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Weekend Super Saver Coupon - Aug 8th & 9th

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This week's giveaway is for :
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Fluff Friday 41

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This week's Fluff Friday winner is J TiBBS. Follow her blog here:

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Fluff Friday 40 PLUS Twitter Winners

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I am a cloth diaper “Newbie.” I wear that title with pride and passion. Though I’m a Newbie I’m already a lot of other things…obsessed, in love, ready to sing from the hilltops!

If there is a “typical” cloth diapering mom (which I’m quickly learning there isn’t) I certainly don’t fit the profile. If you know me well you know that I care about the environment and have made some big changes to my lifestyle to live a greener life, but I don’t advertise or preach it. My family was surprised that I would move to cloth diapers, but might have expected it. My extended circle of friends is shocked, curious and a little grossed out! I’m comfortable with the role of being a cloth diapering trendsetter amongst my peers and determined to create some converts.

With a little research (okay hours, but who’s counting when it’s so much fun) I was able to quickly choose my first cloth diaper purchases to get me started on my trial. The obvious first picks were the popular Fuzzi Bunz and bumGenius. With those two brands I was able to try out Snaps vs. Velcro, Fitted vs. One-Size and Pocket vs. All-in-One. I purchased a 2 pack of sized Fuzzi Bunz, a bumGenius One Size 3.0 and a bumGenius Organic All-in-One One Size diaper. I threw in a Happy Heinys One Size pocket diaper as well, after reading some reviews, to have a direct comparison to the bumGenius pocket. Armed with my mini-stash and a very willing 4 month old (did she really have a choice?) I got to it.

There are a couple of universal hurdles, myths and fears that I think makes everyone nervous with cloth diapers. I think these are the main reasons why people are resistant to even trying cloth diapers: poops, laundry, leaks and diaper rash. I used these issues as the basis for my testing and tackled each one head-on: I encountered the first cloth diaper hurdle when I got my first poop. I took it straight to our utility sink in our laundry room and rinsed it there. Considering that every poop in a disposable had resulted in a blow-out, I was very accustomed to rinsing out my daughter’s clothes. Rinsing the diaper was much easier and a lot less icky (a very technical term when testing cloth diapers). I have since purchased the bumGenius diaper sprayer which has made poop diapers even easier to deal with. Score one for the cloth diapers!

The second hurdle for cloth diapers…laundry. Dare I say, I love washing my cloth diapers! Twisted, right? I set up two small, inexpensive laundry baskets, one in the baby’s room and one in the laundry room. These are shallow, plastic laundry baskets that are open to the air without any bag or liner. I like that I don’t have to reach into a damp, stinky pail on laundry day and I can just wipe the basket out when empty. As long as I do laundry every other day I haven’t found there to be any smell. I do a quickwash cycle with cold water and Charlie’s Soap and immediately follow with a hot, longer cycle, again with Charlie’s Soap and an extra rinse cycle. Super easy. Score two for the cloth diapers.

My next test, and probably the most important to me, was keeping my daughter dry and rash-free. Each time I took off her diapers I would pat her little bottom to see how wet or dry it was. It was dry every time! The insert could be soaked, but the part of the diaper touching her body was dry and her skin was perfect. And, I must say, I have put these diapers through the test. I have left one on her for up to four hours during the day (I say with embarrassment) and I use a bumGenius overnight with a doubler without any leaks or rashes…ever! Now, I’ve lost track of the score, but the cloth diapers are definitely the winner!

I really wanted to love this cloth diapering thing and I wanted it to work for my family. I was so worried that something: leaks, inconveniences, rashes, etc would make me give up. I put them through so many tests: changed them on the go, taken them on vacation, left them on much longer than I should, used them overnight, cleaned the poops, done the laundry, used them for long car rides and they have far surpassed my expectations. They are greener, better performing and gentler for my baby than disposables. And don’t even get me started on how cute they are!!!

-- By Jennifer G.
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Cloth Diapers from the "Newbie" Perspective

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1) My cloth wipes/ wipe warmer/homemade wipe solution
2) My homemade fleece liners
3) California Baby Calming Diaper Rash Cream

1. I included three items, but I only counted them as one because they are all related. I absolutely love my cloth wipes. The wipe warmer is just a bonus really, and functions so much better with cloth wipes than with disposable wipes. I actually had a wipe warmer that I used with disposables prior to falling in love with cloth and I hated it! The disposable wipes would dry out and turn brown - they were unusable. What a waste of money and energy! I have the Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer and it works awesome. I bought this item new as I hated my previous wipe warmer so much that I had donated it to the local Clothes Cottage. For my wipes I simply use terry washcloths in assorted bright colors as well as in white. So simple and easy!
I make my own wipes solution using an old cleaned out milk jug. I fill it ½ - ¾ full with water and then add equal parts of Johnson’s Baby Oil* and Johnson’s Baby Bath. I usually use about a ½ cup of each. Then I put the lid on and give it a few shakes and I’m ready to go. I pour it over the wipes as I add them to the warmer. This solution smells so good, even my two older children, ages 3 and 5, absolutely love it! They like to wipe their hands clean with the wipes and I have been known to use them for a quick scrub down on all three of the children when needed!

2. My second favorite thing is my homemade fleece liners that I use in every single diaper. I made them out fleece baby blankets that I found on clearance at WalMart for $1 each! Each blanket yielded 10 liners. They are wonderful! They wick wetness and moisture away from baby’s sensitive bottom and into the soaker where it belongs. They are also useful if you need to treat a diaper rash with a cream or ointment that is not cloth diaper safe. These fleece liners also make cleaning up a soiled diaper ten times easier, just pick up your liner and shake into the toilet, solids usually come of pretty easy with just a pull on the fabric and a little shake! To make these I simply measured my inserts and then measured them out and marked them off on the blankets. Then I used a pair of pinking shears to cut them out so that they would have a cut edging to them.

3. All of the above brings me to my third favorite thing, my cloth diaper safe diaper rash cream. I use California Baby Calming Diaper Rash Cream. I like California Baby because it contains a vitamin grade zinc and truly works great! It instantly “calms” the redness and irritation. It goes on so smoothly and covers so well. It really moisturizes and protects baby’s bottom at the same time. It also has a great smell, not fishy or oily like some other diaper rash treatments. I love that this product is readily available at my local Target and Whole Foods Market. California Baby is an excellent addition to any cloth diaper stash. As an alternative, I usually have some Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Remedy and Prevention around as well. It works just as well, but is not as readily available locally for me.

So, what will be my next addition to my stash of cloth diapers and accessories? I’m thinking maybe a diaper sprayer. Now to decide if I want to purchase one or try my hand, or my husband’s rather, at putting one together for ourselves. We’ll see, that’s a whole other blog in itself! Good luck mama’s … and happy cloth diapering!

-- By Lisa H.

Disclaimer: Please note that most baby oils will not readily wash out of your cloth diapers and can lead to buildup problems if you use too much; use any oil sparingly to avoid buildup problems.
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Top 3 Cloth Diapering Accessories I can’t Live Without

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For a long time, I was of the belief that my heavy-wetting son would not be able to wear a cloth diaper and make it through the night. I was envisioning nights of 3 AM wake-up calls, fretting the need to search through his closet for clean sheets, the bureau for clean pajamas, and foraging for a clean diaper, not to mention the time spent helping said child fall back asleep. I was so concerned that I spent his first 8 months faithfully putting him in disposables.

After a while, I began to think about the monetary waste of using disposables and concluded that I would try the cloth through the night. The first time I left him in cloth all night was an accident (he fell asleep and I put him in his crib forgetting that I hadn't changed him). He wore a Haute Pocket and didn't leak during the 10 hours he slept. I decided not to attempt that feat a second time and started to use my FuzziBunz that were very large on his little bottom. It took me a while to determine the best method for stuffing and ensuring dryness throughout the night, but I found a system that worked for us. I began by using a FuzziBunz and inserted a cotton prefold, that was folded into an insert.

The result was a VERY large diaper on my son's behind, however, it kept him dry and sleeping all night long. With that success behind me, I created the same insert for my "larger" one sized diapers Rumparooz and Mommy's Touch). I was concerned that I would run out of night-time diapers, but I had six of them and as long as he did wake up wet in the middle of the night, we had plenty.

As time went on, the little guy grew, and the diapers needed to change; he was no longer fitting into his pajamas. Considering the leaks, I was extremely brave one night and double stuffed a bumGenius, basically, I used the newborn doubler and the larger micro-terry one-size insert that the bumGenius came with and crossed my fingers. In the morning he was dry! There have been random nights where he has leaked and woken up the house, however, most of the time he is dry. Nighttime diapering is not nearly as scary as I expected it to be.

-- By Becky D.
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Nighttime Diapering is not Impossible

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There’s so much going on with the Real Diaper Association lately that I was really glad when Kelly offered me this Guest Whispering opportunity to share some of it!

RDA accredits local leaders to form groups called Real Diaper Circles. Circles have local meetings to support members and people in the local community in using cloth diapers. (If you recall, Serena whispered here about our San Diego Real Diaper Circle a couple of months ago.) I love helping volunteers (who are usually already holding informal “Cloth Diaper 101” classes locally) form Circles like ours around the country.

I’m working with my brother and sister-in-law now to build a cloth diaper stash as they’re expecting their first baby in October, but, since they live 3000 miles away from me, I really wish they had a local Circle to support them through the process. Despite all the written arguments for cloth diapers and all the great explanations of cloth diapering, many people still learn about cloth diapers from a trusted friend or relative (as we used to learn from our mothers and grandmothers). As proof, how many people have you personally turned on to cloth diapers? (By the way, if you enjoy doing it, and want to organize - or help organize - a Circle locally, contact me here and I’ll help you navigate the training process).

Besides helping the local, grassroots leaders, I’ve also been working with some volunteers and folks over at the Real Diaper Industry Association on a project related to the use of cloth diapers in daycare facilities. So many of our members have run into trouble with this that I’m hoping we can join together to provide a voice and solution for the thousands of parents who want to continue cloth diapering their babies within their chosen daycare setting. Watch for more details about this project to be announced in September.

Of course, as the head of a non-profit organization, I also have to focus on raising funds to continue to do our work. We’re applying for some grant money, but we are mostly supported by donations from individuals and business members (such as!). Recently, to supplement those donations, I’ve been working with some great volunteers on a new project, which leads me to an exciting announcement...

The Real Diaper Association is launching our first Real Diapers, Real Babies Photo Contest! The winners of the contest will appear in our first ever Real Diaper Association Cloth Diaper Calendar, which will be ready for sale in October! The Grand Prize winner will receive a special prize, thanks to our Grand Prize sponsor - - none other than! Details about the contest and calendar can be found on our website, and contest updates will be posted to our blog as it progresses.

So, do you have an adorable baby in diapers? Get the camera out and start shooting! We’re looking for high quality photos of happy babes in real diapers to grace our walls for a month at a time. Any U.S. resident can enter, and RDA members will do the voting. Contest ends 8/24, so get on it!! Can’t wait to see your photos!

Now, finally, since employees of RDA are prohibited from entering the contest, I’ll share a cloth diaper picture of my littlest here... Isn’t he cute??? J

Heather McNamara
Executive Director, Real Diaper Association

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Real Diapers, Real Babies Photo Contest!

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NEW! Thirsties Duo Wraps Save Money!

Thirsties, a Colorado owned and operated, 100% USA made cloth diaper company recently released the new Duo line of diaper covers. What’s so great about these new wraps, you ask? Lots!

The new Duo Wraps offer the same foolproof fit and ease of use as the Thirsties original diaper covers with one new feature that is sure to please: they’re adjustable. “They make sizing up a whole lot easier,” Nicole Hanson, mother of one says. “I only need two sizes to fit my daughter from birth to potty training and that really saves me a lot of money, without compromising on the fit.”

In these times of belt-tightening and fat-trimming it’s nice to hear that there is now an offshoot that saves even more money on a product that already saves new parents thousands of dollars every year. The new Duo line from Thirsties is definitely something worth checking into.

About the Inventor...

Erin Kimmett, owner and designer of Thirsties, became infatuated with the sewing machine and all its wonders beginning at a very young age. Her grandmother, Pearl McBride, was a truly gifted craftswoman and eventually become a local celebrity in her artful expressions. Pearl's father passed away when she was just a baby leaving she and her mother to fend for themselves in a poverty-stricken tenement of New York City. Pearl was taught to sew professionally alongside learning her ABCs and tying her shoes. Though Pearl was only a child, she and her mother worked tirelessly together as sewers for a large clothing manufacturing company to try and make ends meet. Despite the fact that she was forced to sew in lieu of a formal education in order to keep bread on the table for herself, Pearl was enamored with the needle and thread and all the limitless possibilities of creativity it provided. As an adult, she continued to sew for both hobby and profession. Never was she seen without a needle and thread in her hand. In due time, she graciously passed along her gift and her unquenchable thirst for creativity and sewing to her granddaughter, Erin Kimmett.

Pearl has since passed, but her love for sewing is still expressed in Thirsties cloth diapers today. As a new cloth diapering mom herself, Erin Kimmett, couldn’t find a diaper cover that quite suited the needs of her baby, and therefore set out to create her own design of waterproof wraps. The first covers were patterned, cut, and sewn on her dining room table and went through several tweaks over the course of 18 months before they were finally released! It was a painstaking process, but all the hard work and innovation paid off and resulted in the best selling diaper cover on the market today.
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Product Focus: Thirsties Duo Wraps

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A guide on overcoming negative reactions to going cloth and ultimately converting non-believers.

I remember not long after I made the decision to go cloth I was telling my Mom about it and the first words out of her mouth were "Are you really that bad off that you can't afford to buy diapers?". Immediately, I felt myself get defensive but, I took a breath and calmly laid out my reasons...which were many and saving money was only a part of it. We all know the top 3 reasons to go cloth...

  • Better for baby

  • Better for environment

  • Better for the wallet

Then there are more personal reasons too...

  • My daughter had a rash 24/7 in sposies.

  • My daughter got a UTI from the sposies.

  • I used to be President of the Environmental club in High School...what a shame that I was adding SO much waste to the landfills.

Still, my Mom did not seem quite convinced until the day that she witnessed me changing my daughter's diaper (a One Size Bum Genius diaper). Once she saw the new way to do cloth she was pretty impressed. However, she remained slightly skeptical of the fact that I would continue to do cloth long term since I had to launder them. (Despite the fact that I assured her that it's not that much work).

She recently asked me if I was still doing "that cloth thing". My only response at that point was that I wouldn't do it any other way.

It's common for people from my Moms generation to raise their eye brows when you mention doing cloth because when they had babies, disposable diapers were all the rave and you only did cloth if you were poor or a hippie.

However, my Aunt, having done the traditional pins and prefolds w/ all three of her children, because she had too, was more than impressed when she saw our cloth diapers. She thought it was wonderful that there are so many new options that make cloth diapering actually enjoyable and wished she had those options when my cousins were babies. She & I both have even been trying to convert my cousin to use cloth because her son has a constant, painful rash.

My mother-in-law did not seem to sure about the cloth idea until she came over and changed a diaper. She is generally the only one who watches Mikaela if Adam & I go out. She thinks they are great as well and she tells her friends and co-workers all about them.

I have even convinced two of my friends to go cloth and one of them is not even pregnant just yet. And of course, I will be referring them to the Diaper Shops for all of their cloth diapering needs.

So ladies (and gents too), ultimately, if you share your enthusiasm for cloth diapering with others, you will have less likelihood of raised eyebrows and maybe a few converts too. If however, you come across someone who is just down right skeptical and can't seem to be swayed on the idea, then you know that they are the ones who are missing out and as long as your happy and confidant with your decision to give your baby the very best, then that's all that matters in the end.

- By: Amanda G

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Gasp! You Use Cloth Diapers???

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Earn Free Cloth Diapers