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This week's giveaway: (given by
1-Econobum Full Kit (includes 3 Econobum one-size covers and 12 one-size prefolds)

What to do? Simply leave a comment telling us: Have you ever tried a prefold and cover system? If so what brand cover did you use? If you haven't used a prefold/cover system would you consider the Econobum system? You should leave your comment before Thursday, November 5th at 8pm EDT.

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If we haven't heard from the winner by the closing time of next week's giveaway, we will choose another winner that will be published TOGETHER with next week's winner.

Good luck, and don’t forget to tell all your family and friends about the giveaway! In case that you don't win, what a better person to win than a friend of yours!!
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Fluff Friday 53

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is: Thrifty Mama B!

Fluff Friday winner will receive: 1-gDiapers sweet bundle (Includes everyday g's 6-pack of little gPants plus your choice of a case of gRefills -or- 2 packs of gCloth inserts.)

Twitter winner will receive: 1-Blueberry one size minky diaper

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!

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Fluff Friday 52 PLUS Twitter Winners!

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The Real Diaper Association’s Real Diapers, Real Babies Photo Contest (announced here previously) was a huge success! There were over 160 entries of beautiful babies in cloth diapers. Entries were posted to the RDA blog, where people lobbied hard for their photos! RDA members selected the twelve winners, who will appear in the 2010 RDA Calendar. The calendar will go on sale to the public via RDA’s CafĂ© Press store in October at Proceeds from sales of the calendar (which would make a great gift!) will help RDA in their mission to get more babies into cloth diapers.

Our grand prize winning photograph (by Jennifer H.) featured a baby playing on the beach by the Mackinaw Bridge in Michigan. Jennifer was excited to receive a $150 gift certificate from (our Grand Prize Sponsor) as she is hoping to upgrade her stash! The two runners-up received $50 gift certificates from Babies in Bloom and Mama Momo.

Some interesting notes about the winning pictures:
  • 8 featured boys, 4 featured girls.
  • Half the photos were taken inside and half were taken outside.
  • 4 of the pictures featured props – a wagon, a toy fire engine, a mobile, and fishing gear/boat.
  • 1 picture featured siblings.
  • 2 pictures showed babies in prefolds and covers. Those same two featured newborns.
  • 2 babies wore hats in their photos.
  • 4 pictures included water – a big lake, a little lake, a waterfall, and an ocean.
  • 7 babies wore solid color diapers, 5 babies wore prints.
  • ALL of the babies looked happy and comfortable in their real diapers!

Thanks to all who submitted photos and thanks especially to all of our sponsors who made the contest and calendar possible!

Real Diapers for Real Babies. The Real Diaper Association ... creating a cultural shift to increase the use of simple, reusable cloth diapers.
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Many people think we’re crazy when they discover we use cloth diapers; especially with twins! However, we cannot imagine diapering our twins any other way. Cloth is easy, fun and just great. I. Am. In. Love. Yes, I am in love with cloth diapers (my children too, of course)!
Our current stash consists of enough diaper for approximate 35 diaper changes; allowing us to wash diapers every 2-3 days. With a few key accessories, a working laundry routine, a night-time diaper solution and a wonderful nanny who is totally on board with cloth diapering, we have built a stash we love and have never looked back. Our current mission is to educate and convert other loving moms and dads to cloth as well.

The Stash:
bumGenius 3.0 One-Size Pocket Diapers
Gro Baby Diaper System
bumGenius All-in-One Organic One-Size Diaper

Our Top 8 Reasons why Cloth works!

1. $$$$$$
We are not running out buying diapers at the store - which saves not only money - but precious time as well! Since the diapers are designed to fit most babies from roughly 7-35 pounds, we are good to go for a loooooong time...hopefully until potty-training!

2. Getting the Right Fit
Our twins have very different builds. Having diapers that work for our long, skinny boy and shorter, thicker lady - this makes a world of difference when it comes to diapering twins! Since investing in a few types of diapers that work for us, we have already begun to see the savings of using cloth in the first 8 months of our twins‘ lives! If we are blessed to have more children in the future, we are totally already set!

3. Accessories and Appliances
A diaper sprayer makes cleaning pool oh-so-easy and helps eliminate excessive stink in the diaper pail! Wet bags ensure cloth diapering on-the-go is easy-breezy!
The toilet, washer, and dryer do all the hard work for us! A little Charlie's Soap goes a long way in cleaning even the stinkiest of diapers.

4. It’s SO EASY
I'm not exaggerating. Using cloth is just as easy as using disposables. PROMISE. Great for daddies, grandparents, and nannies. We can attest to that!

5. Cloth is Healthy!
We’ve had very few instances of diaper rash. Honestly, I can count the occurrences on one hand, - total for both babies!

6. Contains Messes
We’ve never had blowouts up the back when using cloth, that's for sure! Imagine trying to change two babies after a blowout - in additional to all the laundry!

7. Green Babies
While the average diaper is estimated to take 500 years to decompose in a landfill, we decided to forego the mathematics and the visuals of the mountains of disposable diapers we would be throwing away.. Although unintentionally, our children are already reducing their “carbon footprint.”

8. Cute Bums!
I mean really, they are so adorable! Who could possibly resist?

-- By Jenny B.
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TWINS: Double The [Cloth Diaper] Pleasure!

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We are excited to announce that Tereson Dupuy, CEO and Inventor of FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers will be featured on the award winning TV Series "Big Ideas for a Small Planet" airing on Sundance Channel tonight, October 27th, at 9PM eastern/8PM central.
Tereson Dupuy is the inventor of the "original" pocket cloth diaper and essentially revived the cloth diaper industry. With the invention of FuzziBunz cloth diapers she changed the stigma of cloth diapering from "old age" to the "modern age".

Here is the copy of FuzziBunz' Press Release:

Sundance Channel's season three of the award-winning original eco-series "Big Ideas for a Small Planet" will feature FuzziBunz Diapers as one of their "Big Ideas" and as part of a 13-part series airing October 27th 8pm E/P as part of THE GREEN, Sundance Channel's weekly primetime destination devoted to environmental programming. The series is produced by Scout Productions.

(PRWEB) October 15, 2009 -- On Tuesday, October 27 at 8:00pm e/p FuzziBunz Diapers will be featured on Episode 13: Babies. The choices new parents make have a crucial impact on their babies and the environment. Can we imagine a world where all babies are raised green? Ideas include frozen organic baby food, green diapers and the eco-friendly baby store. Featuring Liane Weintraub and Shannan Swanson of Tasty Baby, journalist Katrina Heron, Simran Sethi, author of "Raising Baby Green" Dr. Alan Greene, model/entrepreneur Cindy Crawford, Tereson Dupuy of Fuzzibunz and Paige Goldberg Tomach and Soleil Moon Frye of Little Seed.

Big Ideas for a Small Planet, the seminal documentary series on Sundance Channel and one of the first programs developed for THE GREEN, continues to be on the forefront of the discovery and discussion of green design, innovation, and process. Each week, a different green theme comes into focus through the work of three specific forward-thinking innovators -- from scientists to product and fashion designers; from entrepreneurs to first-time inventors -- inspiring audiences to incorporate green thinking and practices into all facets of their daily lives. It asks audiences to imagine a world in which we eat, build, and raise our children green, but this season it expands its scope to address communities, animals, and art, as well as sports, music, and greener ways to relax.

This season Jackson Browne, Thom Filicia, Cindy Crawford, Soleil Moon Frye, FuzziBunz Diapers and the Philadelphia Eagles are among those that will be featured and profiled. The series also showcases a cast of recurring expert commentators including award-winning scientist, geneticist, and author, Dr. David Suzuki; author and host of The Lazy Environmentalist Josh Dorfman; Urban Revitalization Strategist and host of Eco-Heroes Majora Carter; and Sustainability Journalist Simran Sethi.

When asked to comment on FuzziBunz being included in the series "Big Ideas" Tereson Dupuy, inventor of FuzziBunz said "When the show 'Big Ideas for a Small Planet' first aired - I knew FuzziBunz had to be included at some point in this series as they truly have changed people's minds and spawned a whole cloth diapering revolution - it is fitting that they are being featured on the show and I am very proud."

About FuzziBunz Diapers

FuzziBunz Diapers were invented by a mother of 3, Tereson Dupuy, for her diaper rash ridden baby son in 1999. They are made from polar fleece, not traditional materials like cotton, so the baby stays dry and rash free without chemicals. FuzziBunz also offer parents a mess free, convenient, easy way to cloth diaper their baby in style while doing something healthy and good for their baby and the environment.
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FuzziBunz Diapers on Sundance Channel's "Big Ideas for a Small Planet"

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One day over breakfast, Jason and Kim Graham-Nye came across an interesting fact. They discovered conventional disposable diapers are the third largest contributors to landfills in the world and yet only five percent of the population uses them. It was a fact of stunning proportion met by another amazing fact. A single disposable diaper can take up to 500 years to biodegrade in the landfill. Well, that got the Jason and Kim thinking, since they were about to have a baby themselves. At 60 diapers a week until toilet training kicks in, compounded by the possibility of having more than one child... well, it was beyond comprehension. And so they gasped. Did they want to jump on the landfill train? Absolutely not! What would the neighbors say? How would they face the world on Earth Day? And what about their garbage can? Could it contain it all?

It was too much to imagine and so they did what any two self respecting, socially responsible people do in a situation like that, they began researching an alternative. Obviously, disposables were out. Cloth used too much water for the water conscious couple living in drought-stricken Australia. Jason and Kimberly discovered a Tasmanian company that made flushable diapers, right in their own backyard! Thrilled with the discovery and their belief in the product, they bought the worldwide rights (excluding Australia and New Zealand), raised several million dollars, improved the product and brought the concept to the United States (in Portland, Oregon).

Fair Dinkum
The company’s motto, Fair Dinkum, is an Australian expression that means being genuine and real with everyone you encounter. That is gDiapers philosophy toward their business, their people, their customers and the planet.

gDiapers is also about children too (they’re a diaper company afterall)! If there's one thing they understand, it is that the needs of children don’t wait until the end of the workday. Until the Industrial Revolution came along and separated parents and children, families always worked together. So, gDiapers encourages their working parents to bring their kids to work. They provide an on-site child development center. If mom needs to nurse or wants some playtime with her baby, gDiapers is set up to accommodate her needs. If a child is sick, by all means, go home. We hope everyone feels better soon.

People, planet, profit = fair dinkum.

What are gDiapers?
gDiapers are the best of cloth diapers and disposable in one eco-friendly diaper. gDiapers, which stands for green diapers, consist of a washable, cotton outer little gPant (92% cotton and 8% spandex), snap-in liners (polyurethane coated nylon) and a plastic-free biodegradable diaper gRefill. The biodegradable gRefills are made from cellulose rayon coverstock, a fluffed wood pulp interior, and super absorber. They are free from elemental chlorine, latex, perfumes, dyes, and plastic.

gDiapers recently introduced reusable cloth inserts to the product lineup. Each gCloth insert is made from two layers of soft 100% polyester microfleece to keep baby dry and two layers of hemp/cotton fleece to absorb wetness and lock in moisture.

All items are made of breathable material just like sports clothing. So, babies stay dry and happy and are far less likely to get diaper rash. Can't flush? It's ok to toss our biodegradable diaper gRefills because they're plastic-free. Or garden compost the wet ones. They'll break down in 50-150 days.

Our products have passed all necessary testing and are in full compliance with Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act regulations. The CPSIA bans lead and phthalates in children’s products and mandates third party testing and certification, all of which gDiapers has passed with flying colors.

Why choose gDiapers?
For the last 40 years there have been but two choices in diapers. Cloth or disposable. That’s it. Now gDiapers offers a third option. 100% biodegradable*, flushable diapers. gDiapers puts waste where it belongs, in the toilet. Not the landfill.

You can use both gCloth and gRefills with little gPants. Our system is designed to offer you two diapering options with one diaper cover. Use gCloth at home and gRefills when you’re out and about. Best of all, you only need one type of diaper cover whether you flush, compost, toss or wash.

gDiapers are designed using the Cradle to Cradle** design principles of Bill McDonough and his firm MBDC. That means everything that goes into our gRefills gets re-absorbed back into the eco-system in a neutral or beneficial way. You’re turning waste into a resource and giving something back to the planet while reducing your family's footprint. Just think of the standing ovation you’ll get from the planet.

*Certified 100% biodegradable per ASTM standards in commercially managed and home composts..
**Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM is a certification mark of MBDC.
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Product Focus: g is for Green! All about gDiapers...

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After a painful 22 hours of labor, my first daughter was born. I was so excited to start showing her off in the cute clothes, the darling accessories, and of course, the cute little diaper bag I received at my baby shower. Much to my disappointment, those cute little bags failed to hold what I thought were much needed essentials. Four years, two more kids, and a frugal switch to cloth diapers later, presented me opportunities to learn to how to keep my cargo light, yet efficient.

Cloth diapers are naturally bulky, taking up precious space. Therefore I highly recommend the Gro-Baby diaper system. With one diaper on my child, all I need is one additional shell and two soakers. Toss in a wet bag, a few cloth wipes, and bumGenius diaper spray (in a 2.5 oz spray bottle I found at a local drug store), and I have everything I need!

When my son is only wet, I just spray and wipe with toilet paper from the bathroom (Saves the wipes for messes!). Just in case, I keep a bottle of hand sanitizer on hand for those incontinent diaper changes. My Maya wrap replaces the need for a nursing cover and a blanket - and since it's conveniently located in my car it's always readily available which also allows for the much needed space in my bag. When I was nursing, all I really needed was some nursing cream- stored in a lip gloss container.. Now that I've switched to bottles, I pack one bottle with enough warm water for one feeding. Although there are formula containers on the market, I’ve found using a recycled M&M minis container can hold 4 oz of formula comfortably. I also have a travel toothbrush with dish soap on the tip in the event I need to wash the bottle.

Other accessories I ditched were my daily planner, camera (replaced by my phone), extra clothes (I leave those in the car), and toys. Instead of toys, I've found the best way to keep a child happy is to engage them in the activity at hand. Playing games like I Spy or Peek-a-Boo help greatly! I do bring a snack cup filled with a healthy snack which hangs on one of the key rings outside my bag. I also found a small container (for pacifiers), which I drilled holes into and hang from a key clip as well. Now with a diaper bag full of essentials, all I need is my wallet, and I’m ready to go!
-- by Crystal H.
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Make Room For Cloth: What's In Your Diaper Bag?

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