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It’s Not You, It’s Me (Leaky diapers)

BumGenius– check. Happy Heinys– check. Inserts- check.  All I needed to start my cloth diapering journey was displayed in front of me ready for the conquering (laundering, then conquering, in this case). A friend gave me some from her stash and I thought, why not give it a try? We’re compost-having, garden-growing, green-living people so why not be cloth-diapering parents? I have the summers off as a teacher so it seemed the perfect time to give it a whirl with our six-month old.

I talked it up to my husband to convince the tight-wad to let me buy more. “Oh honey, they’ll save us so much money and look how cute they make baby’s tush look!”  There was only one problem…they leaked. Not a little, but a lot. Like, how in the world will I ever use these for more than an hour and not wash ten outfits a day, a lot.

The questions swirled in my head. Stripping? Nah. Bleach? Nope, not for leaks. Tight enough? Chubby thighs were beautifully encased. Were cloth diapers just a crunchy sham? My debit card was still warm from my online diaper purchases that were in the mail, so I knew I had to figure out a solution or else purchase a secret cache of disposables to hide from my husband.

What could be wrong? I combed the internet until I stumbled on an article about heavy wetters. DING! The dryer timer went off for my inserts at the same time as the proverbial light bulb above my head. I had a heavy wetter!  It wasn’t the diapers- my kid pees a ton!  Double-lining was my last shot; it just had to work.

The next day my husband came home, pleased to finally see our son wearing his adorable spring-green Happy Heiny.  “I owe you an apology. The diapers seem to work well. Sure, buy some more for your stash.” He noticed the bubble-butt appearance, but I assured him that double-stuffed diaps are all the better to soak up the pee.  Sure enough, the last six months we have stuck to doubling up the inserts in our pocket diapers and no one has held a single “sprung a leak baby” since.  I love cloth diapers, and with the help of my insert army, I’m changing the world one diaper at a time.

By Sandi C.


  1. babymakes5 said...

    I have also discovered that microfiber towels like the kind you find at Walmart will do wonders to solve the leaky diaper.I don't have any Happy Heiny's and my Bum Genious are on the way as we speak from Kelly's Closet.I think Happy Heiny's will be the next one we try though.My favorite diaper is the Blueberry Minky they work well with a blueberry insert and muslin liners probably 2-3 of those at night.

  2. I have a heavy night wetter, and I have even gone as far as tripling him up sometimes!

    We cosleep and trust me there is NOTHING worse than waking up in your kid's pee. Nothing.

  3. Amanda said...

    Oh yeah! I have two heavy wetters…I'd never even consider just putting them in a diaper with one insert. They'd be wet with the first pee! Double all the way!

  4. nataliem said...

    I have also discovered that my baby is a heavy wetter! She was leaking, and I was laundering…a lot!!!!
    Then, I discovered hemp inserts, and I think I might have solved my problem. I currently have 2 Hemp Babies inserts in my rotation, and I'm still in the testing phase of my research, but I'm crossing my fingers hoping hemp is the answer. They are super thin and work great with my bumGenius 4.0's. I hope they work b/c I just had to talk the hubby into buying a bunch online!!!:)

  5. scriswell said...

    Happy Heinys are my favorite, and Bum Genuis are very popular so I'm sure you'll be pleased with your purchase. I've never tried the Blueberry Minky- that may be my next purchase. Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. I love this! I actually THOUGHT I had a heavy wetter until I switched to cloth! He leaked out of disposables all the time. I can use a single cotton prefold on him and he will go 4 hours easy…and overnight I use a thicker prefold, but still just one! I'm loving cloth!

  7. Cortney G. said...

    Love it, Sandi!! Glad you got it all solved. Remember the Hemp Babies doubler I told you about……it's much more trim but hemp soaks up a TON!! I use those at night in addition to Kemps other doubler or when he is wearing his skinny jeans!;)

  8. mojoraven said...

    I have some fitted diapers that I always use two of. I thinks they're too small, I can't wrap around enough to pin it, I just wrap her cover around and so far they've stayed in place.

  9. Jen said...

    I got some of the rainforest babies inserts, and love love love them. they hold way more pee than any of my other inserts, and yet are more trim. I EC (can't wait till you try that!) but sometimes if she is sick then we'll have a lot of wetness overnight from nursing constantly – those do a way better job than the bum-genious, happy heiny or any of my other inserts.

  10. Heather Irwin said...

    Its always fun trying to figure out what works best for your baby! I found my son is a very heavy wetter at night. Through a trial and error system I found that he does great if I put him in a FB diaper with an organic flip insert and a newborn RAR insert tucked in it! Sounds strange but works like a charm!

  11. M said...

    I hate leaky diapers! So happy to find out the solutions for it through this post and the comments made. With so many choices out there can be mega confusing!

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