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How cloth diapering changed my life

Two years ago when I made the decision to switch to cloth diapers, I had no idea how it would change other aspects of my life. I remember back to when I was pregnant with my second son and was asked on a pregnancy forum if I was going to use cloth or disposable diapers. I quickly replied disposable and went on with life without really thinking about it. At the time, I was completely unaware of today’s cloth diapers, as I’m sure many women are. When I thought of cloth diapers, the old school prefolds and flats with pins and plastic pants came to mind. I wasn’t going to deal with that – along with all the poop. Yuck! However, my mind changed quickly soon after Brendan was born and I began to see the cute cloth diapers that other babies from that forum where wearing. I followed a link to Kelly’s Closet and to the bumGenius 3.0 pocket diaper. I was intrigued by how simple it looked, and liked the idea of a reusable diaper that would eliminate the weekly trips to the store to buy diapers for two children. Upon the arrival of my first fluffy mail from Kelly’s Closet, a bumGenius one-size sample pack, I was 100% on board with cloth diapering. Little did I know how this decision to purchase my first fluff would change my life.

After using cloth diapers for a few months I began to think about why I was using cloth on my children, but continuing to use disposable products for myself each month. I began doing a little research into women’s personal hygiene products and was alarmed at some of the things I read. Again on the same forum, I followed a link to a WAHM who makes cloth menstrual pads or “momma cloth” and fell in love with the beautiful fabrics she had available. I placed an order and haven’t used a single disposable product since then. I shouldn’t have been so surprised, but several of the things I had read about switching to cloth were true for me. My cycles really did seem lighter, and I was much more comfortable using cloth. I really wish I would have discovered momma cloth before I had children. It sure would have made the post partum period much more comfortable. As for cleaning my momma cloth, I simply store it in a small wet bag and wash it with my cloth diapers, or if it’s not fluff wash day, I’ve been known to wash them with towels now that I use Rockin Green detergent with all of my laundry.

Speaking of Rockin Green…that’s another product that has changed life in our home. In the past I was oblivious to all the additives in laundry detergent. I was far from living a green life. It’s not that I didn’t want to; I was just unaware of how I could make a few changes in order to live a greener, healthier life. After trying a bag of Rockin’ Green with my fluff, I feel in love with the detergent. If it was able to get the diapers clean and smelling so fresh, I just had to start using it on all of our clothing, towels and sheets. Even with Brendan’s sensitive skin, we haven’t had any problems at all using either Classic or Hard Rock in a variety of scents. (I just LOVE the new Smashing Watermelons and Rage Against the Raspberry!)

Cloth diapering also led me to discover my new favorite hobby – yarn. I love crocheting wool shorties and longies for both of my sons. My oldest son still has accidents some nights and beautiful, breathable wool is our answer to keeping his bed dry at night. As much as I enjoy crocheting in the evenings, I shudder to think that I may not have discovered this wonderful new hobby, had it not been for my decision two years ago to switch to cloth diapers. It’s kind of amazing how one small decision affected my life in so many ways. Have you ever stopped to think about how has cloth diapering changed your life?

By Katrina W- Regular Blog Contributor


  1. Wonderful! Thank you!
    For your older son…is he in underwear at night with longies/shorties over that? What if he heavily wets the bed? This may be something that will be a solution to my "totally over the nighttime potty training" attitude with our oldest! Thanks!

  2. Katrina said...

    The Cummings Family – My oldest still goes back and forth at night with staying dry. He was completely in underwear at night and doing great, then we moved cross country last fall and messed it all up. 🙁 I've been trying to get back to that, but for now we go back and forth between a toddler size CD and training underwear with absorbent inserts at night. Using wool at night is pretty much bullet proof for us, but as any type of cover, it's only as good as the diaper beneath. I would think that if your son heavily wet at night even a wool cover wouldn't keep the bed dry if he wasn't wearing some sort of absorbent layer underneath.

  3. Ashley said...

    Absolutely! I've switched to mama cloth and a diva cup. I only use natural cleaners, well basically only vinegar and baking soda. I purchase organic soap/shampoos/toothpaste etc. I am starting to recycle. And I NEVER thought I would become even slightly "green". But here I am, getting greener every day even if people do make fun of it… 🙂

  4. Cari said...

    I've been amazed how many other things have changed in our lives since we decided to cloth diaper our second. One of my big surprises was the connections with other moms who CD and I'm finding that it has led me to find other ways to conserve in my house as well.

    Patti (Cummings Family) – I'm intrigued about the nighttime solutions too. Our oldest has been day trained for about two years, but he still soaks at night.

  5. Sabrina said...

    I would be interested in using mamma cloth but a little nervous. I have decided to use home made cleaning products since my change to cloth.

  6. Stephanie said...

    It is interesting how one change can lead to many others. I have no desire to switch to mommy cloth, but cloth diapering has definitely opened my eyes to the chemicals in even more things like detergent.

  7. Amy Smith said...

    I started using mama cloth pads about a year ago — haven't had to since I'm three weeks to having my first baby! I'm excited that I'll have the comfy cloth pads for the postpartum time. Can't wait to cloth diaper too!!!! So many exciting things to come.

  8. Shay said...

    We no longer use paper towels or disposable wipes (unless traveling).

  9. Shelly said...

    Very true! Makes me think about the toxins I don't want my kiddo to come in contact with…not just in diapers but bath products, ect!

  10. Shandell said...

    great post! I have ZERO experience with cloth diapering, but really want to try it. Your perspective is very helpful.

  11. Ashley said...

    Do you have a pattern or link to the shorties that you crochet? I'd really like make son for my children! Thanks, Ashley

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