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bumGenius One Size Buy 5, Get 1 FREE and more !

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15% sale store wide at Kelly's Closet

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Fluff Friday 60

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is: Rushie!

will receive:

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!

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Fluff Friday 59 WINNER!

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BUZZZZ Day Manufacturer Giveaway Winners...

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Earlier this month my family moved across country to join my husband in the city where he began a new job four weeks earlier. With a long two day drive between our old home and our new one, I admit that the thought of trying to cloth diaper during the transition was daunting. I would not have use of a washing machine and drier for an entire week, let alone have room in my packed minivan for my entire diaper stash. I ended up making the decision to use disposables for the move, and it all worked out well. However, after seven days in disposables, I was anxious to unpack Brendan’s fluff and start cloth diapering again. The same day our box of fluff came off the moving truck, I unpacked it and immediately began using it again.

I’ve been back on the cloth wagon for over a week now, but am doing so without the conveniences of one of my favorite cloth diaper accessories, my diaper sprayer. I did remember to unhook it from the toilet at the old house, but we haven’t had the opportunity to hook it up in our new home. Right now it is sitting under the sink in the boys bathroom, safely wrapped in moving paper (moving companies wrap virtually everything these days). Meanwhile, at every dirty diaper change I find myself sitting in front of the toilet doing the old dunk and swirl. For all you cloth diapering mommas who do this all the time, WOW – that’s dedication! I admit, after cloth diapering for a year and a half now, a poopy diaper doesn’t bother me, but I still feel somewhat disgusted when I’m actually dunking the diaper in the toilet. Furthermore, all the comments my husband makes about it doesn't help much either! All I can say is thank goodness for antibacterial hand soap!

To help contain some of the mess until we get the diaper sprayer installed again, I’ve been using Bummis Disposable Liners when I am expecting Brendan to make a messy diaper. Of course, the few times I skip the liner he seems to surprise me and makes such a mess I can’t help but wonder if there is nothing but poop inside my toddler! When I do use the liners, they don’t always catch all of the poop, but in most cases they catch enough to make the task of cleaning off the diaper a bit easier. Now if only I could accurately predict when those messy diapers would happen, but then again, if I could I suppose we’d be working on potty training. In the meantime, I really need to get that diaper sprayer hooked up again!

By Katrina W.
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Missing my Diaper Sprayer

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Celebrate Christmas Around the World with BabyKicks...

Learn how the holiday is celebrated the world over and participate in their wonderful holiday giveaway opportunity!

Visit the BabyKicks Blog today for more details.

Happy Holidays!

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BabyKicks Christmas Around the World

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Each week we'll be featuring one of Kelly's Closet's/ leading ladies. We've had the pleasure of working with them and we thought you'd enjoy a behind the scenes peek at the individuals who make it all possible.

Today we're featuring Jill.

Jill is the Receiving Department Manager at Kelly’s Closet and is primarily responsible for putting away all incoming inventory and organizing the current stock. She’s been working with Kelly’s Closet for a long time – since February 2001! She started working as Kelly’s nanny and then took on a part-time role with Kelly’s Closet as the company grew. She is married and has a 17-month-old son, Wilder. She has two dogs, Freddie (a Husky/mutt) and Riley (a blue tick hound), and a cat named Dalylah too! Here’s a bit more about Jill:

If you were a CD brand, what would you be and why? I would be Rock N Green Laundry soap, because I love to ROCK and I am always cleaning, organizing and picking up at home and work.

Do you cloth diaper your son?
Yes, for the first six months I used cloth diapers and I really liked them (except for the laundry part but that’s because I’m not the best when it comes to doing laundry, just ask my husband).

What inspires you?
My son, Wilder

Four words your mother would say describes you?
Loving. Ambitious. Considerate. Thoughtful. Bright. That’s five things, but they came straight from my mother’s mouth!

Favorite movie?
I can’t pick just one! Favorites include The Edge, Old School, The Lost Boys, and The Goonies.

One product you can’t live without?
Dishwasher Favorite book? Dean Koonz’s INTENSITY
Favorite guilty pleasure? Chocolate and Sour-Patch Kids

What is the best part about working at Kelly’s Closet?
The people I work with and the flexible schedule.

Tell us one thing you want everyone to know about you.
I am a bit of a goofball. I enjoy trying to get people to laugh, whether it’s a joke, a smart comment, or simply dancing foolishly.

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Spotlight on Jill

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When asked what his favorite cloth diaper is, my husband quipped, “A clean one!”

This coming from a man who is NOT afraid of dirty diaper – not even a dirty cloth diaper! In fact, he was the one who talked me into converting to cloth when our son, Haddon, was six months old.

Though I had debated ditching the disposables, I worried that start-up for cloth diapers would be expensive, care would be time-consuming, and others would not share my zeal. Leave daddy to the rescue! He not only crunched the numbers and showed me the financial practicality, but also gave me the needed courage to take the plunge!

For us, cloth diapering truly is a family effort. Despite the occasional squabble over who gets the pleasure of dunking the really messy dipes, we both love knowing that we have made a wise financial decision that benefits our child’s health as well as the environment.

Seriously, what is his real favorite?

He likes the Smartipants! He prefers the snap closures… but the real reason he loves them is because he doesn’t have to touch the soiled inserts. Even if the diapers get dirty at least his hands don’t have to!

By Cheyenne H.
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Daddy on Cloth Diapers

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