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Thank you Anelys!

We would like to extend a very BIG THANK YOU to Anelys for all her wonderful work maintaining the blog.

Anelys has always been a vital part of our team and will be missed deeply. However, we truly hope as she continues to explore other amazing opportunities she will continue to follow the blog and participate!

Please join us in wishing Anelys the best in her future endeavors and thanks for all her hard work!
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Thank you!

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This week's giveaway is for:

4-Thirsties Covers

4-Swaddlebees Prefolds 6pks

4-Snappis 1pk (given by the manufacturer)

What to do? Simply leave a comment telling us what was the first type of diaper you used (pocket, aio,fitted,prefolds, etc). If you have never used cloth diapers what would you like to try first?

When? You should leave your comment before Thursday, July 2nd at 8pm EDT.

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Fluff Friday 35

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This week's winner is Jaime... Follow her blog here:

Our Twitter Winner of this week just won 2-Happy Heiny's One Size Diapers!!!!! You can follow her on her blog here.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday 34 PLUS Twitter Winners

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One of the most common reactions I get from people when I tell them I use cloth diapers (after "Eew!") is: "Isn't it an awful lot of work? I mean, all that laundry..." The answer is of course no, it's not much work at all. Certainly a lot less "work" than I'd have to do to afford disposables. The wash and care routine did take me a long time to develop though.

When I decided to try cloth diapers I didn't know anyone else who had used them in the past twenty-five years or so. I bought a couple of fitted diapers on a whim one day while I was checking out a local consignment store. I had no idea how to care for them, so I asked the owner of the store and she very helpfully wrote me out some detailed instructions.

Considering the fact that those instructions directed me to fill a wet bucket with cold water and vinegar, rinse diapers by dunking them in the toilet and use the strongest detergent I could find and bleach once a week, it's pretty surprising that I stuck with cloth diapers at all. I knew I wanted to move away from disposables though, so one day it finally occurred to me to type "cloth diapers" into a search engine to see if there were any other options and the world of modern diapering opened before me. There were far better diapers out there than the ones I was using, that's for sure! There were also some handy links for How To Care For Cloth Diapers, but more importantly, there were forums and groups for cloth diapering parents in places like Facebook where you can ask questions and get dozens of suggestions, ideas, answers and opinions. Apparently no one else had a big bucket of stinky diaper stew brewing in their bathroom, how interesting! After months of experimentation I have devised a system for washing cloth diapers that works perfectly for me and my family. I will share it with you now in the hopes that some poor clueless newbie will be able to learn faster than I did:

-In my bathroom, which is within arm's reach of the change table in my daughter's room, I have two cheap plastic trash bins from Wal-Mart with locking lids. I put fitteds, prefolds, inserts, wipes and doublers in the larger one and PUL covers and pockets in the smaller one to prevent them from trapping smells.
-Wet diapers go straight into the pails. Dirty diapers either have disposable liners removed and flushed or they are shaken over the toilet and rinsed under the foot-wash faucet in my shower. I never got around to buying a diaper sprayer, although I'd love one! Sometimes I spray them with BumGenius Odor Remover.
-I don't use pail liners. Every three days I dump both buckets into the washing machine and give them a cold rinse, then a hot wash with a bag of soap nuts or some Purex detergent and sometimes a few drops of tea tree oil, then a rinse.
-Every so often, if my diapers seem a little dingy or smelly, I put a scoop of oxy cleaner in the wash cycle.
-If the pails get smelly I rinse them out with water and a drop of tea tree oil while the diapers are washing.
-When the weather is nice I hang everything out to dry in the sun after running a quick tumble fluff cycle in the dryer to soften them up a little.
-When line drying isn't an option I hang covers, pockets and AIO's on a drying rack overnight and dry everything else in the dryer on medium heat with a few dryer balls.
-I wash my wool covers by hand once every two or three weeks with Eucalan and lay them out to dry.
-When everything is dry I pre-stuff my pockets and sort it all onto the change table shelves.

Basically it works out to two extra loads of laundry a week and maybe twenty minutes of folding and putting away (More if my nineteen month old wants to "help"). It's barely even noticeable since I'm doing laundry for six people anyway. I certainly wouldn't call it an inconvenience, and nothing smells as good as clean laundry hung to dry in the sunlight.

- By EdenSky
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The Day We Wash

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It has taken me a little while to figure out what works best with cloth diapering 2 – my oldest is 22 months and my youngest is 8 months. I finally came up with a great plan that does the trick for my family.

My laundry room is across from the boys bathroom so I keep the diaper pail right inside that door so after a quick spray from the wonderful diaper sprayer ( I can’t imagine how I made it so long without one) I just take a few steps and it’s in the laundry room. I would highly recommend having at least 2 large diaper pail liners/bags. I only had one for a while and it wasn’t the best. Once I got my second one – I placed the dirty one in the wash with the diapers and the other was immediately placed in the pail and ready for more dirty diapers. (I used to just put the dirty ones in a big tub while waiting for the one and only diaper liner to wash and then air dry.)
I have enough diapers to do laundry every other day – with a few exceptions. The boys are almost in the same size for all the diapers except for a few of the AIO’s and the BG’s that we use for nighttime. Once the diaper are clean and dry I usually just throw all the clean diapers on top of the washing machine and fold them and put them in the boys room’s right away or as soon as I can. It goes with my personality of why do later what I can get down now and can cross off my list.

Each boy has a spot in his room for where the clean diapers are kept– I stuff all the pocket diapers and make up all the prefold’s with covers after they are dry so all I have to do is go and grab when it’s diaper changing time, that way I’m not trying to either stuff or lay a prefold out on a cover with a squirmy one on the changing table. Honestly – it doesn’t take that much more time at all and it might sounds crazy but I would rather stuff pockets or fold up prefold’s then fold baskets of regular laundry. Our system works so well that even daddy does diaper laundry too.

- by Nancy H.
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2 or more on diapers: Tips by Nancy H.

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Dear Readers:

We're working on project and need help. Where else do we turn but to our wonderful customers and blog readers!! We're looking for women who have had to go back to work quickly after having her baby because her family depended on it. Maybe your husband lost his job and you had to go back quickly in order to pay the bills? Or you needed to both be working to make ends meet and couldn't afford a maternity leave? Please email if you think you can help with our project. Thank you!!


Kelly, The Cloth Diaper Whisperer
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Did You Go Back to Work Shortly After Having Kids? If so, we want to hear from you.

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Haute Baby Products was created from the acquisition of Haute Pockets back in October 2006. We are a family owned and operated business based in Melbourne, Australia, striving to manufacture and offer an alternative and economical diapering solution for your baby.

Tania began using cloth diapers on her almost 4 year old daughter, Amy. Once she converted to cloth she has never looked back. Although her background experience was initially in sales, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Master of Marketing. Now, as owner and operator of Haute Baby Products she manages the day to day operations while her husband Dragan, manages the packing and logistics side; and of course her daughter Amy manages the brochures, sticky tape and colouring in! Tania’s parents also assist with quality control, counting and managing stocks; a truly family centered business!

Haute Baby Products currently manufacture Haute Pockets one size diapers and lush bamboo prefolds. Haute Pockets are a one size pocket diaper, currently available in 10 fabulous colours in both hook and loop closures and snap closures.

Haute Pockets™ adjust with the growth of your little one with their front adjustable rise snaps. Simply adjust snaps to suit your baby. SO SIMPLE TO USE!

Older Babies and Toddlers:
Keep all snaps open
Infants: Snap to second rise adjustment
Newborns and Small Babies: Snap to smallest setting
Each Haute Pocket comes with 2 microfiber inserts that snap together and have a comfortably soft microfleece lining that wicks wetness away from your baby's skin while the waterproof outside (100% polyester with a Polyurethane coating “aka” PUL) guards against any leaks.

Haute Baby Products also manufacture Haute Bamboo prefolds. Made from bamboo double sided terry; these prefolds are absolutely soft and lush. Each prefold measures 30cm x 30cm and are sewn in a 2x4x2 configuration making it a perfect option for newborns, and then later as a pocket stuffer.

* Why choose Haute Baby Products?

Haute One Size Pocket diapers are easy to use, easy to wash, easy on your baby’s bottom, easy on the environment and easy on your back pocket. Haute one size pocket diapers will last most babies from birth to potty training; it’s the only diaper you will need – saving you plenty of money!
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Product Focus: Haute Baby Products

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Marriage- what a wonderful gift. And I am truly blessed to be married to a most excellent man. When we said our vows three years ago we promised to love each other forever, to have and to hold for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, til death do we part as long as we both shall live. Amen. Our vows should have been more to this effect:

I promise to love you for all your unconventional ideas- through two surprise and unexpectedly close together home births, through cloth diapers and the strange looks they bring from most of our friends and families, to have and to hold two babies who share our already too small bed as we adopt attachment-style parenting, through anticipated homeschooling and extended on demand nursing, as long as we both shall live. And I should have specified an addendum... and you, dear husband, will have the privilege of changing as many of those diapers as you like (even though cloth was my idea). And we will scrape the big girl poop off with our "special spatula" into our guest toilet- hoping and praying that no one will ever think that that particular utensil was mistakenly carried into the restroom by our oldest daughter, and should now be brought into the kitchen to be washed and used to flip eggs or to scoop out casserole...

I have the honor of being able to stay at home with my daughters and therefore get to change their cloth diapers all day long. My husband is a hard working tree man (a certified arborist, to be precise) and he is the epitome of the hard-working outdoor manual laborer. His hands are extremely rough and calloused, his biceps bulge out of his shirts, and he has a massive goatee- all quintessential characteristics people think of when conjuring images of a lumberjack. He is tough and in control at work- gruffly barking orders to his crew.

But then he steps foot into our home each evening around dinnertime and every aspect of both our daytime lives change. I go from being the in-charge, organized work-at-home mom who can juggle emails, nursing, nap times, dinner preparation, and temper tantrums simultaneously, to finally free to be vulnerable and weak. That is where my dear husband, the head of our small household, steps in. He walks quietly into the house, sneaks up the stairs, and immediately wraps me up with hugs and kisses. Then his calloused, loving hands pick up both of our girls (23 months and 7 months, however they were 19 months and 3 months old in the photos) and he holds them closely to his chest while whispering loving words into their ears, apologizing for being gone for so long and promising to be home sooner tomorrow. He wanders around aimlessly, cooing to them both and making sure that their individual love tanks are flowing over. Then he asks me if their diapers need to be changed, and the answer is always the same. "I'm not sure, but I'll check them in a minute." His reply echoes mine, "No need. You just rest. You've been busy all day. I'll change them." And he does. Every evening after he walks through the door, the diaper changes are transferred from my realm of duties to his. I get dinner finished up, pick up all the girls' toys, and we have the remainder of the night to chat about the day's work- the little successes, the new things the girls did, and how his business is faring. Diapers never again cross my mind until the next morning, when the responsibility is once again mine.

- by Mary K.
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The Diaper Cycle

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