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He Had NEVER Changed A Diaper. EVER.

My husband was all for cloth diapering, mostly because he’s just as much of a cheapskate as I am. Keep in mind that he had NEVER changed a diaper. EVER. I think that helped. 🙂 Of course, he was even more in favor of potty-training from Day One, but that’s another story.

We started out with a few bumGenius AIO and one One-Size, plus an odd assortment of used fitteds (Snap-to-Fit along with some others) and covers (Bummis) that we found locally. I quickly gravitated to the all-in-ones, loving the ease of changing, while he preferred (still does!) the fitteds with a cover. I think he liked the plain white, and of course I loved the cute colors. 🙂

Recently my daughter had a bout with diarrhea, and it was my husband’s (self)-assigned task to rinse out the poopy diapers. Yuck. I was so incredibly grateful, as a pregnant stomach just cannot tolerate some things. Though he complained, he very sweetly took every last diaper out in the woods (yes, seriously) and hosed them all down. Did I mention he was a country boy? No fancy indoor sprayers for us, thank you very much. But however he did it, those diapers got clean, and I’m so thankful. (And I wish I had a picture of him with the hose, just to prove it to you).

All that said, yes, I do the bulk of the cloth diapering around here, but it wouldn’t have been nearly such an awesome journey without the support — and selfless help! — of my sweet husband. Go daddy diapering!

Audrey is married to a Marine who actually helps with cloth diapers, mothers a 17-month-old baby girl who wears them, and can’t wait to meet the newest addition in November who will help her try out some new brands. 🙂 She also blogs at, creating a platform for older women to share their wisdom with those of us who just aren’t there yet.

By Audrey


  1. Ashley said...

    lol! great post! my BF also uses the hose to rinse out the poo!

  2. Julie Kieras said...

    That is awesome – I also have a hubby who is supportive of cloth diapering – if you want to read his take on cloth, read his blog post here:

    "go daddy diapering" – I love it! 🙂

  3. Alycia said...

    This was the greatest post I've ever read! You have a wonderful hubby- keep him around!

  4. Crystal said...

    Haha! That's great! Lets hear it for supportive dads!

  5. Samantha D said...

    He was all for saving money when I bought them,and explained. Since a few family members bought us disposable diapers I used them for the newborn stage and started him in cloth when he was almot a month. After he would go "why do we have to change to cloth?" and he told me that cloth can never hold as much as a sposie does. For the first month or so I was currently nursing almost 24/7 so the diapers were up to him to clean. & would rinse them next to washer. Although he's okay with cloth he really only uses pockets.Even with the trifold in the cover he won't even unless he has to.& he thinks fitteds are stupid since they aren't an AIO.

  6. Johanna said...

    My husband is fantastic about cloth. He preferred the prefolds over the bg 3.0s until our son went up to the big prefolds. Before our son was born between the two of us we'd changed maybe 6 diapers. Part of our reason for cloth was, we had to learn how to diaper anyway, how is this much different.

  7. StephanieU said...

    I wish my husband was more intersted in diapers – period! Ithink having to change his little brothers made it so he didn't want to help too much with our kids. But, he is handling the cloth just fine as long as it is pockets.

  8. Janae said...

    I love that my husband is so supportive of cloth diapering!

  9. Lolpi said...

    Maybe changing diapers for the first times can be challenging. Personally I know that when I got used to it it was not hard.

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