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Weekend Super Saver Coupon - 10% off Diaper Covers Jan 16th & 17th

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Dear Friends:

In lieu of our usual Fluff Friday giveaway we would love to have you help us with a "Fluffy Fundraiser for Haiti Relief." Over the years I have learned that my customers are some of the best, most generous and most thoughtful people around. Let's come together to help our friends and neighbors in Haiti. Our goal: to raise $3,000 (MET)! REVISING NEW GOAL to $5000!)

$5050.00 at 7:20am est 1/21
$4380.00 at 12:25pm est 1/20
$4010.00 at 7:55am est 1/19
$3720.00 at 2:10pm est 1/18 (smile!)
$3280.00 at 9:20am est 1/17
$2970.00 at 4:35pm est 1/16 (how wonderful!)
$2580.00 at 6:55am est 1/16 (So heartwarming.)
$1890.00 at 5:57pm est 1/15 (Truly amazing!)
$1100.00 at 3:00pm est 1/15 (WOW! This just went live about 2.5 hours ago)

Here's how you can help us achieve that goal:

Buy one or more raffle tickets for $10 each at Kelly's Closet now through Jan. 21st before 3pm est. Buy as many as raffle tickets as you would like, but know that even $10 helps!

(Please purchase your raffle tickets as a separate order than regular product items.)

On January 22nd, we will select 5 raffle ticket holders to receive these fantastic prizes:

Raffle #1- Big Fluffy Pak:
3-Goodmama THE ONE
3-FuzziBunz One Size
3-Gro Baby Shell Sets
3-bumGenius os 3.0
Retail value: $269.00+

Raffle #2, #3, #4, #5:
$100 gift certificate to any of our stores

EVERY dollar raised strictly goes to American Red Cross International Response Fund-Haiti Relief.
*Your purchase of a raffle ticket doesn't count as a dollar amount to qualify for free shipping or other promotions.*A discount code cannot be used on the raffle ticket. Thank you so much for all of your support.

With warm regards,
Kelly W.
Owner, Kelly's Closet Inc
aka The Cloth Diaper Whisperer
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Fluffy Fundraiser for Haiti Relief -ENDS 1/21 at 3pm est!

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is: Kristen & Cliff!
will receive:
1-GoodMama One Size All in One THE ONE Diaper
1-GoodMama One Size Fitted Diaper

This week's Twitter winner is: Waddlebug
She will receive: 1-bumGenius one size organic aio diaper

This week's Facebook winner is: Erin Austin
She will receive: 1-bumGenius one size 3.0 diaper

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 62 PLUS Twitter & Facebook Winners

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We’d like to excitingly introduce our new, exclusive to Kelly’s Closet, Goodmama “The One” One Size All-in-One diapers...

Meet Lavender

Surround yourself in lavender and feel its soothing, relaxing properties with The Lavender ONE, a goodmama all-in-one diaper covered in lavender and sage stripes with soft but sturdy lavender cotton velour inside. A beauty, inside and out!

Meet Spattered

Remember when creativity had no limits or expectations? When given a crayon, you didn't draw a red flower with a green stem . . . you scribbled, swirled, and spattered. Let The Spattered ONE spark your creative drive again . . . . a montage of color, a collection of shapes and designs . . . a perfect blend of independence and art.

Meet Chopsticks

Feel like some take-out tonight? White chopsticks are scattered on a bright, bold red background -- all you need now is the fortune cookie.

Add one, or all of these lovely diapers to your stash today!
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Rockin’ New GoodMama Exclusives!

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One of the things I love the most about cloth diapering is the simplicity of it all. No harsh chemicals, no waste, no last-minute scrambles to the store for more diapers and wipes. Even the laundry routine is simple, repetitive and predictable. However, there are times when I run into little snafus with my routine. Whether human error, product error or just plain bad luck your diapers can start to give you trouble and these troubles can be very frustrating. Thus far I have encountered repelling, lingering smells, build-up and any combination of these three. Through trial and error I have found simple solutions that solve these issues quickly and easily.

Repelling: At one point I had an issue with my diapers repelling. I’m still not sure what the culprit was, but my diapers were leaking when they weren’t even really that full, a sure sign of repelling. I filled my kitchen sink with very hot water, 2-3 drops of Dawn* dish soap and my pocket diapers. I hand scrubbed them and rinsed like crazy. Once I really felt I had gotten the soap out almost entirely (dish soap can be very bad for your washing machine) I then put them through multiple rinse cycles in my washer.

Build Up: Now that I’m using Rockin' Green (love it!) I really don’t think I will have to strip my diapers much, but in the past I have stripped them. To me, stripping sounds harsh, and maybe even a little risqué! Really it is just rinsing…A LOT…with hot water. The theory is that you should continue to rinse until you don’t see any suds in the water. I never really have a ton of suds with Rockin' Green, but with prior detergents I saw a lot of suds coming out of my previously “clean” diapers so this step was necessary.

Stink/Stains: My mother taught me to never use the term hate, so I will say I loathe bleach. And it’s not the green side of me that ha…I mean, loathes it so much. I’ve actually found that it’s not as incredibly bad for the environment as one might think. The truth is I can be careless and sloppy at times and bleach is just too permanent a mistake for me! I always try stripping first and drying out in the sun to “bleach out” stains and freshen smelly diapers.

However, sometimes those micro-terry inserts can really hang onto smells and stains, especially the ones from the overnight diapers. When necessary I fill a sink with hot water and just a splash of bleach (see anyone who uses the term “splash” in association with bleach really shouldn’t be using it!) to freshen them up. Again, I rinse, rinse, rinse so there is no leftover bleach anywhere near my little girl.
During my trial (and errors) I have used some other suggestions involving additives like baking soda, vinegar and Bac-Out, but I haven’t found them to be that effective and/or I don’t want to worry about the potential side effects either to my daughter’s skin, my washing machine or my diapers. Thus far, my tried and true laundry routines, along with my “snafu solutions,” have kept my diapers in perfect working order.

-By Jennifer G.

NOTE: We do not recommend the use of Dawn dishwashing liquid to strip your diapers unless you know the problem is due to an oily or waxy buildup (and these recommendations are very few and far between and only on a case-by-case basis. Dawn dishwashing liquid can damage your washing machine! So, if your worse case scenario warrants the use of Dawn then you must hand-wash/scrub the diapers in a sink or basin and rinse thoroughly before running the diapers in your washing machine.
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Snafu Solutions

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UPDATE: We want to thank Katrina for her post about her personal experiences with baby wearing. We have received some comments that do not agree with this method of babywearing. We have decided to post these comments however The Cloth Diaper Whisper and its parent company, Kelly's Closet, Inc do not endorse specific baby wearing methods and we refer customers to the manufacturer for instructions.

My youngest son, Brendan, is now 21 months old. Gone are the swaddling blankets, pacifiers, small diapers and sleepless nights. However, one item from those infant days still gets a lot of use in our household… my Moby Wrap. I did almost as much research into baby carrying and different wraps and slings as I did into cloth diapering when I first began thinking about giving it a try. I finally decided on the Moby Wrap due to the wide variety of holds it offers, as well as the ability to carry a child weighing up to 35lbs. It has definitely been the best baby gear item I’ve owned throughout my son’s infant/toddler stage.

I began wearing Brendan in my Moby Wrap shortly after bringing him home from the hospital. I was able to do laundry, vacuum and do other chores around the house all while he was safely snuggled in the Cradle Hold happy as can be. I can’t begin to count the number of hours he napped there as well. As he got older I switched to the Hug Hold, followed by the Lotus Hold. My Moby Wrap granted me the freedom to get out of the house fairly easily to go grocery shopping. My oldest son, Ian, would have been running wildly around the store had I been forced to put Brendan in the cart allowing Ian to walk on his own. The Moby Wrap has been a lifesaver!

When I really stop and think about all the places I’ve worn my Moby Wrap I am simply amazed. Perhaps the most memorable time was our trip to Orlando when Brendan was 11 months old… and the airplane ride to get to Florida for that vacation. We had purchased a ticket for Brendan for our flights enabling us to take his carseat with us on the plane for him to sit in. I had flown with Ian as an infant sitting on my lap for the duration of the same long flight and the thought of repeating that fiasco made the decision to take the carseat an easy one. That said, we now not only had to load two children onto a plane, but a large carseat as well. We solved the problem by wearing Brendan in the Moby, thus freeing my hands to hold onto Ian, as well as some luggage. My husband was then able to carry the carseat onto the plane and get it secured into the seat. (We learned the hard way to always ask for a seatbelt extender if you want to easily remove the carseat from an airline seat!) I can’t tell you how many people at the airport asked about my Moby Wrap. I think I may have even sold one to another mother who was seated near us in the terminal as we waited to board our plane.

Now that Brendan is 21 months old, and weighs somewhere around 30 lbs, I still find myself grabbing my Moby Wrap at least once a week. Due to Brendan’s size, I have now made the transition to using the Hip Hold and the Hike Hold. The Hip Hold is very simple, and can easily be done without any help. I use this hold for short shopping trips, and times Brendan just wants to be held and I can’t let him run around on his own. For longer shopping trips and walks where I have my husband with me, I use the Hike Hold. I’ve even used this hold for a short mountain hike and it worked great. Brendan leaned over to look over my shoulder while we hiked and had a huge smile on his face the whole way. We hiked for a full 60 minutes in pretty rough terrain (I even hoped over 2 small creeks with my husbands help of course!) and my back held up great with Brendan happy as could be. I would have never been able to hike with my family if it hadn’t been for my Moby Wrap. Now that I know it works so well for us, I’m anxious to try it out on longer hikes. I was an avid hiker before having children, so I’m thrilled that I will be able to return to my favorite form of exercise as soon as the weather cooperates.

It seems so many people think of newborns and infants when they consider wraps and baby wearing. With the Moby Wrap, you can continue right on through the toddler years. I know that there are many situations where I can’t let my little guy run around on his own, and the Moby Wrap has been there to save the day. Right now our family is house hunting in a new city after a cross country move. My husband works full time, so I am the one doing all the foot work and touring possible homes. I don’t know how I would be able to stay sane doing this while trying to keep track of a 3 ½ year old and a 21 month old in a strange house. It’s been so easy for me to slip Brendan in the Moby Wrap using the Hip Hold, and take Ian by the hand as we tour the homes. I don’t mean to repeat myself, but I’ll say it again because I really mean it… the Moby Wrap is a lifesaver!

If I could only give one piece of advise to any new mom, or mom to be, it would be invest in a Moby Wrap. It’s the one piece of baby gear that you will use for at least two years, and is worth every penny. In my case, I’m sure we’ll be using it beyond the two year mark up until Brendan reaches the weight limit, and I can begin to trust him walking on his own.

By Katrina W.
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Still Wrapping!**UPDATED**

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Goodmama was born in 2005 after inventor Suzanne Atwood began cloth diapering her youngest child and became frustrated with the diapers and accessories then available. A lifelong seamstress, Suzanne began designing and sewing, embarking on an extensive testing program to develop the unique and original Goodmama true one-size fit.

Goodmama hit the market with a splash, finally making wetbags and cute, squishy fitted diapers more widely available. Word of the quality and amazing one-size fit spread quickly; Goodmama soon became the favorite collectible boutique diaper on the market.

Today Goodmama continues to lead the trends with original and unique creations for the cutest cloth diapered behinds. Goodmama offers the widest variety of diaper prints and fabrics, enabling cloth enthusiasts to diaper in style while enjoying perfect fit and top quality.

Goodmama has created several new diapers to suit every cloth diapering taste, including:

* the good.night, the extremely absorbent overnight diaper,
* the simple.good, a snapless fitted for the pin or snappi user, and
* the wildly popular ONE, an all-in-one diaper that truly works, even overnight!

Goodmama employees are mostly work-at-home moms who lend their talents to the company while staying home with their children. All Goodmama products are made with US-milled organic bamboo fabrics and are handmade by fairly paid US workers. Suzanne believes keeping construction in the United States is important, a decision which makes Goodmama diapers/products cost more however subsequently benefits our economy and workers.

Part of being a good mama requires giving back, so Goodmama is involved in many charitable products through out the year and is a regular supporter of Miracle Diapers, an amazing charity aimed at providing cloth diapers to low-income families.

Goodmama believes that cloth diapering should be fun, fashionable, available, responsible and sustainable!
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Goodmama Product Focus

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As cloth diapering moms, we all have a story to tell. We continuously encourage and welcome guest bloggers to The Cloth Diaper Whisperer and would love to hear from you!

Earn extra Diaper Dollars™ by sharing your cloth diapering passion with us! Let your creativity and cloth diapering love benefit you and others... contact us today for more details.
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