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bumGenius, Oh How I Love Thee

I knew I would cloth diaper my baby-to-be when I found out I was pregnant again. I had already cloth diapered my daughter at night, when she was potty training at the age of two. We used the bumGenius One Size 3.0 pocket diapers and I felt the bumGenius LOVE the first time I put the diaper on my little one. From that moment on I was a cloth diaper covert!

Although I loved our bumGenius diapers, I knew there were a plethora of other diaper options available. I wanted to try a wide variety of diapers before settling on just one diaper. I did a little research, shopped around and finally bought some prefolds and Dappi covers, more bumGenius, a couple Blueberries and Happy Heinys One Size diapers, as well as a few of the sized Happy Heinys Pocket diapers, a couple Drybees All-in-One’s, and eventually a FuzziBunz diaper too (after my son Ian was born.

After trying them all with much excitement, I quickly realized the Happy Heinys diapers didn’t work for us; they did not fit my son well (although the diapers are definitely adorable and I’ve read lots of positive reviews from other moms). I also discovered, while the all-in-ones are convenient to use, they take forever to dry! I really wanted a diaper that would be quick, easy and convenient (both to use and wash/dry).

The prefolds and Dappi covers are great, once I got the hang of using a Snappi fastener. They provide a nice trim fit under Ian’s summer clothes. Alas, my husband really didn’t like the prefolds and covers! In fact, he said he wouldn’t change these diapers. No way! So I retired the prefolds and cover for our emergency reserve for the occasional day when I just can’t get the diaper laundry done on time. Managing a household with four kids – I’m bound to have a day when laundry doesn’t get done, right?

After much trial and error, I realized I was still very much in love with the bumGenius diapers. Blueberry and FuzziBunz are nice, but they are not the diapers I grab first. I kept wishing we had a few more bumGenius diapers to help stretch the diaper laundry a little further and suddenly my wish came true.

I entered a contest right here on The Cloth Diaper Whisperer blog and I won! I won my very favorite diaper; 2 bumGenius One Size 3.0 pocket diapers! Even better, one of the diapers was my favorite color – Clementine! *Sigh* Does it get any better than that?

Hence I declare my love with bumGenius. They are the most reliable and best fitting diapers for us (at least for now).

By Kristi S.

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  1. Jenn said...

    I totally agree! I have a bunch of different dipes, but the BG 3.0s are my go-to diaper. They're just the easiest to use, clean, dry, and deal with. If I know my 2yo is due for a poop, I make sure there is a BG 3,0 on him, because those are the easiest to spray poop off of!

  2. Cindy said...

    I also LOVE Bumgenius! They are a great diaper all around, for day and for night!! They are a great converter diaper–easy to use!!

  3. Kelly said...

    I love reading about mom's love of cloth. I too have BG 3.0s and I love the ease of getting them on and cleaning the poop off but after 6-8 mo. of washing I am having problems with the laundry tabs. Not enough to stop using them, just a frustrating factor when pulling them out of the washer with the other diapers I have. I am so glad to hear others love them and don't have problems with them.

  4. I totally agree also!! I LOVE them. BG 3.0 are our favorite by far!! We use them on our twins!! They are the best and easiest to use! They contain EVERYTHING, and spray off beautifully!! I just can't say enough!! brit @

  5. Jennie said...

    All I bought were BumGenius 3.0s!! I love them, and even Hubby is completely won over :) They are the best EVER.

  6. I love BumGenius as well…in fact they are the only ones I have!!!! But they are wonderful!!!

  7. larsonck23 said...

    I am still pretty new to cloth diapering. I went out in search of cloth diapers and immediatley bought a Bumgenius 3.0 pocket package before even trying them, thank goodness I love them!!!!!!!!! I am cloth diapering my triplets who are 4 months old, with the Bumgenius they are quick and easy to put on! I do have other diapers and I continue to buy more to try them out nut my Bum's are my favorite thus far!

  8. Owen's Mom said...

    They are my favorites too! We also use Fuzzi Bunz at night, but the bumGenius have been very good to us overnight. And so easy to use. My only complaint has been the velcro. My son is 2 and as I have used the heck out of those diapers the velcro shows their age. So glad they now have a snap option!!

  9. Jillayne said...

    I love my BG too! But the aplix wears out…not so cool! The thought of throwing them out made me cringe (and sewing new aplix in would be overwhelming).
    So I learned how to replace the aplix with snaps!
    I just wish BG would have made them with snaps in the first place! (I have the BG organic ones with snaps..but I don't like them as much).

  10. Amanda said...

    I have not tried BG. I would love to because I have heard great things about them, but I think my husband would kill me if I bought more diapers.

  11. Jenney said...

    After cloth diapering for 18 months I finally got my first BG diaper. I knew what color I wanted (ribbit) from seeing it on so many other cute babies. Although I love Happy Heineys and a few other brands, I feel like I have struck gold with BumGenius. They are truly a great diaper.

  12. Kerri said...

    BG 3.0s are our favorites too. Prefolds have had the same fate at our house, they are just on reserve for the days that the diaper laundry doesn't get done in time. It seems like whenever I go to buy a new dipe or two, it's always a BG. I did fall in love with their bamboo fitteds, but now that I can't find them anywhere, I'm back to my 3.0's.

  13. Diana said...

    I love my Bumgenius 3.0 too! I only have 4 in my stash, but wish there were more.

  14. Crystal said...

    I didn't love my BG at first, but they have definitely grown on me. I like the Fuzzibunz allot too, but the BG are the easiest for on the go and the easiest for other people to figure out!

  15. Erin Houser said...

    I will definitely add a BunGenius to my wish list. I am just starting out, and am due in just 3 1/3 weeks! I plan to try out several things before placing my order for diapers, and now BumGenius will be on that list. Thanks!

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