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Fluff Friday 43

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is Jenna. Follow her blog here:

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Fluff Friday 42 PLUS Twitter Winners

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Nighttime- ah, nighttime. Blessed respite from a long day of a mama’s work (never really done of course, but we’ve all got to sleep sometime…) But night time can be anxiety inducing – not knowing how much sleep you’ll get before baby wakes up for a feeding, listening for baby’s every breath, or just wondering if you’re going to be coordinated and coherent enough to feed and change your baby properly in the middle of the night.

In those blissful yet bewildering early days, it seemed that there wasn’t a diapering solution that could work for nighttime. My new little daughter wanted to breastfeed every two hours, and a diaper change accompanied each feeding. I had a system that worked well during the day- Kissaluvs fitted with Bummis super whisper wraps. The fitteds were soft and easy to snap to just the right fit. The super whisper wraps were durable and just as easy, especially with the Aplix covers. They were also available in adorable prints, which was one of the big draws for me.

I discovered that at night, however, cute did not concern me. Sleep did. I needed to find a solution that was quick, easy and effective. Exhausted and overwhelmed, I won’t pretend that disposables never crossed my mind. How easy it would be, I thought, to have a one piece to change into and out of, and to not have to worry about more laundry in the morning.

In the daylight hours, I thought more clearly and chagrined myself for these thoughts. What did ease matter, I wondered, when I wanted the health and environmental benefits of cloth diapers for my baby? I was onto something, though, with the one-piece, so I opted for all-in-ones. I found very quickly, however, that these weren’t really easier. Sure, they were a bit easier to get on and off, as I did not have to snap them into place and then put a cover over them, but the fit was not great for my newborn, and I had a lot of leaks. Also, I discovered that frequent washing wears all-in-ones more quickly than other diapers, and reserve these now for traveling.

I tried every other suggestion, from wool soakers to pockets to pull-on pants, all of which were guaranteed by moms I knew and moms who wanted to sell their product via the web. I could understand their enthusiasm for each of these systems, but I was still left feeling that something was just not as perfect as it could be. Too hot, too messy, too time-consuming, I just knew that there had to be something better out there.

My best friend came to the rescue. With a baby only a few months older than mine, she was still figuring out her own perfect system.

Fleece soakers”, she told me. “You’ll never go back.” And she was right. Fleece soakers are everything I could want in a nighttime diaper. Economical, environmentally friendly, available in every cute pattern imaginable. Easy to pull on and off without elastic, snaps or Aplix. They stayed dry, even as my daughter began sleeping more and going for longer stretches without a diaper change. The best part, I found, was that they made the transition from my newborn fitteds to the Bummis organic prefolds that I switched to for an even more cost-effective and environmentally option after the newborn stage. Now I just put a Snappi on the prefold, pick the fleece that matches her pajamas (or suits my mood) and settle in for the night, confident that my daughter will sleep warm and dry throughout the night…or as close to “through the night” as it gets with a five-month-old.

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Diapering Through the Night!

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I must admit I am guilty of cloth diaper abuse. When I started out with cloth diapering I was cheap and only bought 10 bumGenius All-in-Ones and washed them every day. At the time I thought this was a thrifty way to save money. Although I dutifully secured the hook and loop (aka Velcro) to the laundry tabs they seemed to come apart during each and every wash. The Velcro repeatedly became filled with lint, hair and fuzz. Eventually, the hook and loop started bending backwards and would no longer stay fastened. This often resulted in my house looking like a toddler nudist colony. You know what I am talking about. First you hear riiiiiiiiiiiip immediately followed by the joyful squeals of a toddler in her birthday suit!

Here is what my hook and loop tabs looked like after a few months of use.

When I found out I was expecting baby #2 I realized I needed to find a way to extend the life of my investment. Like many families, one reason I turned to cloth was to SAVE money. I started freaking out that I would need to replace a good portion of my diaper stash. After asking around on Twitter I discovered that bumGenius (Cotton Babies) would provide me with FREE replacement hook and loop and laundry tabs. I sent a quick e-mail to customer service and in just a few days had my replacement kits in hand.

The first part of the job entails taking off the old hook and loop tabs. This seam ripping probably is the most time consuming part of the project. I had my diapers and seam ripper in a bin on my kitchen counter for about a week. I did a few tabs here and there when I had time. It turns out seam ripping is relatively relaxing.

The next step was to sew on the new hook and loop tabs. bumGenius sent clear instructions along with a diagram showing exactly how to sew the tabs onto the diapers. If you can sew at all you should be able to do it with no problem. Unfortunately, I must have been nodding off, daydreaming, or writing love notes in home economics because I can’t sew a stitch. Luckily, my mother-in-law, the always there when I am in a bind Grammyita, is handy with a sewing machine and was willing to help me out. My husband also sewed the hook and loop tabs onto about half of the diapers. Sorry ladies. He’s all mine. In all honesty I absolutely could have done it myself if I didn’t have anyone to help.

The final step was to sew on new laundry tabs. This step is really important because without new laundry tabs your new Velcro will never last. I must admit, we did not take off the old laundry tabs. Instead, the new tabs were sewn directly over the old tabs.

That’s it! It took just a few hours of work to completely replace the hook and loop on ten diapers. OK. So I just sat there eating a sandwich and watching. I was soaking it all in for next time. The finished diapers are just as good as new and are all ready for baby #2.

Just in case you were wondering you need not call the diaper authorities on me. I have long since ended my cloth diaper abuse. I have a much larger stash now, including some great snap diapers, so I know this hook and loop will go the distance- and if not I can always call Grammyita!
-- By Danielle
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Bringing Velcro Diapers Back to Life

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Earlier this year our family traveled down to Orlando , FL for a week to attend a wedding. The thought of spending money on disposable diapers that I could instead spend on new fluff, just killed me…so I made the decision to cloth diaper on vacation. This decision was made easier due to the fact that we were staying at my sister’s house, thus giving me access to her washing machine. To keep travel costs down, (don’t you just hate those new per bag charges!) I somehow managed to pack not only myself and two kids in one suitcase, but also a days worth of diapers. This was in addition to the days worth that I packed in my diaperbag. I considered taking prefolds and/or flats and covers due to their small size, but ended up turning to my faithful BumGenius 3.0 pocket diapers.

I was pleasantly surprised when my sister didn’t mind when I asked her if I could use her washing machine every other night to wash diapers. She knew that I had made the switch to cloth diapers, and was more than happy to let me use her washing machine. I had asked her about it before we left on vacation, as I wouldn’t think of throwing my fluff in someone else’s machine without asking first. Cloth diapering while away from home did take some planning, but I did work out a system that worked great for us the week we were away.

I chose to take only one type of diaper to keep things easy. The BumGenius 3.0 is the diaper I depend on overnight, so it was an easy choice to take with me on vacation. I also took a medium size Planet Wise Wet Bag to store the wet/dirty diapers in. Knowing that I wouldn’t have my diaper sprayer with me on vacation, I decided to use Bummis Bio-Soft Flushable Liners to aid in clean up before washing my diapers. The liner, along with any solids, simply fell into the toilet after I removed it from my son at changing time. I then tossed the diaper into my wetbag until it was time to do laundry. When it came time to wash the diapers, I did the old dunk and swirl in the toilet to remove any residue left behind, then proceeded with my normal fluff wash routine. (A cold water wash to rinse, followed by a hot water wash with a double cold rinse using Charlie’s Soap to clean the diapers.) Because I had packed two days worth of diapers, I did fluff laundry every other day once my son was down for the night. By doing this, I would have a two day stash of clean diapers by morning (minus the one he was wearing). To make diaper changes easy, I placed a liner in each diaper after I stuffed the pockets, so they were ready to go when I grabbed one.

We had a great vacation, and I felt a sense of accomplishment by keeping up with my cloth diaper routine while away from home. The only thing I did differently (other than twice as many fluff laundry loads as usual) is I did use disposable wipes instead of my usual cloth wipes. For this trip, I found it easier than trying to stuff even more cloth in my already over-packed bags. I’ll never forget changing Brendan’s diaper while he laid in the stroller parked next to Cinderella’s Castle at DisneyWorld . The other memorable diaper change while on vacation took place during the flight home. About half way through the two and a half hour flight, I checked Brendan’s diaper and found it to be dirty. I made my way back to the bathroom where the changing table was and found the messiest diaper we had the entire trip. Of course, trying to change a diaper on a tiny changing table in a cramped airline bathroom presented quite a challenge, but ten wipes later, it was mission accomplished. It was worth the work though, as I have no doubt in my mind that had he been wearing a disposable diaper, I would have been cleaning up a major blow out. My BumGenius 3.0’s had saved the day.

-- By Katrina W.
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Washing Cloth Diapers Away From Home? Yes You Can!

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Video Product Focus: FuzziBunz One Size Diaper

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Please help us extend a long overdue welcome to our two new contributing writers:

Katrina W. and Jennifer G.

Katrina is a veteran cloth diaperer and regular follower of the blog. She enjoys trying the latest and greatest cloth diaper options as well as getting back to basics with the old fashioned stuff too!

Jennifer is our resident “newbie.” She enjoys sharing her thoughts, experiences as well as her zeal for the cloth diaper “cause.”

We hope you look forward to their posts as much as we do!
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Welcome to Our New Whisperers!

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Name: Dina
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Mom to: Chaim (6 months old)
Occupation: Magazine Editor, Mom
Loves: Knitting, playing guitar and listening to music
Fav. Cloth Diaper: Goodmama

Who introduced you to cloth diapering? I actually stumbled across cloth diapering on the Internet when I was pregnant with my son. I only know one person in real life who cloth diapers and I met her last week!

What is one cloth diapering tip you wish you had gotten at the very start? Don’t buy a whole stash of a certain brand without trying out one or two first. [Ed. Note: Good advice!]

What is the one cloth diapering tip you would tell a new mom? Don’t be intimidated by wool. It’s really easy to care for and works great as an overnight cover.
What is one thing you wish you could do more of? I wish I could do more “date nights” with my husband, but babysitters are not really in our budget right now.
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August Spotlight Mom

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