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Weekend Super Saver Coupon - Aug 15th & 16th

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Fluff Friday 42

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Fluff Friday 41 PLUS Twitter Winners

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I’m not sure if other people do this, but I made a couple of deals with myself when I started cloth diapering. What if they don’t work? What if they leak overnight? What about when I’m out running errands? In order to convince myself to even try cloth, I negotiated deals. You can still use a disposable overnight; you can use disposables while out during the day. On vacations, I planned on using only disposables so I wouldn’t ruin my trip with extra packing, laundry or other inconveniences.

I didn’t even have a month of cloth diapering under my belt when our vacation came upon us, but in that limited time, I was HOOKED! The thought of having to put a disposable on my daughter made me so sad. I used cloth out and about all day and overnight with no need for my preconceived “deals” so, without question they were coming to Cape Cod with us! Before you start calling me brave, I have to confess: we were staying in a rented house with a washer and dryer so it was the ideal situation for the Newbie. Knowing this, I only brought 10 diapers and 5 cloth wipes. I also brought a small stash of disposable diapers and wipes, just in case.

We had a 4 hour car ride ahead of us, but I knew we would be stopping for food and potty breaks for my 4 year old so I’d be able to change the baby on the road. I opted to stick with cloth. We stopped a little more than half way there and did a quick, and comical, change. The car was packed to the gills so I actually changed my daughter on my lap in the front seat after feeding her. In the Olympic sport of “Maneuvers Moms Somehow Swing” I would only give this a difficulty rating of 6.7 on a scale of 10. I’ve been known to attempt much more difficult feats, of which some I’m proud, some a bit embarrassed. Perhaps I’ll disclose the intimate details once we are a bit more comfortable with each other! The car trip was a breeze with both mommy and 5 month old very happily using cloth.

The rest of the trip couldn’t have gone any smoother. I ended up using maybe 3-4 disposables, between laundry cycles. My always-obliging second born timed her poops perfectly so they ended up in the disposables each time she had one on, leaving me with only 1 or 2 poopy cloth diapers. But my absolute favorite, most wonderful part of vacationing with cloth diapers: the house had a clothesline, complete with the warm sun and beautiful, ocean breezes. Can I just tell you, I woke up early, giddy with anticipation, the first morning that I got to hang my adorable cloth diapers on the clothesline! Only my fellow cloth diaper obsessed moms can appreciate this scene: pretending to be a lot sadder than I was (and I was a little sad) to be missing out on my 4 year old’s fishing expedition with her dad when, in all honesty, I was so excited to do laundry! I had it perfectly planned, kiss the other half of my family good-bye, tuck the baby in for a nap and tiptoe away to my secret pleasure of hanging my laundry out to dry!

All-in-all we had a wonderful family vacation that only reinforced how easy and wonderful my new world of cloth diapering is. I realize that it could have been much harder if I didn’t have such easy access to a washer and my new favorite cloth diapering accessory, the clothesline, but with a little planning, I won’t hesitate to take cloth diapers with me on future trips. Even if I have to do the hybrid of cloth and disposables, it’s well worth it.

Oh, and check out the picture of my new set-up at home. I ordered my clothesline the night we got back. When it arrived I couldn’t wait for the hole to be dug so (cue my husband’s eye-rolling) I stuck it in the umbrella stand of my patio table!

-By Jennifer G.
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Newbie Goes on Vacation

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We've all been there, and if you haven't - you will: You visit family for the weekend and your 7 month old goes through three days worth of diapers in roughly 5 ½ hours.

Or, you're at a friend's house for dinner when the weather turns bad, leaving you and your cranky newborn with nothing but a bag full of wet prefolds.

Or, as was my case, a day trip to your hometown 3 hours away turns into a to-night stay (as it turns out, even a woman whose children are well into their 20s is able to accommodate a baby in their home!).

So what do you do? The thought of running out spending unnecessary money on disposables and forcing your baby's pampered bottom to endure hours – or days – away from its precious fluff is unbearable! There simply is no choice: you must wash your diapers. And you must wash them now.

The first thing to keep in mind when washing diapers in a strange place is the ever-important detergent (after getting permission of course). Gently ask your host what kind of laundry detergent is used in the machine to wash the family's clothes. Hopefully it's on the The List! If not, I recommend the following:

Do: Check labels on any detergents or cleaners your host may have. Be sure there are no non cloth diaper friendly ingredients. If so, run a rinse cycle with a cloth diaper friendly detergent (or wash a load of towels) BEFORE putting your diapers in the wash! This will help remove the residue from the “bad” detergent this is lurking in the washing machine's crevices.

Worse case scenario? If you have no other detergent available simply ask for some vinegar or baking soda. The water in the wash will work to get all the “yucky” out while the baking soda or vinegar will remove the smell.

Don't: Wash your diapers with detergents that contain the following – Pure Soap, Enzymes, Fragrances, Dyes, Brighteners, and Fabric Softeners. Not exactly easy, is it?

TIP: Put a small amount of your usual detergent in a resealable, airtight container in your diaper bag! PLEASE be certain that it is sealed tightly and not accessible by your child! Having this with you at all times will greatly reduce the woes of washing at someone else's home. I now keep a tupperware container of Charlie's Soap with me always.

Once you're done washing, a whole new problem comes up – drying! Of course line drying in the sun is recommended, but obviously this isn't always feasible. However, if you insist on not using the machine and there isn't clothesline available to you, there's always my tried-and-true method... there's a shower curtain isn't there?

Washing your cloth diapers at someone else's house really isn't something to be afraid of. However, I will just have to take this moment to brag a little bit. I do all my diaper washing by hand, which makes it loads (pun intended) easier on-the-go. Sure it's time consuming but once you get your hands wet (I'm on a roll!), it's a breeze!

But I do admit during my stay away from home, my diapers took advantage of the luxury of a washing machine. Which brings me to my final bits of advice:

Do: Check the washing machine after you finish.

Don't: Leave your super-soft bamboo fitted just sitting there in the washer, all alone, with no baby butt to fluff up ever again.... sigh.

-- By Christine D.
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You Want To Put WHAT In My Laundry?!

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After deciding to build a new home, we had to move from our old home sooner than expected and found ourselves moving in with family. Admittedly, I was concerned with washing our laundry in someone else's machine as I've heard many ‘horror’ stories about changing from your usual machine and routine to something entirely different. Thankfully the transition went smoothly! However, knowing what I know now I'd like to share a few important things that would have been helpful and saved a bit of a headache.

High Efficiency Front Loading Machines
These machines require much less detergent than a top loading machine (use too much and beware of stinky diapers!)

Hard Water vs. Soft Water
Switching from hard water to soft can present a challenge since you're accustomed to using slightly more detergent (detergents don't work as well in hard water). In soft water, detergent goes a long way! I also found additional rinses were not necessary.

Diaper Sprayers
A cloth diapering MUST HAVE! Not having the diaper sprayer meant I needed to find an alternative solution: Shake solids into the toilet and then wipe the rest with a bit of toilet paper. For those of you who are brave and do not have a diaper sprayer, I admire you. I am a wimp when it comes to poopy diaper!

Additional thoughts?
Do use cloth! After considering not using cloth while I was staying in someone else's home because I was concerned with the wash factor, I thought about all the benefits of cloth and decided cloth outweighed my washing concerns.

It was good to bring extended family/friends into my ‘world of cloth diapering’ and now they too have had a positive experience in seeing cloth diapers in action. I got a lot of comments about how cloth diapers have changed and how cute they are! I know that I now won’t be the only one trying to get others to do cloth diapers; I have ‘converted’ others!

--By Andrea S.
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Smooth Transitioning: Washing Diapers At Someone Else's Home

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Tiny Bubbles came about after several months of testing and searching for the perfect cloth diaper/baby detergent. Too often parents purchase organic or natural cotton clothing and diapers only to take them home and wash them in chemical, perfume, and dye laden detergents!

Tiny Bubbles
combines an eco friendly, ultra concentrated detergent that truly works and rinses without residue in a itsy bitsy box. There is no guessing how much to use. Simply add one full scoop to your wash! We've designed a great, low impact package that any mama would LOVE to have sitting on their laundry room shelf!!

The detergent of choice for cloth diapers and baby apparel.

  • Dye & Fragrance Free
  • Completely Biodegradable
  • Completely Phosphate-Free
  • No Optical Brighteners or Fillers
  • Gentle for Sensitive Skin
  • Low Residue Formula
  • Ultra-Concentrated
  • Low Cost-Per-Wash
  • Recyclable
Safe to use with Gro Baby™ and all other cloth diapers brands.

Not tested on animals. No animal by products. ($0.22 per Load)
Phosphate Free - Phosphate detergents are a major cause of pollution in our lakes and streams. Even biodegradable phosphate detergents are harmful to water life. Tiny Bubbles contains no phosphates and is completely biodegradable.
60 Loads - Front Load Washer
Net Wt. 60 Oz. (3.75lbs)

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Product Focus: Tiny Bubbles

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For a limited time buy 6 bumGenius one size diapers and get 1 FREE!

We can't remember the last time their was an authorized sale so be sure to stock up while supplies last!

Due to the high demand we expect for this promotion shipping times can be slightly delayed.

Please note that this item is not eligible for our Wee Guarantee program.

Have fun shopping!
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WOW! Buy 6, Get 1 FREE bumGenius One Size Cloth Diapers.

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As a new grandmother, I have wanted to help my children and their families in any way I can. We are very concerned about living in a way that is environmentally friendly so the use of cloth diapers made a lot of sense to us. I read a great deal about the new cloth craze and learned a great deal from your information. Since I used the old style cloth diapers on my four and I have used some disposables as well, I have had a lot of real experience in this area even though it was a number of years ago. My 54 year old eyes read things very differently than my kids' 20 + year old eyes. Maybe it does not always work this way, but my kids were very willing to hear what I have had to say about cloth diapering the grandkids since they value my experience and insight.

After reading all sorts of information, I ordered several types of cloth diapers for the grandbabies and we tried them this past Thanksgiving when everyone came here. My kids were so impressed with the ease of use and care of the diapers after being a bit skeptical before they tried them.

I think grandparents can play a huge roll in encouraging young parents to use cloth diapers. I was able to spend a little bit of money buying the diapers as gifts, but I also helped choose the ones that might work best for my children. Keep encouraging the extended families to be supportive of the young families so we can get more and more using the cloth diapers for the health of the babies and the environment.

Janet Milanesi
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Grandma's Influence

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Earn Free Cloth Diapers