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Cloth Diapering Gone Awry

When I first informed my family I would be using cloth diapers on my daughter, they were all very supportive. My mom even drove more than 2 hours with me to the closest brick and mortar store which carries cloth diapers so I could check them out in person before deciding to buy. When my daughter was a newborn, we used mainly Kissavlus Fitted Diapers in Size 0 with Thirsties Diaper Covers during the day and bumGenius One Size 3.0 pocket diapers at night.

As soon as I put that first cloth diaper on her, I was hooked, as was my husband. My parents were equally impressed and we couldn’t get enough of her cute, fluffy butt! We had no issues with leaks, blow-outs, etc. and couldn’t believe how easy they were to use. However, that hasn’t always been the case for Kendall’s other caretakers – my mom and daycare!

A few months after my daughter was born, my husband and I decided it was time for a date night. My parents came over to baby-sit (certainly not a chore in their minds!). We laid out all the cloth diapering supplies, instructed my mom in which diapers to use when and left. When I arrived home that evening, my daughter was sleeping soundly in her crib. My parents said they’d had no issues with diapers or otherwise and went home. Little did I know what I would find when she woke up later that night.

When Kendall awoke for her early morning feeding, I laid her on the changing table and unsnapped her pajamas. Her bumGenius diaper looked a little larger than usual, and I noticed the velcro tabs weren’t quite as tight as I normally put them. I was surprised there weren’t any leaks, as her legs were still pretty skinny and she was only about 10 pounds, but when I opened the tabs, I discovered my mom had inadvertently used the bumGenius pocket diaper as a diaper cover over the Kissaluvs Fitted diaper! Not only that, but the Kissaluvs fitted was on inside out! No wonder there were no leaks; she was certainly protected! How my mom was able to get the Kissaluvs fitted snapped on the inside is a mystery to me! My husband and I got a good laugh.

Eventually I went back to work when Kendall was 3 months old. We were fortunate to find a daycare that would continue to cloth diaper her. During her first week, there was a bit of a learning curve with the diapers, and each night I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next with the diapers. Usually the diapers are just on a bit looser than I would prefer, but one night, Kendall’s bottom felt a little funny – it turns out, her diaper was on backward! How they managed to get her bumGenius diapers fastened in the back on a wiggly 3-month old, I’ll never know!

After some careful guidance for Kendall’s grandmother and daycare providers, we haven’t had any other wacky diaper applications. However, with each misstep, we’ve never had a leak! Now, if only I could get the diapers to wash themselves….

By Elisabeth M.


  1. Michele said...

    I loved reading this! Today was our first "official" day of cloth diapering and I sort of felt like I was having issues too. There really is a learning curve.

  2. Megan said...

    That's hilarious. I can't imagine how someone could get confused about which way to put them on. They don't seem that different from disposables to me.

  3. I was so glad to read your post–I've been wondering how to CD a newborn. I'm not pregnant yet but we are working on #2 and if it's anything like my first, it will be at least 9 lbs! So I wasn't sure where to start. I found some Kissaluvs size 0 on and couldn't resist buying them at $5 a piece, and it's good to know the BGs will work on a newborn as well–I was worried they would be too big. Wish my daycare was as open to CDing as yours sounds! Your picture of your daughter is SO SO PRECIOUS! They certainly are a joy, aren't they?! Best wishes!

  4. Chelle said...

    I can't help but snicker, we have gone through the same things with our family. I caught my FIL putting a Goodmama inside a BG once. Just about died laughing when I saw what he was doing.

  5. Erin Houser said...

    Too funny. I am fortunate enough to have a Mom who cloth diapered, and tons of friends who do as well. Now it is my husband's side that will be the ones having trouble! They have never used a cloth diaper in their lives. We will se how it goes!

  6. Sisrea said...

    That is too funny about using the BG as a cover. Reminds me of another story with a daycare that i read that they put the fitted on, the onsie over the fitted and then the cover over that! At least they are willing to learn!

  7. Rebecca said...

    That is just so addorible! 🙂 Awesome that they were so supportive!

  8. Yara said...

    Awww backwards & inside out : )
    I left my dd in the church nursery once and they had a leak. Turns out they put a cover on her. Just a cover. No wonder she leaked! There was nothing to absorb the pee! At least they tried though, right?
    After that we moved, and our new church nursery, the workers never had a problem getting cloth diapers on her : )

  9. Crystal said...

    Haha! We also have very supportive relatives who have made a few cloth diapering mistakes from time to time… thankfully nothing too serious!
    aboverubies15 at yahoo dot com

  10. Amanda said...

    Haha…your post had me laughing & relating! I have picked my daughter up from child care at church on a few occasions to find her Bum Genius w/ SNAPS put on backwards. (How they couldn't tell that the snaps go on the front is beyond me. LOL. And when we added Gro Babies to the mix…I packed the diaper bag in such a way that the GB Soakers were on top and the Bum Genius on the bottom to be used last and even then, I picked her up one day after church to find an ultra fluffy bum. They had put the GB soaker into the Bum Genius Organic diaper….basically 2 full diapers on her little tush! But I had to laugh. Since then, I just keep 1 brand at a time in her bag if someone else is going to watch her.

    Amanda G.

  11. Tashi said...

    too funny about the diapers being backwards and inside-out! we get that sometimes though, because the Kissaluvs tag is meant to go on the outside (so it wont rub against delicate baby skin) and that is an unusual concept.

    love the pictures. would be honored if you could share them on our FB page at

  12. That is funny! My husband has tried to put the snap diapers on backwards a few times, but thankfully I've caught him before he finished!

  13. Lil Mouse said...

    Something like this happened with my husband too, when we were first starting out! Hilarious!

  14. Grandma said...

    I am the grandma who put on the diapers wrong! I loved reading what my daughter wrote and I love the cloth diapers. I used the cloth diapers of "old" on her and think it is great that she is using them on her baby now!
    Now,I know how to use them correctly! 🙂

  15. Nene said...

    I love my bumgenius diapers too!

  16. Melody said...

    We've had a number of "blooper" moments as well. There is a bit of a learning curve with CDs! But it's totally worth it. 🙂

  17. These are hilarious!! I don' see why a bG couldn't be put on and worn "backwards"… it might make it harder for the toddlers to undo them!!! Harder for the parents to put on, but hey, better than cleaning up messes that made it out of the diaper!!

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