateful that he weaned when he was ready.

I now look forward to nursing my second son due next month, only this time I won’t waste the first three months of his life sitting in a room by myself.

-Madison C. of
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Overcoming Fears of Nursing in Public

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When I began cloth diapering I remember hearing that babies who are clothed diapered usually don’t experience as many diaper rashes as those who wear disposables. After reading this time and time again, I was disappointed when Brendan developed a diaper rash that I just couldn’t get rid of. Not having any luck with several diaper friendly rash creams, I had to resort to using disposables for a few days so that I could use cloth unfriendly, but rash inhibiting, Bourdeux Butt Paste without worrying about ruining my cloth diapers.

This all happened almost a year ago, so I wasn’t comfortable letting Brendan run around the house without a diaper at that point, so I alternated between using flat diapers without a diaper cover and disposable diapers at night while I treated his rash. However, it seemed every time the rash would go away and I would go back to my usual cloth routine, the rash would return! I tried everything I could think of – stripping the diapers, sunning them…you name it. In the end I switched detergents (from Charlie’s Soap, which I still use on clothing, to Rockin’ Green). Finally, after dealing with the rashes for a few months, they went away and stayed away.

Nowadays, the only time Brendan gets a rash is while he’s sick. Instead of reverting back to the disposables and zinc oxide rash creams, I discovered I am able to treat any rash with cloth diaper friendly Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Cream. This stuff works wonders and appears to work almost immediately when it comes to soothing the uncomfortable sting of a rash. In addition, I’ve noticed in most cases, by the time the next diaper change takes place the redness is gone and I have a happy little man again. I usually continue to use the Grandma El’s as a preventative measure until I am sure that Brendan is back to his normal, healthy self.

By Katrina
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Rashes and Cloth Diapers

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Some parents just don't want to talk about cloth training pants and potty training. After all, who wants to admit that their little one is growing up? Parents tend to savor the innocent days of babyhood, relishing the times when their child was completely dependent on them for care. However, as your baby grows, you become more excited about the milestones they reach. The lure of accomplishment slowly overcomes your desire to keep your baby little forever. If you used cloth diapers on your baby, the move to cloth training pants is a natural progression. However, even parents who relied on disposable diapers for the baby years can find advantages in using cloth for potty training.

Cloth Training Pants vs. Pull-Ups
If you have spent any time with a group of parents who have toddlers or school-aged children, the subject of potty training will come up eventually. Frankly, these discussions can scare a parent! Some children are just plain difficult to toilet train. If a child doesn't want to reach that milestone, there really isn't a whole lot a parent can do about it. What you can do is encourage and motivate your child. Cloth training pants are a great way to do this. Cloth training pants allow a toddler to feel when they have had an accident, providing immediate sensory feedback for the potty training process. Disposable and pull-up type products do not offer this benefit. They are so absorbent that wetting often goes largely unnoticed by the child. While manufacturers tout many features that promise to alert the child to the issue, they rarely work as advertised. The simplest way is to allow the natural processes to teach the child by using cloth training pants.

Features to Look For
In order to make the potty training process work as simply as possible, you definitely will want a few features. First, look for enough absorbency to contain a single accident. Many cloth training pants feature a waterproof layer, keeping clothes and furniture dry while your child learns. You also can purchase cloth training pants that allow you to open the sides for easy changing of particularly messy accidents. All these features ensure that the potty learning phase will be a positive experience, both for you, as a parent, and for your child.

Creating a Successful Environment
Many parents who find themselves frustrated with potty training have neglected to create a successful environment before beginning the process. Just because you have purchased cloth training pants doesn't mean that your work is done. Before you start potty learning, take the time to be sure that your child is completely ready. Your child needs to be able to not only recognize the potty process, but also vocalize and communicate well. Most children are not emotionally ready until between 18 months and 2 years of age. So don't be too eager or disappointment and frustration is likely to occur. Once your child displays signs of readiness, you can then introduce cloth training pants and begin the potty learning process.
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Some Parents Just Don't Want to Talk About Potty Training

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