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Making Dirty Diaper Changes Easier

Perhaps the number one thing people say when you mention that you cloth diaper is, “What do you do with the poop?”

Good question; what do you do with the poop? If you’ve ever looked closely at the small print on the packaging of disposable diapers, you will find that they recommend that you dispose of the solid waste in the toilet. Does anyone you know actually do this? I can honestly say I only know one person who does. Most people are unaware of the fact that you are not supposed to dispose of human waste in your household garbage, but with the countless households that are unaware of this, it happens all the time without much thought. But getting back to the question about poop and cloth diapers, the answer is the same as disposable diapers – you dispose of it in the toilet.

It’s really not as gross as one might think, especially with the help of several cloth diapering accessories that I can’t live without: liners (both disposable and cloth) and my diaper sprayer.

Brendan, my two year old, has a slight lactose intolerance that not only gives him bright red cheeks after ingesting lactose, but also gives him stickier poop. Whereas, I do my best to limit the non lactose free dairy products from his diet, it is difficult to cut it out all together all the time. To help make his diaper changes easier, I have found that using liners solves our problems. I use both Bummis Bio Soft Disposable liners, as well as reusable Bummis Fleece Liners. The disposables are great for when we’re out and about or for when I know without a doubt he is going to poop. After the diaper change, I simply toss the poop and the liner in the toilet and let it sit until the next change. (We have a septic system and I want the liner to break down a bit before flushing it into the system.)

If the liner is just wet, I simply toss it in the garbage can. When I use the reusable fleece liners, I rinse off the poop with my diaper sprayer, just as I would a cloth diaper. I’m a real stickler for not putting a diaper in the pail with any poop on it, so I then follow up by rinsing the diaper off as well before putting it in the pail.

By Katrina!


  1. See Baby Shop said...

    I need to get out my Bummis liners!! I also refuse to put a diaper in the wet bag with any poop on it!!! I'm a rinsing maniac! Helps to have a sink in my upstairs laundry room!

  2. Crystal said...

    I just invested in a diaper sprayer, and I'm so glad I did! It makes the poop part of cloth diapering way less intimidating! I have bummis flushable liners, but I don't really use them as I find they bunch up in the middle and don't really catch the poop. It's been awhile since I tried them, though, and maybe now that my dd is eating more solids, the liners would contain her poop better. I would like for them to work well because that would be a great solution for out and about.

  3. Heather said...

    I didn't have a diaper sprayer until a few months ago, until then i dunked and swished. The sprayer definatly makes like easier. my son has a lactose intolerance too. I do use the flushable liners too. spraying the diapers is not that bad compared to the dunk and swish

  4. girlsmom0406 said...

    I was always told flushable liners were a big no-no with a septic system? We have septic and I used to love liners when we lived in the city with public sewer but I've been scared to wreck it since we moved and now have a septic.
    My daughter was daytime potty trained before we moved here, and now our son is still exclusively breastfed so all his diapers go right in the wet bag/wash, but he'll be 6 months old next month and we'll probably start solids, and I know that in-between stuff is pretty icky!

  5. lavashlee said...

    I just started CDs and have been building up my stash slowly as the budget allows. I already made a big CD-related purchase recently, so I have to wait awhile, but I have decided I DEFINITELY need a diaper sprayer and it's next on the list! While the dunk and swish is actually a lot more effective than I thought it would be, it does have a high ick factor.

  6. Jill said...

    I have a friend who throws out her toddler's underwear when she has an accident and I'm trying to get her into CD'ing so I was telling her about liners and sprayers, but don't use them myself. I would LOVE a confirmation at a future time about the different liners and septic systems, because we also just built a new house and I'm scared to hurt the septic system!

  7. Melisa said...

    I LOVE LOVE my diaper sprayer! Could not live with out while cloth diapering. I am a little manic about rinsing! I have been using the same prefolds for 17 months and they look brand new except for slight end fraying due to dilligent rinsing and sunning. I have never tried liners, but your post has me thinking that I need to try them out. 🙂

  8. Every cloth diapering mom I know says I MUST get a diaper sprayer. It's on my list before baby is born! Thx 4 confirmation! =)

  9. Alycia said...

    I don't know how I ever lived without our diaper sprayer! I tried sposie liners but they always bunched up or leaked through to the diaper.

  10. Shannon said...

    I'd like to try the bummis fleece liners! And the diaper sprayer…. etc… all of it!

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