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Aplix vs. Snaps

In my cloth diaper experience, I have used many different diapers featuring both Aplix (aka Velcro or hook and loop) and snap closures. I know many people have a fondness for one or the other, but I have found success with both styles, depending on my needs at the time. When I began cloth diapering Brendan at 11 weeks, I used bumGenius One Size 3.0 pocket diapers exclusively. The Aplix closure was fast, easy and I could always get just the right fit.

Everything worked great for many months until I began having problems with the laundry tabs not sticking – thus the problem of a diaper train being pulled from the dryer. I now know that you can purchase replacement tabs directly from the manufacturer, but if you’re not a seamstress, and I am not, they aren’t easy to replace. Instead, I simply attached the tabs to the front of the diaper, and turned it inside out to wash – problem solved.

Other Aplix diapers that I have used did not have this problem, such as my Blueberry Minky diapers for example. The Aplix on these diapers is like glue and on some occasions I’ve actually had a tough time unhooking it at changing time. I believe these are the only Aplix diapers that I ever owned that my boys never were able to take off by themselves.

With the exception of the FuzziBunz Perfect Size pocket diapers that my oldest son wore at the end of his diapering days, I did not add snap closure diapers to Brendan’s stash until a little over a year ago. My first snapped diaper purchase was a bumGenius Organic All-in-One One Size diaper. I really liked the snap closure and no matter how he tried, Brendan could not get the diaper off. Sadly, this diaper didn’t work well for us for long due to Brendan being a heavy wetter and the diaper’s inability to stand up to his diapering needs. I can’t tell you how many times I wished bumGenius would make their pocket diaper with snap closures!

Today, most of my fluff stash is made up of snap closure diapers. I have even converted several of my bumGenius pocket diapers to have snaps. I wrote about this a while back in the Making an Old Diaper Like New post. Now that Brendan can easily remove most Aplix diapers, I have found snap closures works best of us these days. He can still remove several of his diaper covers, but as long as he can’t remove the diaper itself, I’m not too worried about it.

When it comes to deciding between Aplix and snaps for a diaper, it really is a personal decision that can change as diapering needs change. I’m glad that I have had both styles available to me, and both have been my favorite at one time or another in my cloth diapering days.

By Katrina


  1. Fontaine said...

    What a great post. I'll have to remember the conversion idea, and have my pregnant little sis read this post as she decides which diapers to get. Thanks for the reviews and opinions!

  2. I agree with you… it is a personal preference! My husband tends to grab the BG 3.0's with velcro. My favorite dipes are Rumparooz with snaps. I hate how the velcro wears and pills. My 2 year old takes off all his dipes with velcro and he can't take his snap dipes off! I love the way my diapers with snaps hold up so well and look like new, when my velcro diapers do NOT look anything like new, when they are about the same age as my snaps diapers! I am a snaps girl but I understand why people like the ease of velcro. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the topic!

  3. Jess said...

    I really like this post. I love my Bumgenius Aio's but I so wish they came with snaps. My little guy, just cant resist pulling at the velcro. I have been awoken by the sound of him peeing on the wall,or waking himself up cause he peein his own face! yeah I'm not kidding.LOl. Velcro is fast and easy but snaps are so relaible.

  4. Lisa W. said...

    I find snaps more challenging on my one-year old twins. It seems it takes my hubby and I longer to get the diapers snapped and situated on toddlers that want to go go go! I want to like snaps, and when I do get the ones I have on the kids, they work well, but I normally reach for my velco diapers because I know I can put them on faster.

  5. thejepps said...

    I one thousand times agree that bum genius needs to offer their 3.0with snaps!!! I keep hoping! If they did that and added some more great colors they would be, in my opinion, THE perfect diaper.

  6. Hannah said...

    Just today DH said about my flip cover with snaps: "I hope he's not graduating to these diapers full-time…they have more buttons than an airplane cockpit.

    I like it for how it fits him right now and the harder-to-take-off-ness. I used all velcro when he was little and liked that best. Now I like a mix.

  7. monica said...

    we love our bg3.0 pockets! the velcro on them has worn a little but for the most part, they still have a pretty good stick to them. i'm wondering if the type of washer affects their "stickiness." we use a front loader and have only had a couple occasions in which we had a stray velcro tab undone and stick to other diapers. i'm really hoping the velcro will last before needing repair. our daughter is 9 months and i'm hoping not to have to repair until she's done potty learning and we have another baby. =)

  8. TheCraftyQueen said...

    Snaps, ALL THE WAY. I started with velcro on both of my newborns but as soon as we were out of the tiny diapers I said good riddance to the aplix.

    I recently invested in bumgenius AIOs and like you, converted them to snaps. I quickly forgot that they had even had aplix until I ordered a new one and found myself confused when I removed it from the polymailer.

    I guess my point is, never be afraid to try a new brand or style just because you don't like the aplix. That can be changed out to snaps.

  9. Tricia said...

    I still haven't decided which I prefer! I really love how easy it is to get a good fit on my baby with Aplix. My husband definitely prefers our BumGenius 3.0s because of Aplix. I however hate how quickly the tabs fray and collect tiny dog hairs in the wash. Ugh! My babysitter has an easier time with Aplix. I think she is afraid of making the diaper too tight. If I send her snaps they come home snapped at the biggest settings, lol. I have a skinny 3.5 month old in OS diapers and I still have her on the smallest snaps.

  10. T Rex Mom said...

    I never considered a toddler that could undo the Velcro. We potty train pretty early around here so that might not be an issue. But this posting certainly makes me think that when I get some bigger sizes I should consider snaps instead. Thank you.

  11. ~Rubyredruca~ said...

    I LOVE snaps! Where did you get a leopard CD from? I would love to find a AIO like that!

  12. Tara said...

    I have a mix and like both, but my dryer does NOT like snaps. I've now had 2 BG organic all in ones (now called elementals) become unusable because the fastening snaps on one of the wings got caught and then either broken or melted. (We've lost a couple snapping bibs, too.) You mentioned that you converted some of your velcro diapers to snaps… did you do it yourself, or know someone who might be able to replace snaps? Thanks!

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