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Weekend Super Saver Coupon- Valid 1/30 & 1/31

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A big thank you to Stephan of BabyKicks for sponsoring our Fluff Friday 64! Stay tuned for a great blog & video post about BabyKicks next week.

Fluff Friday:
2 - BabyKicks One Size Bumboo Diapers with Joey Bunz insert

What to do? If BabyKicks could introduce colors for their new One Size Bumboo diaper what would you like?
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We will draw one winner randomly with an "Online Number Generator" and will make a post with the winner on Friday, February 5th. It is the responsibility of the winner to contact us to claim their prize.

Who can participate?
US Residents are welcome!

Important note about the winner:
If we haven't heard from the winner by the closing time of next week's giveaway, we will choose another winner that will be published TOGETHER with next week's winner.

Good luck, and don’t forget to tell all your family and friends about the giveaway! In case that you don't win, what a better person to win than a friend of yours!!
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Fluff Friday 64

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10 winners this week! Each person will win (almost a $50 retail value each!):
1-Gro Baby Intro Pak (1-Gro Baby Shell & 1-Gro Baby Biosoakers 50 pk)
1-Gro Baby Organic Cotton Soaker Pad
1-Gro Baby Organic Cotton Booster

The winners are: Joceline, Peyton, Becky, Justine M., Wade & Sarah, Dani, Delanea, The Fam, Pala9801, Melody

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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SUPER Fluff Friday 63 Winners

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When I was pregnant with our darling son, my husband and I had discussing our finances and planning for buying a home as well as having a baby. We wanted to know what we could reasonably afford for a mortgage after the baby was born. As we started talking about the cost of diapers, my husband suggested we use cloth diapers to save money and help establish a more predictable budget.

While I had given some thought to the idea, I wasn’t so sure I wanted to deal with them and feared if we did use cloth diapers, the responsibility would be all on me. I needed my husbands help and I did not want to alienate him by going the route of cloth diapers. After all, he has never changed a diaper in his life; I could not imagine him wanting to do the “hard” stuff.

However, after my husband made the suggestion and ultimately expressed his complete willingness to change (and clean) the cloth diapers, I began researching how much they would cost.

Oh my... I did not realize how many options were available. I mentioned to a friend about our investigations into cloth diapering and to my surprise she shared with me all the joys of their cloth diapering experience.

Ultimately I purchased a few different types of diapers. My goal was to figure out what type of diaper I wanted to use. I also purchased a couple dozen prefolds, a few diaper covers and some Snappi’s. When our son arrived we were a little reluctant to get started... There was an unspoken fear that we couldn’t handle the cloth diapers.

Slowly we started using the prefolds/diaper covers and occasionally the other diapers we bought. Thankfully, my husband never complained and he changed his share of diapers. After a few weeks we weren’t very satisfied with the diaper we were using. Rather than spend more money on diapers that we wouldn’t be sure of - I bought some Goodmama seconds.

The first time my husband used the Goodmama One Size diapers he exclaimed, “Hun, these are win! We need more of these.” I took that as the green light to buy some more. I’ve been a cloth diaper advocate/addict ever since.

I have a huge wish list of diapers I would like to try next. Our most recent win are the Flip diapers. We tell everyone cloth diapers today are NOT our “parents’ cloth.” I continually learning about new styles of cloth diapers. When I have an urge to buy more fluff I have to remind myself why we started cloth diapering in the first place- to save money. My husband is great about using cloth, but he still rolls his eyes with each diaper I order. He probably wonders what sort of monster he created by suggesting cloth to begin with.

By Tasanee C.
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He Was the One...

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I am giggling to myself that I am about to write this post. Dressing your baby sounds like a silly, little thing to think about, but there are some major differences in clothing a cloth diapered bottom vs. the standard sposie bottom. Beyond the fun and frivolity, there are some practical issues to consider; in particular, knowing what to look for so you don’t spend money on clothing that just won’t work.

When I first started cloth diapering my daughter I quickly realized that clothing choices were going to involve a little more than just simply picking out what I liked. Cut, fabric and sizing play an important role when dressing the cloth diapered babe. There’s no denying the cloth diapered bum is a little fluffier or more padded than its disposable-clad counterpart.

I, like most cloth diapering parents, happen to love that big, round bottom, but it can be a little awkward with certain clothes. My first reaction was frustration with what I thought were limitations. However, after some trial and error and creativity on my part I’ve come up with some great clothing options and guidelines for my baby girl. Instead of her cloth diapers being a hindrance they have now become part of her fashion statement and we particularly love the outfits that allow us to show them off.

Moms of boys, bear with me. This is definitely geared towards girls, but hopefully there are some tips in here that will help you and/or inspire you to fill in the blanks in my clothing research with some advice for boys. With that being said…

Dresses, dresses, dresses. Dresses are key. They are my go-to outfit. In the summer, she wears her diaper and a dress; that’s all. Simple. Easy. Adorable! We love showing off that fluffy bum with bright colors and cute patterns. As the cooler weather approached we paired her dresses with leggings or pants, though I was sad to see the diapers get covered up.

Tunic Shirts. Not that an 11 month old pays much attention to the latest trends in fashion, but tunic style shirts are very popular right now and I love them. The slightly longer, flowier style of a tunic shirt looks so adorable with pants. And the bonus is that as both of my girls have outgrown some of their (and my) favorite dresses they can wear them as pseudo-tunic shirts with pants and get several more months out of them.

Pants. Pants require a little more thought. They need to be stretchy, giving and forgiving. Tight isn’t a problem, as in the case of leggings, as long as they’re stretchy. If the material has some sort of spandex they should be fine. There have been certain pants without spandex that I just couldn’t resist; with some I could simply buy them a size bigger and they work, but with others sizing-up doesn’t always work. I LOVE yoga pants because they look cute with t-shirts, tunic and dresses and she just looks so comfy in them (truth be told, Mama prefers to wear yoga pants, too). I’ve found that overalls are tough to fit over her fluffy bum and once they’re on, they look kind of, eh-hem, bulky.

I can’t believe how seriously I think about these things…please tell me I’m not alone! Alas, I must continue.

Sleepwear. This was a trial and error thing. I found that when I put her in two-piece pajamas she ended up with leaks up around her belly. This was because the waistband on the pants would go up over the diaper and end up curved around the top of the diaper. We now only do one-piece jammies and they work perfectly without any leaks. Plus, they’re roomy enough to go over the slightly bulkier overnight diapers and it’s okay to size-up if necessary.

I have to admit, choosing clothing for a baby in cloth diapers took a little getting used to. I had a couple of trips back to stores to return items that either didn’t fit or looked a little silly on my girl. However, much like choosing clothes for myself, when I find what works I try to stick to that type of style and sizing. Because of this she definitely has her own unique, signature style and even family members walk into stores and say, “oh that’s so Natalie!”

By Jennifer G.
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Cloth Diaper Fashion

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After cloth diapering for over a year and a half, I finally broke down last month and bought my first Goodmama fitted diaper from Kelly’s Closet. I’d heard so many great things about Goodmama diapers, but just never wanted to spend “that much” money on a diaper. Seriously, my baby is just going to poop in it. I remember thinking that people where crazy for spending $60 - $80 or more on a single diaper if it meant buying a special limited edition print. I also recall hearing of the crazy “sell-out-in-seconds stockings” that would take place just to get one single diaper. As much as I loved my cloth diapers, I just wasn’t willing to go that far, and I know my pocket book wouldn’t have allowed me, even if I had wanted to. Besides, my husband would likely take away my credit cards if I spent that much on a single diaper!

Time has passed and all that craziness seems to have settled back down a bit, so when I saw the Goodmama diapers go on sale last month on Kelly’s Closet I just had to pick one up. When it arrived in the mail I was in love with my new diaper – the Primal Roar Goodmama fitted. I was surprised at how thick the diaper and inserts were, as well as how soft the organic bamboo velour was. I couldn’t wait to wash it and add it into my rotation. However, I purchased the diaper as a Christmas gift for my son Brendan, so it would have to wait a few weeks!

I was so in love with my new diaper that not a week later, I just had to add another one to my stash. Thankfully the Goodmama diapers were still on sale at Kelly’s Closet and I couldn’t pass up such a great deal. I ordered the “Get the Scoop” print figuring it was gender neutral enough for my little man, and it too found its way under the tree just in time for Christmas.
I’ve been using the Goodmama diapers for about two weeks now and absolutely love them. Brendan has been recovering from a round of Rotavirus so diaper changes have been less than fun in the past week if you know what I mean. Yesterday morning I went to change a stinky diaper and I was amazed that everything was contained inside the diaper. I have my doubts that any of our other diapers could have contained such a mess so well, and I rarely, if ever have leaks with any cloth diaper. I immediately rinsed off the diaper with my diaper sprayer and continued to wash my fluff that afternoon. The Goodmama came out looking like new…not a single stain! I was sure that I would have to take a few extra steps to clean up the light colored velour, but a normal wash routine using Rockin’ Green did the trick in just one wash. Simply amazing!
I can’t wait to get my hands on a few more Goodmama diapers as my cloth diaper budget allows. NOW I understand what the fuss is all about… Goodmama diapers rock!
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Feelin' the Goodmama Love!

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Our team of designers set out to create a truly unique and innovative diapering system with GroBaby. Months of prototyping, researching materials, and testing resulted in the most modern, creative, and smartly designed cloth/hybrid diapering system on the market today…GroBaby!

We often hear similar questions from prospective GroBaby customers and wanted to fully answer them for you! What was thinking behind the design and ultimately the success of this fantastic product line? Read on:

Why do GroBaby Shells have a mesh lining instead of the exposed (shiny side) PUL/TPU so I can wipe them out?
One of our top priorities when designing GroBaby Shells was to be certain it was the ultimate in comfort for baby. We chose silky soft TPU for the outside and a soft-brushed mesh for the inside. The mesh allows for proper airflow around baby’s skin unlike a standard diaper cover. We felt the “plastic side” of TPU/PUL should never be in direct contact with baby. Only the softest materials should go against baby’s skin, not sticky urethane.

GroBaby Shells should be used in the same fashion you’d use your favorite diaper cover. If the inside feels damp let your Shell air dry and use it at the next change. If the mesh smells or feels wet simply rinse, let air dry and use it at the next change. GroBaby Shells will dry in less than 2 hours at room temp. If your Shell is soiled toss it in the pail and get a new one.

Resoundingly, families using GroBaby full time require 10-12 Shells in their stash and will go through 2-4 Shells per day.

What is so “green” about BioSoakers?
GroBaby BioSoakers are truly unique. There is NO other absorbent pad for a hybrid diapering system like BioSoakers.

The inner layer of BioSoakers is made from Ingeo, a corn base biopolymer. That is derived from 100% annually renewable resources. This material is tested and is compostable to EN13432 (EU) standard and ASTM D 6400 (USA).

The core is made from wood pulp that contains just 3 grams of FDA approved corn derived SAP gel.

The outer waterproof layer is made from a 100$% natural bio-film that has been tested by both the BPI and DIN CERTCO and is compostable to EN 13432 (EU)

Our BioSoakers are the greenest in disposable/hybrid options and we’re proud to offer a great solution to parents when cloth just isn’t an option!

What is the cost Comparison between GroBaby and other Hybrid Systems?
A popular Hybrid System recommends: 6 Covers (in each size) and 6000 refills over the course of diapering each baby.
- 6 Covers in each size= $407.76
- 6000 Refills (ave cost is $.45)= $3107.76

-6 Covers in each size= $407.76-24
Size Small Cloth Refills= $119.96-24
Size M/L Cloth Refills= $119.96

Using the GroBaby Hybrid System and assuming the same number of changes.
-9 One Size GroBaby Shells = $152.25
-6000 BioSoakers (ave cost is $.39)= $2398.90

-12 One Size GroBaby Shells + 24 Organic One Size Soaker Pads and 16 Organic Boosters.

You may find that your needs vary slightly from the above counts, but overall GroBaby Cloth is the most economical way to diaper a baby!!

Cloth is the most environmentally friendly way to diaper, but BioSoakers are a fantastic option when cloth just isn’t possible!
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The In's and Out's of the Gro Baby Diapering System

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Press Release

Kelly’s Closet, Inc., a leading online cloth diapering boutique, announces it has been selected as the exclusive carrier of Smartipants One Size cloth diaper in Cocoa Bean. No other cloth diaper retailer in the world will carry the rich, chocolate color.

“We are honored that the founders of Smartipants asked us to exclusively carry one of their coolest and cutest colors yet, Cocoa Bean,” says Kelly Wels, the founder of “I know our customers are already excited about this new color because it is trendy and adorable too! We also know this color may encourage more moms to give cloth diaper diapering a try, after all, what mom doesn’t want her baby to wear this adorable diaper?”

The Benefit of Being Smart

Smartipants One Size cloth diapers offer the following benefits to moms and babies:

• Leak-guard technology that keeps moisture contained and baby dry.
• Breathable fibers, which are free from any chemicals or irritants.
• A design that grows with baby (fits babies 7-35lbs) so mom buys less cloth diapers
• One of the most affordably-priced one-size cloth diapers on the market today.
• A brand made in the USA by moms.

Smartipants are rising in popularity among cloth diapering moms who want a diaper that is smart, easy to use and fits into their busy lifestyles,” says Wels. “I continue to be impressed with these diapers and the company behind them and am proud to carry the entire line of Smartipants diapers.”

The Smartipants One Size cloth diaper in Cocoa Bean is available for $14.95 at Kelly's Closet and One Size Diaper Store.

About Diaper Shops

Diaper Shops is the home to five online specialty baby boutiques and diaper shops, including Kelly's Closet, FuzziBunz Online, One Size Diaper Store, Happy Heinys Online, and Bulk Cloth Diaper. The company’s flagship store, Kelly's Closet, not only offers one of the Web’s largest selections of cloth diapers brands that moms want, but also just about every cloth diaper accessory imaginable too! Diaper Shops has serviced more than 30,000 customers and has been a trusted name in cloth diapering since opening its first store, Kelly's Closet, in 2001.
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Kelly’s Closet Smartipants™ Exclusive One Size Diaper in Cocoa Bean

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