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Super Bowl Coupon Savings- Valid 2/6 & 2/7

Stock up on some cloth diaper fluff with our Super Bowl Coupons!

2 coupons to choose from at any of our stores!

Take $7 off an order of $120 or more with discount code TOUCHDOWN

Take $3 off an order of $60 or more with discount code FIELDGOAL

Sorry, no previous or pending orders discounted. No exceptions. Limit 1 code per order. Limit 1 use per coupon. Valid 2/6 & 2/7 only.
Remember- Free shipping on orders $49 or more at our flagship store, Kelly’s Closet, with over 400+ items to choose from.
Free shipping on ANY SIZE order at our sister stores!

One comment:

  1. Lil Mouse said...

    I love that there's a little 'something' for each holiday/event. Kind of draws the world of cloth diapering into a larger frame of consciousness. When's the last time pampers offered money off because it was the super bowl? Hmm. Yeah, I thought so!

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