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FuzziBunz Hook & Loop Cloth Diapers are Here and We Have Them! exclusively has the new FuzziBunz Perfect-Sized Hook & Look Cloth Diapers in stock!  These diapers give those moms with a preference for Velcro-esque diapers the chance to try the ultra-popular FuzziBunz brand diapers.

We have very limited quantity in stock currently, but more is on the way in December. They range in price from $13.95 for x-small through $15.95 for small, mediums and larges. They are currently only available in white, mint and buttercream.

A little history: FuzziBunz was the diaper that sparked the entire modern diapering revolution. It has only been available with highly durable snap closures for the past 11 years. Time and time again the company has had requests for hook & loop closures – today they are testing the waters with their new hook & loop prototype. FuzziBunz are always made with high quality materials and continue to be one of our best-selling brands. We hope you enjoy experimenting with the new FuzziBunz Perfect-Sized Hook & Loop cloth diapers!


  1. Karen said...

    Hurray!!! Now I don't have to go searching to switch my brand in favor of the hook-loop!!! Now I just wait until they put them on the one-size diapers….

  2. Lillie Godbold said...

    omg i want one of these SO BAD!!!!! i have fb os in snaps and i need the hook n loop for when my mom watches my daughter while i try to finish school.

  3. Fuzzibunz is what makes most of my stash, including small perfect size and one size. I lo the snaps. I'm interested in these… how is the Velcro? Really strong like TotBots? Or more like the original Organic AIO OS BumGenius?

  4. La Mama Loca said...

    Can you share more pictures of these? Can the tabs cross over? What is the hook & loop like?

  5. Jennifer said...

    Could you post pictures of these diapers open? I'm having a hard time visualizing a hook & loop closure on a diaper.

  6. Kimberly said...

    Not so sure about these…love the FB partially because of the snap closure. I do keep a few hook & loop on hand though for church nursery, etc so might be worth trying!

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