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Goodmama Product Focus

Goodmama was born in 2005 after inventor Suzanne Atwood began cloth diapering her youngest child and became frustrated with the diapers and accessories then available. A lifelong seamstress, Suzanne began designing and sewing, embarking on an extensive testing program to develop the unique and original Goodmama true one-size fit.

Goodmama hit the market with a splash, finally making wetbags and cute, squishy fitted diapers more widely available. Word of the quality and amazing one-size fit spread quickly; Goodmama soon became the favorite collectible boutique diaper on the market.

Today Goodmama continues to lead the trends with original and unique creations for the cutest cloth diapered behinds. Goodmama offers the widest variety of diaper prints and fabrics, enabling cloth enthusiasts to diaper in style while enjoying perfect fit and top quality.

Goodmama has created several new diapers to suit every cloth diapering taste, including:

* the good.night, the extremely absorbent overnight diaper,
* the simple.good, a snapless fitted for the pin or snappi user, and
* the wildly popular ONE, an all-in-one diaper that truly works, even overnight!

Goodmama employees are mostly work-at-home moms who lend their talents to the company while staying home with their children. All Goodmama products are made with US-milled organic bamboo fabrics and are handmade by fairly paid US workers. Suzanne believes keeping construction in the United States is important, a decision which makes Goodmama diapers/products cost more however subsequently benefits our economy and workers.

Part of being a good mama requires giving back, so Goodmama is involved in many charitable products through out the year and is a regular supporter of Miracle Diapers, an amazing charity aimed at providing cloth diapers to low-income families.

Goodmama believes that cloth diapering should be fun, fashionable, available, responsible and sustainable!


  1. Michelle said...

    I have never tried these adorable little dipes (we are on a very tight budget) but gosh I'd love to! They are just too darn cute. I love that employees get to work from home and that they are American made. When we can afford more boutique diapers, these are definately on my "must buy" list. Good job Goodmama!!!

  2. Arizona Girl said...

    I love goodmamas. It was after using a goodmama for the first time that my husband said "hun we must get more of these."

  3. Megan said...'s so cool to hear the stories behind the different diaper brands. I love that most of the people who work for Goodmama are work at home moms.

  4. Erin said...

    I've looked and looked at these cloth diapers, but have yet to purchase one. I think this blog might be what I needed for me to finally make the plunge and add at least one or two to my fluff stash. I'm a new to CDing mom and my little one hasn't yet arrived, but it seems like this would be one of those ones you should have a couple of at least in the mix, doesn't it? 😀

  5. Audrey said...

    We love our goodmama diapers!

  6. Alycia said...

    I wish I didn't trade my Goodmamas before I really got to use them. I just didnt think I'd like fitteds but now I LOVE them and I want my Goodmamas back!!!

  7. Pamela said...

    These are my most favorite diapers! Hooray for a great product made in the US!

  8. Coupon Mama said...

    I have to say I love my Goodmama diapers so much that I have over 40 of them and still can't get enough of them.

  9. I love hearing that the employees are mostly work-at-home moms! That's awesome!

  10. Barb said...

    These are our favorite diapers!

  11. Lisa said...

    Goodmamas are by far one of my favorite dipes. My stash consists of about 90% Goodmamas. The Organic Bamboo Velour is incredibly soft next to my daughter's sensitive skin. These are the only dipes that I can get a perfect fit with my LO. Now with the launch of ONES I am in heaven. It's the perfect dipe.
    It makes me feel good knowing these are made in the USA.
    And the prints are just adorable. Just when I think I'm in stash heaven a new print comes out that I "must" have. I can't say enough about these dipes. Our home is definately a Goodmama home =)

  12. Leah said...

    Love Goodmamas! They are hands down our favourite diaper … ever!

  13. Big Mama said...

    I love my Good mamas!

  14. pala9801 said...

    These look really cute! Don't you just love cloth diapers?

  15. I've only ever heard GREAT things about GM diapers!! I SOOO want to try them out! I love that they're made by WAHMs right here in the U.S.

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