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Weekend Super Saver Coupon - Dec 12th & 13th

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This week's giveaway:

3-Gro Baby One Size Shell set in Vanilla snaps
2-Gro Baby Soaker Pads 2pk

What to do? Simply leave a comment telling us: What style of cloth diaper do you prefer and why (examples: pocket, all in one,all in two, fitted, prefold, hybrid) ? You should leave your comment before Thursday, December 17th at 7pm EST. (You can only comment answering this question ONCE PER GIVEAWAY, NOT PER DAY.)

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Fluff Friday 58

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is: AC (Amanda Cash)

will receive:
1 - GoodMama One Size Fitted Diaper (in your choice of Kelly's Closet exclusive print)
1 - Kiwi Pie One Size Fitted Diapers
1 - Thirsties Duo Diaper Wrap

This week's Twitter
winner is: fancygrlnancy.

She will receive: 1-GoodMama One Size Fitted Diaper in exclusive Kelly's Closet print!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!

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Fluff Friday 57 PLUS Twitter Winners

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“You want to do what?” were my husband’s first words when I shared the news with him that I wanted to cloth diaper. Our children at the time were four months old and a newly turned two year old and he had just got into the swing of things with disposables... now I wanted to switch to cloth on him?!? Thankfully, however, he always has a “mommy knows best” attitude when it comes to our boys. Reluctantly, he consented when I told him of the money savings we could have should we decide to switch. Since we had started being very diligent about getting out of debt and building up a savings - I'm certain visions of dollar signs danced in his head.

My first fluff purchase were hand-me-down flat diapers along with a few Snappi's and Thirsties diaper covers. Initially the diapering responsibilities fell solely on me. Folding, fastening and poop scraping were not his idea of a good time! Shortly after beginning our adventures in cloth diapering our two year old decided he no longer wanted to wear diapers (I attribute this to the cloth diapers - an awesome perk by the way). Potty training alone was enough change for daddy to handle at one time. The diapers were for mommy to handle.

As I slowly researched, experimented, and bought new cloth diapering accessories, my husband warmed up to cloth diapering. Using disposable liners to help "catch" bowel movements was a HUGE improvement for him, along with the first WAHM pocket diapers I received second-hand. In fact, once we had a few pocket diapers and All-in-One's in our stash, daddy became a cloth diapering pro! Of course buying a diaper with his favorite college football team on the bum didn't hurt in winning him over either. *sweet smirk*

I'm happy to say my husband is now 100% onboard with using cloth diapers; he even hesitates to put on the occasional disposable. He changes cloth diapers at home and on the road with ease. I am so proud of him! With baby number three on the way - mommy needs all the help she can get.

“They are not that bad!” is his response today, a year later, when curious people ask about our decision to cloth diaper. While I don’t think any daddy is thrilled about diapering in general, a “not that bad” is pretty good!

By Jenney D.
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Daddy's on Diaper Duty... Without Disposables!

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If I had to do it all over again, I would probably do things a little differently than when I began cloth diapering a year and a half ago. After trying the bumGenius One Size 3.0 pocket diaper sample pack from Kelly’s Closet, I jumped right in and bought a 24 pack of bumGenius One Size 3.0 diapers. Initially, I choose this diaper because I loved the ease of pocket diapers, and I was able to use the same diaper on both of my boys. (At the time, they were 3 months and 26 months.) My stash remained the same for a while, until I added a dozen large FuzziBunz when my oldest son outgrew the bumGenius diapers.

It wasn’t until earlier this year when I began adding prefolds, flats and fitted diapers to my stash. I had been hesitant to try anything other than a pocket diaper, mostly because they just worked so well, and were so easy to use. The main reason I began to look into the other options is because I wanted to add some fun prints to my stash; the Kiwi Pie fitted diapers fit the bill perfectly. Although I still love my bumGenius diapers for on-the-go and at night, I am really enjoying the variety in my cloth diaper stash.

If my stash were to disappear and I had to buy a new stash I would want to start over with the following diapers: (Of course, I only have one child in diapers now instead of two, and I know my husband would never let me replace every diaper I currently own since he thinks I have too many already.)

  • 3 bumGenius 3.0 - The only diaper I trust for overnight.
  • 6 Smartipants - For on-the-go, and when others are caring for my sons – I just love the snaps!
  • 2 Bamboo Blueberry Minkys – I just love how soft and cute they are and every cloth diapering momma deserves to splurge every once in a while!
  • 1 dozen flat diapers – For the economical cloth diapering momma in me.
  • 1 dozen pre fold diapers – Again, for the economical cloth diapering momma in me.
  • 4 Kiwi Pie fitted diapers – I just love the cute prints!
  • 3 Large Fuzzi Bunz - For when the my little guy outgrows the bumGenius 3.0's for nighttime use.
  • 6 Diaper covers - Mostly Thirsties and Blueberry Coveralls because they fit my little guy so perfectly.
  • 3 Superdo inserts – I haven’t found anything better for overnight protection from leaks.
  • 6 Hemp inserts - For added absorbency when needed.
  • 2 Snappis – I’m afraid of traditional diaper pins.
  • 2 dozen cloth wipes – Why throw away disposable wipes when I can wash cloth wipes along with the diapers?
We just moved across the county last week and most my fluff was packed up in the moving truck for a few days. If something would have happened to it, I would have been sad, but at the same time excited about going on a major fluff shopping spree. It all arrived at our new house safely, so I guess I won’t get the opportunity to start all over with my new “ideal” stash.

-- By Katrina W.
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If I Had To Do it Over....

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Each week we'll be featuring one of Kelly's Closet's/ leading ladies. We've had the pleasure of working with them and we thought you'd enjoy a behind the scenes peek at the individuals who make it all possible.

Today we're featuring Janet.

Janet has been the bookkeeper for Kelly’s Closet since January 2008. Her role is essential, as she diligently keeps track of the finances and addresses a variety of administrative needs for the company.

Janet is married and has two kids Jen (20) and Joe (19), one grandson Ricky (10 mos), and a cat named Kitty. Here’s a bit more about Janet:

If you were a CD brand, what would you be and why?
Blueberry Minky Bamboo because they’re soft inside and out!

Favorite movie?
My Best Friend’s Wedding

One product you can’t live without?

Favorite guilty pleasure?
Ice cream, especially chocolate or any flavor with chocolate chunks!

Favorite book?
The romance series by Diana Gabaldon. They are about a woman who time travels back to Scotland. They contain romance (OK - lust), history, action, and language from my Scottish ancestry.

Favorite sport:
Bike riding and swimming

Favorite season:
Fall - warm days and cold nights are perfect!

Did you use cloth diapers for your kids?
I didn’t use them with my two kids because I didn’t know anything about them when my kids were little. Cloth diapers have changed so much in the last decade.

What inspires you?
Nice weather, a hot cup of tea, music, kind-hearted friends, my to-do list.

What are four words your mother would say describes you?
I’m her favorite daughter.” She has mid-stage Alzheimer’s and this is one of the things she remembers to joke about. Truth is I’m her favorite daughter because I’m her only daughter!

What is the best part about working for KC?
Working with Kelly Wels. She runs a top-notch operation and she’s great fun. She also provides a great working environment and lets me “spread my wings.

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Spotlight on Janet

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With the growing success and popularity of cloth diapers, Parent Tested Parent
Approved Media (PTPA Media) has recently released their list of cloth diaper PTPA
2009 Winners!

According to the PTPA Media website, the purpose of PTPA is to provide an “objective
means to discover, appraise and promote new products designed to enrich family
living. Products range from baby clothing, toys and accessories to parent-centric
creations that enhance day to day life.”

For those who cloth diaper (or considering cloth), the comfy softness cloth diapers
provide is undeniable! However, we know all too well that choosing the right cloth
diaper for your little one can be a daunting task!

In announcing their winners, PTPA says, “There's a world of eco-friendly, reusable
diapers out there — from liners to inserts, to all-in-ones. To find the best, we turned to
the parent testers at PTPA Media. These 12 are their favorites.”
Hopefully this list of winners will help those of you who are on the fence about which
cloth diaper to try/buy!

Bummis Organic Cotton Diaper Kit
Take the guesswork out of cloth diapering with the Bummis Organic Cotton Diaper Kit;
complete with prefolds, diaper covers, disposable and reusable liners, and wet bag!

FuzziBunz One Size Pocket Diaper
Don’t struggle between sizes! Get the custom fit your little one needs with the most adjustable
one size diaper available, the FuzziBunz One Size diaper.

AppleCheeks™ 2-Size Diapers
Your little one is the apple of your eye - why not pamper them with AppleCheeks! With the 2-
Size Envelope diaper cover you can get a trim, good looking fit designed to keep your little one

bumGenius One Size Cloth Diaper
Intimidated by snaps? You don’t have to be an Einstein to figure out the bumGenius One Size
diapers. With hook and loop closures you have a cloth diaper that works for everyone. Quick.
Easy. Convenient. Genius!

Thirsties Duo Wrap
Thirsties has always been our favorite diaper cover. However, they broke the mold with their
new Duo Wrap. Not quite a “sized” diaper cover and not quite a “one size” cover- you get the
best of both worlds with the Duo Wrap!

Sandy’s Bamboo Cloth Diaper by Mother-ease
Need a maximum absorbency? Look no further;! Sandy’s Bamboo cloth diapers by Mother-
Ease can hold 15 ounces (that’s nearly 2 full cups), making this an ideal diaper for your little
super soaker!

gDiapers = Green Diapers! gDiapers offer a flexible, modern, eco-friendly alternative to
traditional disposable diapers. The convenience of disposable diapers coupled with the
reusability of cloth diaper covers, with gDiapers you get the best of both worlds. (gCloth also
available for those who don’t want to use the disposable options).
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PTPA 2009 Cloth Diaper Winners

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Cloth diapers are making news again. This time Smartipants Diapers were talked about on the hit medical talk show, The Doctors - this is the first time the show has tackled this topic.

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears says that 7,000 diapers go into landfills per child. He says is wasn't that bad to do and admits that he cloth diapered his first child too! (Dr. Sears is top doc in our books!).

Dr. Sears demonstrated how Smartipants works by opening the diaper, pulling out the pocket insert, and showing how easily solids flick off into the toilet.

Dr. Lisa Masterson said she tried cloth diapers and, "You just have buckets of crap everywhere." She probably hasn't had the opportunity to use Smartipants or other modern cloth diaper options - as she is referring to the struggles of cloth diapering of year's past.

You can view the feature online at
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Smartipants Cloth Diapers Featured on The Doctors

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Earn Free Cloth Diapers