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"Super" Fluff Friday 49 - 3 Giveaways!

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Rebecca Schmelzer. Follow her blog here:

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1-FuzziBunz One Size Sample pk

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FLUFF Friday 48 PLUS Twitter & Facebook winners

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Traveling with cloth and washing at someone else's house is not as hard as you might think. You just need a couple of things in place to make it work. I recently spent a week with my two cloth-wearing kids at my parents' house. Luckily, my mom cloth-diapered my siblings and I, so she is always very supportive of my cloth diapering passion. It certainly helps when your host is open to cloth, but even if they aren't familiar with cloth, you can make them cloth-loving converts by following a few guidelines!

First, come prepared!
1. Pack: diapers/inserts, diaper covers, snappis, wipes, wetbags (for diaper bag and for bathroom), rice paper liners, cloth diaper friendly detergent
2. When you arrive: Set up a diaper changing station on each floor of the house, just as you would in your own home. Toddlers especially have little time for diaper changes in inconvenient locations.
3. Claim a bathroom! Use it for soaking dirty diapers and storing diapers in a large wetbag before washing. If you stick a little lavender oil in your bag before use, no one will mind that there's a bag of dirty diapers in the bathroom. My mom said my big wetbag was the most useful item I brought along.
4. Wash and enjoy! You're all set to go about your regular routine! Just be sure to keep your diaper bag packed with diapers and wipes for those special trips out during your visit.

  • Tell your host ahead of time that you plan to cloth diaper and use their washing machine. Make sure they understand that there will NOT be poop floating around in their washing machine! Promise them that with all the money you save by using cloth, you can take them out for a fancy cup of coffee and a muffin!
  • Wash often! Nobody likes a smelly diaper bag, especially if it's not your baby making the stink! You definitely don't want to turn anyone off to cloth diapering by letting dirty diapers sit too long.
  • Take your cutest, easiest to use, fastest drying diapers. If you have a large stash, take the diapers you're really proud of. Not only will you be less likely to cheat and use disposables, but your host will get to see how stylin' your baby's bum can be - you might even make a convert out of them!
  • Don't let dirty diapers sit around the house. We all do it at home (or at least I do!) - leave a dirty diaper sitting on the floor while we run out the door after our toddler. Don't do that in someone else's house! You and your cloth diapers will not be welcomed back!
  • Don't monopolize the washer/dryer. Make sure your loads are moving as quickly as they can, so that your host doesn't feel like they've lost access to their own appliances. You could even throw in a load of their stuff in between diaper loads to help out.
  • Don't forget to thank your host! If your host is new to cloth, make sure they know how important cloth diapering is to you and your baby, and show your appreciation for letting you continue to do it during your visit. A simple note will make them feel good about their part in your quest for a better world for your baby.

-- By Katrina P.
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Mind your manners: Washing Cloth as a Guest

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When my husband told his mother we were going to cloth diaper our second child, her first response was, “You’ll hate it!” And she’s wasn't the only one to share that sentiment. We’ve heard similar responses from other friends and family. Nevertheless, I've been so excited about our diapers when we finally used them on our daughter. I even wished we would have known about cloth when our son was born so we could have cloth diapered him and enjoyed cloth must sooner! Oftentimes I find myself desiring to convince everyone I know with children in diapers or those planning to have children they should try cloth! However, I get the same response, "Oh I couldn’t do that.”
Then I discovered most people have a very antiquated idea about what cloth diapers are and what it means to take care of them. The first thing my mother-in-law said when she saw Hazel’s diapers for the first time was, “Oh, those don’t look like what I used!” This provided me a window into what others thought of when they heard me talk about cloth diapers without them physically seeing my daughter's diapers.. Seeing is believing and that's the key here - it's all about actually seeing the diapers and realizing what cloth diapering can be!

Now, as my friends see the diapers when they watch my daughter or if they catch a glimpse of a diaper beneath her dresses, more questions and positive conversations arise than I ever imagined. They ask, “Is that cloth?!?” with a hint of wonder and surprise etched on their face. I welcome the window of opportunity and pull out a cloth diaper from my diaper bag and show them how simple and wonderful the cloth diapers are! Depending on the person, I usually start explaining how easy it is to use and care for the diapers, the savings, as well as the variety of options and designs available. Then I go into more detailed information, such as what works for us (we use predominantly Pocket diapers and All-in-Ones, etc... Time and time again, it ultimately comes back to the same questsion: dealing with the poop! Now I make sure to include discussing how simple washing.
I'm not certain how of my friends will go on to switch to or use cloth diapers; however, I've had a few friends come back later asking for more information for themselves or another friend who’s interested, so it’s a start! I do know I've at least planted the thought in their head, especially after they've seen Hazel's adorable diapered bottom! The diapers themselves are the best conversations starters; so when it's warm out she's wearing a t-shirt and a diaper, or she sleeps in just her diaper to keep cool. I’ve forgone the "diaper covers" which come with her dresses, instead I coordinate colors and let the diapers peek out. You just never know who will notice and want to know more!

-- by Cari D.
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Show, Then Tell

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When I began cloth diapering no one I was acquainted with cloth diapered. Needless to say, everyone thought I was crazy. They were certain I wouldn’t stick with it; that was until they saw my stash! I had so many wonderful brands of fitted and pocket diapers to try out. These were not the cloth diapers they were thinking of (prefolds, pins and rubber pants) when I shared my decision on cloth diapering… these were cute and convenient.

Now, while everyone else is complaining about going to the store and buying yet another pack of diapers, I say, “I’m so glad I don’t have to go there.” However, after seeing my stash grow and all the new diapers added to the mix, my friends started asking questions: How much work is it? How much extra laundry do you have to do?

I told them it’s not really hard at all! I wash diapers every 2-3 days and went on to tell them how I wash the diapers (probably sharing way too much information but I’m always thrilled to get an opportunity to talk diapers). Really, storing cloth diapers really isn’t much different or worse than disposables – you simple throw the diaper in a diaper pail versus a trashcan… Simply dump any solid poo into the toilet and then throw the diaper in the pail, voila!

Having some hands-on exposure to my diapers also gives them the opportunity to feel and play with the cloth and see how much fun diaper changes can be. Not forgetting to mention that cloth diapered children typically potty train sooner than kids who wear disposables!

I’ve helped a few friends build their stash; showing them the ropes – from ordering diapers and finding the best deals to what not to do with the diapers… I’ve even lent my diapers out so they can give them a try; this has been the most successful way to convert others to cloth – having them see their little ones with a cute little fluffy bum! Irresistible!

-- by Kristel S.
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Irresistible Cloth

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Since starting out over 9 years ago, BabyKicks has always used Hemp for its inserts due to its countless benefits. However, until now we have only been able to read about how the materials we use every day are being grown and processed, primarily because it’s currently illegal to grow industrial hemp in the US for fear that its visual similarity with non-industrial hemp might be a burden to authorities.

Thankfully, this all changed in the Spring as I undertook the long, long journey to a small town in north-eastern China – where most of the world’s industrial hemp is being grown – to personally meet our newest fabric supplier and the team of incredibly skilled seamstresses who produce our wonderful new fitteds and pocket diapers. Our new manufacturer and fabric supplier is an entrepreneur, just like me; he started his company nearly 10 years ago, produces IMO certified organic fabrics and has even patented his own unique hemp-knitting technique that allows him to produce superb high-quality fabric.

The three days I spent in China – for which our new manufacturer had thankfully hired an interpreter – was an incredible learning experience which provided me the chance to visit actual industrial hemp fields (yes, these are legitimate hemp fields) to see how the hemp fabric we use every-day is actually created – step by step. Most importantly, this trip allowed me to finally put a face and name to all the wonderful people that will provide us with fabric and will be making our fitteds and pocket diaper products; a project we have been working on for over a year.

By the way, did you know that the Chinese word for hemp is “ma?” Hemp is also recognized as one of the most valuable resources on Earth, out of which over 25,000 different products ranging from paper to foodstuffs can be created! With that in mind there are endless possibilities for new BabyKicks products in the future!

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Take Time to Stop and Appreciate the Hemp!

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Name: MacKenzie

Hometown: Spokane, Washington

Mom to: "R-Man" (3), "Lion Cub" (2 months)

Occupation: Birth and Postpartum Doula, Natural Parenting Educator

Favourite Cloth Diaper: Fitteds = Thirsties; AIOs = Monkey Doodles;
Pockets = bumGenius (but I am really digging the new one-sized FuzziBunz!)

What is one cloth diapering tip you wish you had gotten at the very start?
To base your child’s diaper size on more than just weight. If I had paid more attention to the rise, waist and thigh measurements of the diapers I am sure I would have gotten a stash that fit my son much better!

What is the one cloth diapering tip you would tell a new mom?
My advice is, like with anything, there is a learning curve (especially with prefolds), and you have to find the styles and brands that work best for your baby and family. Give it time and don’t give up!

What do you do to relax?
Blogging is one of my favorite activities, whether I do it for relaxing, regaining my identity or giving myself a little self-therapy! I also LOVE to knit and read (I review books for several publishing companies on my blog too!).

Describe your baby's last meltdown?
Well, we have VERY fussy babies so you could pretty much pick any random moment of the day and either my baby or my three-year-old (or the combination) is probably melting down over something (or nothing)!

Describe your last meltdown?
Well, considering that we are still in that first six-month stage with our youngest, it spells fussiness for everyone in our family and meltdowns for any and all of us are rather frequent! So frequent that I can’t pin down an actual reason or cause for my last meltdown, but I assure you it was something trivial!

What is one thing you wish you could do more of?
I wish I could hang out with my mom more! She is my best friend and always such a help to me without adding extra stress- priceless!

Last movie you saw in the theatre?
Gran Torino- I usually only recommend movies if I am familiar with the crowd, so I am not going to tell anyone to run out and rent it. However, I will say that Clint Eastwood does a fantastic job!

One thing you can't leave home without?
My iPhone! I’ve had it for two years and don’t know what I would do without it! It is my life-line to the rest of society!

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September's Spotlight MOM

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