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Weekend Super Saver Coupon- Free bumGenius BabyLegs!

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A big thank you to Bummis for sponsoring our Fluff Friday 66! Stay tuned for a great blog post about Easy Fit Diapers next week.

Fluff Friday:

3- Easy Fit One Size Diapers

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Fluff Friday 66

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is: Maggie!

She will receive:
2 bags of Rockin' Green Cloth Diaper Detergent

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 65 Winner!

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I knew I wanted to cloth diaper my future children before I even became pregnant. The health, environmental and cost benefits really appealed to me - plus all those pictures of cute, fluffy bottoms didn't hurt either! My husband was on board from the start, although he had serious reservations about whether or not I would be able to keep up with the laundry. When I found out I was pregnant, I ordered my cloth diapers and was ready to go as soon as my daughter arrived. Truth-be-told I was a little worried about the thought of doing laundry non-stop with a newborn, finding a daycare that would cloth diaper and staying on top of washing when I returned to work. However, with a bit of determination I was able to make it work!

We used mainly Kissaluvs Fitted Diapers and Thirsties covers during the day and bumGenius One Size 3.0 pocket diapers at night from birth-3 months. The laundry was no problem at all when I was at home on maternity leave. Once Kendall and I were up for the day, I'd grab my Planet Wise pail liner out of our diaper pail (just a large trash can with a lid) and wash the diapers, cloth wipes and covers. Then I would fold the Kissaluvs fitteds and stuff the bumGenius diapers between feedings and naps and never once did I have an issue. However, I knew my time would be limited when I went back to work in a few months and I wasn't sure how cloth diapering at daycare would work.

Now that I've been back at work for a few week and all my reservations about being able to cloth diaper while working outside my home have disappeared. We were fortunate enough to find a daycare center that would use the cloth diapers. They love our bumGenius and Happy Heinys! We have had a few interesting discoveries when changing her diaper after daycare, including one diaper on backwards but otherwise, it's been smooth sailing.

I bring eight diapers in each morning, and a Medium Planet Wise wet bag to store the dirty diapers. When I get home, I dump the wet bag and diapers in our larger Planet Wise pail liner in the diaper pail and that's it! On laundry nights (every other night) I start the washing machine as soon as I get home for my first cold wash/rinse. I grab the soiled diapers out of the diaper pail and dump in the diapers that were used that day. About an hour later, I follow up with my hot wash/extra rinse cycle with the Rockin' Green detergent and then throw it all in the dryer when it's done. I stuff the clean diapers after Kendall goes to bed for the night and pack her diaper bag for the next day – and I still get to bed at a decent time!

By Elisabeth M.
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Cloth Diapering While Working

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After the bragging, boasting (embarrassing) post about how great my husband is with cloth diapering I received some questions about how he might be able to help bring some other, more reluctant, dads over to our side. So I decided to set up a little interview to get his perspective, in his words, about cloth diapering. Once we got over the initial awkwardness of “wife interviewing husband” it was actually pretty fun. I was able to hear answers from him that I otherwise wouldn’t have known. Some questions he answered as expected, but others kind of surprised me.

What convinced you, other than your wife, that you should cloth diaper?
I was very open to giving them a try when you first mentioned buying some, but reading the environmental impact information about disposables that was included in our first order was eye-opening. That sealed the deal for me.

Were you intimidated? Is there anything that still intimidates you?
I was definitely intimidated at first, but quickly figured out that bumGenius were my friends! They eased me into it. Prefolds still frighten me! (Side Note: wife not all that psyched about prefolds either!)

Why do you prefer cloth diapers over disposables?
First and foremost they’re soft and cozy and so cute on her! Seriously though, they’re the responsible choice, environmentally.

I think I know how you will answer this, but what’s your favorite brand and why?
Hands down, bumGenius. Best combination of ease of use and functionality. They’re easy to put on; there’s nothing complicated about them. As far as functionality, they go a long time without leaking. A close second is Blueberry, but the snaps still get me sometimes! (Note from wife: despite his quick answer of bumGenius I’ve noticed that whenever he changes her diaper he almost always uses Blueberries! My theory? It’s the cute patterns!)

What would you tell a dad who’s skeptical of cloth diapering?
It’s much easier than anticipated, there really is no mess, wet diapers are no-brainers and cleaning poops is simple. As long as you have a good laundering wife (I’ll take that as a compliment, I think?) there’s not much mess. I will say clean-up is easy, especially with a sprayer. In my opinion it’s so much better than a trash can full of smelly disposables.

What’s the best part about cloth diapering?
How happy it makes my wife! And using them as her “pants” in the summer. She just looks so cute!

Do you find them harder, easier or the same to use as compared to disposables?
About the same from my end. You (meaning me) do more work with the laundry than with disposables, but as far as changing the baby they’re the same.

If you could design a new diaper what features would it have?
Oh, come on, I don’t know!
Hey, you agreed to this! You have to give me something.
Okay, definitely velcro, a pocket diaper and it has to be soft inside like Blueberry.

Would you do it all over again?

By Jennifer G. (and hubby Ben)
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Cloth Diapering Dad Interview

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Feel the Love for Mama Cloth FREE!

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Name: Shannon
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Children: Jess (8), Emmy (2), Bri (10 weeks – pictured)
Occupation: HR Specialist

Why do you use cloth? I had never cloth diapered before and I really didn’t think we would have… until circumstances changed. I looked into it many times but never did anything to make the move until we had our third daughter, Bri, who had diaper rash and was allergic to the disposables. So we tried cloth diapers and within 24 hours her bum looked so much better. We have been using them ever since!

What is the one thing you could watch your baby do forever? Sleep! I have so many pictures of my kids sleeping.

What is the best parenting advice you ever received?Just be the best mom you can be!

What is your absolute favorite cloth diaper brand and why?We really don’t have a favorite brand yet because we are still searching for that perfect one (Ed. note: Shannon has been using cloth diapers for just three weeks – way to go mama!). It may take us a little while to find that right diaper.

What is the strangest comment you’ve received from someone who found out you cloth diapered your baby? I haven’t received any yet because we just started. However my husband is on board and that is all that matters.

What is your favorite guilty pleasure? Playing on the computer and working on my blog.
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January's Spotlight Mom

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As a detergent manufacturer, I have a little bit of a dirty secret. You may find it a bit shocking to find me in the aisle of the grocery store buying detergent. My laundry room is littered with detergent boxes, bags and bottles. All with someone else's name on them. The reason behind it is simple. The only way that I could make a better detergent, is to test everything else that is on the market. And find out why it works...or in most cases why it doesn't. In a recent testing round I did wash after wash with some of the "other guys" cloth diaper safe, clean rinsing formulas and was shocked at the amount of bubbles that were produced. I was even more shocked, when I had to do 2, 3, 4 plus rinses to get everything out of my washer. One popular brand in particular, I had to do several empty washes just to get the foam out of my machine! Which was what inspired me to create this video.

When you are washing clothes, soap buildup isn’t that big of an issue. If you do a load of towels with no soap, chances are you will have a washer full of suds. Towels lose absorbency over time because of detergent buildup, but most people just assume this is normal and replace towels every few years because they stop holding water.

But washing diapers is a whole new ballgame, and buildup can really mess up your diapers. The more rinses you have to do, the higher your water bill and the more wear and tear on your diapers and washer. All of the suds and such are gone from Rockin’ Green in the first rinse, because it was designed to have just enough for cloth diapers and nothing more. We aren't a clothing detergent that just happens to be OK for diapers, Rockin' Green was created for the soul purpose of washing diapers. Though, it will really really rock a load of towels or baby clothes...

By Kim- Owner and Creator of Rockin' Green

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Putting Rockin' Green Cloth Diaper Detergent to the Test

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I’ve always wanted to cloth diaper because I wanted to help save the planet. However, my husband hasn’t always shared my enthusiasm for environmentalism; I knew I’d need my best persuasion skills to get him on board. Just in case my skills didn’t cut it and cloth diapers went over like recycling, I was fully prepared to play the “I’m pregnant! Do what I want!” card. I figured if it came down to it, I would take on the brunt of the responsibility myself until I could wrangle him into doing them too.

Since I didn’t actually want all of the diaper responsibility for our upcoming little bundle of joy, I carefully planned my strategy for getting him to see how wonderful cloth diapering could be. I decided my best bet was to go for maximum impact right away and tell him how it would improve our bank account.

I initially approached the topic armed with lots of financial research. To my surprise, our first discussion about cloth diapers didn’t even start with the questions I expected, (like, how much will it cost?) To my benefit, he had no experience with any diapers, let alone cloth, so he mainly wanted to know what would be involved. I explained that it would require us to do more laundry, but they would be so much better for the baby, our bank account, and the planet.

The first time we talked about cloth diapers, I had very little understanding of modern cloth diapers, but I did the best I could to explain prefolds, covers, and laundering methods. In hindsight, I really am surprised he was willing to listen to me at all since I didn’t even try to win him over with the easiest types of cloth diapers!

He asked me to do more research and give him details. So, I learned all I could about all-in-ones, all-in-twos, fitteds, one-size diapers, detergents, wet bags, where to buy diapers, etc. While I was spending all this time doing internet research, fate was smiling on me and making my persuasion job a lot easier. Our friends started cloth diapering!

About the same time I was feeling ready to bring them up again, my husband comes home from work and says, “Bill and Jacqui are cloth diapering. If Bill can handle it, then I’m sure I can.” It was that simple. He was willing to cloth diaper. It just became a matter of what kind and how many. I’ve always known the best way to get my husband to do something, is to convince him that another guy will do it too. I just never imagined that this strategy would work for cloth diapering. (In case you are wondering, we bought the same diapers and the same number that Bill and Jacqui did.)

If your husband needs a little convincing from another guy, I’m willing to lend you my husband. He’s now a bona fide cloth diaper enthusiast. He’s helped me diaper AND launder from day one. He loves them and feels just as good about our decision to cloth diaper as I do.

I will also say I am extremely proud of my husband. Cloth diapering has had its challenges and he’s been willing to tackle them all with me. In fact, he probably does the dirty diaper laundry more than I do! ☺

By Angie L.
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Dads and Dipes: The Art of Persuasion

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