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Thursday, April 1, 2010

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Networking Nine Giveaway in Celebration of our 9th birthday!

April marks the ninth anniversary of Kelly’s Closet. My, how the time has flown! In nine years we’ve seen a lot of changes in the cloth diapering world, but it all comes down to being a part of a wonderful, supportive community of Mamas (and Dad's) who all want the best for their babies. It has been so much fun to be a part of your lives and the cloth diapering community for nine years. Thank you.

Kelly Wels

In celebration of our 9th birthday we have a very special giveaway! We need your help to increase our followers on Facebook, Twitter, and our Blog.

Enter to win 9 One Size Diapers! Giveaway includes:
  • 3-bumGenius One Size 3.0 diapers
  • 1-Flip One Size Stay Dry System
  • 1-Flip One Size Organic System
  • 1-FuzziBunz One Size Diaper
  • 1-Gro Baby One Size Shell Set
  • 1-Econobum One Size Diaper
  • 1-Rump-a-rooz One Size Diaper
9 Ways to enter:
  1. Visit today’s post (4/1) on The Cloth Diaper Whisperer called “Networking Nine Giveaway” and leave us a comment (1 comment only for ENTIRE giveaway) with 9 reasons why you use cloth diapers. The 9 reasons HAVE to be within 1 comment.
  2. On the blog use the “Share to Post” and let someone know about 1 of the posts. You then need to post a COMMENT on this post as to which post you shared (the title of the post) and the date. You can share as many posts as you like just as long as you post a comment with the title of the post AND the date you shared.
  3. Visit our flagship store, Kelly's Closet, and let us know 9 products that you have tried. Post a comment on this post with the 9 products. (HONESTY PLEASE-if you haven’t tried 9 products you cannot post.)
  4. Tweet a unique tweet on twitter about our Networking Nine Giveaway. Make sure your tweet has @diapershops AND #clothdiapers in the tweet AND links to the Networking Nine Giveaway post. Come back to the Networking Nine Giveaway post and paste your EXACT tweet (not twitter id status). EVERY unique (different) tweet counts as an entry.
  5. Visit our Facebook Fan Page and start a new discussion or comment on a current discussion. Come back to this post and comment which discussion you posted on AND the date.
  6. Start a NEW thread on anything cloth diaper related AND make sure you link back to us somewhere in thread. Come back to this post and leave the name of the thread AND the url.
  7. Tweet on twitter this exact tweet: Enter 2 win 9-one size #clothdiapers at Network Nine Giveaway. Please RT Come back and post a comment that you tweeted about the Networking Nine Giveaway. 1 entry per day.
  8. Write a post about our Networking Nine Giveaway on your blog in 90 words or more. Come back and post the name of your blog AND the url of the post.
  9. Tell 9 or more of your friends about our blog. Come back and post the first names of your friends and the date you let them know about our blog.
We will DOUBLE the giveaway and offer 2 sets of 9 diapers if we reach the following goals:
  • 1500 followers on our blog
  • 4500 followers on Facebook
  • 3500 followers on Twitter
The giveaway runs 9 days from April 1st-April 9th. On April 11th we will post the winner(s) on our blog.

The more you network us the greater your chances of winning! Be creative!


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Lisa said...

9 reasons I cloth diaper:

1 - to save money
2 - to help the envirnoment
3 - for my children's skin
4 - easier then disposibles
5 - Very cute/stylish
6 - helps prevent diaper rash
7 - Helps local USA/MI businesses
8 - I love it
9 - teaches my kids to be green too

dave said...

I have tried...
1- Haute pocket snaps
2- haute pocket velcro
3- bum genius velcro
4- happy hieny velcro
5- blueberry minky velrco
6- baby kicks hemp insert
7-knickernappies superdo
8-bum genius bottom spray
9-bum genius bamboo wipes

Shay said...

I shared your blog with:


Crafty Mom said...

Shared on facebook "Networking Nine Giveaway in Celebrations of our 9th birthday?"

I think its important to get the word out about cloth diapering

Natural Birth Advocate said...

Reasons why I use cloth diapers:

1. They are much cuter!
2. better for the planet
3. better for my baby
4. saves money
5. saves clothes--no blow outs!
6. so I can make a difference
7. cloth is more fun!
8. never run out of diapers
9. because my mom did

bashammm at yahoo dot com

Nichole214 said...

Reasons I use cloth diapers-
1- I have triplets
2- We do at least 20 diaper changes every day
3- We're saving a fortune using cloth
4- We're saving about 6 tons of disposables going to the landfills
5- Cloth diapers are adorable
6- I love fluffy butts
7- Much easier than I thought
8- People are super impressed that I cloth diaper triplets
9- We're saving about $120/600 disposable diapers a month by using cloth! You can't argue with that math!

Erin said...

1. Money
2. Less Trash
3. Super Cute!
4. Always match an outfit
5. No extra smells
6. No blowouts
7. Great for baby's sensitive skin
8. Easy, Easy, Easy
9. Good Conversation starter

Ida Mae said...

9 reasons I use cloth

1-It truly makes diaperr changing more fun

2-saves us money

3-no poop blow-out up my son's back

4-Daddy is "on board"

5- so much better for my baby

6-better for the environment

7-to show the rest of the world that it is easier than they think

8-I can reuse for future children

9-my baby looks stinkin cute in cloth diapers

ida_mai at hotmail dot com

Natural Birth Advocate said...

Reasons why I use cloth diapers:

1. They are much cuter!
2. better for the planet
3. better for my baby
4. saves money
5. saves clothes--no blow outs!
6. so I can make a difference
7. cloth is more fun!
8. never run out of diapers
9. because my mom did

bashammm at yahoo dot com

Ben, Gena, and Baby Bennett said...

Nine reasons I use cloth diapers:

1. Better for the environment
2. Better for my bank account
3. My skinny, tall boy can actually FIT in his jeans properly!
4. They're so cute!
5. No yucky leaks
6. no crunchy sound when my little guy walks
7. I never have to worry if we have enough diapers to last until we go to the store again
8. no annoying cartoon characters (unless you want them!!)
9. diaper laundry really IS fun!!

Kelly and Nate said...

1 They are economical

... said...

reasons we use cloth diapers:

1. it's better for mama earth and easier on this mama's pocket-book.

2. better for my baby's skin

3. so many cute options - its like clothes shopping

4. being able to explain to others why we use them, how easy they are, and see them decide to try cloth diapers, too.

5. i learned to knit so i could make wool covers - a great new skill.

6. all the cute accessories... the wet bags, and snappis, and handmade "butt spray."

7. the ripple effect of making a healthy choice about diapers has led to many other environmentally choices in other areas of our home... cleaners, body products, clothing, etc.

8. goes against the grain

9. most importantly, it pisses my mother-in-law off.

gobelistic said...

9 products I've tried:

1. bumGenius! Organic All-in-One One Size Diaper- SNAP Closure
2.bumGenius 3.0 one size cloth diapers
3.Planet Wise WIPE Pouch
4.bumGenius Bottom Cleaner-Clementine
5.Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion
6.Smartipants One-Size Diaper
7.The Natural Baby Co. Pail Liner & Laundry Wet Bag
8.Kissaluvs Knit Terry Wipes
9.Thirsties Diaper Cover

Joy said...

9 things I have tried:

1.Flip stay dry
2.Flip organic
3.Organic BG OS AIO
5.Gro Baby Magic Stick
6.Gro Baby shell set
7.Gro Baby biosoakers
8.TNBC wetbag
9.Tiny Bubbles detergent

Caroline said...

I posted "From Worry to Love in One Week" on my facebook page on April1st 2010.

Molly said...

1. Cheaper
2. Better for the environment
3. Cute!
4. Better for Baby's skin
5. They work better than sposies
6. I like going against the grain
7. For faster potty training (hopefully)
8. I like resusing things
9. To support WAHMs
10. Did I mention cute!

Lisa said...

I tweeed this exact tweet

Enter 2 win 9-one size #clothdiapers at Network Nine Giveaw

@lisanicole6921 for network 9 giveaway

Chels said...

wanna win #clothdiapers? check out

Original tweet!

JMULDER said...

I commented on the Rock on with @RockingGreenSoap! Learn all about Kim & her wonderful product! #clothdiapers discussion on your facebook fanpage on 1-1-10.

Crafty Mom said...

9 products Ive tried
1.Thirsties duo wrap diaper cover
2.BG 3.0
3.Happy Heinys OS
4.Smarti Pants OS
5.BG Diaper pail liner
6. Bummis super whisper wrap
7.Planet wise wet bags
8.Kushies ultra lite All in One
9.Birdseye flat cotton diaper

Natural Birth Advocate said...

9 products I have tried:

1. Moby Wrap
2. Flip One Size
3. Bum Genius 3.0 One Size
4. Smarti pants
5. Econo bum
6. Thirsties Duo Wraps
7. Goodmamas
8. Flip stay dry inserts
9. Flip Disposable inserts

bashammm at yahoo dot com

Janel said...

Reasons I use CDs
1. saves $
2. so cute
3. does my part to save the world
4. fun colors!
5. flexible absorbency
6. it's my new obsession
7. I can use the same diapers for multiple children!
8. it's fun telling others about the modern CD
9. daddy likes them too!

Kelly and Nate said...

1 They are economical
2 Good for the environment
3 They are adorable
4 Good for my kids
5 Lots of options
6 They are reusable
7 They are fun to match with my kids outfits
8 They keep my skinny baby's pants up better.
9 the attention I get is fun

Janel said...

9 products I have used:
1. fuzzi bunz one size
2. BG one size
3. knickernappies one size
4. thirsties duo diaper
5. smartipants
6. planetwise hanging wet/dry bag
7. BG flannel wipes
8. Applecheeks bamboo insert
9. kushies swim diaper

SJ said...

Posted on my blog The Passionate Wife

Jill said...

I let 9 friends know about the giveaway.

Ida Mae said...

I have tried:

bum genuis one sized diaper

happy heiny's one sized diaper

kissaluvs fitteds

bum genuis aio diaper

fuzzibunz pocket diaper

happy heiny's mini aio pocket

bummis super whisper wrap cover

thirsties diaper cover

BabyKicks Hemp Washies/Wipes

ida_mai at hotmail dot com

Summer said...

I use cloth because:

1 - They are SO much cuter than disposables
2 - They do not break my baby out in a rash like disposables
3 - My baby is so much more comfortable
4 - Cloth diapers are great for the environment
5 - They have no chemicals so they are healthier for my baby
6 - I can coordinate his diaper to match his clothes
7 - Less leaks than disposables
8 - Save Money
9 - Because I like being different than everybody else

Amanda said...

1. No waste in the landfills
2. Fluffy butts are cute!
3. Always have diapers on hand
4. No chemicals next to my daughter's skin
5. No messy leaks or blowouts
6. Huge money savings
7. Makes me a "rebel" in our wasteful society (especially with my family)
8. Just as easy as disposables
9. Fun colors and prints are so much better than cartoon characters!

Caroline said...

I posted "Cloth Diapering Recommendation for Every Budget" on facebook. April 1, 2010

Ashley said...

Reasons i use Cloth Diapers:
1. Better for the planet
2. Saves money
3. No more diaper rash!
4. No Chemicals on my babies bottom!
5. They are so cute!
6. Helps to potty train.
7. Can use them for all my children
8. They are so soft.
9. No leaks!
10. I love them!

Fodie said...

I use cloth diapers because
1. I don't have to run to the store in the middle of the night because we ran out of disposables.
2. They are not my grandma's cloth diaper.
3. They are safer for my babies
4. I am not contributing disposables to the local landfill.
5. I can sew some up in 15 minutes with my choice of fabric.
6. There are so many options that you don't have stick with one type.
7. I can show them off because they are so cute.
8. They save me a lot of money.
9. They are harder to take off for a mischievous child. ;)

Meredith said...

1. To keep chemicals away from my children's bums.
2. To decrease the waste my family produces.
3. To decrease diaper rash for my little ones.
4. Seem way more comfy for baby
5. They are way cuter than disposable
6. To save money
7. I'm not bothered by poop anymore, so why not?
8. They last longer (in hours) than disposables.
9. To be an encouragement to my friends so that maybe they will make the same choice for their baby and the environment

Anne Marie said...

Reasons I use Cloth Diapers:
1) Adorable fluffy bum
2) They make less smell in the room then a diaper pail since in our world they are washed more then the diaper pail was emptied
3) Better for the environment
4) WAYYYY less cost
5) They held in some of the worst poops ever
6) i like being a bit "different"
7) Healthier for my baby
8) Cute patterns
9) Hoping my son will potty train quicker because of it

Sabrina Rivadeneyra said...

9 reasons I use cloth
1. saves money
2. helps the environment
3. there so cute (prints. colors, patterns)
4. healthy for baby
5. will never run out of diapers
6. less trash in the landfill
7. super soft
8. perfect fit
9. I can pass on to my next children

lisa black said...

9 reasons I use cloth...
1. Less impact on the environment
2. Save money
3. Reduce my baby's exposure to chemicals
4. The cute factor
5. No blowouts
6. Reusable
7. With all the options, can customize to our family needs
8. It's easy
9. It's a "different" way of thinking

Allison said...

1. Good for my baby
2. Good for the earth
3. Sooooo easy
4. Cute!
5. NEVER have to run out to buy diapers!
6. To be a good example
7. Save money
8. I love to shop online
9. Never had a blowout (yet)!

Carrie said...

I use cloth diapers because they:
1. are cost effective;
2. are cute (different prints/colors);
3. are better for the environment;
4. don't smell like chemicals;
5. are likely to help with potty training;
6. don't contain mystery gel
7. are reusable
8. are SO soft;
9. easier than I thought!

jdeemarie said...

We've tried many things from your store

9 things that worked for us:

- bumGenius one-size pocket and sized AIO diapers (great fit)
- GoodMama one-size fitted diaper (Daddy-friendly)
- Rumparooz one-size pocket diaper (love the double gussets)
- Flip one-size cover (works great over a prefold)
- Happy Heinys one-size pocket diaper (fast and easy)
- Motherease one-size fitted diaper (durable work-horse diaper)
- Kissaluvs fitted diaper (size 0 is perfect for a newborn)
- Thirsties Fab Fitted diaper (stay-dry inner helps baby sleep)
- Bummis Super Brite cover (newborn size fits great under umbilical cord)

jdeemarie said...

9 reasons I cloth diaper:

1. cute and fun
2. healthy (rash-free)
3. saving money
4. environment (keeping disposables out of landfills)
5. convenient (never have to run to the store for diapers)
6. no chemicals on my baby's skin
7. cleaner (fewer blow-outs than disposables)
8. can use the same diapers from birth to potty - no worry about sizes (one-size diapers)
9. smell (we can't stand the smell of disposable diapers)

The Fam said...

I've tried:
1. bum genius AIO organics (fav!)
2. bum genius 3.0 One size
3. fuzzibunz pockets
4. Bluberry one-size covers (fav!)
5. Grobaby diaper system
6. Motherease fitted diaper
7. Bummis Organic Prefolds
8. Snappi Diaper Fasteners
9. Thirsties Duo Wrap Diaper Cover

shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

Chany said...

1. Cute
2. To save money
3. I don't want all the chemicals on my baby
4. I have become enamored with them-ha! I am addicted to looking at them at Kelly's Closet
5. Better for environment
6. No diaper rash
7. I don't have to run to the store for diapers
8. I love seeing them hanging on my clothesline
9. To educate others

jdeemarie said...

I tweeted (@jdeemarie)

lisa black said...

9 products I've tried...
1. GroBaby (shell, soakers, biosoakers)
2. BumGenius One size 3.0
3. Planet wise wet bags
4. FuzziBunz wet bag
5. Tiny Bubbles
6. Magic Stick
7. Econobum
8. Wipes (fuzzibunz, babykicks, Thirsties)
9. Thirsties Duo Wrap

Megan said...

9 reasons I use cloth diapers:
1) it's fun!
2) it's easier than you think,
3) it's inexpensive!
4) better for the environment,
5) can be used for more than 1 child,
6) prevents/reduces diaper rash,
7) the great colors!
8) less chemicals/toxins for baby,
9) there are so many ways to cloth diaper you can find a system that works for you!

Avin's Momma said...

I can't wait to win 9 #clothdiapers from @diapershops

twitter ID diapermom

Amanda Schwoch said...

9 reasons I love cloth diapering:

1) No chemicals
2) Better for the environment
3) They are super cute!
4) Saves money
5) No leaks
6) Makes my baby look fashionable
7) Less diaper rash
8) Better fit
9) My skinny baby's clothes fit better with cloth

The Beck Bunch said...

I hope this isn't an April Fool's joke!! ;)

Reasons I use cloth:
1-They are super cute
2-There is a huge variety
3-Better for the environment
5-You don't get those nasty little sticky gel ball things that are in sposies on your baby!!
6-No harsh chemicals against my baby
7-Not as much diaper rash
8-They help my babies clothes fit better (she's tiny)
9-Not as much trash to take out

annie said...

My nine reasons...

1. less trash
2. no stinky poop in the trash cans
3. no leaks
4. they don't smell like fake perfumes and powders
5. save money
6. one-time shopping
7. without them my skinny boy would have no butt
8. cute
9. conversation starter

Chany said...

I have tried.....

1. Rumparooz OS
2. Bumgenius AIO Organic OS
3. Bumgenius 3.0 OS
4. Gro Baby OS
5. Econobum OS cover and prefold
6. Happy Heiny's OS
7. Fuzzibunz OS
8. Thirsties Fab Fitteds
9. Thirsties diaper covers

ashley said...

Reasons I use cloth diapers:

1. No Diaper Rash
2. Lower scrotum temp = Less chance of infertility
3. Better for the environment
4. They're so colorful!
5. Keeps my skinny kids' pants up
6. Soft landing when they fall
7. I don't have to budget for diapers anymore!
8. I love to show people how easy today's cloth diapers are.
9. Early potty training (we hope)!

Besides... what wants to wear PAPER underwear? Then why put paper on your baby's bottom? :)

christastic said...

9 reasons I use cloth diapers:
1. I love my son having a colored butt.
2. I am cheap.
3. No diaper rash!
4. Less diaper changes.
5. I have a secret love of for laundry.
6. I love the way the look hanging out to dry.
7. It's good for the environment.
8. My Mother-in-law likes it AND is impressed that I do it. (bonus)
9. I never have to make midnight diaper runs!

Megan said...

I shared the 4/1 Networking Nine Giveaway post on Twitter @meganesota

WhiteRockMom said...


1. I dont want to help fill a land fill with disposable diapers
2. I want to set a good example and teach my children about not being wasteful
3. They are super cute!
4. No diaper rash!
5. No leaks, even at night
6. No nasty disposable diaper stink
7. Its a great conversation starter
8. I dont have to rush to the store if I run out of diapers
9. Saves money in the long run
10. I can keep them and use them again with the next baby, thus saving even more money!

Mrs. Howard said...

Reasons I use cloth diapers:
(1) I save money.
(2) I try to be good to the environment.
(3) They are SO much cuter than disposables.
(4) I hate all the chemicals in the disposables.
(5) My Little Man has sensitive skin and has never had a reaction to the soft cloth ones.
(6) My mom CDed me and it's in my blood.
(7) SO much less trash!
(8) I get to carry adorable wet bags around with me and always get compliments about them.
(9) It gives me one more excuse to find adorable accessories to match my son (hey, mamas of girls get to accessorize with bows and ribbons...I've got my cloth diapers)!

Chany said...

Tweeted about the giveaway. Chany10

The Beck Bunch said...

I shared Cute Baby of the Cloth - March 2010 on Myspace.

The Beck Bunch said...

I shared "10 things I wish I knew when I started cloth diapering" on Facebook.

andiemarie923 said...

1. Good for the environment
2. They are cheaper
3. They look cuter
4. less trash
5. easy to use
6. never run out of diapers
7. saves money on gas because you don't need to drive to buy diapers
8. seem comfier for my daughter
9. good discussion starter

Megan said...

My Tweet on Twitter:

You may think I'm crazy but it's fun to cloth diaper! @diapershops doing insane 9 item giveaway today! #clothdiapers

dannyscotland said...

1. save money
2. cute
3. environmental concerns
4. easy
5. good for baby
6. keep away diaper rashes better
7. a lot more fun
8. can be reused on next baby
9. can be resold later to make a little money back!

WhiteRockMom said...

I shared

"Retrospect; My Advice on Buying Cloth Diapers" Tuesday, September 15, 2009

on Facebook

carrie&scott said...

1. No chemical smelling diapers
2. Cheap!
3. Cute!
4. No cutting trees
5. No adding to landfill
6. Proper disposal of waste
7. No mess from blowouts
8. Can personalize!
9. Look cute with babylegs :)

breakfastattarget said...

I have tried:
1. Bum Genius 3.0
2. Smartipants
3. BumGenius AIO
4. PlanetWise Wetbags
5. Cutey Baby Keep It Clean Liners
6. Bum Genius Oraganic One Size
7. Rockin' Green Detergent
8. BumGenius Baby Legs
9. BumGenius Diaper Detergent

Kimmi said...

9 Reasons why I use ( and Love!) Cloth Diapers
1)Beautiful colors- way more fun than a disposable.
2)Need I say....Adorable!
3) It's a great way to start conversations with other moms. People always ask about the cloth diapers.
4)Easier on my checkbook. Save money.
5) Saves the Earth!
6)No chemicals for my baby's sensitive skin and hence, no pollution.
7)I don't have to take out the trash. I'd rather do laundry.
8)Potty training will be a cinch. My baby lets me know as soon as she's wet. Never happened before the cloth diapers.
9)Fewer trips to the store to buy jumbo boxes of diapers. That is so not chic. I never have to worry about running out of diapers.

PS Cloth diapers is obviously the best choice.

dannyscotland said...

I shared the post "How to use a cloth diaper sprayer" on Facebook.

K. Camille Stevens said...

9 Reasons we are using Cloth Diapers for our little one...

1. The HUGE financial savings
2. The freedom it gives us from having to go out and buy diapers at all hours of day or night
3. The high quality of cloth diapers- they last a long time!
4. Our baby's skin allergies and sensitivities
5. To see that look of confusion on people's faces when we tell them we use CLOTH, in the 21st century
6. All of the patterns and colors are so adorable!
7. Allows us another opportunity to make our own choices for our family rather than just being lemmings
8. Frees us to spend money on more important things, like savings and paying off student loans!
9. Lets me know exactly what chemicals (or lack thereof) I am putting on my baby. I can clean them to my own exacting standards!

The Beck Bunch said...

9 products I have tried:
1-BG 3.0 OS
3-Kissaluvs OS fitted
4-Cutey Baby OS
5-Kissaluvs fitted
6-Thirsties fitted
7-Thirsties Duo Wrap
8-Bummis Biosoft flushable liners
9-Bummis Swimmi

And lots more!!!

KristinL said...

1-Love all the colors and patterns
2-Better on DS sensitive skin
3-Saves money
4-Better for the environment
5-More cushion for DS when he falls on his bum while learning to walk. :)
6-Everyone comments how cute they are!
7-No yucky chemicals next to my baby
8-No more having to run to the store for diapers and wipes! :)
9-I love getting "fluff" mail lol

Heike said...

I have tried:

1. BumGenius organic AIO one sized w/ snaps
2. BumGenius 3.0 AIO one sized
3. BumGenius Deluxe AIO sized
4. Thirsties Duo Diaper
5. BumGenius diaper detergent
6. Allens Naturally detergent
7. BumGenius baby wipes
8. Flip one size cover
9. Flip disposable inserts

My email is heikejc at

Stef said...

I have tried:

1 - Bum Genius - OS - Velcro
2 - Bum Genius - OS - Snaps
3 - Happy Heinys - OS - Velcro
4 - Happy Heinys - OS - Snaps
5 - Planet Wise Wet Bags
6 - Rock N Green Laundry Soap
7 - Bummis Flushable Liners
8 - Thirsties Cloth Wipes
9 - Baby Bits Wipe Solution

Jillian Lamoureux said...

1. Less trash and waste in the landfills
2. Save some money
3. Less chemical exposure to baby
4. Less diaper rash
5. Comfortable safe materials next to baby's skin
6. They are very cute
7. No last minute runs to the store to get disposables when you run out in the middle of the night
8. Less leaks and blowouts to deal with
9. Resellable when done with them

WhiteRockMom said...

From your store I have use the following products:

1. Fuzzibunz one size
2. BumGenius one size
3. Goodmama one size
4. bumGenius diaper sprayer
5. Rockin' Green detergent
6. Amber Teething necklace
7. bumGenius diaper doublers
8. Kushies flushable liners
9. Bummis Bio-Soft Flushable Liners

dannyscotland said...

I have tried:
1. bumGenius 3.0
2. bumGenius All in One
3. Smartipants
4. Rumparooz one size
5. Fuzzibunz one size
6. Babykicks one size bumboo pocket
7. Babykicks fitted diapers
8. Flip diaper cover with stay dry liner
9. Wonder Wraps covers

Karyn said...

Reasons I use cloth diapers ( no certain order)
1. Very cute
2. Save Money
3. No chemicals on my baby's skin
4. Better for the enviroment
5. Love the fluffy butt
6. Not as many diaper rashes
7. No weird chemical smell
8. No more leaks at night
9. Actually not really that hard to use

Avin's Momma said...

I posted on your facebook page about selling cutey baby cd's on 4/1/10

Megan said...

9 Products I have tried (wow, I didn't realize I had tried that much!):

1. BumGenius Diaper Sprayer
2. Northern Essence diaper salve
3. Northern Essence better butter cream
4. Fuzzibunz small size diapers
5. BumGenius 3.0 one size diapers
6. Smartipants one size diapers
7. Planet wise wet bag
8. Fuzzibunz wetbag tote
9. Charlie's Soap laundry detergent

carrie&scott said...

I have tried:
1. Happy Heiny
2. Happy Heiny OS
3. BG OS Pocket
4. BG Organic AIO OS
6. Fuzzi Bunz
7. Thirsties covers
9. Bummis Polar Fleece Cover

Heather said...

9 reasons I use cloth diapers:

1. They are adorable!
2. All of the fabric, pattern, and style choices allow me to never get bored.
3. They contain messes WAY better than paper diapers.
4. I never get caught having to run to the store last minute because I ran out of diapers.
5. I can go until this LO and another are potty trained and never NEED to buy more diapers.
6. No chemicals on my baby.
7. It is an addiction.
8. I save money.
9. It's better for the environment.

Jillian Lamoureux said...

9 products I've used...
1. BumGenius 3.0 One Size Pocket
2. Gro Baby One Size
3. Flip One Size
4. Thirsty's cover
5. FuzziBunz One Size Pocket
6. Smartipants One Size
7. Planet Wise Bag
8. Baby Kicks One Size
9. g Diapers
...and then some!

hekamc said...

1. Save money
2. They are soooooo cute!
3. Good for the enviroment
4. Good for baby tushies!
5. Containing newborn poo!
6. reason to buy yummy fabric
7. irritates my mom ;)
8. I like being a little different
9. Not having to run out with 5 kids because you realize at the last moment you have exactly 2 diapers left and it's 5 p.m.

andiemarie923 said...

I posted the link to this on the Twin Cities Moms Like Me Cloth Diaper Thread.

The Beck Bunch said...

I posted on "New to Cloth" on Facebook.

carrie&scott said...

Posted on the FB discussion
Bringing others to cloth! on April 1st at 11:42!

Alycia said...

I posted acomment on April 1st on the discussion titled "New to Cloth" by Katie B.

The Beck Bunch said...

I posted the topic, "stripping", on Facebook. Hopefully I'll get my question answered!

hekamc said...

1. Bum Genius 3.0 OS
2. Fuzzi bunz pockets
3. Flip
4. Econobum
5. Mother Ease One Size
6. Mother Ease AIO
7. Kissaluvs fitteds
8. gDiapers
9. Bummis Super Whisper Wrap

and lots more...lots LOL!

CherryBlossomMJ said...

1-My sister suggested it
2-Sposies smell (plastics)
4-adorable factor
5-never a leak!
6-fluffy bum
7-money savings
8-colors and designs to choose from
9-it my opinion I'd rather be dressed in cloth than plastics in such a tender area!


Amber Matthews said...

I commented on the discussion Topic: Wipes & Wipe Solution.

Karyn said...

Products I've tried:
1. Gro Baby system
2. Planet Wise wet bags (med)
3. Bum Genius 3.0
4. Bummis drawstring bag
5. Smartipants One Size Diaper
6. BumGenius all-in-one
7. bumGenius 100% Cotton Flannel Baby Wipes
8. Flip Inserts: Disposable
9. Mother-Ease Sandy’s Fitted Cloth Diapers

Arianna Pleitez said...

1) They are SOFTER
2) They are more decorative
3) They are better for the environment
4) They cheaper in the long run
5) They help with my Daughter's bad diaper rash problem
6) They keep ALL of my daughters doo doo IN her diaper instead of all over her clothes
7) They are a great conversation starter
8) They are a great hobby (buying them)
9) I never have to take a trip to the store to get diapers when I run out.
10) They help to solidify my reputation as a hippie.

carrie&scott said...

title: Free BG AIO

Kim said...

I have tried....

1. Kissaluv Size 0
2. BumGenius OS and AIO
3. Rumparooz
4. Goodmama
5. Kissaluvs knit terry wipes
6. Kissaluvs diaper lotion potion
7. Planetwise medium wetbag--aqua swirl
8. Rockin' Green laundry detergent cherry almond scent
9. Moby Wrap

Sisrea said...

reasons i use cloth.
1) less rashes
2) cute
3) saves money
4) less poop blowouts
5) customizable absorbency
6) soft
7) good for the environment
8) better for eczema
9) no leaks

Heather said...

I have tried

1. Kissaluvs fitted
2. Fuzzi Bunz one size
3. Fuzzi Bunz pocket
4. Bumgenius one size
5. Flip one size
6. bumgenius all in one
7. bumgenius one size microfiber inserts
8. blueberry one size coveralls
9. planet wise pail liner

Sara F said...

1. Cute
2. Today's design is so easy to use
3. Teach other people how to use it
4. Others will catch on and start using themselves
5. Reduce waste
6. I enjoy it
7. I always have diapers on hand
8. Change them more frequently than if I use disposables so my baby is wearing fresh diapers more often
9. Come in one size so I can use them from birth to potty training!

andiemarie923 said...

I posted in 90+ words on my blog adventures into motherhood and beyond.

katholicchik said...

1. Saving moolah.
2. Cute prints and colors.
3. You seem like a super mom.
4. Conversation starter.
5. Don't have to make trips out of the house to buy disposables.
6. Never had diaper rash!
7. Reusable for multiple kids.
8. Fun to buy.
9. the lingo!

Rochelle said...

Reason I use cloth diapers :

1- Saves so much money
2-They are alot cuter than disposables
3- Healthier ( No more rashes)
4- Customizable to our wetness needs
5- Better for the enviornment
6- They can be used on more than one child ( saving even more)
7- No more late night trips for diapers
8- No Chemicals !
9- So soft against babys delicate skin.

Megan said...

I blogged about the giveaway on The Ciampa Channel, "This is not an April Fool's Joke!"

katholicchik said...

I shared "Networking Nine" so my friends can maybe snag some sweet cloth!

The Beck Bunch said...

I posted "BIG giveaway" at:


Hopefully they will keep it up!!

Amanda Sikes said...

Nine reasons I cloth diaper
1. So Cute
2. Saves Money
3. Healthier for my baby
4. Less Waste
5. Never run out of diapers
5. Actually not hard, very easy to use
6. So soft on baby's skin
7. So many colors
8. My baby looks great in them
9. WE LOVE soft, natural, colorful, bright and fun diapers. It turns an everyday "chore" into a "bright" spot in this mommy's day!

Rebecca O said...

9 Reasons I Use Cloth Diapers:
1: Overall less expensive than disposables
2: Last for years, as opposed to disposable (only a few hours)
3: No waste( fecal or actual diaper) in the landfills
4: Better for the environment
5: Doesn't make my son break out in a rash
6: They are aasy to use
7: Super cute designs...and look cute on baby
8: Helps out my local business that sell them
9: More absorbent then disposables

(not in any particular order).

Anna said...

9 reasons we use cloth diapers

1. saves money
2. SUPER cute!
3. no chemicals by my baby's bottom
4. no diaper rashes
5. no leakage
6. helping my daughter to potty train early :)
7. never have to run to the store because we ran out of diapers
8. so soft against my baby's bottom
9. smell yummy when they come out of the dryer!

Lorna said...

Reasons I Use Cloth:

1. Saves Money
2. Saves the Earth
3. They are so cute
4. No more rashes
5. Convenient
6. Soft and comfy.
7. Colorful and fun, not boring and bland.
8. Healthier for my baby.
9. Reusable for one and more babies to come.

Megan said...

I commented on a Facebook discussion about stripping diapers at 12pm EST 4/1:

Lorna said...

Products I have tried:

1. BG 3.0 diaper
2. Gro Baby System
3. BG Diaper Detergent
4. Kushies on the go wet bag kit
5. baby bits
6. BG cloth wipes
7. Thirsties cloth wipes
8. Kushies AIO diapers
9. BG diaper pail liner

Megan said...

I shared the post "10 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started Cloth Diapering…" on my blog on my blog ( on 3/27 in a comment.

sHandke ART said...

9 reasons we use cloth:
1 - money savings
2 - environmentally conscious
3 - protects my baby from nasty chemicals
4 - adorable cloth bottoms on my baby
5 - less trash
6 - better fit
7 - fewer leaks
8 - less trips to the trash can
9 - better for my baby's skin

Karyn said...

I shared this post on FB
Smartipants: I Love This diaper! on 4/1

Megan said...

I told the following people about the blog & Kelly's Closet:

Tiffany 3/19
Sarah B. 3/19
Sarah M. 3/19
Meghan 3/19
Heather 3/19
Lauren 3/19
Jamie 3/19
Tonya 3/19
Katie 3/19

These are friends with whom I shared/emailed my blog post about cloth diapering and I linked to Kelly's Closet and the Cloth Diaper Whisperer several times!

Rebecca O said...

Products I have tried:
1: bumGenius Organic All In One OS (snap)
2: bumgenius 3.0 One Size
3: bumGenius Stay Dry Doublers (3 pack)
4: Thirsties Diaper Covers
5: Thirsties Duo Diapers
6: Thirsties Duo Wrap Diaper Cover
7: Kissaluvs Organic Cotton/Hemp Fitted Diapers
8: Thirsties Pre Wash
9: Thirsties Super Wash

Rebecca O said...


Anna said...

Products I've tried:
1. FuzziBunz perfect size
2. BumGenius 3.0
3. Happy Heiny's OS
4. Kissaluvs fitted size 0
5. Bummis Super Whisper Wrap
6. Planet Wise pail liner
7. Northern Essence diaper rash salve
8. Rockin' Green
9. Bummis Swimmi

Sheryl said...

1. Fun colors
2. Saves money
3. Green
4. Unique
5. Never have to run to the store for diapers
6. Cute bubble bum
7. Fewer blowouts
8. Easy
9. Soft and cuddly

Anna said...

shared "Networking Nine Giveaway" with Jenn on 4/1

Heather said...

left a comment on facebook discussion thread "new to cloth"

Sarahjenne said...

Nine reasons I use cloth diapers:
1. No carcinogenic, infertility-causing poison near my baby's sensitive areas.
2. No diapers taking up space in my grocery cart and on my grocery bill.
3. Poop stays in no matter how explosive.
4. No stinky diaper trash.
5. No disposables rotting in landfills for 500 years or more.
6. They are OH SOOOO CUTE!
7. Extra padding for when the baby falls on her bottom.
8. Customizable pocket diapers - you can shove anything you can think of in there to achieve the ultimate absorbant padding.
9. Snaps are not easy for a toddler to undo.

Sarahjenne said...

Nine products I have tried:
1. FuzziBunz One Size
2. GroBaby One Size
3. Bum Genius One Size
4. Flip One Size
5. Econobum One Size
6. Smartipants One Size
7. Motherease Fitted
8. Bummis Fleeze Liners
9. Bummis Bio-Soft Flushable Liners

Julie said...

1. They will be cheaper in the long run.
2. Good for the environment
3. Better for baby bottoms
4. They are super cute!
5. So many brands you can get a perfect fit
6. It irritates other!
7. I love a bubble but!
8. They are so much softer than sposies!
9. You never run out!

Chryseis said...

Reasons I cloth diaper:

1. To save money
2. No chemical diaper smells
3. No blow-outs
4. Better for the environment
5. Cuter than disposables
6. Never run out of diapers (I was terrible at remembering disposables)
7. Better for little tushies--fewer rashes
8. Softer than disposables
9. Customizable (more/fewer inserts, etc.) to daily/nighttime needs

Cory said...

Nine products I have tried
Mommy’s Touch
Bummis Super Brite
Cloth-eez Prefold Diapers
Blueberry doubler
Babykicks Hemparoo Joey Bunz
Dappi Cloth Diapers

Cory said...

9 products I have tried
Mommy’s Touch
Bummis Super Brite
Cloth-eez Prefold Diapers
Blueberry doubler
Babykicks Hemparoo Joey Bunz
Dappi Cloth Diapers

Chryseis said...

9 Products I've tried:

1. BumGenius 3.0
2. FuzziBunz
3. Snappi Diaper Fasteners
4. Rockin' Green (Classic Rock)
5. Thirsties Covers
6. Bummis Bio-Soft Flushable Liners
7. Bummis Super Whisper Wrap
8. Bummis Super Brite Covers
9. BumGenius Insert Socks

Lorna said...

I told more then 9 friends about your blog today April 1st 2010...


photomud said...

I commented on FB "Suggestions for a Newby" on April 1st.

I love my Flip covers!

Amanda C. said...

My 9 reasons are:

1 - Obviously they are adorable!
2 - I hate, hate, the crinkle noise of disposables.
3 - No chemical smell
4 - Saves me some money!
5 - SO much better for the earth
6 - Super easy, not as hard as people think
7 - Less diaper rash on my poor babys bottom.
8 - No blow outs! Woohoo!
9 - I love the fluffy butt :)

The Beck Bunch said...

I told 9 of my friends so far. It could be more later though!!


Hopefully they will want to participate too!! ;)

Amanda C. said...

9 products I have tried:
1 - BumGenius 3.0
2 - Fuzzibunz One size
3 - Flip
4 - Mother-Ease AIO
5 - Happy Heinies One-Size
6 - Thirsties Diaper cover
7 - Thirsties Fab Fitted Diapers
8 - Bummis Bio-Soft Flushable liners
9 - Gro Baby!

Ines said...

9 reasons why I use cloth.
1- Healthy for my baby.
2- Which makes me happy
3- Good for the Environment.
4- Better future for my children.
5- Being a setting a good example.
6- you can use them for other children
7- The cute prints & styles
8- saving money
9- And NO Blowouts yeahhhhhh :)

Amanda C. said...

Happy birthday tweet!

christine said...

9 reasons I chose to cloth diaper
1- better for environment
2- the money I will save
3- no chemicals against my babies skin
4- ease of use as times have changed
5- faster potty training
6- the many different options (pockets, prefolds, AIO, OS)
7- for my babies comfort
8- the many cute designs
9- breast fed poop can go in washing machine.

Jen's World said...

Reasons I use cloth diapers
1. My son breaks out in horrible rashes in disposables.
2. I learned about the chemicals in disposables and don't want those against my baby's skin.
3. better for our earth, it is shocking how much space disposables take in landfills!
4. they contained those massive breast-fed baby explosions ;)
5. It saves our family money, as long as I don't feed my cloth diaper addiction too much lol
6. Cloth diapers cushion his falls, and look darn cute doing it to.
7. While we were snowed in I didn't have to worry about "running out of" diapers like some of our neighbors. I just washed his diapers. (I offered to share his diapers with them)
8. I actually enjoy diaper laundry. I find it soothing to match and fold diapers.
9. Cloth diapers get attention and I get to meet so many people and spread the cloth diaper addiction. It is soo easy to love cloth diapers!

Cory said...

I commented on Wipes & Wipe Solution on Facebook on 4-1-10.
Cory Russell

Kristin and Anthany said...

9 Products that I have tried:
1 - Happy Heiny's
2 - SposoEasy AIO
3 - Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size
4 - Flip System
5 - Sandy's Motherese Fitteds
6 - Blueberry Coveralls
7 - BG AIO
8 - Planet Wise wet bags
9 - Kissaluv's AIO OS

Angela said...

1. Cloth diapers are less expensive in the long run
2. Cloth diapers are better for the environment
3. Cloth diapers make for a soft bum =)
4. I like using diaper pins
5. I'll never run out of diapers accidentally
6. Using cloth makes others think about their disposable diapering
7. My husband wanted to use cloth
8. Cloth diapers seem to be better for my baby
9. I love the one-size diapers

Amanda C. said...

My blog is: Amanda Bryce Photography

creativoice said...

1. Save money
2. They are cute
3. trying to become more health conscious
4. Environmentally better
5. I like to be different
6. No leaks or blowouts
7. I can match them to her clothes
8. Fewer diaper rashes
9. I like doing laundry :)

Ines said...

9 Products I Have Tried
1- Gro baby System
2- Flip
3- Bum genius
4- G Diapers
5- Grandma El diaper cream
6- The Natural Baby Co. Pail Liner & Laundry Wet Bag
7- Planet Wise Wet Bags
8- Hemp Babies Raw Silk Liners
9- Bummis Swimmi

Jules said...

CLoth diapers....
1. do not end up in a landfill!
2. make me feel like I am being "green"
3. are the cutest baby fashion statement
4. make my daughters bum happy (no rashes)
5. come in EVERY color you could ever want
6. are easy to wash/dry
7. are the best conversation starter at the playground
8. are fun to collect (goodmamas!)
9. are the best cushion for a toddler... no bruises on my DD's bum thanks to Fluff!

Jen's World said...

I tweeted! @BoysMommy3

Renee Tello Spencer said...

9 reasons:
1. they reduce the amount of waste in our landfills
2. they are natural against baby's skin(the skin is a digestive organ and digests the environment around it and everything it comes in contact with)
3. they are affordable
4. they are versatile(hybrid styles)
5. they come in so many cute styles
6. they look great even when worn by themselves
7. one diaper stash can be used for multiple children
8. they are just as easy as sposies
9. i like to make a statement ;-)

n8nk8 said...

1. save money!
2. better for environment
3. better for the kids
4. better for my laundry (as I have switched all laundry detergents now)
5. very cute
6. don't have to worry about running out
7. can reuse them with all my kids!
8. sets a great example for others (and my kids)
9. puts mother earth first (not society/"the norm")

Erin_A said...

1) They are better for the environment.
2) They save us lots an lots of money!
3) They are safer for my baby - No harsh chemicals against her skin.
4) I love how they make her butt look so fluffy!
5) My hubby thinks that it's great that we're using them.
6) They make less of a mess than disposables do.
7) Diaper rash? What diaper rash?
8) They are so easy now!
9) I can't stop myself from wanting to get more!

barbie said...

1. bumgenius AIO
2. bumgenius pail liner
3. snappi diaper fastener
4. kushis flushable liners
5. planet wise wet bags
6. thirsties diaper covers
7. bumgenius one size pocket diapers
8. bumgenius babylegs
9. bumgenius diaper sprayer

The Beck Bunch said...

I blogged about it!!! It's at The Beck Bunch, titled "HUGE cloth diaper giveaway".


Hull2319 said...

I commented on the Topic: "How to get started?!" on the facebook discussion page on 4/1.

j said...

1. They are great for the environment!
2. They are better for my babies' bums.
3. They are ADORABLE
4. They are economical.
5. They cause other people to question their sposie usage : )
6. I like to make them!
7. They're easy to use.
8. It's easier to potty train a cloth booty!
9. Baby's huge jeans fit great over that cloth butt!

Hannah Hunt said...

9 reasons I use cloth diapers
1 - To save money
2 - Healthier for my baby
3 - So many color options
4 - Easier on the environment
5 - Allows me to give away disposable diaper coupons I receive
6 - My mom used cloth diapers for all of her 4 children
7 - Helps when potty training time comes
8 - To prove I don't have to do what everyone expects!
9 - Impresses people!

Alexandria said...

9 Products I've tried:
1. bumGenius 3.0 one size cloth diapers
2. Happy Heiny's One Size Pocket Diapers
3. FuzziBunz(R) Perfect Size Cloth Diaper
4. Thirsties Fab Fitted Diapers
5. Good Mama Fitted Diapers
6. Bummis Bio-Soft Flushable Liners
7. Snappi Diaper Fastener
8. Wahmies Diaper Service Quality Pail Liners
9. Lansinoh

Heather said...

Reasons I use cloth diaper:
1. Save the environment
2. Save money
3. Healthier baby
4. My daughter is allergic to disposibles
5. No baby powder smell
6. Don't have to go to the store when low, just do some laundry
7. My sister go me started
8. So many kinds, can always find ones that fit baby right.
9. Comfortable baby

j said...

I tweeted about the network 9 giveaway!

Stefanie said...

Nine reasons I cd:
1. Save money
2. Save human poo from landfills!
3. No harmful chemicals
4. They are really cute
5. I am not lazy
6. I don't mind sticking my hand in the toilet
7. I can change a diaper and not get frustrated when they immediately soil it!
8. There are so many cool options
9. They are sooo soft and not scratchy icky like paper dipes.

Hull2319 said...

9 reasons I cloth diaper:
1. Can be used again for baby number 2, and that saves us money.
2. I don't have to worry about running out of diapers and then running to the store while he is in the last diaper.
3. It can contain the poop!
4. They are oh-so-cute!
5. I love how that fluffy butt can pad his falls and tumbles.
6. You can customize them for night-time wearing or day-time wearing.
7. No chemicals on my baby's bum.
8. I feel like I am doing something good for the environment- I feel proud when I tell people I cloth diaper.
9. No funky disposable smell.

j said...

I just linked you in two cd groups on cafemom! Does that count? ;)

SAPsMaMa said...

9 products I've tried from Kelly's Closet!:

1. Bum Genius 3.0 one size diapers!
2. Gro Baby one size cloth hybrid diaper!
3. Fuzzibunzz one size diaper! Just bought this one and trying to still figure it out! See how I like the one sized diapers? lol
4. Baby Kicks Hemparoo Joey Bunz doublers
5. BumGenius diaper doublers/newborn inserts
6. Bum Genius diaper sprayer
7. Tiny Bubbles cloth diaper laundry detergent
8. Bum Genius cotton flanel baby wipes!
9. Planet wise hanging wet and dry bag!

And more where that came from! :D

Mom of FIVE said...

Reasons I use cloth diapers:
1. I save money...twins use a lot of diapers!
2. I like not throwing out diapers into landfills.
3. It is SO easy!
4. No more runs to the store to buy diapers!
5. Cute prints.
6 I never have a blow out in cloth.
7. They are soft against my babies' skin.
8. So many options!
9. I love to tell people how easy it is and addicting and watching their faces!

carlaboo11 said...

friends I've told

skiaudrey said...

I couldn't figure out if I wanted to comment on the 9 products I love most, or 9 reasons why I love cloth diapering, but my love of the cloth won, so...

{1} Good for my baby
{2} Good for my family
{3} Good for the earth
{4} Makes me feel like I'm being active in my passionate quest for overall healthiness
{5} It's truly easy
{6} That bum can't get any cuter with an adorable print on it
{7} No leakage, no blow-outs, less mess!
{8} I'm totally addicted to the entire process and all those cute dipes
{9} Makes me feel like a thoughtful, purposeful, loving mother

The Wilky Way said...

I commented on the post 'Suggestions for a Newby' on FB on 4/1

WarriorWife said...

9 products I've gotten from Kelly's Closet:

1--bumGenius AIO v 2.0

2--bumGenius BabyLegs

3--bumGenius Diaper Sprayer

4--bumGenius v 3.0 Pocket Diapers

5--Planet Wise Small Wet Bag

6--Planet Wise Large Wet Bag/Pail Liner

7--Natural Baby Co. Basic Diaper Pail Liner

8--FuzziBunz Changing Pad

9--FuzziBunz One Size Pocket Diapers

Erin_A said...

I posted a discussion on the Facebook Fan page on 4/1/2010. The discussion is entitled 'Cloth in the Hospital? - CDing Your Newborn.'

Life More Simply said...

1 - saves money
2 - no explosive poopy diapers
3 - cute
4 - no chemicals on my bab's skin
5 - easy to match with an outfit!
6 - to make other people wonder...
7 - no diapers in a landfill
8 - less smelly than disposables!
9 - last for a long time! :-)

rachel.east08 at

Eileen said...

9 reasons I use cloth:
1 - better for the environment
2 - saves money
3 - fewer leaks
4 - super easy to use
5 - better for my kiddo's sensitive skin
6 - love the diaper waddle
7 - it's "unexpected"
8 - cute
9 - easier to potty train

Keren said...

I commented on the post: "Cloth in the Hospital? - CDing Your Newborn" on your Facebook fan page (I was the first reply to the original post!).

Leslie said...

I blogged about this giveaway at Bargain Shopping Paradise:

Keren said...

I commented on the post: "Cloth in the Hospital? - CDing Your Newborn" on your Facebook fan page (I was the first reply to the original post!).

Mom of FIVE said...

I posted on a discussion on Facebook.


Alyssa Davis Nelson

Jena Q. said...

Nine reasons I will cloth diaper...

1-saves money
2-no running to the store for diapers in a rush.
3-they are too cute!
4-good for the environment
5-better for my baby
6-no blow outs
7-helps with potty training later
8-can use the same ones on my next baby! Can't do that with disposables!
9-no icky chemicals!

My baby is due at the end of the month and I can't wait to see her in her cloth dipes!!

Michelle said...

1. They are adorable.
2. Better for baby.
3. better for environment.
4. cheaper (usually...LOL)
5. Love the look.
6. softer and more comfortable.
7. No blow outs.
8. easier to potty learn with
9. raised eyebrows...LOL

Mom of FIVE said...

I blogged!

Nelson Acres

Kristyn said...

I tweeted about the networking nine giveaway!

Heather said...

1. save money
2. fewer diaper rashes
3. so cute!
4. never run out of diapers
5. no chemicals
6. customizable absorbency
7. better fit
8. fluffy bottoms are cute
9. color variety

Jessica said...

1. FuzziBunz(R) One Size Cloth Diaper with Hip Snap
2. bumGenius! Organic All-in-One One Size Diaper- SNAP Closure
3. Rumparooz G2 One Size Diapers with Snaps with 6-r Soaker
4. bumGenius! DELUXE All-In-One Cloth Diapers
5. FuzziBunz(R) Perfect Size Cloth Diaper with Insert
6. Flip: One-Size Diaper Cover
7. Flip Insert: Stay Dry
8. Flip Inserts: Disposable
9. Kushies "On the Go" Wet Bag Kit

Liketohike said...

I use cloth diapers because:

1. I don't like throwing away all of the disposables
2. Disposables smell bad!
3. They cost less
4. Baby is not exposed to chemicals
5. I love all of the colors
6. We haven't had a blowout
7. My baby knows she's wet
8. I'm doing my part to help environment
9. I am educating my friends and family, only one of whom cd's

Michelle said...

Let's see nine products:

1. Bum Genius AIO (not my fave)
2. Bum Genius one size (HATE)
3. Fuzzibunz (some faves)
4. Kissaluv (newborn)
5. Flip (not sure how much I like them yet)
6. Mother ease (promptly sold for fit issues)
7. Kushies (like)
8. Bumkins (wish I hadnt sold but didnt like velcro)
9. Thirsties cover (cant be beat)

WOW, I've tried a lot of diapers!

Lauren said...

9 Reasons to cloth diaper:

1. Because I'm a green mama and so was my mama.
2. I never run out of diapers and have to run to the store at inopportune times.
3. Pants now fit my petite daughter due to the extra bulk!
4. What's not to love about a cloth diaper butt.
5. Money, money, money, money... saved.
6. Easier transition from diaper to potty training.
7. None of that overly fake fragrance from disposables that makes a pregnant mom sick.
8. Makes for such a cute diaper picture during those hot summer days.
9. With another one on the way, I can have them both in the same diapers at the same time and no more money needs to be spent (though the free 9 diapers would be VERY helpful for 2 kids)!

Heather said...

shared the how to wash & lanolize wool covers on facebook 4/1/10

Gemma Bree said...

I commented on the facebook discussion "who first told you about cloth diapering?" today, April 1st.

beckyjeffmaya said...

9 Reasons I use CDs.
1. We're a frugal family.
2. We're an environmentally conscious family.
3. I don't like to expose baby to excessive chemicals.
4. I got tons of prefold/covers handed down from dear sis-in-law. FREE!
5. I love to sew, now I can't stop making new types of dipes.
6. I can make/buy them as CUTE as I want.
7. I love how DD names her diapers now (woolie butt, butterfly butt, sheepy butt, etc..) SO CUTE.
8. I love sharing CD experiences with other CD moms.
9. Diaper laundry is easy compared to folding, ironing, & hanging clothes!

KaraD said...

1. cute fabric butts
2. enjoy washing and stuffing them (downtime for mom)
3. no icky sposie smells (I can even smell unused ones!)
4. Getting the reaction "boy those are neat" from people when they ask
5. less rashes
6. still have the smallest size trash can they offer (and you have a baby?)
7. Seeing the cute fluff on the line in the summer
8. being able to sew with a "purpose" when trying new diapers


Heather said...

Products I've tried

1. BumGenius 3.0
2. BumGenius AIO One-size snaps
3. Happy Heiny's One Size Pocket Diapers with SNAPS
4. Tots Bots Easy Fit One-Size Pocket Diaper
5. Thirsties Diaper Cover
6. Thirsties Hemp Inserts 2 pack
7. Snappi Diaper Fastener
8. Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag
9. Eucalan Wool Wash

Whitney said...

Why I ♥ cloth diapers:
1. They come in all kinds of cute prints!!
2. I don't send multiple garbage bags of disposable diapers to the landfill every week!
3. You can try out something new every day if you wanted!
4. Saves $$
5. My baby's derriere is happier!
6. They're so easy to use!
7. No poo blow-outs
8. Don't have to send hubby to the store in a panic because my baby just blew out our last disposable!
9. I'm addicted to cloth diapering FLUFF!

Lindsey said...

I posted on facebook under the discussion "Best Material for Cloth Wipes" on April 1st.

Thanks and happy birthday!!

Kara said...

I have tried:

1. BG 3.0
2. Fuzzi Bunz
3. Kushies
4. Happy Heineys
5. Mother' Touch (I think that's the name)
6. Gro Baby
7. Promise Pockets
8. gDiapers
9. Tiny Tush

...and the list goes on...

Gemma Bree said...

1)I love doing laundry, very fulfilling.
2)I can MAKE my own diapers. Personalizing is fun.
3)I'm definitely saving alot of money.
4)I help keep my share of the land fill down.
5)NO diaper runs to the store at odd hours!
6)Older women are impressed. ;)
7)My baby tells me sooner that his diaper is wet bc he can actually feel it! (I've heard that this also leads to earlier potty training bc they are more aware of going to the bathroom).
8)Cloth diapers are way cuter and come in way more varieties than disposables.
9)You can recycle them when you are done (resell them or use them on the next baby!)

Lauren said...

Reasons I cloth diaper:
1. Because I'm a green mama and so was my mama.
2. Because I don't have to run to the store for more diapers at inopportune times.
3. Because my petite daughter's pants now fit with the extra padding.
4. What kid doesn't look cute with a cloth diaper butt, especially in warm weather pictures?!
5. Money, money, money, money... saved
6. Because I've been told that potty training is so much easier.
7. Because you can re-purpose cloth diapers or pass them on to other moms when you're done.
8. Because you don't have to smell the fake fragrances that disposables include, you know the ones that make pregnant women feel ill.
9. Because with another little one on the way, I can share the diapers between two kids at once and not have to buy any more (though a free set of 9 would be super helpful)!

larsonck23 said...

9 Reasons I use cloth Diapers!

1- I am cloth diapering Triplets so I need to save money!

2- Enviornment friendly

3- Better for my babies sensitive skin

4- Cloth diapers makes for super cute tushies!

5- No midnight runs to the store for diapers

6- I like being a non-conformist

7- No more bulky, stinky trash

8- Customizable to my babies needs. (size, wetness protection)

9-Love that my babies dont always have to be dresses, they can be in just a t-shirt and maybe some babylegs!

hosiewosie said...

1. cheaper
2. good for skin
3. smell better
4. cute!
5. I like to be "old school"
6. less garbage
7. can reuse on next babies
8. no running out of disposables
9. potty training is faster (at least for us so far)

larsonck23 said...

9 Products I have tried.....

1- BumGenius 3.0 Pocket diapers

2- Flip system

3- Bummis pre-folds

4- BumGenius cotton flannel wipes

5- Snappi's

6- BumGenius Organic AIO's

7- Rockin Green diaper Detergent

8- Grandma El's diaper Cream

9- Wet bags

hosiewosie said...

1. prefolds
2. thirsties covers sized
3. thirsties duo wrap
4. wonder wraps
5. BG 3.0 os
6. fuzzi bunz os
7. superdo insert
8. kissaluv wipes
9. wahmies pail liner
I could keep going, but I'll stop

luvdeternally said...

1-They cost less
2- less diaper rash
3- I'm not contributing to the diaper trash problem
4- I think they are adorable
5- I can educate people when I change my kids' diapers in public restrooms
6- no perfumes
7- other people always tell me how cute they are.
8- I have spare prefolds in case I run out in the middle of the night, and I don't have to find a 24 hour store.
9- I love the look of my kids' bubble butt.

Mom of FIVE said...

I shared this post on my facebook profile! on April 1st.

Cloth Diapers Touted on GMA (and found at Kelly’s Closet!)

hosiewosie said...


Happy birthday @diapershops, #clothdiaper giveaway "Networking Nine Giveaway in Celebration of our 9th birthday!"
less than 5 seconds ago via web

melodybeaty said...

I shared "Networking Nine Giveaway in Celebration of our 9th birthday!" on Facebook April 1, 2010.

luvdeternally said...

Kelly's closet:
1- Allen's naturally
2- Fuzzi bunz OS diaper
3- BumGenius OS diaper (hate them)
4- GroBaby diaper system
5- Rump-a-rooz (LOVE them)
6- Happy Heinys OS diaper
7- Kissaluvs fitted diaper
8- Wonder Wraps One Size Diaper Cover (LOVE them)
9- Happy Heiny's Mama Pads

Steph said...

9 reasons I use cloth diapers
1. No diaper rash for my baby
2. They are economical
3. No chemical smell like disposables
4. They come in fun colors/designs
5. No extra trash to lug out to the garbage can
6. They are cozier for baby than disposables
7. The pockets are fun to stuff
8. Matching the diaper to the outfit!
9. Baby looks so cute wearing them!!! :)

luvdeternally said...

Kelly's closet:
1- Allen's naturally
2- Fuzzi bunz OS diaper
3- BumGenius OS diaper (hate them)
4- GroBaby diaper system
5- Rump-a-rooz (LOVE them)
6- Happy Heinys OS diaper
7- Kissaluvs fitted diaper
8- Wonder Wraps One Size Diaper Cover (LOVE them)
9- Happy Heiny's Mama Pads

Heidi said...

Nine reasons I use cloth diapers (in no particular order!):

1 - to save money
2 - to save our planet
3 - to save my baby's bum = no diaper rash!
4 - because people said I couldn't handle it and I have to prove them wrong
5 - they work!
6 - they are way cuter than disposable diapers
7 - no chemicals or plastic
8 - don't need fancy diaper covers when my girl wears a dress
9 - just because I want to

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