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Weekend Super Saver Coupon - July 11th & 12th

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This week's giveaway is for:
1 - Set of Joey-Bunz Inserts (includes 1 JB Small, Medium & Large)
1 - Set of Joey-Bunz Premium Inserts (includes 1 JB Premium Small, Medium & Large)
1 - Premium Washi
1 - Premium Duz-it-All
1 - Blanket
(Items were given by the manufacturer)
What to do? Simply leave a comment telling us what was the first type of diaper you used (pocket, aio,fitted,prefolds, etc). If you have never used cloth diapers what would you like to try first?When? You should leave your comment before Thursday, July 16th at 8pm EDT.

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How? We will draw one winner randomly with an "Online Number Generator" and will make a post with the winner on Friday, July 17th. It is the responsibility of the winner to contact us to claim their prize.

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Good luck, and don’t forget to tell all your family and friends about the giveaway! In case that you don't win, what a better person to win than a friend of yours!!
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Fluff Friday 37

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This week's twitter winner wins 2-Applecheeks diapers with 2 inserts!
AnnathanMagz is our winner. Read her blog here and find her on Twitter @ AnnathanMagz

For Fluff Friday this week we have 5 winners!!
1st place: BrassyMom
2nd place: Christine Brannan
3rd place: M.E. & me
4th place: Kim Day
5th place: The McDougles

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 36 PLUS Twitter Winners

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On Twitter this weekend we posted the following tweet:Happy 4th!

Do you have a cute pic of your baby in a patriotic dipe? Post pic link & tweet @diapershops . Win a FB os diaper. Randomly drawn.

What I especially like is that ALL Thirsties products are "Made in the USA". How fitting! -Kelly

I knew I wanted Carson to wear red, white and blue for his first 4th of July, but by the time it dawned on me that a patriotic DIAPER would be adorable, it was too late to order one and get it in time for the 4th. So, I decided to get creative! We love Thirsties fab fitteds and Thirsties covers, so we had a red Thirsties cover. I decided to hit up the local Hobby Lobby and see if I could find a decorative patch to sew on. Well, ok. A decorative patch that my MOM could sew on, for me!! I found an aisle full of potential diaper decorations, but they were all iron on!! I wasn't sure how that would pan out, with the cover being PUL. I decided to try it out anyway, since I have quite a few covers.

When I got the cover home, and looked at the patches, I realized that they also had adhesive on the back, for a one time use! So, I decided to just stick them on the cover for the 4th of July, and voila! Instant patriotism displayed on the bum! For what it's worth, I got a few other iron on transfers, and DID try them on other Thirsties covers, and it worked great! The PUL did NOT melt. The covers won't be able to go in the dryer any longer though!

So here is Carson, proudly displaying his pride for the Red, White and Blue! Happy 4th of July!!

- By Megan

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USA Diaper!

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Cloth diapering is not exactly common where I live. I don't have any friends or family members who use cloth and most people are pretty surprised when they find out that I do. Over the past eighteen months I have gotten a lot of different reactions, for some reason it seems to be a case of extremes: Either people think it's fantastic, or they think it's disgusting, but everyone has an opinion.

My mother in law thinks it's great. She used cloth diapers on her kids and she was excited to see how far they'd come over the years. She's perfectly happy to use my pocket diapers when she babysits and she even washes them and sends them home clean. She likes the economic factor as well as the lack of garbage created. My own mother was less enthusiastic. When I told her I was starting to use cloth diapers she laughed at me. She told me it would be messy and smelly and just an awful lot of work. I was a part of the first Disposables Generation and my mom had changed only a couple of cloth diapers in her life. Of course those were the old fashioned flat folded diapers, held on with pins and covered with hot sticky rubber pants. Once she saw my Happy Heinys and BumGenius diapers she conceded that they were pretty neat, but she's still not completely won over.

Younger people are equally divided. I was babysitting for a friend and I would use my daughter's cloth diapers on her baby whenever she was at my house because I didn't want sposies piling up in my garbage and I knew they were having trouble making ends meet so I thought I'd save them a few diapering dollars. My friend thought it was a great idea, but she had no intention of switching to cloth herself. One day I forgot to put that baby back into a disposable diaper before she went home and within half an hour my friend called me in a panic because the baby had pooped and she had no idea what to do. "Oh that's so gross! How on earth do you clean it?" I found it funny, and a little sad at the same time to see how dependent people have become on disposable diapers. Some people just dismiss the idea entirely. The strangest reason I hear for this comes from people with more than one child in diapers. They say that it would be alright for just one baby, but far too much hassle with two or three. I would think the more babies you have the more reasons there would be to use cloth! On the other hand I have had several new and expectant parents express a lot of excitement when they see my daughter's diapers. Most of them have never considered using cloth diapers and know nothing at all about it. They usually have many questions and I am only too happy to explain why I use them, although I never try to "convert" people unless they show a genuine interest.

I tell people how easy it is to use and wash cloth diapers these days. I tell them they can save thousands of dollars and prevent tons of garbage from ending up in landfills. I tell them about the possible effects of disposable diapers on a baby's health from cancer, lowered sperm counts and asthma to diaper rashes. I tell them about the dangers of ground water contamination from human excrement being thrown in the garbage instead of treated as sewage. Every so often someone will say "But aren't you wasting a lot of water?" So I tell them how much water is used in the manufacturing of disposable diapers, and how many chemicals, and how much petroleum, and how washing cloth diapers requires about as much water as a person would use in a day for flushing the toilet anyway, and how a biodegradable detergent prevents water from really being "wasted." I tell them how many hours I get to spend with my kids instead of having to be at work, earning money to throw away on diapers. I show them how astoundingly cute they are, and some of them have decided to use cloth diapers themselves.

Some people smirk and call me crunchy or weird. I had a home birth. My partner is a holist. Obviously we're doing this because we're hippies or something. But more and more perfectly normal, mainstream, modern parents are using cloth diapers these days and people are smirking less and less. Hopefully some day they will stop completely as people gain a greater awareness of themselves, their environment and surroundings and more people will find the joy of cloth diapering.

- By EdenSky
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You use cloth diapers?! Why!?!?!?

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Dear Followers,

Due to server issues this past weekend and yesterday our Kelly's Closet site was not available for shopping the entire holiday weekend. Until Tuesday, July 7th, midnight,est we are offering the following sale:

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Thank you for following our blog and for shopping with us!

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24 hour special coupon sale!

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We are so excited to do a Product Focus on Kissaluvs new products. Be sure to check out Fluff Friday 36 for 5 great giveaway's!

Marvels by Kissaluvs. These one-size fitted cloth diapers might just be one of the best quality diapers around! They're easy-to-fasten and they include a snap-on soaker for added absorbency and protection. Available in 3 scrumptious prints: Zoo-Blue, Mocca Swirl, and Two-Hoots prints. $24.95 ea.
Kissa's Cloth-n-Go Bag. This PUL-lined zippered wet tote holds one cloth diaper inside and a pack of wipes and a diaper sprayer in the two outer pockets. It also has a functional handle that can snap to hang on around your wrist or stroller handle. $12.95 ea.

Once upon a time, there was a dining room. The room was in a house in Houston, Texas. At a table in the dining room, a family often ate wonderful meals. Something else wonderful happened at that table, too. When no one was around, a mom sewed diapers for her little baby girl. The baby girl was named Kissa. Kissa’s mother loved her a heartful. She wanted her little girl’s soft bottom to be cradled in the finest diapers on the planet. So she made the diapers herself with special fabric and with extra love. She named the diapers “Kissaluvs” because each one wrapped her darling daughter in the most comfortable diaper anywhere. Kissa’s mother made pink and green and blue diapers. As her little girl grew, she made bigger diapers with strong plastic snaps that Kissa couldn’t undo. When they were wet or dirty, she tossed them into the washer. She used them again and again. Kissa loved her soft cloth diapers! There were no sharp pins to stick her. She never got a diaper rash. She wore them day and night.

Soon, all the moms who saw Kissa’s diapers wanted them for their children. And they said, “These are cute and soft and easy to use. We will tell all our friends!” And they did. Kissa’s mother asked a few moms who were very good at sewing to help her make the special diapers. They made diapers every day. And the small business grew and grew. One day a mommy named Tashi discovered Kissaluvs. She knew they were the best cloth diapers in the world. She knew that mommies liked to save money. She thought that children all over the world should have them. So Tashi worked on making that happen and Kissa’s mom handed over the reins to her.

Tashi had lots of big ideas. She would find ways to make lots more diapers. She could play cheerful music while the moms sewed. She could give them a big sunny place to work. After lunch, they could go home to be with their own children. And that is what she did. Soon mothers all over America and in Spain and Scotland and France and Finland, too, wanted these wonderful diapers. All of the helpers worked hard to make Kissaluvs. Tashi looked carefully at every single diaper to be sure it was perfect. After all, the children who would wear them were just as precious as her own little babies. Tashi sold Kissaluvs to stores around the world. Moms and dads bought them and washed them and snapped them snugly on their little ones. The babies were comfy and beautiful and handsome, too. Moms and dads saved lots of money. There were no trash bags filled with dirty diapers to pollute the environment. Everyone was happy!

Tashi was happy, too, but she still kept thinking of ways to make the diapers even better. One idea was to make diapers of organic cotton and hemp, which make Kissaluvs even more absorbent, longer lasting and better fitting. Tashi also started making organic knit wipes for gently washing babies. And a Lotion Potion diaper spray that’s fragrant like the great outdoors and makes changing babies more fun.

Every day, Tashi thinks about loving babies, helping families and respecting Mother Earth. So she’ll probably never stop having new ideas. Yea for her! Tashi lives in Houston, Texas and is the mother of two young boys. Kissaluvs are made two miles from her home. Growing up in India, Tashi learned that recycling saves money and is good for the earth. And that’s still the philosophy Kissaluvs runs on!
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Product Focus: Kissaluvs Marvels & Cloth-N-Go Bag

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1) I did not have to run out to get diapers in the middle of the night when I realized I was out and baby had just pooped.

2) I did not have to budget money every two weeks for diapers. I do budget for new cloth diapers and accessories, but that is every few months or so.

3) I started thinking of what else I was throwing away; paper, cans, glass, etc. I started recycling what I could and finding ways to decrease the other things I was throwing away (finding other uses for some things and really just thinking twice before tossing)

4) It has also encouraged me to try sewing different things. I tried my hand at sewing some cloth diapers, wipes and even simple skirts and dresses for her, which led me to try my hand at blankets, quilts and curtains. Sewing isn’t really related to cloth diapering, but it was the mindset that was started from cloth diapering. It was for me a way to starting thinking about what resources I have that I can use reuse the things I have in the house. Most everything I have made has been from scraps that I already had or from clothes that were not worn any more.

5) I should also include that it had gotten me to think about healthy eating and other things I could be doing to make my family healthy. I am not the best at this area, but it was a place to start and encouragement to keep working on it.

I guess after looking over this list it has been more of a way of thinking change for me and through changing my way of thinking it has changed my lifestyle.

- By Angela S.
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The many ways Cloth Diapering changed my lifestyle and thinking

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