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Who says this is hard?

Some Grandmothers remember the ins and out of babies as soon as their first Grandchild is handed to them, and some, well… don’t. My mother-in-law falls into the second category. When she is watching the kids, which usually only happens once or twice a year, I try to make everything as easy on her as possible. This includes keeping disposable diapers in the house so that she doesn’t have to mess around with our cloth.

There are plenty of times that she has put disposables on backwards (isn’t it harder that way??), and used a package clearly labeled “Boogie Wipes” to clean the baby’s bottom, so I thought that just the basics would be complicated enough for her, and never even showed her any of the fluff!

One day, when I had an appointment with the doctor, and my husband could not take off of work, I left the children in her care at my house, with the normal setup of disposables readily available to her. I was wondering what I would find when I got back, would it be a backwards diaper? A grape scented booty? no diaper at all?? Nothing could have prepared me for what I DID find… a perfectly executed fitted WITH cover!

And they say that cloth is harder!! Well, “THEY” never met my MIL!
Now, I just make sure she knows where the cloth is, and don’t worry about spending my money on throw aways for her to use!

By Meredith M.

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  1. LYNN said...

    is that your LO? if so i LOVE that diaper!!! whered you get it? its freaking ADORABLE!

  2. Riggslacey said...

    That is awesome. My MIL never has a problem using my fluff. She prefers sposies if she takes DD out of the house, but we keep thos on hand for hubs. Yay for MILs who are stuck in their ways(well, at least with fluff)

  3. Ashley said...

    how did she find the fitted and the cover? what made her want to do that? curious because my mom would just leave my son naked if she had to search for a diaper and if she found the fitted, no way would she have known it needed a cover!

  4. DeVore Family said...

    That's awesome! Maybe she used cloth diapers with her kiddos!

  5. Meredith said...

    Lynn- Yes, that is my daughter in the picture! What you see is a fleece cover that I bought from someone on Etsy.
    Ashley- my older girls probably showed her where they were, they are often asked to go get me a clean diaper.

    She didn't use cloth on my husband and his sister, they were born just after the introduction on sposies and she jumped on the bandwagon!

  6. Angie said...

    Too funny! It's nice for them to have some good redeeming qualities to focus our attentions on. 😀

  7. Anna said...

    that's awesome! My MIL used cloth on her kiddos, but can't seem to figure out ours. :( My mom on the other hand has never had any trouble with our fluff! FuzziBunz really shouldn't be too hard to figure out…. :)

  8. Catherine said...

    So wonderful! Both my mother and my mother in law have forgotten a lot (my MIL & FIL always tell me I should have my 17 month old potty trained- all their kids were out of diapers by 11 months. My husband was potty trained at 9 months. I call him the poopin prodigy). They both try really hard to use our fluff though- we never buy disposables.

  9. JayZ said...

    My MIL was visiting this weekend and insisted that I show her how to put on a cloth diaper since I was leaving DD with her for a couple hours. She said if anyone wants to know how easy cloth is, just ask her! She LOVES our cloth diapers!

  10. meason98 said...

    that's great! my mom loves the new, modern cloth diapers & covers! i think she's a bit jealous :)

  11. jessicawiant said...

    My MIL is a cloth diaper veteran and LOVES all my modern cloth!

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