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Hand-Dyed Diapers

I have always been one to really get into special events and holidays. I always use face paint, costumes, and dress accordingly. But, it never occurred to me until recently that I can make my much loved cloth diapers a fun part of the many props I use to celebrate. I have been cloth diapering for almost 2 years now, and I love color and I love when my little ones’ diapers match what they wear.

There really is nothing that screams “Use cloth!” like a cute diaper peeking out of little pants that looks like it came with the outfit. This past Independence Day I really wanted to make a statement to everyone and let them know that our family is proud to be in America.

This time, instead of doing it with face paints or crazy hats I decided to show my support by dying one of our BabyKicks Organic Fitted cloth diapers red, white, and blue! This is something I’ve never done before, so I was a little intimidated by it. But, since I have my (most of the time) trusty internet, I did some research and found that it is actually very simple to dye clothes and cloth diapers at home. I went to the one fabric store in our little city and bought 2 colors (Tulip Red and Navy Blue) of the only fabric dye they had, Dylon. I don’t how this compares with other dyes, but since I am a novice I decided to give it a try. I soaked the diaper thoroughly in water and then prepared the dye. The package called for a sink full of water for the “garment” to be dyed correctly, but I wanted the colors to be very rich so I added the recommended amount of water to dissolve the dye completely and that was it. I had extra Tupperware type containers I picked up for one dollar each at the Dollar Store and used them to mix the dye in. I hung the diaper on a hanger with clothespins then dipped half of it into the solution. I held it there for about 2 minutes then let it drip with the hanger attached to the cabinet knob. I was in the kitchen and it worked out great! I was able to put the plastic container of dye right underneath the diaper without having to worry about a mess. I waited about 10 minutes and when the freshly dipped diaper stopped dripping I carefully, using rubber gloves, turned it around and dipped the opposite side into the second color. Waited 2 minutes and hung it up to drip for another 10 minutes. While the diaper was dripping this time I placed 2 large squares of plastic wrap on the counter, slightly overlapping each other to make one large rectangle. When the diaper was done dripping this time I placed it on the plastic wrap and wrapped it up then put it into a gallon Ziploc bag for 24 hours. After letting the dye set I rinsed, rinsed, rinsed until the water ran clear then washed with some towels to make sure all the excess dye was out. While I was hanging it on the line to dry a smile came across my face.

I was very impressed with the results of my “new” patriotic fluff. I have found a new passion for cloth that I didn’t realize was possible. Cute prints have nothing on hand dyed patterns! Next time, I am going to try using more natural methods of dying, such as using roots, vegetables, etc. But, for now, I’m glad I was able to show our love for our country as well as our love for cloth all at the same time!

By Gina of BabyKicks


  1. Laura said...

    Very Cool. I love it. I don't have any CD to hand dye…..yet, but I won't be afraid to dye when I do.

  2. Sabrina said...

    That is such a cool idea. Thanks for shareing your creativity with us.

  3. megpie said...

    so cool! i actually have lots of dye just waiting for me to dye prefolds with, but i have been too scared to do it…for a year, lol. maybe now i'll get it out! we'll see!

  4. Bao said...

    Yunno, for some reason, I don't dig dyed diapers. I think they look better au naturale!

  5. Anna said...

    How fun! So can you dye diaper covers too? I'm really curious about this….

  6. Christine said...

    how cute is that! What a great idea!

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