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A Hair-Brained Idea?

I wasn’t really sure how to react to the fact my wife wanted to use cloth diapers; it seemed like a hair-brained idea. We didn’t know anyone who cloth diapered. She just found a website that sold cloth diapers and decided right then to do it! She did a ton of research, but my first impression of cloth was something my parents would have used involving a big piece of cloth (flat diapers), some diaper pins, and plastic pants.

Then my wife started ordering cloth diapers before we were even pregnant, this didn’t ease my apprehension. However, I must admit now that our daughter is just over a year old, I feel like a cloth diapering veteran – and I would recommend cloth diapers to any dad!

Firstly, they are easy to use. We own two brands – FuzziBunz pocket diapers (snap closures) and Gro Baby One Size diapers (with the hook and loop aka Velcro closures). Both diapers fit my daughter well and have rarely leaked. After a year of using cloth my first-hand experience with diaper rash is minimal since we’ve never had a problem with it.

I haven’t found the extra laundry to be a nuisance at all. Although we do a considerable amount of laundry as it is, we haven’t been bothered by a couple extra loads. There hasn’t been any noticeable increase in our water bill either.
I tend to look at the financial side of things and that was one of the first advantages of cloth diapering to come to mind. All of the money we have invested will count toward any future children we have. No buying disposable diapers for every child, or disposable wipes (an added savings to boot). In fact the cloth wipes we have we received at our baby showers and they have lasted exactly one year!

It is nice to know our second and third child (or as many as we have) are covered – no pun intended. An extra bonus is we could possibly be able to sell the diapers when we are done with them, thus making them even more affordable!

As a side note, I am not a huge environmental guy but I do think people should make some effort to eliminate waste. Cloth diapers make a big difference since we are not throwing away thousands of disposable diapers. Also, you are technically supposed to flush poop when using disposables, but do you know anyone who does? I feel like cloth offers another huge environmental plus there as well! It is nice to know we have done something positive for our environment and the environment we leave to our children and our children’s children!

By Steve W. hubby to Gina W.


  1. So funny that your wife was buying diapers before you guys were even expecting!! And I think it's great to get a dad's perspective on cloth diapering- it's nice to know we mom's aren't alone.

  2. Tara said...

    Go Dad! My husband felt the same way as you, he was very nervous to the idea and had many doubts. We do use some all-in-ones, but mainly prefolds and flats with covers. It took both of us a little while to become comfortable with using them but we love them and wouldn't go back! I find even he talks to his friends and family about cloth and how easy it is! I love hearing a story from the Dad's point of view, thanks for sharing!!

  3. jcluvsu83 said...

    My DH thought they sounded "too complicated", but he's totally sold on them now too. He tells lots of people about them. 🙂

  4. Rebecca O said...

    Awesome! I love getting to read a dad's thoughts on cloth diapers. I should have my fiancee read this!

  5. Cari said...

    My husband felt similar about cloth. He was willing to try, but much more nervous about it than I was. Now, (our daughter is 14 months), he's recommending to other parents too!

  6. Erika said...

    My husband is quite the same. We're only 6 weeks into it, but he brags that our daughter hasn't gotten diaper rash, the diapers are so soft for her (even makes friends put the cloth dipe up to their face and feel the difference), not to mention how much money we have saved already!

  7. K8tmama said...

    Nice to get a dad's perspective! My husband was actually put off by the initial price of cloth diapers until I showed him the estimated savings over the long run.

  8. Tricia said...

    So good to read about dad's who fully participate in the diapering. My husband has been great so I am always surprised to read how common it is for dads to opt out of the diaper routine! That's just not an option in our house :). I think most people are amazed how much easier it is than they picture in their heads! In fact, their assumptions are usually opposite of what it is really like, especially if using 'modern' cloth diapers.

  9. gina w. said...

    @Ryan, Corrie, Max, and Jack – Yep, I totally bought them WAY too early, but I just loved the idea of them! haha! I got lucky with Steve and it appears there are many others with great and supportive husbands! It's good to hear… and good to hear that word is spreading!!! Thanks to this article… I've talked to other Mamas and they are jumping on board the cloth diaper train! YEAH! 🙂

  10. Sam said...

    Umm, yeah, I bet you could fetch top dollar for those used diapers on the 2nd-hand market! Her butt is so lucky!

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