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FREE Kissaluvs One Size Marvels Fitted Diaper!

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A big thank you to Kim of Gro Baby for sponsoring our SUPER Fluff Friday 63! Stay tuned for a great blog post about Gro Baby next week.

10 winners will be chosen this week and will each win (almost a $50 retail value each!):

1-Gro Baby Intro Pak (1-Gro Baby Shell & 1-Gro Baby Biosoakers 50 pk)

1-Gro Baby Organic Cotton Soaker Pad
1-Gro Baby Organic Cotton Booster

What to do? Become a fan of Gro Baby on Facebook! Then come back and post a comment with "Gro Baby facebook fan" :You should leave your comment before Thursday, January 28th at 7pm EST. (You can only comment ONCE PER GIVEAWAY, NOT PER DAY.)

Other ways to enter:
  1. Being a follower of our blog or subscribing to our blog, gives you one extra comment PER GIVEAWAY, NOT PER DAY. Simply post a comment saying that you are a follower.
  2. Commenting in other posts during the week will give you ONE EXTRA comment PER EACH comment that you make. Simply post a comment on this one saying the title of the post where you wrote your comment. So, what are you waiting for?? Participating in other posts pays off!!!
  3. Fluff FridayAdvertising the giveaway in a forum or other blog gives you ONE extra comment PER GIVEAWAY, NOT PER DAY. Simply post a comment saying that you are a advertising and where.
  4. Using our button on your blog (or starting to) gives you one extra comment PER GIVEAWAY, NOT PER DAY. Simply post a comment saying that you are using it and where.
  5. Being a fan of our Facebook group gives you one extra comment PER GIVEAWAY, NOT PER DAY. Simply post a comment saying that you are a Facebook fan.
  6. Being a follower on Twitter gives you one extra comment PER GIVEAWAY, NOT PER DAY. Simply post a comment saying that you are a follower and your Twitter ID.
  7. One entry for signing up for our newsletter at Kelly's Closet. Post a comment when you sign up or if you are already signed up.
  8. Tweet @diapershops fluff friday @grobaby #clothdiapers giveaway Enter at . Then come back and comment that you tweeted.
  9. Tweet any unique tweet with @diapershops #clothdiapers. Cut and paste your tweet and post as a comment. You can get 1 entry for EVERY unique tweet!
  10. Being an affiliate of Kelly's Closet. Please post your affiliate id in your comment.
  11. Place an order at any DiaperShops store between 1/22-1/28. Post your order # and order date in the comments.
  12. Leave a product review at Kelly's Closet and return to the blog and comment which product you reviewed.
Have questions?? Visit our FAQ's.

How? We will draw one winner randomly with an "Online Number Generator" and will make a post with the winner on Friday, January 29th. It is the responsibility of the winner to contact us to claim their prize.

Who can participate?
US Residents are welcome!

Important note about the winner:
If we haven't heard from the winner by the closing time of next week's giveaway, we will choose another winner that will be published TOGETHER with next week's winner.

Good luck, and don’t forget to tell all your family and friends about the giveaway! In case that you don't win, what a better person to win than a friend of yours!!
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SUPER Fluff Friday 63 - Ten Gro Baby Giveaway's!

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A very warm and heartfelt thank you for everyone who participated in the Fluffy Fundraiser for Haiti Relief. $5460 will now be going to the American Red Cross International Response Fund-Haiti Relief.

I just love the cloth diapering community- you all were very generous and every penny will be going to those in need!

Now for the moment you have all been waiting for....the raffle winners!

Raffle #1- Big Fluffy Pak:
3-Goodmama THE ONE
3-FuzziBunz One Size
3-Gro Baby Shell Sets
3-bumGenius os 3.0
Retail value: $269.00+

Congrats go to: Brandi - order 34055

Raffle #2, #3, #4, #5:
$100 gift certificate to any of our stores

Congrats go to:
Elizabeth - order 33540
Janelle - order 33444
Nancy - order 33471
Kristi - order 33733

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you and thank you all for your support!

Kelly W.
aka The Cloth Diaper Whisperer

P.S. All raffle ticket orders will be marked as 'shipped' for the order status.
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Fluffy Fundraiser for Haiti Relief Raffle Winners!

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Congratulations to Linda and the entire Happy Heinys team on their many achievements and their dedication to providing USA made products - down in sunny San Diego, California!

Family Owned and Closely Operated Business Awards
January 5, 2010 - San Diego, California

Happy Heinys, one of the largest manufacturers of modern reusable cloth diapers, is proud to officially announce they have been selected to be a recipient of the Honoree Awards for the San Diego Family Owned and Closely Held Business Awards.

"This is a very special award for Happy Heinys and the owners and family members who work with us to receive," states Linda Byerline, CEO. “This company was founded due to the medical needs of our youngest child Sarah who was born prematurely. When the decision to take this originally small home business and turn it into a full fledge "real" business was made, it was made on the principles that family and local businesses were most important." Happy Heinys has strived to continue with those same principles today, 8 years later. As other similar businesses are taking their manufacturing over-seas to China, the owners of Happy Heinys refuse to follow suit stating, "the lack of quality control when product production is out of your hands is next to zero. It is well known that the USA tends to produce higher quality goods and it is our desire to manufacture only the highest quality reusable diaper we can," explains Byerline.

About the Family Owned and Small Business Awards:
San Diego Business Journal celebrates and recognizes San Diego's family-owned and closely held businesses. The award honors those with familial ties as well as those having 3 or less individuals who own more than 50% of the business. Some of the items taken into consideration in choosing the Honorees are: the size of business, amount of family working in the business, and charitable contributions. There were a total of 46 finalists and in the small business category there were just 3 Honorees that included MLB Industries Inc dba (doing business as) Happy Heinys.

About Happy Heinys
Happy Heinys first opened in January 2002 after the premature birth of the third child of Linda Byerline. It was a true invention of necessity. Over the last 6 years Happy Heinys has become one of the largest manufactures of modern day reusable cloth diapers and one of the most popular cloth diapers in Hollywood and among the world's favorite celebrity babies as well as the #1 rated reusable cloth diaper on the internet.

Interested in Happy Heinys? Visit our DiaperShops store Happy Heinys Online!
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Happy Heinys Owners Win San Diego Award

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Just when I thought I had perfected my overnight cloth diapering system (a bumGenius One Size 3.0 pocket diaper stuffed with a micro-terry insert and a BabyKicks Hemparoo Joey Bunz) I ran into yet ANOTHER stink issue. Of course, overnight diapers can be a bit challenging when it comes to odor build-up, but I thought as long as I had a routine to deal with the washing challenge of the micro-terry inserts I would be okay. Then my hemp inserts became the problem child! I couldn’t get them completely odor-free with my regular washing routine. When my micro-terry inserts start to act up I can resort to bleach, however bleach is not recommended for hemp. I started to panic...maybe my overnight system isn’t so perfect. Now what do I do?

Call Serena?!? Normally, yes, but I decided that I would give this a full trial run on my own to see what I could come up with. Worst case scenario, I knew that Serena would be there if I needed her!

My first idea was to just strip the hemp inserts. I did several washes with hot, hot water without any detergent. I never saw any suds coming out and they were still pretty stinky.

Then I eyed my bag of Rockin’ Green (Grape Soda, in case you’re wondering). Now, I am a huge Rockin’ Green fan and sing their praises whenever possible, but even this fan really didn’t think a “mini-strip” using the detergent would actually work. Shame on me for doubting! Since I have a front loader that uses a very small amount of water (great for the environment, tough for cloth diapers) I decided to do my soaking in the sink. Side note: I had to plan this when my firstborn, Olivia, was in school because she loves to use my diaper-soaking in the downstairs bathroom as her perfect excuse not to wash her hands!

I filled the sink with super hot water and about 2 ½ Tablespoons of Rockin’ Green. I set my timer (don’t laugh, this is a serious experiment and I’m known to lose track of time) and left them alone for 30 minutes. After they soaked I ran them through a normal wash with 2 extra rinse cycles to be sure all of the detergent was rinsed out. The result? They came out of the dryer absolutely perfect. No smells, good or bad. And like a corny, laundry detergent commercial my husband remarked, “They’re brighter and whiter now, too!” I promise you, he’s much cooler in person!

Relief, my overnight system is perfect again. And I didn’t have to contact Serena!

-By Jennifer G.
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Perfection Challenged!

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We spent a little more than a week in Orlando, FL with my family for the holidays. The last time we visited our family in Florida we stayed with my sister and I opted to cloth diaper at that time. Since we were staying with my sister again I decided to go ahead and pack up our diaper stash and continue with our cloth diaper routine. However, since our last visit my sister’s family has welcomed a new member to the household - a puppy. Jethro, the now 8 month old 55 pound family dog added quite a bit of entertainment during our stay.

Brendan woke up a little after 7am the morning after Christmas. His portable crib was set up downstairs in the office; when I opened the door I was overwhelmed with the smell of a very dirty diaper. I quickly changed him out of his pajamas and put on a clean diaper before heading upstairs to get him dressed (wouldn’t want that smell wafting through the house). I rolled up the diaper and put it in the downstairs bathroom where I had been rinsing out the diapers and storing my wet bag. Then I peaked into my nephew’s bedrooms to see him and my older son Ian sound asleep. I also noticed Jethro still fast asleep in his crate.... on the other side of a tall security gate.

You know where this is going, right? Not more than five minutes after I went upstairs to get Brendan dressed I hear my sister calling, “The dog has your diaper!” At first I thought that she meant that the dog had gotten into the stack of clean diapers I had outside the office door. I washed and folded a load the night before just after putting Brendan down for the night.

I quickly walked down the stairs to find the bumGenius One Size 3.0 pocket diaper laying in the middle of the tile floor outside of the bathroom… and it was NOT one of the freshly laundered ones! It was the dirty, yucky diaper I had just changed moments before. Completely disgusted by the thought of the dog “cleaning” the diaper, my sister banished Jethro to the back patio and gave him a breath freshening dog bone to gnaw on. I picked up the diaper, threw it in the wet bag and continued to mop the floor where the dog had dropped it.

After pondering how the event unfolded that morning - the only thing we could think of was my 6½ year old nephew must have woken up, let the dog out of his crate and then failed to lock the gate which typically keeps him confined to one side of the house. Too bad my nephew wasn’t old enough to clean up the mess... I don’t find mopping the floor at 7am a particularly exciting way to start the day!

Ultimately, however, I’m glad my diaper held up to the “doggy test” and we can now all sit back and laugh at the unforgettable morning.

Final Score: Diaper 1 Dog: 0

-By Katrina W.
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Diaper vs. Dog

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Have you visited Tereson Dupuy, the inventor of FuzziBunz, at her blog, The Green Diaper Queen?

Travel with Tereson as she brings you great content and culture!
Every Monday you can solicit questions that you would like Tereson (Inventor of FuzziBunz®) to answer. Whether it be a personal question (ex. Why did you invent Fuzzibunz®? How do you manage your time between work and home?) or maybe a troubleshooting question (What is the best detergent to use for FuzziBunz®?)

Tereson will choose two winners per week and their questions will be answered in a short video. The questions not chosen for that week will be put into a bank where we will then choose a different two winners for the following week. This gives you more opportunities to win! If you submit a question every week, you get four chances to win.
Each winner will receive 1 FuzziBunz One Size Diaper!

We are proud to be one of FuzziBunz largest retailers bringing you the original pocket diaper and the new one size diaper!
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Visit FuzziBunz at Mailbox Mondays!

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A few weeks ago Kim from Dirty Diaper Laundry tweeted on twitter about wanting to review the new Econobum and Flip Diaper Systems by the makers of bumGenius. We replied to her tweet and sent her both items to review.

If you haven't stopped by Kim's blog you need to head on over. She does wonderful video reviews of cloth diapers and related products. She explains how to use a particular system, tips and tricks on how to make them work the best, and also rates the diapers with a 5 star rating system based on: Ease of Use, Bang for the Buck, Fit, and Overall ranking.

Click here to see Kim's entire post on the Econobum or you can watch the actual video below!

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Dirty Diaper Laundry's Econobum Video Review

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