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This week's giveaway is for :
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Fluff Friday 47

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Crissy. Follow her blog here:

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 46 PLUS Vegas Giveaway Winners

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Night-time cloth diapering presented a much greater challenge than I anticipated.

Before my daughter was born, I knew I wanted to cloth diaper her, even if we were only able to do it on a part-time basis once I returned to work. I remember my mother using cloth diapers with my baby brother (prefolds, pins, and vinyl pants) and I was confident I’d be able to figure it out. Seriously—how hard could it be?

And, early on, it wasn’t hard at all. We waited longer than I had planned to start because Charlotte ended up being much more of a peanut than anticipated and I wasn’t really prepared to cloth diaper a 6 pound baby, having listened to the “don’t buy newborn stuff; your baby will grow out of it in 30 seconds” advice. But once we purchased some appropriately sized extra-small Thirsties covers to put over our prefolds or fitteds, we were good to go.

Alas, the one thing I have learned as a parent is that just when you get comfortable, the rules will change. Which is what happened with our night-time diapering routine.

I went back to work when Charlotte was 12 weeks old. For me, it was terrible. But Charlotte seemed to take day care in stride—except for a couple of notable changes… Prior to my return to work, she slept through the night—well, from about 8:00 to 4:00, which, all things considered, was not bad at all. After she began day care, she started to wake once in the night, then twice, until I found myself in possession of a full-fledged reverse-cycler. On the one hand, it’s very nice to be needed and to know that my baby would alter her schedule so that she could nurse when I was home. On the other hand, sleep? What’s that?

Also, when a baby eats several times during the night, yes, they pee more. LOTS more! Suddenly, the prefolds or fitteds and PUL covers weren’t working so well any more. Charlotte would wake up at 2:00 AM screaming for a change. Or, once we began co-sleeping I would wake up at 2:00 AM screaming for a change.

So I went to the trusty Internet for help, and got more than I bargained for.

The first option we tried was using doublers with the diapers we had. It made the most sense, and we could start by stuffing her premium-sized prefolds with infant ones. This solution works for a lot of people, but not for us. Charlotte’s jammies would be dry in the morning, but she would soak through the diapers and doublers, and that, combined with the PUL covers would leave her little bottom red. She also cried when I put the huge diaper monstrosity on her in the evenings. No fun.

After a short hiatus from night-time cloth diaper experimentation (yes, we resorted to disposables for a few weeks while we regrouped), we decided to try our luck with pocket diapers and, after a few nights on the learning curve, found a solution that works for us right now. We currently use Smartipants stuffed with three (3!!!) microfiber inserts. This gets all of us through the night with no changes until morning.

The only problem with our current arrangement is that we have maxed out the diaper. We may try using some hemp inserts to see if that adds some longevity, but it is entirely possible that we will find ourselves in the position of needing to try something new before too long.

The great thing about the cloth diaper world, though, is that there are still options for us to explore. Our next ventures are likely to include wool soakers, hemp diapers, and/or hemp and/or bamboo inserts. I have great faith that there will be a product that meets our needs as long as I continue to ask questions along the way, and I’m looking forward to the journey.

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Night-Night, Sleep Tight!

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Despite inheriting the rubber pants my mom used on my brother and I (as well as all the cotton prefolds and flat diapers); I was determined not to use the rubber pants! I used rubber pants to help potty train one of the children in my daycare and I knew using them day in and day out on my infant wasn’t what I had in mind when I decided to switch to cloth.

After some online research I decided on using Thirsties diaper covers; I really enjoy them! Then a friend of mine who is an avid knitter came across a wool soaker pattern online. Fortunately she thought of me and gifted me with a homemade soaker, I love it! Although I do not use wool every day, I do use it frequently and love the look/feel/convenience. I have a second homemade soaker from her, and use it even more often than the first. I love how waterproof it is, how it doesn’t require constant washing, and it doesn’t smell!

If you know someone who knits, patterns are available online, but there are also plenty of cute soakers and “longies” available to buy. Kelly’s Closet also offers some wool products. If you choose to try wool, please know it cannot be washed with your regular cloth diapers. Washing wool it is NOT rocket science, in fact it is very easy! Here is what works for me:

Step 1: Turn your wool inside out

Step 2: Warm water in the kettle until it is nearly boiling. I don’t boil my water as I don’t want to “felt” my wool.

Step 3: Get your supplies ready. You need a lidded container (I use a recycled applesauce jar), some lanolin (I use Lansinoh), some liquid dish soap or baby soap, a medium bowl (I often use a 4c. Pyrex measuring cup) and a large bath towel.

Step 4: Pour hot water into container and add a squirt of lanolin into the hot water. It will be a lump floating on top at first, and then will begin to melt.

Step 5: Add 1-2 drops of liquid dish soap or liquid baby soap to the water. The lanolin will immediately start to emulsify and turn the water a milky white. Put on the lid and shake well. I usually have to use a dishtowel around my jar-the water is that hot.

Step 6: Pour the contents of the jar into a bowl. Add two more jars of cool water to the hot. The water temperature now should be “tepid”. Gently put your wool into the bowl and swish around until the entire thing is wet. Let it soak at least 20 minutes. I do this while getting breakfast ready, and then return once we are done eating. It won’t hurt it to sit longer.

Step 7: Drain the water and gently turn your wool right side out. Fold the wool over onto itself and press (squeeze) as much water as you can from the wool using your own body weight (NEVER wring wool). Lay the wool flat on a large towel and roll the towel. When you unroll it, you may need to pull your soaker a bit to get it back to shape. It may look short and fat.

Step 8: Once your wool looks back to “normal” lay on a towel to dry. It will feel “tacky” and that is ok-good in fact. Once dry (give it at least a day…do not put out in the sun, do NOT put in the dryer) it can be used several times before it will require washing again.

How can you tell when the wool needs to be washed?

If it has food stuck on it (I use mine like ‘shorts’ quite often). If it starts to leak (very rare). Or, if the wool starts to smell (also rare). I’m typically able to use my wool soakers 5-10 times between “washes.”

-- By Jenney D.
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No Need to be Sheepish about Washing Wool!

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When my dad does something, anything, no matter what it was, he does it 150% percent. Scuba diving? He bought the most expensive scuba gear and equipment! Metal detecting? Yep, he had a fancy schmancy metal detector. Muscle cars? He owned a 1969 Hemi Super Bee (commonly referred to as his “retirement”). I even created a stand-up routine that lasted more than 10 minutes highlighting some of his many “hobbies.”

Alas, I am very much my father’s daughter! My mom and I have a long standing joke: “Mirror Mirror On the Wall... I am my father after all!”

Therefore it was no surprise when I finally succumbed to my incredible urge to cloth diaper that I would become the cloth diaper aficionado I am today. Despite being my dad’s twin, there’s one thing I’ve learned from him that has always proven beneficial; RESEARCH BEFORE you buy!

I spent DAYS (not just a few minutes here and there over the course of a couple days, but hours upon hours) pouring over all the cloth diaper options available (at the time). Reading reviews, analyzing the pros and cons of just about every diaper option and brand, deciphering detergents (what was and was not recommended), laundry routines, you name it, I did the research on it!

Finally I settled on purchasing the bumGenius One Size 3.0 pocket diapers. So I spent another two days comparison shopping. I was determined to find the best possible price (I’m all for saving money whenever possible especially on such a hearty investment as cloth diapers). I quickly discovered Kelly’s Closet had the best package deals (and still does in my slightly biased opinion). I decided on the Shop and Go package (comes with virtually everything you need to get started - diapers, wipes, wet bag, diaper sprayer) and purchased a few additional diapers to have a plentiful stash.

After using the bumGenius diapers I was SOLD on cloth diapers! I also used prefolds and diaper covers in the early weeks because I wanted to “save” my pocket diapers from wear and tear! Yes, I know these are just diapers and they’re meant to get used - but I’m VERY particular about keeping my things looking nice and brand spakin’ new for as long as possible!

It was not long before I branched out and tried other diapers such as the Happy Heinys One Size diapers (thanks to the Happy Heinys/Baby Frenzy Fashion Show we were able to participate in here in San Diego last year). Then I ordered a couple of the Blueberry One Size diapers and I fell in love with those diapers - the diapers fit great, snaps are easy to use and the hemp combination insert is super absorbent.

Needless to say all of the amazing sales Kelly’s Closet offered only fed my addiction! Seriously, how many of you have the strength to say no to a diaper sale? I can’t imagine many of you raising your hands! (Yes, believe it or not I was just an ordinary Kelly’s Closet customer before I became the cloth diaper guru many of you rely on for tips, advise, and recommendations.)

Now, of course, I have a new excuse for buying and trying every new diaper that comes out because, after all, I have to be able to know what I’m talking about when someone asks about a particular diaper, right? All in the name of customer service! At least that’s what I try to tell my husband when he sees the changing table and two closets overflowing with diapers! *Sheepish grin*

What, if anything, would I have advised myself back then when I was a “newbie”, knowing what I do now? Hindsight is always 20/20, eh?!? I would definitely advise buying a sample of various diapers that interest you most. At least this way you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket! While I love the bumGenius One Size 3.0 pocket diapers I quickly discovered there were other amazing diapers I wish I had given a try first before investing so much in one diaper.
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Retrospect; My Advice on Buying Cloth Diapers

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Rockin’ Green LLC was born out of necessity. Both of my kids have incredibly sensitive skin and had reactions to just about every detergent on the market. On top of my kids skin sensitivities, I also found it extremely difficult to get my diapers clean with hard water. So if by chance I found a detergent that didn't break my kids out, I ended up with stinky, repelling diapers. I loved cloth diapering, but keeping them clean kept me up at night. I would spend days stripping diapers, and it never really seemed to solve the problem. So I sought to find a better way, which is how Rockin' Green cloth diaper detergent came to be. It took me almost a year to perfect the formula, and went through months and months of testing to get to this point.

Rockin' Green is made of safe, phosphate free ingredients, which is good for the planet, and is great for sensitive kiddos that have trouble with conventional soaps. Best of all, it is totally safe for cloth diapers, so you don’t have to worry about repelling and stinkies. In fact Rockin' Green's "mini-strip" is getting a reputation as the cure-all for microfiber stink. I have had many customers who were ready to give up on their synthetic diapers all together only to find the love again, once they started using Rockin' Green.

Rockin’ Green is:

  • Dye free
  • No fillers
  • No enzymes or optical brighteners
  • 100% Phosphate free
  • Vegan
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Easy rinsing formula
  • Approved for military use
  • Works wonders on microfiber stink!
  • Perfect for cloth diapers
  • HE compatible
  • Reusable packaging
  • Great for all water types
  • Economical at .13 cents a load!
Why Choose Rockin' Green?

What really makes Rockin' Green different is it's two different formulas. There is Soft Rock, which is great for those that have soft/medium water or really sensitive kiddos. And then there is Classic Rock which is great for those with moderate/hard water or battling with stink issues (when in doubt try the Classic Rock first). Everyone's water is different, and a lot of detergents are designed to work with ideal water conditions, so in order to make it work for the rest of the world, you have to add a bunch of other stuff to make it clean properly. That's not only time consuming, but ends up costing a lot of money when you factor in the cost of all the different add-ons that go into your diaper washing routine.

Rockin' Green was designed to bust through the minerals and grime and leave you with clean smelling, sparkly diapers, no matter what type of water you have. Just a few tablespoons and you are on your way to clean diapers.

And to make things even better, Rockin' Green comes in a ton of amazing scents. For a long time fragrances and perfumes have been off-limits in the cloth diapering world, but Rockin' Green uses a very small amount of pure oils that make your laundry experience that much cooler. The scents will fill your laundry room, but rinse cleanly off your diapers and clothing. So when they come out of the wash, all you smell is clean, fresh diapers. With scents like Cherry Almond, Buttercream and Mango Sorbet- you really can't go wrong!
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Product Focus: ROCK ON with Rockin' Green!

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We are heading to Vegas everyone! Can you believe that the largest children's show in North America is held in Las Vegas?

Let me share with you a little about this special "children's show." The event is called the ABC show is the largest children's show in the United States! On their website, ABC states, "The main focus of the show is on products from newborn through teen, predominantly in the areas of furniture, bedding, room d├ęcor, baby gear, gift and layette, toys and related accessories."

Of course this includes cloth diapers! We are VERY excited to attend this year because word has it that there are some great new cloth diaper products lined up and ready for our "fluffy world" very soon.

Want to "follow" us to Vegas? If you do, you can have a chance to win:

6 new "fluffy" products!

We will announce the 6 new products as they are revealed to us.
The first 2 are:
Econobum One Size Diaper-A one size diaper cover and one size prefold! Retail is $9.95 for both the cover AND prefold. WOW. Read more about this exciting new product and get on our waiting list here.

Flip One Size Diapering System-Offering 3 inserts: Stay-Dry,Organic,and Disposable. Read more about the Flip and get on our waiting list here.

The next 2 are:
Kissaluvs One Size AIO Diaper- We are jumpin' up and down over this new product. When we went to the booth we were amazed at how small the diaper is on the newborn setting and how generous on the toddler setting. This new one size aio fastens with snaps and is available in white,chocolate,kelly green, & aqua.
Waiting list coming soon! Keep checking back.

Kissaluvs One Size Cover- This one size cover fastens with snaps and has leg-gussets. Truly a bomb-proof cover.
Waiting list coming soon! Keep checking back.

The next 1 is:
BabyKicks Bumboo One-Size Pocket Diaper- Bamboo and Organic Cotton Lining, front stuffing pocket, fleece gussets, one-size (7-40 lbs),includes a Joey-Bunz hemp insert, and a waterproof PUL shell that is soft and thin.
Waiting list coming soon! Keep checking back.

The next 1 is:
Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag Mini- Perfect little wet/dry bag for mama pads, cosmetics, and more.
Waiting list coming soon! Keep checking back.

Here is how you can follow us and enter to win:

1) Tweet the following on twitter:

Follow @diapershops to enter to win 6 #clothdiapers that are launched at the #abckids show.

You can receive 1 entry PER day as long as you tweet this once per day. Comment and let us know your twitter id and that you tweeted about #abckids .

2) Write about our "Vegas Contest" on your blog.
Comment and let us know the url of your post. 1 entry only for entire contest.

3) Tweet about any new products that we "reveal" as the week goes along.

Comment that you "tweeted" about the new products on twitter and what product you "tweeted" about. (In your tweet you must include @diapershops.)

4) Guess what brand(s) of cloth diapers I will have my 15 month old wearing in Vegas.
Yes, we are using cloth diapers!!

Each day you can comment what you think Riley is wearing. Just comment (for example):

"I think Riley is wearing _________ on Monday."

Rules for our Vegas contest:

How? All comments must be posted by Thurs, September 17th by 8pm est. We will draw one winner randomly with an "Online Number Generator" and will make a post on Fluff Friday, September 18th. It is the responsibility of the winner to contact us to claim their prize.

Who can participate? US Residents are welcome!

Important note about the winner: If we haven't heard from the winner by the closing time of next week's giveaway, we will choose another winner that will be published TOGETHER with next week's winner.
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New fluff being launched in Vegas-Giveaway! **UPDATED-9/17, 8:15 am**

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