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Cloth Diapers Touted on GMA (and found at Kelly’s Closet!)

As many of you many have seen, Friday on ABC’s Good Morning America, green living expert, Sara Snow, sang the praises of cloth diapers! In this informative segment, Snow talked about earth friendly ways to diaper your baby and featured gDiapers, bumGenius and Flip diapers, saying that she intended to use cloth on her baby due in a couple of months. We couldn’t be happier that cloth diapers – especially some of our favorites – are getting such great national attention and glowing endorsement from this respected expert. We wish Sara the best of luck with her cloth diapering experience!!


  1. I am so glad to finally see cloth diapers being featured on a major morning show for all to see!! Now, here's hoping it will cause the sposie using moms to check into cloth diapers!!

  2. Cindy said...

    I think it is more than awesome that cloth diapering is getting such attention!! I hope that many parents will reconsider and use cloth on their little ones. It is all about spreading the word about how easy and much better it is to use cloth!!

  3. Alycia said...

    While I'm thrilled that cloth is getting some much needed media attention, the segment could have been a lot better. They spent way too much time on the green sposies and hardly any time on the actual cloth options.

    Hopefully segments like these will pave the way for cloth becoming a real option you can find in mainstream stores. One can hope, right?

  4. Jenney said...

    Oh I love this! I hope Ellen decides to give cloth a shout out here soon too. YEAH FOR CLOTH!!!

  5. Mike and Jess said...

    it was definitely great to see fluff on GMA, although i really wish the segment could have been a little longer and more informative, but still it's a great step!

  6. Wow, that is so exciting!!! Go cloth diapers!!!

  7. Danielle said...

    I'm thrilled to see cloth diapering covered on such a mainstream show! Maybe next time it will be covered under a non-green theme- just a "good thing for babies."

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