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Weekend Super Saver Coupon - Aug 29th & 30th

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Fluff Friday 44

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I wanted to give my first impressions after using my cloth diapers for about a month and a half now. As mentioned in my earlier post, I started with one Happy Heiny, two Fuzzi Bunz, one Bum Genius Organic One Size All-in-One and one Bum Genius One Size pocket. After a quick trial I decided that I definitely needed (and wanted) more diapers so I picked my favorite of the bunch, the Bum Genius One Size Pocket and ordered more of those so they would make up the majority of my day-to-day stash. I call this my “So-Far” stash because, as I’m writing, I have an order en route to my house with three new brands/styles of diapers to try and, let’s face it, even that won’t be the end of my stash building! I say it’s all in the name of “research” so I can share my findings and help others make informed decisions. Truth be told… these things are a vice for me, much like chocolate, soft cheeses and Cherry Coke!

I’ve listed my likes and dislikes, as well as a summary, based on my own experiences with these diapers.

Happy Heiny:
  • Likes: strong aplix, good fit, soft fleece, easy to clean, comes out of the wash looking brand new, sizing will last as my daughter grows, not too bulky, easy to stuff, Velcro can overlap for snug fit
  • Dislikes: leaked once (very early on, could have been user error), sometimes insert can stick out of the back
I really like the Happy Heiny diapers. They are a very nice, secure fit which makes them seem very comfortable for my daughter. They aren’t the trimmest, but they certainly aren’t the bulkiest diaper either. I have never had a leak since that one time. Honestly, I think I would reach for this diaper more often, but I really dislike the color that I ordered (pathetic, I know)…and after all fashion is a key part of my cloth diapering experience. Overall, it’s definitely at the top of my list.

Fuzzi Bunz:
  • Likes: very soft fleece, cleans easily, doesn’t hold stains, fluffs right up with washing, easy to stuff, no leaks, snug fit if you can get it right
  • Dislikes: snap positionings are tough for the right fit, bulkiest diaper in my stash
There are several things that I really like about Fuzzi Bunz, particularly the soft fleece that keeps my daughter very dry and the ease with which I can spray it off with my diaper sprayer. The snap configuration never seems to fit my daughter quite right, but that could just be a body type issue. It is a bulkier diaper so I reach for it for naps or when my daughter will just be around the house in just a dress or t-shirt. In the end, though, I really love putting it on her because it seems so soft on her little bottom.

Bum Genius One Size Pocket Diapers:
  • Likes: trim, easy to use, goes on easily (much like a disposable), insert is tucked away nicely, colors are beautiful, never a leak, use it overnight with a doubler with no leaks
  • Dislikes: the pocket flap that I love for keeping the insert is tough when using my diaper sprayer: the poop can get caught in the pocket and water builds up in the flap, the aplix tab can be scratchy and the aplix is starting to get slightly frayed so can see where they might not wear very well over time.
Right now this is the diaper I will always reach for. It is incredibly easy to put on my daughter, not too bulky and has worked impeccably without one leak or blowout. I do worry that the aplix may start to give me problems down the road. The colors are beautiful and I get a ton of compliments on how cute they are. I can color-coordinate with just about any outfit my daughter wears – my husband calls this obsessive. I say, anything that I can do to raise awareness, interest and appeal of cloth diapers should be called “activism.” It’s all for the cause!

Bum Genius One Size Organic All-In-One:
  • Likes: very trim, the ease of AIO, just grab and go, organic, easy to clean, drying time not a big deal to me
  • Dislikes: moisture stays close to her skin
I really love the idea of this diaper, but the number one priority for me is a dry bottom. I have found with the Bum Genius Pocket diapers the moisture is pulled away from my daughter’s skin, whereas with the Organic All in One it stays in the fabric that’s touching her. I have never had a leak or any type of rash with this diaper and she doesn’t seem at all bothered by it, so it may be just my perception. I’m more likely to stress about changing this one sooner than the others. That being said, there are many out there that absolutely adore this diaper.

-- By Jennifer G.
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My So-Far Stash

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We are excited to announce that Smartipants One Size reusable cloth diapers have arrived at DiaperShops. If you aren't familiar with this "smart" cloth diaper please read our product focus we did a few weeks ago.

We are the first retailer in the world to offer Smartipants! We feel so confident that you will fall in love with this diaper. In a nutshell the Smartipants one size cloth diaper was invented by Jessica- the designer and inventor of the first one size cloth diaper. Her initial invention and idea sparked the one size cloth diaper revolution!

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of visiting the Smartipants facility on the west coast. We took our 1 year old son Riley on the trip- and yes - we used Smartipants while we were there! We wanted to see first hand how this new "smart" diaper was made. We arrived at the facility and were greeted by some of the Smartipants team, including Jessica and Josh. We toured two facilities and were truly impressed.

First of all the product is Made in the USA! With the state of the economy it is so nice to see that jobs are being kept here in the USA with the production of Smartipants. Yes- even the inserts are made in the USA (most inserts are made in China). Secondly, both facilities were impeccably neat and clean and working conditions were tip top. Third- their employees get paid fair wages. Fourth- we actually saw the diaper made from start to finish. They use new, state of the art equipment and experienced sewers. Personally, I am not a sewer (can't even sew a button on a shirt-LOL!) but I could see that great detail and effort was/is put into every single diaper.

I personally use Smartipants on Riley (my 14 month old). My favorite feature is their smart sleeve. On wash day there is no need to pull the insert out of the diaper. Just toss the entire system in the wash. No laundry tabs to fold over and no insert to pull out. Super easy!

We are also thrilled to offer Smartipants because of its very reasonable pricing. You can get a Smartipants one size diaper and insert for as low as $13.32 per diaper/insert when you purchase 3 or more.

Smartipants is the "smart" choice. Smart for your baby, smart for your wallet, smart for the environment!

For a limited time we have a free shipping coupon available for Smartipants. With discount code SMART you can receive FREE shipping on your entire order if you purchase a Smartipants Smart Start 3pk. (Offer expires Aug.30th, midnight,est) Limit 1 coupon code per order.

Once we reach 1000 followers on our blog we will give away 6-Smartipants diapers and 6-Smart Sleeve Inserts. If you are already a follower of our blog you are automatically entered. If you are not a follower go to the right side of our blog. Under "Cloth Diaper Lovers" you will see an icon called "Follow". Click on the icon to sign up. It's that easy!

Have fun "smart" diapering!
With fluffy regards,
Kelly - aka "The Cloth Diaper Whisperer"
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Smartipants-the new, smart choice, one size diaper!

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It’s no secret that you carry excess baggage after the birth of a baby- and I’m not just talking about those mama pounds! My daughter and I accompanied my husband on a business trip to Dublin when she was six-weeks old- and this new mama was in tears trying to limit what she would bring- just knowing that anything I forgot would constitute an emergency situation and there just wasn’t anything in the nursery (save the crib, dressing table and rocker- which my husband MADE me leave behind) that my daughter didn’t absolutely need. But cloth diapers were a necessity, and though it was no problem at hotels with laundry facilities or on weekend visits to my mother’s (the saint of a lady washed and folded them for us even) I was not sure of the etiquette of laundering cloth diapers as a houseguest. My daughter and I were invited for a long weekend to the home of a college friend. Though this friend would exclaim over the pictures of the cute diaper covers I would send to her, I knew that she was slightly repelled by the idea of baby poop lingering in her laundry baskets. But as someone who needs to have loose ends tied before embarking on a trip, I broached the idea of laundering my cloth diapers at her house.

“Um, in my washer,” she replied?

“Yes”, I said, knowing that I had to talk fast to convince her, and that this conversation might ultimately lead to my packing a four-day supply of cloth diapers and laundering every diaper I owned upon my return home.

“I have my own laundry bag, detergent, everything.” Knowing that these material things were really not the issue I brazenly rushed forward. “Breast milk poop is water soluble, so its perfectly safe in the washer. Environmentally friendly and no messes.“

“Really,” she asked, sounding slightly more interested? “It’s water soluble?”

“Yes,” I explained. “So no need for diapers to go in a landfill. “Oh,” I said, (and I admit this may have been somewhat manipulative) “I just got some adorable new diaper covers. I think she needs a few more sundresses to match. Maybe we can shop for some together while I’m in town?”

“Shopping, really?” I could hear the enthusiasm in her voice. Shopping is one of the bases of our relationship, after all. We lived across the hall from each other freshman year and discovered that our love for shopping, along with similar tastes and sizes gave us each an extra wardrobe. She quickly replied “Oh, I’ll help you find the cutest little dresses to match. And it’s no problem for you to wash your diapers here. “

My friend is not shallow, but cloth diapers are not the norm as they were for earlier generations. Inundated by commercials, price-war advertising and the image of those white Luvs or Pampers running all over the backyards of America, our society has somehow come to see disposable diapers as just part of having a baby. Cloth sounds foreign, and even less sanitary, when you consider that the disposable diapers and wipes disappear neatly into plastic bags that someone else takes away each week. So, if an opportunity to shop was a way in which I could help my friend accept cloth diapers as the natural, most healthful and sanitary way of life for a baby: so be it. (Plus, I really did want to shop…)

When the actual weekend arrived, we were so busy having a great time together that the topic of washing the diapers rarely even came up. But my friend did get to feel the soft organic prefolds and declared them “absolutely divine for a baby’s bottom” and she did get to see what cute accessories great cloth diaper covers and wetbags can be. And if that gets us one more cloth convert, how can it be wrong?


1. Do make arrangements beforehand to wash the diapers at your host’s home

2. Bring your own detergent, dryer balls, wetbags etc.

3. Do ask politely before laundering your own diapers so as not to interfere with your host’s laundry schedule.

4. Keep your laundry separated from your host’s and in appropriate wetbags, waterproof liners, etc.

Do not:

1. Do not volunteer more information than they may want to know (for example, I would proudly boast: “Oh, the diapers can go right in the washer because breast-milk poop is water soluble.” While this is true, some friends don’t necessarily want to know)

2. Do not challenge your hosts if they say you’d prefer not to have your diapers washed in their facilities- if the matter is of great importance stay with another friend or in a hotel with laundry facilities .

And regardless of the outcome, smile graciously and carry a big wetbag.

-- By Tawnya S.

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It's Water Soluble! Really?

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BabyLegs LLC has grown from one mom’s diaper bag essential to an essential product for all. They began as a solution to keep little legs warm, and now the uses are endless!

Nicole Donnelly, then a stay-at-home mom, created BabyLegs® to keep her dear daughter, Sara’s, little legs warm, while she was diaper free to allow bad rashes to heal. This impromptu invention not only allowed Sara’s rash to heal, but also protected her from many elements, made diaper changes quick and easy, kept her knees protected while crawling, and provided sun protection. Beyond all of these benefits, the leg warmers were also very fashionable. After numerous inquiries from other moms about where Donnelly found the little leg warmers, she began selling her invention out of a diaper bag! Now, BabyLegs® can now be found in over 50 countries from Israel to Chile to Iceland.

BabyLegs® are made from a variety of materials ranging from lusciously soft to organic for those who prefer natural fabrics:
  • SuperSoft –100% Polyester
  • Original – 80% Cotton, 15% Polyester, 5% Spandex
  • Organic Cotton BabyLegs – 80% Organic Cotton, 15% Polyester, 5% Spandex
  • Vermont Organic Wool BabyLegs – 88% Natural Organic Wool, 11% Nylon, 1% Lycra *LYCRA is a registered trademark of INVISTA
  • Vermont Organic Cotton BabyLegs - 87% Natural Organic Cotton, 12% Nylon, 1% Lycra * LYCRA is a registered trademark of INVISTA
BabyLegs® stylish leg and arm warmers are a fun and innovative product created from true necessity. Since Spring of 2005, BabyLegs® warmers have grown from one mom’s diaper rash solution to a wardrobe essential. What’s even more exciting than creating a new product that moms have come to love; is that BabyLegs® will be providing more products for us to love! BabyLegs will be bringing their fabulous insight in fashion, design, and quality into their new line of socks and tights providing protection, warmth, & style for little legs & feet!

That is our rash to riches story – we hope you enjoy our sweet BabyLegs®.
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Product Focus: Babylegs

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I’ve noticed that lately I’ve been rather consistent on the type of diaper I grab at different diaper changes throughout the day. I tend to grab a pocket diaper, usually a bumGenius 3.0 or Blueberry first thing in the morning if Brendan, my 17 month old, hasn’t messed his overnight diaper. I have found it easier to knock off the solids with my diaper sprayer from a lined pocket, than the other types of diapers in my stash.

If he’s already done his big messy diaper for the day, I will move right on to my current favorite diaper…my Kiwi Pie Fitteds. I love the cute patterns, and the terrific fit they give me on my skinny little man. Since he is a rather heavy wetter, I usually double up the diaper with an additional insert between the diaper and the cover. Right now I have Kissaluvs Diaper Doublers, bumGenius Stay Dry Diaper Doublers, and Thirsties Fab Doublers, but I’m anxious to add some bamboo doublers to my stash due to their incredible absorbency. I finish up the diaper change with a waterproof cover, my current favorite being Thirsties and Wonder Wraps. My only wish is that they came in snaps – my little guy has become quite good at unhooking the Velcro – even when it’s concealed underneath his clothing! As soon as I can add more to my stash, I plan on trying a Blueberry One-Size Coverall – I love the cute patterns and the fact that they are available in snaps.

Another frequent go to diaper for daytime, as well as afternoon naps, are my Birdseye Cotton flat diapers. I have been folding one in the traditional style, and then adding a second one folded up as a doubler in the center of the diaper. I then lay it in the diaper cover and put it on Brendan. Sometimes I use a snappi, but most days my little guy can’t lay still during diaper changes, so I usually just skip that step.

At night time, I use my bumGenius 3.0’s exclusively. I stuff them with a Super Do Insert and we’re ready to go for 12 hours without leaks. I first purchased these inserts for use with my 3 year old for nighttime, but now that he’s night time trained, I have switched them to my youngest son’s night time diaper. I was hesitant at first due to the cost per insert, but as soon as I tried the first one, I bought two more right away. They are by far the best night time insert and worth every dollar.

-- by Katrina

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What I Grab and Why

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